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First Friday and First Saturday Devotion Booklet

Author : Shalone Cason
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Jesus asked for special prayers and practices to make amends (reparation) for the great neglect of the proper reverence owed to God. Jesus promised to procure the grace of final penitence for all those who receive communion on nine successive first Fridays of the month. He also promised that those who follow this devotion will not die in His disfavor [the grace of final repentance], or without having received the sacraments since His divine heart will be their sure refuge in the last moments of their life. Furthermore, the Blessed Virgin Mary promised to assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, confess, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the rosary, and meditate 15 minutes on the 15 mysteries of the rosary, with the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

A sermon on Luke xv 18 preached at Whitehall the first Friday in Lent

Author : Edward Stillingfleet
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The Predicament of Blackness

Author : Jemima Pierre
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What is the meaning of blackness in Africa? While much has been written on Africa’s complex ethnic and tribal relationships, Jemima Pierre’s groundbreaking The Predicament of Blackness is the first book to tackle the question of race in West Africa through its postcolonial manifestations. Challenging the view of the African continent as a nonracialized space—as a fixed historic source for the African diaspora—she envisions Africa, and in particular the nation of Ghana, as a place whose local relationships are deeply informed by global structures of race, economics, and politics. Against the backdrop of Ghana’s history as a major port in the transatlantic slave trade and the subsequent and disruptive forces of colonialism and postcolonialism, Pierre examines key facets of contemporary Ghanaian society, from the pervasive significance of “whiteness” to the practice of chemical skin-bleaching to the government’s active promotion of Pan-African “heritage tourism.” Drawing these and other examples together, she shows that race and racism have not only persisted in Ghana after colonialism, but also that the beliefs and practices of this modern society all occur within a global racial hierarchy. In doing so, she provides a powerful articulation of race on the continent and a new way of understanding contemporary Africa—and the modern African diaspora.

Religion Death and Dying

Author : Lucy Bregman
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The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood

Author : Mother Louise Margaret Claret
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"My priest is My other self; I love him, but he must be holy." Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche (1868-1915), a Visitation sister, was commissioned first by Our Lord, then by her religious superiors to write THE SACRED HEART AND THE PRIESTHOOD based on her lifetime conversations with the Divine Master. Its purpose is to strengthen the souls of priests in the love of their sublime vocation and unite them more than ever to Jesus Christ, the eternal Priest and to give the faithful a Greater confidence in an more religious and filial respect for the orders of the sacred hierarchy. (p. xxxii) The Holy See has declared her writings to be in conformity with the teachings of the Church and has sanctioned the organization of priests, which she had drawn up under the name of The Priests Universal Union of the Friends of the Sacred Heart. A gift for seminarians, priests and anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of this vocation. Impr. 224 pgs. PB "To do My work, to extend the reign of love, priests must be full of it themselves, and it is to My Heart that they must come to draw it." Christ to Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche

Peanut Butter Fridays

Author : Robert S. Pehrsson
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It is 1950, and Brooklyn fourth grader Bobby Anderson hates writing letters more than anything in the whole wide world. Assigned by his “stoopid” teacher to pen “stoopid” letters to John, an imaginary recipient, Bobby shares an unforgettable glimpse into his young life as he details his adventures as a ten-year-old living in New York.As Bobby and his best friend, Earnest, move from fourth through eighth grades, he narrates days gone by as he plays stickball in the streets, finds treasures in garbage cans, feels the joys and pains of love, copes with the nuns at his Catholic school, and comes to the aid of beautiful ladies who live in his neighborhood. As witty, provoking, and tender experiences unfold, Bobby wishes he lived in the days when there were pirates, listens to Captain Midnight on the radio, and confesses a multitude of sins. After Bobby seeks and receives guidance about his future, he decides it is time to leave the letters and his imaginary friend behind.Peanut Butter Fridays presents a slice of life told through a series of letters that reveal the rollicking adventures as two Brooklyn boys solve at least some of life’s greatest mysteries.“A kid with the smarts of Tom Sawyer living in a Brooklyn tenement in the 1950s. Wonderfully written, fabulously funny, also a tool for teachers and psychologists.”—Richard Berman, PhD, social work

Critical Mass a Chronicle of the Catholic Church in the First Generation After Vatican II

Author : Tom Reidy
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Critical Mass is an in depth look at what happened in the Catholic Church during the first generation after the Second Vatican Council, a period corresponding to the pontificates of Paul VI through John Paul II. The book starts with a close look at some key conciliar documents. Other chapters study how Tradition was systematically dismantled; the roles of the clergy and laity in the post-Vatican II Church; the mindsets of liberal, traditional, and conservative Catholics; how the Church became a turgid bureaucracy all the way down to the parish level; the dumbing down of religious education; the Church's post-Vatican II approach to social justice issues; the influence of Radical Feminism on the Church. The book concludes with an interesting - even radical - prognosis for the future.


