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First Into Action

Author : Duncan Falconer
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The SBS was first into battle a month before the SAS in the Falklands War and again in the Gulf War, yet hitherto it is the SAS that has had by far the higher profile. The SBS draws its manpower solely from the Marine Commando Units, and the Royal Marines are the oldest and most battle-honoured regiment in the world. FIRST INTO ACTION is the first Special Boat Services memoir written from the inside. It tells how Duncan Falconer trained with the Royal Marines in Deal before being recruited into the SBS at Poole in Dorset. The regimen of ruthless training is graphically described and the book also includes revelatory accounts of SBS operations in Ulster, Bosnia and the Gulf War, and of the intense rivalry between the SAS's individualist mentality and the more team-based, marine ethos of the SBS. Duncan Falconer's grippingly detailed memoir is sure to command the attention of anyone interested in the Special Forces and how they operate.

The Operative

Author : Duncan Falconer
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In war-torn Iraq, Stratton's closest friend is killed whilst on operation, leaving behind a grieving wife and child - Stratton's godson. When the widow moves to Los Angeles she is brutally murdered and her child placed in state custody. Stratton, rocked to his foundations by the killing, uncovers a FBI plot to hide the crime and sets off on a private operation of revenge that eventually pits him against one of the most powerful East European crime syndicates in America. Hunted by the CIA and FBI as well as a brutal army of Albanian mobsters and armed only with his wits and an extraordinary skill with explosives, Stratton relentlessly pursues his private war; a fight he suspects could be his last. Yet another enjoyable Falconer weave of thrill and action wrapped in the rich authenticity that defined his previous novels, taking the reader on a roller-coaster ride across half the globe to a nail-biting climax.

Digging Deeper Into Action Research

Author : Nancy Fichtman Dana
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From framing your question to presenting your research, this is your go-to guide each time you embark on a new inquiry. Includes real-life vignettes, self-guided worksheets, and a DVD.

Laypeople Into Action

Author : Joseph Cardijn
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A reprint of Cardijn's classic 1964 Laymen into Action, now titled Laypeople into Action. This seminal work has been for many years the principal introduction to the Jocist movements and the Jocist method of 'See, Judge, Act', the 'review of life method'. The Jocist 'See, Judge, Act' were to become key words in various documents from Vatican II due to the influence of Cardijn and others associated with him and his work in the Jocists movements, who wrote or contributed in some way to some of the key documents from Vatican II. Born in Belgium, ordained in 1906, Cardijin was nine years old when the the papal encyclical Rerum Novarum was released. His life can be seen as a brilliant application of the principles of that social document. He dedicated himself to the working class and especially to young workers whom he saw leading degraded and dechristianised lives in the industrial lives in the industrial society of Northern Belgium. Cardijn established the Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement, an international movement, in the early part of this century. His sound apostolic theology has provided inspiration and guidance for the YCW and for other apostolic movements, including the YCS, and TYCS. Laypeople into Action is a collection of writings and speeches by Cardijn explaining his conception of the person and their mission, methods of formation, Cardijn's hopes for the future and his understanding of the Church in the modern world. There is solid food for thought here for those actively engaged in the lay apostolate, giving a detailed outline of a theology of the laity, a theology of mission for the laypeople and for priests, the role of priest in forming lay leaders, a foundational document on the how and why of lay formation, of formation through 'like to like', and the importance and role in the Church and society of international movements of laypeople such as the YCW and the YCS.


Author : Duncan Falconer
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In Afghanistan John Stratton leads a raid on a remote compound, leaving no survivors. Days later he is contacted by an old friend with a message about being hunted by an assassin. When the friend vanishes, Stratton is drawn into a desperate race to secure a missing nuclear warhead.

