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Five Ideas to Fight for Revised Edition

Author : Anthony Lester
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Britain's leading human rights lawyer examines the laws essential to our freedom and confronts the escalation of government power

Five Ideas to Fight For

Author : Anthony Lester
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― Human Rights ― Equality ― Free Speech ― Privacy ― The Rule of Law These five ideas are vitally important to the way of life we enjoy today. The battle to establish them in law was long and difficult, and Anthony Lester was at the heart of the thirty-year campaign that resulted in the Human Rights Act, as well as the struggle for race and gender equality that culminated in the Equality Act of 2010. Today, however, our society is at risk of becoming less equal. From Snowden’s revelations about the power and reach of our own intelligence agencies to the treatment of British Muslims, our civil liberties are under threat as never before. The internet leaves our privacy in jeopardy in myriad ways, our efforts to combat extremism curtail free speech, and cuts to legal aid and interference with access to justice endanger the rule of law. A fierce argument for why we must act now to ensure the survival of the ideals that enable us to live freely, Five Ideas to Fight For is a revealing account of what we need to protect our hard-won rights and freedoms.

Talking to Myself

Author : Anthony Lester
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Anthony Lester has lived many lives, though he will chiefly be remembered as one of Britain’s fiercest champions of human rights, whether at the Bar, where he practised for more than fifty years; in government, where, as special advisor to Home Secretary Roy Jenkins, he developed the policy behind the crucial Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Race Relations Act 1976; or as a Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords, where he openly combated abuses of public power. Whether representing British Asian refugees from East Africa fleeing tyranny, acting for a victim of motor neurone disease who wished to die with dignity without exposing her doctor to prosecution, or advocating freedom of speech and freedom of the press as fundamental constitutional rights, Lester has long been one of the most effective and admired of those campaigning for racial and sexual equality, and is a renowned supporter of human rights and freedoms across the board. This remarkable book traces the life of Anthony Lester to map the history of human rights in this country over the last half-century.

Media Entertainment Law

Author : Ursula Smartt
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The fourth edition of Media and Entertainment Law has been fully updated, analysing some of the most recent judgments in media law from across the United Kingdom, such as Cliff Richard v the BBC, Max Schrems v Facebook and the Irish Information Commissioner, developments on the ‘right to be forgotten’ (NT1 and NT2) and ABC v Daily Telegraph (Sir Philip Green). The book’s two main themes are freedom of expression and an individual’s right to privacy. Regulation of the communication industries is covered extensively, including discussion of the print press and its online editions following Leveson, traditional broadcasting regulations for terrestrial TV and radio as well as media activities on converged devices, such as tablets, iPads, mobile phone devices and ‘on demand’ services. Intellectual property law (specifically copyright) in the music and entertainment industries is also explored in the book’s later chapters. Also new to this edition are sections on: A focus on freedom of expression: its philosophical foundations; the struggles of those who have fought for it; and the varied ways in which the courts interpret freedom of expression regarding the taking and publishing of photographs. The ‘right to be forgotten’, data breaches, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The media’s increasing access to the courts, particularly when considering the privacy of those who are suspected of sexual offences. Press regulators, broadcasting and advertising regulations, and film and video regulations. Election and party-political broadcast regulations, with a focus on social media and recent election fraud. The emergence of online music distribution services, internet radio and free digital streaming music services, and their effect on the music industry. The fourth edition also features a variety of pedagogical features to encourage critical analysis of case law and one’s own beliefs.

Difficult Men

Author : Brett Martin
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A revealing look at the shows that helped TV emerge as the signature art form of the twenty-first century In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the landscape of television began an unprecedented transformation. While the networks continued to chase the lowest common denominator, a wave of new shows on cable channels dramatically stretched television’s narrative inventiveness, emotional resonance, and artistic ambition. Combining deep reportage with cultural analysis and historical context, Brett Martin recounts the rise and inner workings of a genre that represents not only a new golden age for TV, but also a cultural watershed. Difficult Men features extensive interviews with all the major players, including David Chase, David Simon, David Milch, and Alan Ball; in addition to other writers, executives, directors and actors. Martin delivers never-before-heard story after story, revealing how cable television became a truly significant and influential part of our culture.

The Use and Abuse of Music

Author : Eleanor Peters
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Using a critical criminological approach, this book analyses what is deviant and transgressive about music, focusing on three main parts; the concept of ‘harmful’ or deviant music; the use of music as punishment and the censorship and silencing of music.

