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Finite Element Modeling of Environmental Problems

Author : Graham F. Carey
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Because of its ability to treat both regions with irregular boundaries and with different material types, the finite element method is increasingly being applied to surface water and soil transport problems and this is the focus of the present volume. The method is ideally suited to simulation of complex real applications for resolving environmental issues and for conducting environmental impact studies. The present volume focuses on the two main areas of environmental modeling with finite elements and the supporting finite element methodology. Five chapters are devoted to ocean and coastal engineering, one to other surface water problems, several to ground water modeling and contaminant transport, including radioactive waste, and the remainder to mathematical models, particularly for mixed finite elements and nonlinear problems. Environmental problems are of increasing topicality and importance today. Special care has been taken in organizing and editing the material to form the right combination of modeling, methodology, and applications studies to form a cohesive treatment appropriate for a graduate course or seminar on the subject. It is aimed in particular at engineers working in computational environmental fluid mechanics and transport processes.

Modeling and Computation in Environmental Sciences

Author : Rainer Helmig
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This volume contains 20 contributions to the 1st GAMM-Seminar at ICA Stuttgart, which was held in Stuttgart, October 12 - 13, 1995. In the field of environmental sciences, numerical procedures for the simulation of ecological problems are growing increasingly topical. The solution of typical problems in environmental research is closely connected with numerical supercomputing. The main subject of the seminar was the modeling and numerical simulation of ground water and soil water. Further topics were multi-scale modeling, special discretization schemes, adaptivity, multi-grid methods, heterogenity, parameter identification, homogenization, density driven groundwater flow, and coupling of transport and chemistry.

The Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics

Author : Olek C Zienkiewicz
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The Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics offers a complete introduction the application of the finite element method to fluid mechanics. The book begins with a useful summary of all relevant partial differential equations before moving on to discuss convection stabilization procedures, steady and transient state equations, and numerical solution of fluid dynamic equations. The character-based split (CBS) scheme is introduced and discussed in detail, followed by thorough coverage of incompressible and compressible fluid dynamics, flow through porous media, shallow water flow, and the numerical treatment of long and short waves. Updated throughout, this new edition includes new chapters on: Fluid-structure interaction, including discussion of one-dimensional and multidimensional problems Biofluid dynamics, covering flow throughout the human arterial system Focusing on the core knowledge, mathematical and analytical tools needed for successful computational fluid dynamics (CFD), The Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics is the authoritative introduction of choice for graduate level students, researchers and professional engineers. A proven keystone reference in the library of any engineer needing to understand and apply the finite element method to fluid mechanics Founded by an influential pioneer in the field and updated in this seventh edition by leading academics who worked closely with Olgierd C. Zienkiewicz Features new chapters on fluid-structure interaction and biofluid dynamics, including coverage of one-dimensional flow in flexible pipes and challenges in modeling systemic arterial circulation

Long wave Runup Models Proceedings Of The International Workshop

Author : Liu Philip L F
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Since September 1992, there has been an unprecedented number of major tsunami events. Chronologically, the ten sites were: Nicaragua, in September 1992; Flores, Indonesia, in December 1992; Okushiri, Japan, in July 1993; East Java, Indonesia, in June 1994; Shikotan, Russia, in October 1994; Mindoro, Philippines, in November 1994; Skagway, Alaska, in November 1994; East Timor, Indonesia, in May 1995; Irian Jaya, Indonesia, in February 1996; Chimbote, Peru, in February 1996. These tsunamis caused substantial damage and many casualties. Now is the time to review this extraordinary phenomenon so as to prepare for forthcoming tsunami events.The purpose of this book is to review and update our knowledge of long-wave runups and our recent experience in field surveys of tsunami runups. Comparisons of numerical, analytical, and physical prediction models are made using existing laboratory and field data. Also presented are state-of-the-art tsunami prediction models and detailed discussions on tsunami runup phenomena.

