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Finding Home Again

Author : Brenda Jackson
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First love. Second chances. In Catalina Cove, anything can happen… Bryce Witherspoon’s heart races every time she sees Kaegan Chambray. Everyone in town knows they can’t stand each other, but the truth is, even though the man broke her heart ten years ago, she still feels that irresistible, oh-so-familiar jolt of desire. When Kaegan returned to Catalina Cove to run the family business, he knew there’d be no avoiding Bryce. The woman he thought he’d one day marry was instead the biggest heartbreak of his life. But when Bryce lets slip a devastating secret, he discovers just how wrong he was to let her go all those years ago. He knows they both still feel the spark between them, but it’ll take more than attraction to convince her. Kaegan will pull out all the stops to show Bryce he’s the man who can give her the future they once dreamed of—if only they give love a second chance.

Catholics Can Come Home Again

Author : Carrie Kemp
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A handbook for welcoming inactive Catholics back to membership or participation in a parish community.

Home Again

Author : Louis Collins
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One of the toughest dichotomies we will ever face is the battle between who we are and who God has called us to be. Many times we get in our own way which causes us to put on personas that God never intended us to wear. Because we desire the success we see others have we feel we have to be like them. The problem with that is we end up losing who we really are in the process. Take this journey with me as I strategically help you get back onto your path to purpose. As I help you find you way HOME!

Finding Home

Author : Tina Reiman
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Home... A word that can be a noun, an adjective, a verb, or an adverb, but all suggesting a sense of where one originated and where one belongs. This word can be used to describe a position in a game, instincts in the animal kingdom, a location on a computer screen, or the place where family gathers to support and celebrate one another. However, in our fractured world, filled with addiction, violence, illness, and broken relationships, too many are just wandering, lost, with no home, even when they find a roof over their heads. They look for a sense of belonging in groups and gangs where they hope for acceptance and support. Too many turn to drugs and alcohol to medicate their loneliness, some being drawn into the most sweeping opioid epidemic we have ever seen. What if we could find ways to create a stronger sense of "home" in our circles of influence? What if we learned how to open up the doors of our lives and bring people into the warmth and shelter that they have been looking for? What if we knew how to start conversations that would bring the issues of "finding home" to the forefront and help us find tools to assist those around us in building their own place of belonging? In the wake of losing her twenty-four-year-old son Nicolai to a fentanyl overdose, Tina Reiman began a journey to understand his struggle to find home. This path led her to reexamine what she believed about addiction, parenting, and love. One result was her establishment of a nonprofit dedicated to reducing addiction, homelessness, and suicide among the young men of her community through the coaching of those who understand "home."

Finding Home

Author : Emily Dugan
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Award-winning reporter Emily Dugan’s Finding Home follows the tumultuous lives of a group of immigrants, all facing intense challenges in their quest to live in the UK. Syrian refugee Emad set up the Free Syrian League and worked illegally in the UK to pay for his mother to be smuggled across the Mediterranean on a perilous trip from Turkey. Even if she survives the journey, Emad knows it will be an uphill struggle to get her into Britain. Australian therapist Harley risks deportation despite serving the NHS for ten years and being told by the Home Office she could stay. Teaching assistant Klaudia is one of thousands of Polish people now living in Boston, Lincolnshire – a microcosm of poorly managed migration. Aderonke, a leading Manchester LGBT activist, lives in a tiny B&B room in Salford with her girlfriend, Happiness, and faces deportation and persecution. Dugan’s timely and acutely observed book reveals the intense personal dramas of ordinary men and women as they struggle to find somewhere to call home. It shows that migration is not about numbers, votes or opinions: it is about people.

Finding Home

Author : Kathy Ford
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Even though Bob was the only son and everything should have been his one day, but all he ever wanted was the love of his mother. So he moves from place to place, seeking the love and the home that he had always missed. Journey with Bob as he follows his connecting dreams of finding that home and the person who could love him, facing with him the heartaches and setbacks he encounters. Be with him when he finds out what both home and love are supposed to mean.

The Start of the Home Again

Author : Holly Desvignes
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"The Beginning of the Home Again" is a prequel to "Tales from the Home Again" and tells how the Home Again cat rescue shelter got its start. Life goes on from a human standpoint, but there is a second secret life that involves only the cats. These stories are told from their perspectivek which is quite different that the people realize!

Migration Trauma Culture and Finding the Psychological Home Within

Author : Grace P. Conroy
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Migration Trauma, Culture, and Finding the Psychological Home Within is an in-depth study of Eastern European migration to the United States. In presenting the clinical case studies of Eastern European migrants seeking long term psychoanalytic treatment, Grace Conroy pays particular attention to pre-migration history, inner culture, and early psychological development. Conroy details what is happening in the psyche of migrants who are in the process of integrating into new cultures—ultimately exploring the details and nuances of psychological struggles and transformations of the migratory process.

Home Again

Author : Jack Markle
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It’s love at first sight for Jon and Jillian, who meet in a fitness class and instantly hit it off. Jillian may not be accepted by Jon’s mother, but the pair agree to put their relationship first . . . until the FBI send him into a Witness Protection program that requires him to leave Jillian behind. Fatima grew up in war-torn Syria, having lost both of her parents and sister to tragedy. Every time she rebuilds her family, more tragedy strikes, leading her to wonder if she is cursed by Allah. At last, when she has lost everyone dear to her, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She couldn’t protect her family, but maybe she can save the world. As Fatima grows more desperate, Jon and Jillian must find a way to carry on without one another. Their stories intertwine as the conflict comes to a head with the fate of the world as we know it resting in the balance.

Making it Home

Author : Deborah Keahey
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Traditional approaches to Prairie literature have focussed on the significance of "the land" in attempts to make a place into a home. The emphasis on the importance of landscape as a defining feature ignores the important roles played by other influences brought to the land such as history, culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, community, family, and occupation. Deborah Keahey considers over 70 years of Canadian Prairie literature, including poetry, autobiography, drama, and fiction. The 17 writers range from the well-established, like Martha Ostenso and Robert Kroetsch, to newer writers, like Ian Ross and Kelly Rebar. Through their works, she asks whether the Prairies are a physical or a political creation, whether "home" is made by what you bring with you, or what you find when you arrive, and she incorporates the influences and effects far beyond landscape to understand what guides the "home-making" process of both the writers and their creations. Her study acknowledges that "home" is a complicated concept, and making a place into a home place is a complicated process. Informed by current linguistic, feminist, postcolonial, and cultural theory, Keahey explores these concepts in depth and redefines our understanding of place, home, and the relationship between them.