Power Researchers Transforming Student Library Aides Into Action Learners

Author : Lori E. Donovan
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This book presents a proven year-long program to boost student productivity and train high school library aides while offering services to all patrons of the school library. • Contributions from practicing teachers and school librarians • 50 original lessons, student worksheets, rubrics, and a suggested school calendar-year pacing guide • Various illustrations and screen captures • Appendix includes a ten-month generic calendar pacing guide

Putting Process Drama into Action

Author : Pamela Bowell
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This new book provides a clear and accessible guide on best practice to support teachers when using process drama in establishing creative learning partnerships with their students. It offers a detailed analysis and explores the roles of actor, director and playwright that the teacher must adopt in order to develop the ‘thinking on your feet’ skills and knowledge necessary to deliver a complete process drama experience. Addressing the dynamic nature of process drama, it provides a clear and rigorous explanation of the theory of process drama and links it to practice. Drawing on a wide range of detailed examples from the authors’ international and cross-cultural practice, it demonstrates how an effective process drama operates in action. Written to help practitioners and students produce powerful, artistic and educative experiences, chapters cover: pedagogy and the improvised nature of the art form; the structural framework and making shifts in the drama; the role of actor, director, playwright and teacher; monitoring emotional range; progression and the importance of reflection; the spiral of creative exchange and the complexities of co-creativity. Putting Process Drama into Action will be an essential guide for students undertaking initial teacher training at primary level, in addition to those studying both Drama and English at secondary level. It will also prove to be essential reading for specialist and non-specialist teachers in the primary and secondary sectors who teach, or wish to teach, process drama.

How Teachers Can Turn Data into Action

Author : Daniel R. Venables
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" From state and Common Core tests to formative and summative assessments in the classroom, teachers are awash in data. Reviewing the data can be time-consuming, and the work of translating data into real change can seem overwhelming. Tapping more than 30 years' experience as an award-winning teacher and a trainer of PLC coaches, Daniel R. Venables, author of The Practice of Authentic PLCs: A Guide to Effective Teacher Teams, soothes the trepidation of even the biggest ""dataphobes"" in this essential resource. Field-tested and fine-tuned with professional learning communities around the United States, the Data Action Model is a teacher-friendly, systematic process for reviewing and responding to data in cycles of two to nine weeks. This powerful tool enables you and your teacher team to * Identify critical gaps in learning and corresponding instructional gaps; * Collaborate on solutions and develop a goal-driven action plan; and * Evaluate the plan's effectiveness after implementation and determine the next course of action. With easy-to-use templates and protocols to focus and deepen data conversations, this indispensable guide delineates exactly what should be accomplished in each team meeting to translate data into practice. In the modern sea of data, this book is your life preserver! "

Translating the Bible Into Action 2nd Edition

Author : Margaret Hill
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When Jesus was born to Mary, God “translated” himself into our human world. This act of God’s translation continues today wherever the gospel is expressed, in each language and lived out in each culture that makes up our diverse world. Unfortunately, the church often ignores its cultural and linguistic diversity and, instead, imposes a dominant “language” and “culture” for expressing faith. This textbook seeks to challenge that situation. By identifying common barriers that prevent people from engaging with Scripture, the authors explore the ways churches can maintain unity in Christ and celebrate the diversity of their membership. Addressing a wide-range of relevant issues and using practical applications, this revised and updated edition re-establishes the importance of good, contextual Scripture engagement. A key resource in helping church leaders encourage people to communicate with God in their own language and to discover that Christ wants to make himself at home in their world.

Visible Learning into Action

Author : John Hattie
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Recently at the Visible Learning Conference, Professor John Hattie stood up in his opening address and said, "I’m looking at you all and thinking ‘What if I got this wrong?’" I feel the same way when educators ask to visit and I always end up in the same place – that Keilor Views is a living, breathing example that he didn’t. -- Charles Branciforte, Principal of Keilor Views Primary School, Melbourne, Australia Visible Learning into Action takes the next step in the evolving Visible Learning story. It translates one of the biggest and most critically acclaimed education research projects ever undertaken into case studies of actual success stories, implementing John Hattie’s ideas in the classrooms of schools all around the world. The evidenced case studies presented in this book describe the Visible Learning journeys of fifteen schools from Australia, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Sweden, New Zealand and Norway and are representative of the VL international community of schools in their quest to ensure all of their students exceed their potential for academic success. Each school’s story will inform and inspire, bringing to life the discussions, actions and reflections from leaders, teachers, students and families. This book features extensive, interactive appendices containing study guide questions to encourage critical thinking, annotated endnotes with recommendations for further reading and links to YouTube and relevant websites. Drawing on the latest research into the major principles and strategies of learning, this essential resource is structured into five parts: Know thy impact; Effective feedback; Visible learners; Inspired and passionate teachers; The Visible Learning School. Visible Learning into Action is aimed at any student, teacher or parent requiring an up-to-date commentary on how research into human learning processes can inform our teaching and what goes on in our schools.