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Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater

Author : Pete Barrett
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This will be the only guide available on the way many saltwater fishermen now fish—using soft-plastic lures. These lures must be rigged and fished in ways different from traditional wooden or metal lures, or natural baits. Pete Barrett explains how to rig, adapt, and fish these lures for all the popular saltwater gamefish.

Saltwater Fishing

Author : Mary-Lane Kamberg
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Introduces saltwater fishing, discussing the equipment used, sportsmanship and safety, and the effects of fishing on the environment.

How to Catch Australia s Favourite Saltwater Fish

Author : Gary Brown
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fishing, angling.

Rapala Legendary Fishing Lures

Author : John E. Mitchell
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Rapala - the very name evokes quiet mornings on a mist-shrouded lake, family expeditions in a well-worn rowboat, and - best of all- the thrilling moment when a fish explodes out of the water. This richly illustrated book tells the story of a remarkable company and the iconic angling products they produce. Rapala lures are now sold in 140 countries and are more world-record fish than any other lure. It is the dominant company in a hugely popular sport enjoyed by 44 million recreation anglers in the U.S. alone - more people than play golf or tennis combined.

Field Stream

Author :
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FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

Angling in Salt Water

Author : John Bickerdyke
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Natural Salt Water Fishing Baits

Author : Vlad Evanoff
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Saltwater Fishing Lures Guide

Author : Jose Maria Cal
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This excellent and complete Guide includes all the families of artificial existing lures in the world. It will describe to us the fascinating world of fishing from shore, boat or kayak. We will catch the best species of the seas, amongst them, Grand Slam (Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish and Permit), also Sea Bass, Striped bass, Dentex, Snapper, Tuna, Dolphin fish, Amberjack, Cod or Salmon. In the book you will find, for the families of Crankbaits, Vynils, Spoons, Jigging, Squid Jigs, Octopus and Flies, the following chapters: - How to make our own lures. - Description of the different models on the market. - Cast and retrieve techniques. - Assemblies and tackles. - Maintenance and conservation. - Species to catch. - More than 150 color photos of all the lures.

Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing

Author : Al Ristori
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The Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing is the most authoritative handbook compiled on North America's most popular saltwater game fish. Over 125 species are included. Details on each fish include its range, average weight, current IGFA record information, and other pertinent identification data. Ristori covers all types of ultra-light rods and reels; medium, heavy spinning, and baitcasting gear; and equipment for fly fishing enthusiasts, too. He also talks about terminal tackle, including monofilament, fly lines, leadcore, wire, hooks, and lures. An entire chapter is dedicated to helping anglers better understand the ever-changing waters they're fishing and the importance of discovering the variables that dictate where fish may be and when they'll be feeding. He even includes the latest tips on shore fishing.

Salt water Fish and Fishing in Southern Africa

Author : K. T. Lilliecrona
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The Practical Angler

Author : Kit Clarke
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The Columbian Cyclopedia

Author :
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Flyfisher s Guide to Florida Saltwater

Author : Larry Kinder
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Fly fishers and light-tackle anglers from around the world have been coming to Florida's inshore waters for decades to sight fish for redfish, chase rolling tarpon, pull snook from the mangroves, or probe for spotted sea trout. Now, this comprehensive guide to saltwater fishing covers the east and west coasts of Florida and includes charts, maps, tackle shops and photos.

Salt Water Fishing is Easy

Author : Jerry Sylvester
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Salt Water Fishing on the Pacific Coast

Author : J. Charles Davis
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Standard Handbook of Salt Water Fishing

Author : Robert Scharff
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Modern Saltwater Sport Fishing

Author : Frank Woolner
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The accomplished marine angler discusses equipment and strategies for luring saltwater fish and offers advice on selecting fishing locations

California Angler

Author :
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Near By Fresh and Salt Water Fishing Or Angling Within a Radius of One Hundred Miles of Philadelphia

Author : A. M. Spangler
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The Complete Book of Salt Water Fishing

Author : Larry Koller
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