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Fighting Fire with Psychology

Author : Lea Winerman
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Fighting Fire

Author : Caroline Paul
File Size : 34.2 MB
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"First published in the United States by St. Martin's Press ... 1998"--T.p. verso.

Advanced Training in Fire Fighting

Author : International Maritime Organization
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Fighting the Flames Or Twenty seven Years in the Montreal Fire Brigade

Author : William Orme McRobie
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Fighting Fire Trucks

Author : Larry Shapiro
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Follow the flashing lights and wailing sirens, grab a hand-line or a pike pole, and get ready to discover the up-close and on-the-scene action of Fighting Fire Trucks! Larry Shapiro offers this colorful look at the many different types of fire trucks in use today, including pumpers, aerials and tankers, and the personnel who man them. Filled with details of specialized rescue squads, foam and forest fire units, and a full chapter on airport fire fighting. See them in the heat of the action!

Fighting Fire with Fire

Author : J.M. Peckman
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Fighting Fires

Author : S. Ewen
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The first full-length scholarly history of the British fire service, 1800-1978, this book scrutinizes how firemen created a professional public service incumbent upon municipal government. It examines the influence of major fires and leading personalities within the fire service in constructing a professional ethos for municipal fire brigades.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Author : Paul Wheble
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Fighting Fire with Fire

Author : Diane Winters
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Megan spent years carving out a life as a single mother in a career oriented job. Reflecting on her life, she set out to make life altering changes. With bumps along the way and the unknown around the corner, Megan's life was altered in ways she had never imagined. The Doniphan family had their own struggles. Their lives were each turned upside down with their own individual crisis. Leaning on each other, the family learned to fight back with every wrong turn. It didn't help that someone seemed to be working against them. A series of incidents started them to think not everything was an accident. Friends became involved in finding out just what was going on. Lives are changed and mysteries are solved in this true to life story. As the fires rage, fighting fire with fire is sometimes the only solution.

Essentials of Fire Fighting

Author : Ifsta
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For courses in the essentials of fire fighting. Foundations for success in professional fire fighting Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations continues the tradition of excellence in firefighter education. It meets all the requirements of Fire Fighter I and II levels of NFPA 1001®, NFPA 472®, and OSHA 1910.120. The 7th edition offers a complete support package, including skill sheets, knot and rope requirements, and coverage of essential job tasks related to medical requirements of NFPA 1582®.

Find Out About Fighting Fires

Author : Penny Nyren
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Fires And Fire Fighters

Author : John Kenlon
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Originally published in 1897, this early works is a fascinating novel of the period and still an interesting read today. Contents include; The function of Latin, Chansons De Geste, The Matter of Britain, Antiquity in Romance, The making of English and the settlement of European Prosody, Middle High German Poetry, The 'Fox, ' The 'Rose, ' and the minor Contributions of France, Icelandic and Provencal, The Literature of the Peninsulas, and Conclusion..... Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwor

Structural Fire Fighting

Author : Bernard J. Klaene
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Take the lead with proven techniques for incident command in Structural Fire Fighting! Working together, NFPA experts Bernard Klaene and Russell Sanders have created a landmark text for fire officers and professionals in training! Structural Fire Fighting presents complete coverage of operational procedures for working structural fires including salvage, ventilation, forcible entry, and rescue. Learn to visualize the vital steps that must be taken to implement the strategic plan--from creating the plan and choosing an offensive or defensive course, to evaluating structural conditions. You'll explore all the issues concerning life safety, extinguishment, property conservation, and special architecture. Find out how the best incident commanders get a handle on the big picture with Structural Fire Fighting.

Safe Fire Fighting Water Supply

Author : Günter Wozniak
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For the practical user like engineers, inspectors, experts, approval authorities and senior executives of fire departments, this reference book describes requirements to the fire fighting water supply to hydrants which contribute substantially to the improvement of functional security. Structural Engineering and security related requirements to hydrant systems for fire fighting inside a building are presented and contrasted with each other according to international standards and legal requirements. The findings for the technical use are derived from the interdisciplinary research results in cooperation with universities, public authorities, leading fire departments, fire department training centers, professional associations as well as the industry and presented intelligibly. The first part of the research report addresses directly the user. In this section, the different procedures and their assessment methods with summarized measurement results are specified and evaluated. The second part comprises the scientific basic information of the single specialist fields. The respective measurement results and further derivations are illustrated in detail. Through the cooperation of the affected specialist fields, an investigation has been carried out on which specific requirements to fire fighting water supply to hydrants in high-rises and large properties exist in order to provide a yet more secure fire fighting water supply for personal and property protection. It has been identified which limit values for pressure and flow rates on the nozzle are acceptable under security related aspects considering the applied pressure regulation method and which technical requirements have to be taken into account. This reference book will be available as hardcover, PDF, iBook and App in German, English, Spanish and French.

Some Data about Fire fighting Facilities at Metal Mines in the United States

Author : D. O. Kennedy
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Fighting Fire with Fire

Author : John M. Peckham
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Dust Explosions During Fire Fighting

Author : David James Price
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Fire Fighting Facilities at Four Pennsylvania Bituminous coal Mines

Author : George Wallace Grove
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Fighting Fire with Wetter Water

Author : Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation
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Fire Fighting Pumping Systems At Industrial Facilities

Author : Dennis P. Nolan
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Written from the perspective of industrial users, this is the only book that describes how to install an effective firewater pumping system in a pragmatic and budget-conscious way rather than with purely the regulatory framework in mind. Based on the wide-ranging industrial experience of the author, this book is also the only one that deals with the particular risks and requirements of off-shore facilities. This book takes the reader beyond the prescriptive requirements of the fire code (NFPA, UL) and considers how to make the best choice of design for the budget available as well as how to ensure the other components of the pumping system and supporting services are optimized. The only alternative to guides written by regulatory enforcement bodies, this book is uniquely practical and objective – demonstrating how and why the standards need to be met Covers a wide range of industries, including those with exceptional requirements such as off-shore petroleum facilities and chemical plants Written by someone who has been responsible for the safety of large numbers of workers and billions of dollars worth of equipment, for those in similarly responsible positions