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Gatekeeping in the Evolving Business of Independent Film Distribution

Author : Roderik Smits
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This book is about the business of distribution, around which the international film business revolves. Considering sales agents and distributors as primary gatekeepers, the book examines the networks in which they operate, how they operate, how their practices have evolved, and the power and control they exert over the business of independent film distribution. Critically, it also considers how they are affected by the powerful influence of Netflix and Amazon in the online era. At a time of disruption and change to traditional business models and industry professions, Roderik Smits argues that gatekeepers remain equally – if not more – crucial to the distribution and circulation of films in international markets.

Guerrilla Film Marketing

Author : Robert G. Barnwell
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Create an irresistible brand image and build an audience of loyal and engaged fans... Guerrilla Film Marketing takes readers through each step of the film branding, marketing and promotional process. Tailored specifically to low-budget independent films and filmmakers, Guerrilla Film Marketing offers practical and immediately implementable advice for marketing considerations across every stage of the film production process. Written by leading film industry professional Robert G. Barnwell, Guerrilla Film Marketing teaches readers how to: Master the fundamentals of guerrilla branding, marketing and promotion; Create an integrated marketing plan and calendar based on realistic budgets and expectations; Develop internet and social media marketing campaigns, including engaging studio and film websites and powerful, marketing-centric IMDb listings; Assemble behind-the-scenes pictures, videos and documentaries; Produce marketing materials such as key art, posters, film teasers, trailers and electronic press kits (aka "EPKs"); and Maximize the marketing impact of events such as test screenings, premiers, film festivals and industry award ceremonies. Guerrilla Film Marketing is filled with dozens of step-by-step instructions, checklists, tools, a glossary, templates and other resources. A downloadable eResource also includes a sample marketing plan and audit, a test screening questionnaire, and more.

The Insider s Guide to Independent Film Distribution

Author : Stacey Parks
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Innovation in technology means that almost anyone can make an independent film these days. Although this may be good news for aspiring filmmakers, it also means that the oversupply of independent films on the market has caused acquisition prices to dramatically decrease. As a result, producers and investors rarely recover their initial investment in the films they make. But don't be discouraged! Use this book to learn the realities of the market in advance and map out a winning distribution plan. This comprehensive manual for filmmakers and producers dedicated to film distribution and the marketplace could mean the difference between getting your film out to the public and keeping it "in the can. Learn how to sell your movie to a studio, a cable network, a video distributor, or an international buyer. Self-distribution and other alternatives to traditional distribution are also considered. In addition, you'll hear some success stories from producers and hear exactly what buyers are seeking. Stacey Parks has worked with hundreds of hungry filmmakers to get their films a distribution deal and knows how frustrating the whole process can be. Let her show you how you can take control of your filmmaking career and start getting your work seen by audiences with a few little-known distribution secrets. Features include: . Interviews and case studies with producers and distributors . Ten ways to market your film for self-distribution . Sales projections per territory . Distribution resources listings . Negotiation tips for distribution agreements . Sample distribution agreements . What you must know to get your independent film distributed . Written by a distributor who knows the process inside and out . Interviews with buyers and acquisitions executives from every sector of the business on what kinds of films they look for, what they're sick of seeing, and how their acquisitions processes work . Website features sample distribution agreements, budgets, and more! New to this edition: . Completely updated for modern distribution practices (broadcast, DVD, VOD, and other kinds of distribution deals) . New coverage on crowd-funding, social media, film marketing, and deal memos . Get the best inside distribution secrets from brand new interviews with an international cast of directors, producers, and distribution experts who share their experiences . Companion website features helpful downloadable forms and templates, sample distribution memos, and a great resource section

Directing an Independent Film

Author : James F Simpson
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All you need to know about directing an independent film. James Simpson has over thirty films experience, with films starring actors including Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Charlize Theron to name a few. This book details useful tips in directing a film, whether this is your first film or you are an experienced director. Techniques for getting the most from your actors and crew and avoiding the pitfalls that can give you avoidable problems. It covers all the stages and includes a breakdown of the film festivals and contact details. A must for any film maker. Everything you need to know from concept to screening.

Encyclopedia of American Business History

Author : Charles R. Geisst
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Presents an alphabetically-arranged reference to the history of business and industry in the United States. Includes selected primary source documents.