Review of Literature on the Finite element Solution of the Equations of Two dimensional Surface water Flow in the Horizontal Plane

Author : Jonathan K. Lee
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Surface Flow

Author : William Guerin Gray
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Science and Technology Series

Author :
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Numerical Modelling of Construction Processes in Geotechnical Engineering for Urban Environment

Author : Theodoros Triantafyllidis
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It has become increasingly important, particularly in an urban environment, to predict soil behaviour and to confine the settlement or deformation of buildings adjacent to construction sites. One important factor is the choice of construction procedure for the installation of piles, sheet pile walls, anchors or for soil improvement techniques, ground freezing and tunnelling methods. The modelling of construction processes, which are frequently associated with large deformations of the soil and with strong changes in the structure of the soil around the construction plant, in the case of, for example, a drill, a bit, a vibrator, or an excavation tool, requires sophisticated and new methods in numerical modelling. Often the simulation of the construction procedure is neglected in the calculations. Such methods are described and discussed in this book, as are examples of the methods applied to geotechnical practice, field and laboratory testing as well as case studies. This volume provides a valuable source of reference for scientists in geotechnical engineering and numerical modelling, geotechnical engineers, post graduate students, construction companies and consultants, manufacturers of geotechnical construction plants and software suppliers and developers of geotechnical construction methods.

Transport and Remediation of Subsurface Contaminants

Author : American Chemical Society
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Transport and remediation of subsurface contaminants: introduction; Colloid deposition in porous media and an evaluation of bed-media cleaning techniques; Deposition of colloids in porous media: theory and numerical solution; Surface-charge repulsive effects on the mobility of inorganic colloids in subsurface systems; Colloid transport and the gas-water interface in porous media; Colloid remediation in groundwater by polyelectrolyte; Removal of chromate from aqueous strems by ultrafiltration and precipitation; Potential for bacterial remediation of waste sites containing selenium or lead; Heap leaching as a solvent-extraction technique for remediation of metals-contaminated soils; Factors affecting surfactant performance in groundwater remediation applicationsInfluence of surfactant sorption on capillary pressure-saturation relationships; Surfactant-enchanced solubilization of tetrachloroethylene and degradation products in pump and treat remediation; Solubilization and biodegradation of Hydrophobic organic compounds in soil-aqueous systems with nonionic surfactants; sorption of hydrophobic organic compounds and nonionic surfactants with subsurface materials; Field tests of surfactant flooding: mobility control of dense nonaqueous-phase liquids; Landfill leachate effects on transport of organic substances in aquifer materials; Clay and immiscible organic liquids: greater capillary trapping of the organic phase; Exposure assessmnet modeling for hydrocarbon spills into the subsurface: sensitivity to soil properties.

Advances in Air Pollution Modeling for Environmental Security

Author : István Faragó
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The protection of our environment is one of the major problems in the society. More and more important physical and chemical mechanisms are to be added to the air pollution models. Moreover, new reliable and robust control strategies for keeping the pollution caused by harmful compounds under certain safe levels have to be developed and used in a routine way. Well based and correctly analyzed large mathematical models can successfully be used to solve this task. The use of such models leads to the treatment of huge computational tasks. The efficient solution of such problems requires combined research from specialists working in different fields. The aim of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (NATO ARW) entitled “Advances in Air Pollution Modeling for Environmental Security” was to invite specialists from all areas related to large-scale air pollution modeling and to exchange information and plans for future actions towards improving the reliability and the scope of application of the existing air pollution models and tools. This ARW was planned to be an interdisciplinary event, which provided a forum for discussions between physicists, meteorologists, chemists, computer scientists and specialists in numerical analysis about different ways for improving the performance and the quality of the results of different air pollution models.

Computational Simulation in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics

Author : Tetsuya Sakuma
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This book reviews a variety of methods for wave-based acoustic simulation and recent applications to architectural and environmental acoustic problems. Following an introduction providing an overview of computational simulation of sound environment, the book is in two parts: four chapters on methods and four chapters on applications. The first part explains the fundamentals and advanced techniques for three popular methods, namely, the finite-difference time-domain method, the finite element method, and the boundary element method, as well as alternative time-domain methods. The second part demonstrates various applications to room acoustics simulation, noise propagation simulation, acoustic property simulation for building components, and auralization. This book is a valuable reference that covers the state of the art in computational simulation for architectural and environmental acoustics.