Author :
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The Catholicism Answer Book

Author : Kenneth Kenneth Brighenti
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As religion continues to dominate the news, politics and society in general, more and more laypeople are looking for a reliable guide to understanding the beliefs and practices of each faith. The Roman Catholic Church-the largest branch of Christianity-claims a total of over 1 billion baptized members around the globe and has been revered by billions of followers for thousands of years. Why? The Catholicism Answer Book answers 300 pivotal questions about one of the world's oldest religions. From the basic tenets of Christianity and the nature of God and salvation to the differences between a Catholic Bible and a Protestant Bible, readers can round out their knowledge on such inquiries as: What are the "lost" or "missing" books of the Bible? And why are the books we have canonical? Why does it seem like Catholics worship Mary? What are the Last Things? Why confess to a priest when I can go directly to God?

Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986

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Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

Author :
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100 Things to Do in Buffalo Before You Die

Author : Elizabeth Licata
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It’s time to discover Buffalo, the city that combines the sophistication of the Northeast with the affability of the Midwest. From world-class modern art to the world’s best chicken wings, Buffalo offers visitors a rich banquet of intriguing history, iconic architecture, lush scenery, fun food, and relentless nightlife. Stand in the mist of Niagara Falls, kayak the Buffalo River, stroll through a neighborhood of Victorian homes, eat at a downtown hotspot, and finish up with a dose of blues, Americana, chamber folk, jazz, or alt-rock. With a cityscape featuring masterpieces by Frank Lloyd Wright, H. H. Richardson, Louis Sullivan, and Frederick Law Olmsted, Buffalo is a nonstop visual feast. Its institutions include some of America’s oldest and most distinguished, founded by the industrialists who helped build America. Within twenty minutes of downtown, a generous menu of day trips includes charming villages, nature preserves, beach towns, and historic resorts. Find out why this city on Lake Erie is becoming a cult hit among savvy travelers.

In Search of a Lost Avant Garde

Author : Matti Bunzl
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In 2008, anthropologist Matti Bunzl was given rare access to observe the curatorial department of Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. For five months, he sat with the institution’s staff, witnessing firsthand what truly goes on behind the scenes at a contemporary art museum. From fund-raising and owner loans to museum-artist relations to the immense effort involved in safely shipping sixty works from twenty-seven lenders in fourteen cities and five countries, Matti Bunzl’s In Search of a Lost Avant-Garde illustrates the inner workings of one of Chicago’s premier cultural institutions. Bunzl’s ethnography is designed to show how a commitment to the avant-garde can come into conflict with an imperative for growth, leading to the abandonment of the new and difficult in favor of the entertaining and profitable. Jeff Koons, whose massive retrospective debuted during Bunzl's research, occupies a central place in his book and exposes the anxieties caused by such seemingly pornographic work as the infamous Made in Heaven series. Featuring cameos by other leading artists, including Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Karen Kilimnik, and Tino Sehgal, the drama Bunzl narrates is palpable and entertaining and sheds an altogether new light on the contemporary art boom.

My Daily Prayers

Author : Catholic Way Publishing
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MY DAILY PRAYERS CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING Prayer is the life and happiness of the soul. Prayer elevates the soul to an intimate conversation with our Father and Mother, Jesus and Mary through the Holy Spirit. It is an elevation of the material to the supernatural. Prayer nourishes the soul with life giving faith, hope and love. My Daily Prayers includes the following classic and modern Catholic Prayers and Devotions for making Catholics into Saints! — Holy Images of Jesus, Mary and the Saints — Image of Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration! — The Holy Rosary Meditations, Scripture Readings and Images — Stations of the Cross, Scripture Readings and Images — The Divine Mercy, Chaplet and Nine Day Novena — Over 40 Prayers and Novenas for all occasions — 12 Litanies and Hymns — Over 100 Meditations, Maxims and Admonishments by the Saints! — Spiritual Guides for advancement in the Spiritual Life — 100 Christian Doctrine Drills on all aspects of Catholic Life Publisher: Available in Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-78379-027-2 Note: This E-Book includes a main Index with NCX Navigation and Nine Table of Contents for each section. All Prayers and Sections are linked. Welcome to the Catholic Way Publishing Prayer Book, My Daily Prayers. This practical prayer book is made up of the most beautiful and fruitful Catholic Prayers and Devotions. Quite a few of these prayers are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, who then passes on what we say in our hearts, cleansing it of any self-love, to Jesus! The Rosary is the most powerful prayer in Christendom. With the Rosary, we meditate on the whole spectrum of Scripture, the whole life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Rosary is the weapon that will defeat satan and his army. If there is but one prayer you will say every day, make it the Rosary! Included are meditations on the decades of the Rosary. The Divine Mercy Chaplet of Saint Faustina and the Stations of the Cross are wonderful ways to meditate on the saving love of Jesus Christ. Included are meditations, images and Scripture readings. There are Litanies and Hymns to pray and sing along to for joyful occasions! You can read the Meditations, Maxims and Admonishments from the Saints throughout the ages for solid advice and spiritual advancement. Included are Spiritual Guides on certain important devotions and nearly 100 Christian Lists, like the Sacraments, the Commandments and precepts of the Church. There are Holy Images of Jesus and Mary and some Saints for meditating on. There is a photograph of Jesus, exposed live in the Eucharist state of Adoration! It is a wonderful way to become closer to Jesus and Mary by meditating on God! PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

