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Finding the Quiet Mind

Author : Robert Ellwood
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Finding the Quiet Mind is a practical approach to beginning meditation that will lead the reader step-by-step into finding more calmness and reaching inner resources of joy and power for daily life. It synthesizes teachings from both Eastern and Western philosophies in contemporary language appropriate for all modern readers, regardless of their religion or worldview, and assumes that most people can benefit from meditation without relying on an external teacher. Included are tips on body posture, breath, and mantras, as well as a chapter on mediating for the wellbeing of others. Author Robert Ellwood is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion at the University of Southern California.

Finding the Quiet

Author : Paul Wilson
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A powerful book to help you move from chaos into tranquillity, from hecticness into peace, and from stress into joy-written by the man known as "the guru of calm." The Quiet" is a place where you can't be touched by the noise and tensions of the modern world. A place where, no matter what's happening around you, you have time and space to breathe. Some people spend a lifetime of meditation practice and spiritual studies searching for it. The practices in Finding the Quiet are based on four simple steps that transform the way you feel and what you get out of life. Following these techniques can lead to: * peace of mind * clarity of thought * emotional stability * physical well-being We are also including A Piece of the Quiet, which provides fast and easy highlights for when you need a quick moment of calm. Whether you are a novice at meditation or a lifetime practitioner, the strategies presented in Finding the Quiet are powerful tools to take you where you want to be.

Finding Quiet

Author : Jamie Grace
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Many of us live in between two extremes when it comes to mental health. On one side, we are told to embrace anxiety as a part of our being. The best we can do is medicate and live with it. On the other side, we're told that freedom can be found if we believe hard enough, and that we're at fault if we can't get over the thoughts that hold us back. But what if there is another way? A way to acknowledge the struggles and learn how to manage the things that trigger us while believing in the promises and goodness of God? This is the tension that Jamie Grace has lived in for most of her life. Known as a singer with a vibrant personality, Jamie has spent the last decade touring and speaking about her faith on stages and in front of the camera. But behind the scenes she was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, OCD, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder as a preteen. Since then she has faced inner battles that have included panic attacks and self-harm. In Finding Quiet, Jamie shares what she has learned about managing the negative effects of her diagnoses, harnessing the positive outcomes, and leaning into the journey God has led her on.

Finding Quiet

Author : J. P. Moreland
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In May 2004 prominent philosopher, author, and professor J. P. Moreland awoke in the middle of the night to a severe panic attack. Though often anxious by temperament and upbringing, Moreland had never experienced such an incident before. Thus began an extended battle with debilitating anxiety and depression. More than a decade later, Moreland continues to manage mental illness. Yet along the way he's moved from shame and despair to vulnerability and hope. In Finding Quiet Moreland comes alongside fellow sufferers with encouragement and practical, hard-won advice. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from mental illness, and people in the pews are not immune. Moreland explores the spiritual and physical aspects of mental illness, pointing readers toward sound sources of information, treatment, and recovery. Bracing and honest, Finding Quiet will validate the experiences of believers with mental illness, remind them they are not alone, and provide reassurance that they can not only survive but thrive again.

Finding the Grain

Author : Wynn Malone
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Kentucky was only ever going to be a summer job. Come fall, Blue Riley would be back in North Carolina, in college. But one job led to another, one town led to another, and one woman led to another. Now, after twenty years Blue faces the hardest question of all—is it time to go home?

The Quest for Truth On Finding the Grail

Author :
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Finding the Space to Lead

Author : Janice Marturano
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The complexity and relentless pace of our world places exceptional demands on leaders today. They work incredibly hard and yet feel that they are not meeting their own expectations of excellence. They feel disconnected from their own values and overburdened. By the thousands, they seek out books on leadership skills, time management, and “getting things done,” but the techniques these volumes offer, useful as they are, don't often don't speak to the leader's fundamental sense that something is missing. Janice Marturano, a senior executive with decades of experience in Fortune 500 corporations, explains how Mindful Leadership training integrates the practice of mindfulness-meditation and self-awareness-with the practical tools of management, enabling leaders to bring a wider range of their capacities to the challenges at hand. We already know from scientific research that mindfulness practices enhance mental health and improve clarity and focus. FINDING THE SPACE shows how this training has specific value for leaders. This is not a new “leadership system” to add to the burden of already overworked people. It brings the concepts of mindfulness into the everyday life of anyone in a leadership role, through specific exercises that address practical issues-the calendar, schedule, phone usage, meetings, to-do list, and strategic planning, as well as interpersonal challenges such as listening and working with difficult colleagues. Leaders who have experienced mindfulness training report that it provides a “transformative experience” with significant improvements in innovation, self-awareness, listening, and making better decisions. In FINDING THE SPACE TO LEAD, Marturano masterfully lays out her proven techniques for promoting mindfulness in the busy executive's working life.

