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Fire and Fortitude

Author : John C. McManus
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An engrossing, epic history of the US Army in the Pacific War, from the acclaimed author of The Dead and Those About to Die “This eloquent and powerful narrative is military history written the way it should be.”—James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian "Out here, mention is seldom seen of the achievements of the Army ground troops," wrote one officer in the fall of 1943, "whereas the Marines are blown up to the skies." Even today, the Marines are celebrated as the victors of the Pacific, a reflection of a well-deserved reputation for valor. Yet the majority of fighting and dying in the war against Japan was done not by Marines but by unsung Army soldiers. John C. McManus, one of our most highly acclaimed historians of World War II, takes readers from Pearl Harbor—a rude awakening for a military woefully unprepared for war—to Makin, a sliver of coral reef where the Army was tested against the increasingly desperate Japanese. In between were nearly two years of punishing combat as the Army transformed, at times unsteadily, from an undertrained garrison force into an unstoppable juggernaut, and America evolved from an inward-looking nation into a global superpower. At the pinnacle of this richly told story are the generals: Douglas MacArthur, a military autocrat driven by his dysfunctional lust for fame and power; Robert Eichelberger, perhaps the greatest commander in the theater yet consigned to obscurity by MacArthur's jealousy; "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell, a prickly soldier miscast in a diplomat's role; and Walter Krueger, a German-born officer who came to lead the largest American ground force in the Pacific. Enriching the narrative are the voices of men otherwise lost to history: the uncelebrated Army grunts who endured stifling temperatures, apocalyptic tropical storms, rampant malaria and other diseases, as well as a fanatical enemy bent on total destruction. This is an essential, ambitious book, the first of two volumes, a compellingly written and boldly revisionist account of a war that reshaped the American military and the globe and continues to resonate today. INCLUDES MAPS AND PHOTOS

The Constitution

Author : W.K. Clarkson
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woman s fortitude

Author : Edward Money
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Forest Fortitude

Author : Bill Wu
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Jason's totally wired. An online gamer, he's always on his phone and posts everything to social media. When he arrives at Camp Elphick, he lets everyone know he's not interested in nature. But then he and his safety partner Ezra fall in a river attempting to take a selfie then end up lost in the woods. Can they survive? Aligned to Common Core standards and correlated to state standards. Graphic Planet is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO.

Thomas Paine Collected Writings LOA 76

Author : Thomas Paine
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Thomas Paine was the impassioned democratic voice of the Age of Revolution, and this volume brings together his best-known works: Common Sense, The American Crisis, Rights of Man, The Age of Reason, along with a selection of letters, articles and pamphlets that emphasizes Paine's American years. “I know not whether any man in the world,” wrote John Adams in 1805, “has had more influence on its inhabitants or affairs for the last thirty years than Tom Paine.” The impassioned democratic voice of the Age of Revolution, Paine wrote for his mass audience with vigor, clarity, and “common sense.” This Library of America volume is the first major new edition of his work in 50 years, and the most comprehensive single-volume collection of his writings available. Paine came to America in 1774 at age 37 after a life of obscurity and failure in England. Within fourteen months he published Common Sense, the most influential pamphlet for the American Revolution, and began a career that would see him prosecuted in England, imprisoned and nearly executed in France, and hailed and reviled in the American nation he helped create. In Common Sense, Paine set forth an inspiring vision of an independent America as an asylum for freedom and an example of popular self-government in a world oppressed by despotism and hereditary privilege. The American Crisis, begun during “the times that try men’s souls” in 1776, is a masterpiece of popular pamphleteering in which Paine vividly reports current developments, taunts and ridicules British adversaries, and enjoins his readers to remember the immense stakes of their struggle. Among the many other items included in the volume are the combative “Forester” letters, written in a reply to a Tory critic of Common Sense, and several pieces concerning the French Revolution, including an incisive argument against executing Louis XVI. Rights of Man (1791–1792), written in response to Edmund Burke’s attacks on the French Revolution, is a bold vision of an egalitarian society founded on natural rights and unbound by tradition. Paine’s detailed proposal for government assistance to the poor inspired generations of subsequent radicals and reformers. The Age of Reason (1794–1795), Paine’s most controversial work, is an unrestrained assault on the authority of the Bible and a fervent defense of the benevolent God of deism. Included in this volume are a detailed chronology of Paine’s life, informative notes, an essay on the complex printing history of Paine’s work, and an index. LIBRARY OF AMERICA is an independent nonprofit cultural organization founded in 1979 to preserve our nation’s literary heritage by publishing, and keeping permanently in print, America’s best and most significant writing. The Library of America series includes more than 300 volumes to date, authoritative editions that average 1,000 pages in length, feature cloth covers, sewn bindings, and ribbon markers, and are printed on premium acid-free paper that will last for centuries.