Devotion to the Sacred Heart

Author : Mary Frances Lester
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Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a powerful little booklet filled with many of the treasures to be found in the veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Besides containing an explanation of the symbolism found within the Image of the Sacred Heart, it also includes explanations of the 9 First Fridays devotion, known as The Great Promise, the miraculous cure of St. Gemma Galgani as well as many profound exhortations to offer reparation to the Sacred Heart. Authoritative and moving, Our Lord instituted this devotion Himself, saying: " I set neither limit nore measure to My gifts of grace for those who seek them in My heart."

The Champagne Life

Author : The World Famous DJ K-LUV
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Entertainments industry leaders portray a rags to riches phenomenon that suggests that those who become successful simply transition from the sidewalk to the Bentley overnight. Hip-Hop culture celebrates the luxurious lifestyle but often ignores the journey of making it to the top. The Champagne Life is the often humorous and ironic, incredibly true story of Kobie Randolph, his alter ego, The World Famous DJ K-LUV and his road to breaking into the entertainment industry. The Champagne Life allows its readers to walk in the shoes of Kobie Randolph as a 15-year-old high school student with a big imagination, and high ambitions of becoming a successful party promoter. Through his college experiences at Tennessee State University, he is able to share the road map to building an event-marketing empire and explains how his constant hustle takes him places and positions him in situations unimaginable. The Champagne Life highlights the relationships Kobie has established with the entertainment industrys elite and the sacrifices he undertook to establish them. Kobie has brushed shoulders with the likes of: Diddy, Lil Wayne, T.I., Russell Simmons, Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good and Beyonce Knowles-Carter just to name a few. Take the journey with Kobie Randolph as he shares the true story on how he made his dreams become a reality by opening his very own star-studded nightclub in 2010 at the young age of 22 making him the youngest nightclub owner in America. Through hard work, ambition and a big imagination, Kobie tells his true life story on how he makes it to The Champagne Life.

Steel s Prize Pay Lists new series Corrected to the first of April 1805

Author : David STEEL
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Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy

Author : Joe Farrell
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A smorgasbord of entertainment and lessons awaits readers as author Joe Farrell releases through Xlibris a unique memoir. Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy: Jesus Runs Away and Other Stories chronicles his journey as a student who enjoys a carefree life amid schools of rigid discipline and stern religious training. In the early sixties, being in a Catholic school means being compelled to always abide by the rules: pray earnestly when told to do so, study the lessons to answer questions correctly, a “yes” or “no” answer should always be followed by “Sister”, and never ever do anything that would upset or make the teachers mad. Through vivid narration, Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy unveils the funny side that lurks behind the austere façade of Catholic Schools. It follows the author as he finds himself caught up in different mischief during grade school and to even more grave misbehaviors—including a police arrest—during high school and college. A baby boomer, Farrell’s life is one that is carved by the tumult of the fifties and sixties and the social and personal dramas that come along with it. His is an interesting wave of colors brightened by adventure, discipline, lessons learned, friendship, and love. Providing a good glimpse into the life of pure Catholic training, Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy: Jesus Runs Away and Other Stories is a witty revelation of a schoolboy’s shenanigans and the ultimate inspiration one can get from them. This memoir of growing up in the 60’s is full of Farrell’s wit, humor, and irreverence yet it’s a touching and poignant story. A fun and enjoyable read.

An Unexpected Life

Author : Joseph Blotner
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The corrected typescript of Blotner's memoirs.

Murder in Real Time

Author : Laurie Paige
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"With the chaos of summer tourists and fall birders out of town, counselor Patience Price is looking forward to the quiet life she remembers. She longs for some peace. And an apple fritter. But the calm is cut short when a reality show sets up camp to film a special about ghosts on her little island. Now fans, reporters and crew have flocked to sleepy Chincoteague. Who knew ghost hunters had an entourage? When two cast members are killed in a room at the local B&B--a room usually occupied by Patience's FBI agent boyfriend, Sebastian--she finds herself on the case. Sebastian doesn't want Patience ruffling any feathers but, as always, she can't help herself. Patience promises to let Sebastian handle the investigation--he is FBI, after all--but after a drive-by shooting, her wicked curiosity gets the best of her. And with the TV show forging ahead with filming, the list of suspects (and the line of food trucks) only grows. But has the shooter already flown the coop? And how do you find a killer when you don't know who the target is?"--Publisher's website.