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Five Photons

Author : James Geach
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Have you ever wondered what is the most distant source of light we can see, or how a star shines? Did you know that black holes can blaze like cosmic beacons across intergalactic space, and that ancient radio waves might herald the ignition of the very first stars? Have you ever thought about what light really is? Five Photons explains what we know about the universe through five different journeys of light across space and time. They are tales of quantum physics and general relativity, stars and black holes, dark matter and dark energy. Let yourself be swept away on a journey of discovery towards a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy

Author : Frank Verhaegen
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About ten years after the first edition comes this second edition of Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy: Introduction, Source Modelling and Patient Dose Calculations, thoroughly updated and extended with the latest topics, edited by Frank Verhaegen and Joao Seco. The book aims to provide a brief introduction to the history and basics of Monte Carlo simulation, but again has a strong focus on applications in radiotherapy. Since the first edition, Monte Carlo simulation has found many new applications, which were included in detail. The applications sections in this book cover: Modelling transport of photons, electrons, protons and ions Modelling radiation sources for external beam radiotherapy Modelling radiation sources for brachytherapy Design of radiation sources Modelling dynamic beam delivery Patient dose calculations in external beam radiotherapy Patient dose calculations in brachytherapy Use of Artificial Intelligence in Monte Carlo simulations This book is intended for both students or professionals, both novice and experienced, in medical radiotherapy physics. The book combines overviews of development, methods and references to facilitate Monte Carlo studies.

Flight Measurements of the Flying Qualities of Five Light Airplanes

Author : Paul A. Hunter
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Results are presented of an investigation of stability, controllability, and stalling characteristics of five light airplanes. The effect of slots on the flying qualities of one of the airplanes is also shown. These five airplanes are considerd typical of the light airplanes now being manufactured.

Vortex Atom The A New Paradigm

Author : Barry R Clarke
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With clear illustrations throughout and without recourse to quantum mechanics, the reader is invited to revisit unsolved problems lying at the foundations of theoretical physics. Maxwell and his contemporaries abandoned their search for a geometrical representation of the electric and magnetic fields. The wave-particle dilemma and Bose-Einstein statistical counting have resulted in unsatisfactory non-realistic interpretations. Furthermore, a simple structure of the hydrogen atom that includes hyperfine levels is still wanting.Working with the latest experimental data in photonics a proposed solution to the wave-particle dilemma is suggested based on an array of circular-polarized rays. The Bose-Einstein counting procedure is recast in terms of distinguishable elements. Finally, a vortex model of a 'particle' is developed based on a trapped photon. This consists of a single ray revolving around a toroidal surface, and allows a geometrical definition of mass, electric potential, and magnetic momentum. With the adjustment of two parameters, values to 4 dp for the hyperfine frequencies (MHz) of hydrogen can be obtained for which a computer program is available.

Principles of Astronomy

Author : Stanley P. Wyatt
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Man's knowledge of the earth's structure and motions, the moon, light, asteroids and comets, the sun, stars, and galaxies is surveyed in this contemporary astronomy text

Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials 1984

Author : Harold Earl Bennett
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Albuquerque Meeting Proceedings Of The 8th Meeting Division Of Particles And Fields Of The American Physical Society In 2 Volumes

Author : Seidel Sally
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Physics Metaphysics and God Third Edition

Author : Jack W. Geis
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“At long last, a promising dialogue between science and medicine has begun. A focal point of this discussion is healing and how it happens. Jack W. Geis shows how modern physics and spirituality are centrally involved in this debate. No one who is interested in the current interface between science, spirituality and medicine can afford to neglect his ideas.” —Larry Dossey, MD, Author: Healing Beyond the Body, and Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine “This book introduces some of the most perplexing and exciting aspects of the revolution going on in physics today as it continues toward an increasingly metaphysical basis for defining reality. This exciting scientific revolution should be shared by everyone and the issues taken up in this book form a basis for that participation. That the math is not in the chalk is becoming increasingly evident, as well as the question as to which is more substantial.” —Dr. Laurance R. Doyle, Astrophysics and Planetary Science, Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, SETI Institute

Physics A Conceptual World View

Author : Larry Kirkpatrick
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Designed specifically for non-majors, PHYSICS: A CONCEPTUAL WORLD VIEW provides an engaging and effective introduction to physics using a flexible, fully modular presentation ideal for a wide variety of instructors and courses. Incorporating highly effective Physics Education Research pedagogy, the text features an ongoing storyline describing the development of the current physics world view, which provides students with an understanding of the laws of nature and the context to better appreciate the importance of physics. The text's appealing style and minimal use of math also help to make complex material interesting and easier to master, even for students intimidated by physics or math.For instructors who want to incorporate more problem-solving skills and quantitative reasoning, the optional, more detailed, Problem Solving to Accompany PHYSICS: A CONCEPTUAL WORLD VIEW student supplement reveals more of the beauty and power of mathematics in physics. The text can also be customized to fit any syllabus through Cengage Learning's TextChoice custom solution program. In addition, the new Seventh Edition includes a thoroughly revised art program featuring elements such as balloon captions and numerous illustrations to help students better visualize and understand key concepts. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Mathematics for Neuroscientists

Author : Fabrizio Gabbiani
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Virtually all scientific problems in neuroscience require mathematical analysis, and all neuroscientists are increasingly required to have a significant understanding of mathematical methods. There is currently no comprehensive, integrated introductory book on the use of mathematics in neuroscience; existing books either concentrate solely on theoretical modeling or discuss mathematical concepts for the treatment of very specific problems. This book fills this need by systematically introducing mathematical and computational tools in precisely the contexts that first established their importance for neuroscience. All mathematical concepts will be introduced from the simple to complex using the most widely used computing environment, Matlab. This book will provide a grounded introduction to the fundamental concepts of mathematics, neuroscience and their combined use, thus providing the reader with a springboard to cutting-edge research topics and fostering a tighter integration of mathematics and neuroscience for future generations of students. A very didactic and systematic introduction to mathematical concepts of importance for the analysis of data and the formulation of concepts based on experimental data in neuroscience Provides introductions to linear algebra, ordinary and partial differential equations, Fourier transforms, probabilities and stochastic processes Introduces numerical methods used to implement algorithms related to each mathematical concept Illustrates numerical methods by applying them to specific topics in neuroscience, including Hodgkin-Huxley equations, probabilities to describe stochastic release, stochastic processes to describe noise in neurons, Fourier transforms to describe the receptive fields of visual neurons Allows the mathematical novice to analyze their results in more sophisticated ways, and consider them in a broader theoretical framework