The Naval Chronicle Volume 38 July December 1817

Author : James Stanier Clarke
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Volume 38 of the Naval Chronicle (1817) includes reports on proposed new naval regulations and finances, and historical articles.

British Battles of the Napoleonic Wars 1793 1806

Author : John Grehan
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The Napoleonic Wars was truly a world-wide conflict and Britain found itself engaged in battles, sieges and amphibious operations around the globe. Following every battle the commanding officer submitted a report back to the Admiralty or the War Office. Presented here together for the first time are those original despatches from some forty generals, captains and admirals detailing more than eighty battles that took place in India, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This unique collection of original documents will prove to be an invaluable resource for historians, students and all those interested in what was one of the most important periods in British military and naval history.The reports include those from some of Britain's most famous battles, the likes of Trafalgar and Waterloo, as well as less well-known but just as important engagements which resulted in the capture of the islands and territories which helped form the greatest empire the world has ever known.

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence

Author :
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Sparks from the Camp Fire Or Tales of the Old Veterans

Author : Joseph W. Morton
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Wanderer in Washington

Author : George Watterston
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Into the Fire

Author : John B. Owen
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For most college football players, practice is the most difficult part of their day, and for many of them, playing for the NFL is the goal. At the United States Naval Academy, the twenty-one hours a day the players spend off the field are at least as demanding as the three that they spend on the field, and their post-college futures are determined: serving their country as officers leading Sailors and Marines. For over 130 years, Navy football has maintained a proud tradition of courage, resilience, and never flinching in the face of long odds and a good fight. The 2007 season was a thrilling and timeless example of the inseparable goals of Navy football: winning on the field and developing future officers of character and integrity. Through the words that the team chaplain shared with the team prior to every game, you’ll see why, at Navy, football is about a lot more than just football. “... more than a story about athletics ... It is a stimulating read!” —Roger Staubach, USNA ’65, 1963 Heisman Trophy & Super Bowl VI MVP. “It is inspiring to learn the truths that Chaplain Owen shared with the team prior to each game. The lessons are universal ... what a great read!” —The Honorable John H. Dalton, former Secretary of the Navy

Selected Works of Ram n Llull 1232 1316 The book of the Gentile and the three wise men Ars demonstrativa Ars brevis

Author : Ramon Llull
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Under Fire

Author : Herschel V. Cashin
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Author : Hugh Walpole
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About thirty years ago there was at the top of the right-hand side of Orange Street, in Polchester, a large stone house. I say "was"; the shell of it is still there, and the people who now live in it are quite unaware, I suppose, that anything has happened to the inside of it, except that they are certainly assured that their furniture is vastly superior to the furniture of their predecessors. They have a gramophone, a pianola, and a lift to bring the plates from the kitchen into the dining-room, and a small motor garage at the back where the old pump used to be, and a very modern rock garden where once was the pond with the fountain that never worked. Let them cherish their satisfaction. No one grudges it to them. The Coles were, by modern standards, old-fashioned people, and the Stone House was an old-fashioned house.

Revised Report on Fire Insurance Duties

Author : George Coode
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Author : Alan E. Sargent
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Every grandfather wants his grandchildren to adopt a value system that will help them successfully navigate the challenges of life. The book Fortitude is one grandfather's creative attempt to do just that. By taking some of his grandchildren on a time-machine trip through a few of the Bible's most famous scenes, the author tries to instill in them some of the more elusive traits of bravery, loyalty, and humility. Caleb, Jocelyn, and Joshua journey back through time to several historic places and make crucial contributions to pivotal events in the biblical narrative. Fortitude: The Adventures of the Esteem Team - A Fortnight Series Book is the first in a trilogy.

Report on Fire Insurance Duties

Author : George Coode
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The Line of Fire Or The Advance Guard of Civilization in America

Author : Lou. V. Chapin
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A narrative of the loss of the Kent East Indiaman by fire in the bay of Biscay on the 1st March 1825 a letter by a passenger signed Servatus

Author : sir Duncan Macgregor
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Unwaried Patience and Fortitude

Author : Patrick O'Kelley
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Francis Marion's Orderly Book is the most complete of all that still exist. The regulations for his regiment, punishments, and training of the men illustrate the life of a warrior.