Finding Quiet

Author : Declan Whitney
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Finding the Way Home

Author : Sarah Byrd
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SUZANNE MORGAN HAS LOST HERSELF. Peter Stewart has lost his way. Though from different worlds, grief has exposed their weaknesses and left them both searching for truth that heals. Suzanne and her ten-year-old daughter, Blair, take a three-month trip to the southern coast of England to recover from the year’s events. As they settle into village life, they make unexpected friends who will change them forever. Eleanor Cavendish, a wise widow who shows them motherly love. Ian Hamilton, a high-strung vicar who takes an immediate interest in Suzanne. And Peter, the charming headmaster, who gets Suzanne’s attention with his tender care for Blair. Set in rugged Cornwall, this is a story of true identity, real friendship and the nature of love. “In a world choking with isolation, Finding the Way Home is a refreshing, restorative reminder of the power of love and forgiveness.” —Kim Newlen, Founder and President, Sweet Monday® “Does not disappoint...Richly-layered and overflowing with life and redemption!” —Jana Ford Muntsinger, literary publicist, Muntsinger-McClure Public Relations “Captures humanity in its truest sense...An absolute must read.” —Shawn Boyer, Founder and CEO, “Deeply satisfying.” —Kim Greene, Women’s Leadership Development, WEPC

Finding Sanctuary

Author : Christopher Jamison
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Abbot Christopher Jamison, from BBC2's THE MONASTERY and new show THE SILENCE, suggests ways in which the teachings of St Benedict can be helpful in everyday life. Have you ever wondered why everybody these days seems so busy? In FINDING SANCTUARY, Father Christopher Jamison offers practical wisdom from the monastic tradition on how to build sanctuary into your life. No matter how hard you work, being too busy is not inevitable. Silence and contemplation are not just for monks and nuns, they are natural parts of life. Yet to keep hold of this truth in the rush of modern living you need the support of other people and sensible advice from wise guides. By learning to listen in new ways, people's lives can change and the abbot offers some monastic steps that help this transition to a more spiritual life. In the face of many easy assumptions about the irrelevance of religion today, Father Christopher makes religion accessible for those in search of life's meaning and offers a vision of the world's religions working together as a unique source of hope for the 21st century.

The Quiet Professional

Author : Alan Hoe
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Major Richard J. “Dick” Meadows is renowned in military circles as a key figure in the development of the U.S. Army Special Operations. A highly decorated war veteran of the engagements in Korea and Vietnam, Meadows was instrumental in the founding of the U.S. Delta Force and hostage rescue force. Although he officially retired in 1977, Meadows could never leave the army behind, and he went undercover in the clandestine operations to free American hostages from Iran in 1980. The Quiet Professional: Major Richard J. Meadows of the U.S. Army Special Forces is the only biography of this exemplary soldier’s life. Military historian Alan Hoe offers unique insight into Meadows, having served alongside him in 1960. The Quiet Professional is an insider’s account that gives a human face to U.S. military strategy during the cold war. Major Meadows often claimed that he never achieved anything significant; The Quiet Professional proves otherwise, showcasing one of the great military minds of twentieth-century America.

The Quiet Deaths

Author : Amy Hudson
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Deaths are occurring in Hipton, a small market town in England. Each time they are explained by the coroner’s reports. But what if these deaths weren’t natural deaths after all? What if they were murder?

The Quiet Voices

Author : Mark K. Bauman
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These wide-ranging essays reveal the various roles played by southern rabbis in the struggle for black civil rights since Reconstruction The study of black-Jewish relations has become a hotbed of controversy, especially with regard to the role played by Jewish leaders during the Civil Rights movement. Did these leaders play a pivotal role, or did many of them, especially in the South, succumb to societal pressure and strive to be accepted rather than risk being persecuted? If some of these leaders did choose a quieter path, were their reasons valid? And were their methods successful? The contributors in this volume explore the motivations and subsequent behavior of rabbis in a variety of southern environments both before and during the civil rights struggle. Their research demonstrates that most southern rabbis indeed faced pressures not experienced in the North and felt the need to balance these countervailing forces to achieve their moral imperative. Individually, each essay offers a glimpse into both the private and public difficulties these rabbis faced in their struggle to achieve good. Collectively, the essays provide an unparalleled picture of Jewish leadership during the civil rights era.

The Quiet Place

Author : Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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Bestselling author Nancy Leigh DeMoss adapts the core themes of her teaching into a format her fans can enjoy daily: 366 portions of rich Bible study and practical applications.

Quiet Mind Open Heart

Author : Laura Wright
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In our busy world, we all need a way to settle into the quiet space inside and access deep peace and inner stillness. With penetrating self-inquiry as its cornerstone, this book clarifies the process of connecting to the light within.