Spine Surgery 2 Vol Set E Book

Author : Edward C. Benzel
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Build a solid foundation of knowledge based on the fundamentals and employ step-by-step instruction from Spine Surgery. Edited by Edward C. Benzel, this best-selling medical reference explores the full spectrum of surgical techniques used in spine surgery and delivers the comprehensive, cutting-edge guidance you need to achieve successful outcomes. Online access, thorough updates, contributions by leading international authorities, an abundance of detailed illustrations, and procedural video clips provide everything you need to avoid and manage complex problems. Glean essential, up-to-date, need-to-know information in one comprehensive reference that explores the full spectrum of surgical techniques used in spine surgery. Hone your surgical skills and technique with intraoperative videos and more than 800 outstanding illustrations demonstrating each technique step by step. Grasp and apply the latest knowledge from more than 25 brand-new chapters, as well as extensive revisions or total rewrites to the majority of existing chapters to present all of the most up-to-date information available on every aspect of spine surgery including motion preservation technologies, endovascular management, back pain and psychosocial interactions, biomechanics, and more. Consult with the best. Renowned neurosurgery authority Edward C. Benzel leads an international team of accomplished neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons - many new to this edition - who provide dependable guidance and share innovative approaches to surgical techniques and complications management. Equip yourself to address increasing occurrences of pain among aging and physically active patients. Access the information you need, where you need it on your laptop or mobile device via, with fully searchable text, a wealth of procedural videos, online updates from the experts, downloadable image gallery and links to PubMed.

Computational Mechanics

Author : Zhenhan Yao
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Engineering Geology and the Environment

Author : G.C. Koukis
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Composed of the proceedings of a symposium on engineering geology and the environment, held in Athens in June, 1997, this work provides a survey of trends in engineering geology, and an interdisciplinary collaboration with hydrogeology, geochemistry, geomorphology, and soil and rock mechanics.

Numerical Partial Differential Equations for Environmental Scientists and Engineers

Author : Daniel R. Lynch
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For readers with some competence in PDE solution properties, this book offers an interdisciplinary approach to problems occurring in natural environmental media: the hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and ionosphere. It presents two major discretization methods: Finite Difference and Finite Element, plus a section on practical approaches to ill-posed problems. The blend of theory, analysis, and implementation practicality supports solving and understanding complicated problems.

Solving the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography in a Realistic Environment

Author : Yuan Jiang
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Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

Author : Malcolm L. Spaulding
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This collection contains 66 papers on marine environmental modeling presented at the Seventh International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling, held in St. Petersburg, Florida, November 5-7, 2001.

Numerical Models for Differential Problems

Author : Alfio Quarteroni
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In this text, we introduce the basic concepts for the numerical modelling of partial differential equations. We consider the classical elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic linear equations, but also the diffusion, transport, and Navier-Stokes equations, as well as equations representing conservation laws, saddle-point problems and optimal control problems. Furthermore, we provide numerous physical examples which underline such equations. In particular, we discuss the algorithmic and computer implementation aspects and provide a number of easy-to-use programs. The text does not require any previous advanced mathematical knowledge of partial differential equations: the absolutely essential concepts are reported in a preliminary chapter. It is therefore suitable for students of bachelor and master courses in scientific disciplines, and recommendable to those researchers in the academic and extra-academic domain who want to approach this interesting branch of applied mathematics.

Environmental Modelling and Prediction

Author : Gongbing Peng
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In this book the authors consider the natural environment as an integrated system. The physical, chemical and biological processes that govern the behaviour of the environmental system can thus be understood through mathematical modelling, and their evolution can be studied by means of numerical simulation. The book contains a summary of various efficient approaches in atmospheric prediction, such as numerical weather prediction and statistical forecast of climate change, as well as other successful methods in land surface modelling. The authors explore new theories and methods in environment prediction such as systems analysis and information theory. Attention is given to new achievements in remote sensing tele-metering and geographic information systems.

SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing

Author :
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