What s Wrong with Rights

Author : Nigel Biggar
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Are natural rights 'nonsense on stilts', as Jeremy Bentham memorably put it? Must the very notion of a right be individualistic, subverting the common good? Should the right against torture be absolute, even though the heavens fall? Are human rights universal or merely expressions of Western neo-imperial arrogance? Are rights ethically fundamental, proudly impervious to changing circumstances? Should judges strive to extend the reach of rights from civil Hamburg to anarchical Basra? Should judicial oligarchies, rather than legislatures, decide controversial ethical issues by inventing novel rights? Ought human rights advocates learn greater sympathy for the dilemmas facing those burdened with government? These are the questions that What's Wrong with Rights? addresses. In doing so, it draws upon resources in intellectual history, legal philosophy, moral philosophy, moral theology, human rights literature, and the judgments of courts. It ranges from debates about property in medieval Christendom, through Confucian rights-scepticism, to contemporary discussions about the remedy for global hunger and the justification of killing. And it straddles assisted dying in Canada, the military occupation of Iraq, and genocide in Rwanda. What's Wrong with Rights? concludes that much contemporary rights-talk obscures the importance of fostering civic virtue, corrodes military effectiveness, subverts the democratic legitimacy of law, proliferates publicly onerous rights, and undermines their authority and credibility. The solution to these problems lies in the abandonment of rights-fundamentalism and the recovery of a richer public discourse about ethics, one that includes talk about the duty and virtue of rights-holders.

The Ten Legal Cases That Made Modern Britain

Author : Inigo Bing
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LIFE. SEX. RACE. POWER. FREE SPEECH. PROTEST. PRIVACY. DEMOCRACY. SOVEREIGNTY. DEATH. Society shapes law... and law shapes society. We like to imagine that progress comes about when Parliament spots a looming groundswell in public opinion and responds by changing the laws that govern our daily lives. This is not always true. In this fascinating book, Inigo Bing unravels ten legal cases in which the decisions of judges or a jury either heralded a shift in outlook or forced Parliament to respond to simmering social change. Some of these cases demonstrate the role judges have in defending our civil liberties against overweening executive power, articulating inherent unwritten rights Parliament would prefer to keep quiet about. Others explore what happens when rapid technological or social change outpaces government, placing urgent ethical dilemmas in the lap of the court. All of them have had a lasting impact on the society we inhabit. Taken together, these stories provide a powerful insight into eighty years of British social, political and cultural history, illustrating why legal cases are just as important to making our world as laws written by Parliament or grassroots changes within society.

Shouting in the Street

Author : Donald Trelford
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In this long-awaited book Donald Trelford recalls his adventures and misadventures during nearly sixty years in journalism. Described as the ‘Rocky Marciano of newspaper politics’, he fought off politicians, owners and predators over a quarter-century at The Observer, including Rupert Murdoch, who said afterwards: ‘I made the mistake of underestimating Donald Trelford. One owner sold The Observer because the editor refused to bow to pressure to support Margaret Thatcher. Another tried to sack him for writing the first report of atrocities committed by Robert Mugabe’s forces in Zimbabwe. He tells for the first time the inside story of his complex relationship with Tiny Rowland – often tense, sometimes hilarious - and about his role in the notorious Pamella Bordes affair. He recalls how he was held at gunpoint by the FBI and strip-searched by the KGB. How a black dictator poked him in the chest and yelled: ‘Keep out of my politics, white man. While he was editor, The Observer won more press awards than any other newspaper. Trelford himself was described by Peter Preston, the former Guardian editor, as “a crusader... multi-talented, hands-on, a master of sport as well as news, shrewd and decisive.” Written with style and humour, this is a compelling account of an important period in the history of the British press.

BREXIT and its Consequences for UK and EU Citizenship or Monstrous Citizenship

Author : Elspeth Guild
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This book examines the result of the 23 June 2016 UK referendum on leaving the EU where 51.9% of the eligible voters who voted chose to leave. Politicians and media have stressed not only that leave means leave, but also that much of the British voting public was motivated to vote leave by issues of immigration and border control. Guild investigates how the issue of EU citizenship became transformed into a discussion about immigration through four themes: the negotiations between the UK and the EU before the referendum; the nature of and difference between British and EU citizenship; the issue of third country national family members and the fears incited by the referendum in light of the rejection of expertise.