Downtown Film and TV Culture

Author : Joan Hawkins
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Downtown Film and TV Culture 1975-2001 brings together essays by film-makers, exhibitors, cultural critics, and scholars from multiple generations of the New York Downtown scene to illuminate individual films and film-makers and explore the creation of a Downtown Canon, the impact of AIDS on younger film-makers, community access to cable television broadcasts, and the impact of the historic Downtown scene on contemporary experimental culture. The book includes J. Hoberman’s essay ‘No Wavelength: The Parapunk Underground,’ as well as historical essays by Tony Conrad and Lynne Tillman, interviews with film-makers Bette Gordon and Beth B, and essays by Ivan Kral and Nick Zedd.

Brecht On Film Radio

Author : Bertolt Brecht
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From Weimar Germany to Hollywood to East Berlin, Brecht on Film and Radio gathers together a selection of Bertolt Brecht's own writings on the new film and broadcast media that revolutionised arts and communication in the twentieth century. Bertolt Brecht's hugely influential views on drama, acting and stage production have long been widely recognised. Less familiar, but of profound importance, are his writings on film and radio. From Weimar Germany to Hollywood to East Berlin, Brecht on Film and Radio gathers together for the first time a selection of Brecht's own writings on the new film and broadcast media that fascinated him throughout his life and revolutionised arts and communication in the twentieth century. Marc Silberman's full editorial commentary sets Brecht's ideas in the context of his other work. "I strongly wish that after their invention of the radio the bourgeoisie would make a further invention that enables us to fix for all time what the radio communicates. Later generations would then have the opportunity to marvel how a caste was able to tell the whole planet what it had to say and at the same time how it enabled the planet to see that it had nothing to say." (Bertolt Brecht)

Investing in Movies

Author : Joseph N. Cohen
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In this second edition of Investing in Movies, industry veteran Joseph N. Cohen provides investors and producers with an analytical framework to assess the opportunities and pitfalls of film investments. The book traces macroeconomic trends and the globalization of the business, including the rise of streamers, as well as the impact these have on potential returns. It offers a broad range of guidelines on how to source interesting projects and advice on what kinds of projects to avoid, as well as numerous ways to maximize risk-adjusted returns. While focusing primarily on investments in independent films, Cohen also provides valuable insights into the studio and independent slate deals that have been marketed to the institutional investment community. As well, this new edition has been updated to fully optimize the current film industry climate including brand new chapters on the Chinese film market, new media/streaming services, and the effects of COVID-19 on the global film market. Written in a detailed and approachable manner, this book is essential for students and aspiring professionals looking to gain an insider perspective against the minefield of film investing.

From Script to Screen The Importance of Copyright in the Distribution of Films

Author : World Intellectual Property Organization
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The objective of this publication is to introduce the novice filmmaker to the legal and business-related issues needed to participate in what is now a well-structured global marketplace for films. It provides a broad overview of the principles and standards currently observed and practiced in the film industry at the international level.

The International Film Business

Author : Angus Finney
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Examining the independent film sector as a business on an international scale, author Angus Finney addresses the specific skills and knowledge required to successfully navigate the international film business. Finney describes and analyses the present structure of the film industry as a business, with a specific focus on the film (and entertainment) value chain and takes readers through the status of current digital technology, exploring ways in which this is changing the structure and opportunities offered by the industry in the future. The textbook provides information and advice on the different business and management skills and strategies that students and emerging practitioners will need to effectively engage with the industry in an international context. Case studies of films and TV, including Squid Game (2021), Parasite (2019), Game of Thrones (2011-2019) and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), are supplemented by company case studies on Redbus, Renaissance, Pixar, with additional new chapters focusing on Netflix, TikTok and the Metaverse. This third edition of The International Film Business includes up-to-date information on the status of the international film industry during and post COVID-19; expanded content looking at the TV industry and streaming services; new case studies and dedicated sections on the Streaming Wars and the Chinese Film Industry and a new chapter looking at the changes in digital production in the context of the global and territorial film and TV industry. Written for students of Film Business and emerging practitioners, this book will take readers through the successes and failures of a variety of real film companies and projects and features exclusive interviews with leading practitioners in all sectors of the industry, from production to exhibition.