The Quiet

Author : Paul Wilson
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Imagine there is a place where you can't be touched by the noise and tensions of the modern world. Where, no matter what's going on around you, you can find time and space and room to breathe.This place exists. It's called the Quiet.Some people spend a lifetime of meditation practice and spiritual studies trying to find it. You can be on your way there in as little as 13 minutes. The Quiet practices are centred around four simple steps (three physical, one mental) that transform your mental state and the way you feel. They're more streamlined than traditional meditation methods, but every bit as deep. In fact, the major difference is their simplicity, and the way they dovetail into a busy, dynamic life. There's never been a more pressing need for the peace of mind, clarity of thought, emotional stability and physical wellbeing that flow from these practices. There's never been a more pressing need for The Quiet.

A Simplicity Revolution Finding Happiness in the New Reality

Author : Sue Schell
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Optimism had been a mainstay since the post-World War II days. Few of us expected the economic slowdown would be more than a pause. A SIMPLICITY REVOLUTION: FINDING HAPPINESS IN THE NEW REALITY is a commentary on America’s Boom and Bust decade and the “Corporatocracy,” that caused it. The book is divided into chapters full of practical advice to assist readers on their personal lifestyle journeys. We now can see that America’s desire to supersize everything was unsustainable. What economists refer to as America’s “New Normal,” Author Sue Schell calls our “New Reality.” She writes, “After millions of people lost their jobs and some ultimately their homes, we had heightened anxiety over the possibility that America’s best days may be behind us? Would our American Dream survive for future generations? What was to become of the vanishing middle class? Anthropology Professor Dr. Robert Launay, of Northwestern University, penned the forward to the book. He writes, “The challenges we are facing are new, and so the solutions and values we forge to meet them must also be new. Here, Sue Schell has hit the nail on the head.” A Simple life is not about frugality. It is about living an authentic life that lets you live the life that you dream of living. A life that is rooted not in the stuff you own, but in your relationships with family and friends. This may very well prove to be the silver lining we find in this Great Recession. By M.W. Carlson (U.S.) -Feeling lost and disillusioned after the financial crash and never-ending recession? Maybe you lost your job, or are working at a job you hate? You're not alone. This book helped me sort things out and clarify what's most important for long-term happiness. According to this author, there are four "guideposts" to a simpler life: (1) protect our environment; (2) always be financially responsible; (3) use thoughtful consumption; and (4) community involvement. This all makes perfect sense, you say, yet it does need reinforcement, which author Schell does effectively with her own life stories. You get the feeling she is a person with compassion for others, something we need more of these days. No matter what stage of life you're in, you will benefit from reading this book. It may give you some new ideas about how to approach life, how to get more satisfaction from your life, or it may reinforce what you're already doing. Either way, GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT - you'll feel more hopeful, thoughtful and even peaceful after reading it. It's funny too! You'll enjoy the related quotes from famous historical figures (Thoreau, da Vinci, Confucius, to name a few). After all, simplicity isn't new, but we need to be reminded during these difficult times. By the way, my 80-something-year-old mom read this and liked it too.

Finding the Dream

Author : Nora Roberts
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In the final novel of Nora Roberts’s Dream Trilogy, Laura struggles to mend a broken heart and broken family—until someone from her past makes all of her dreams come true… Laura Templeton found out the hard way that nothing in life is guaranteed. The daughter of a wealthy hotelier, she had always known comfort, privilege, and security. But by the age of thirty, her storybook marriage had been destroyed by her husband’s infidelity. Laura’s divorce left her both emotionally and financially devastated—but determined to rebuild her life without the Templeton fortune. Laura had always defined herself as a wife, a daughter, or a mother. Now, she must finally discover Laura the woman... Don't miss the other books in the Dream Trilogy Daring to Dream Holding the Dream

Finding the Light

Author : Adam Joslin
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As humans, we are constantly searching for purpose and meaning to our lives. This overwhelming task forces us to face a variety of hardships and trials. At some points, the obstacles we face may seem larger than life and impossible to defeat. But even in the darkest hour, there is always hope. Even when all else fails, the answer is simple. Even in the eye of the storm, we are never alone. Its just a matter of finding the light

Finding the Right Woman for You

Author : Michelle McKinney Hammond
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And now a look at the single life geared toward the maleperspective. Relationship expert Michelle McKinney Hammond turns her attentionto single men and offers them an insider's glimpse into the mysterious world ofwoman. She outlines how to seek a fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex,how to clean up their dating life, and how to thoughtfully pursue the woman oftheir dreams. Male readers will deem this the ultimate guide to successfullyfinding (and keeping) the love of their life.