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The Fifties

Author : Douglas T. Miller
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Surveys the social, cultural, and political history of the United States during the decade of the 1950's.

How to Make Your Fifties the Best Time of Your Life

Author : Tobias Jungreis
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The Fifties

Author : Mary Ellen Sterling
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Back to the Fifties

Author : Michael D. Dwyer
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Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Hollywood studios and record companies churned out films, albums, music videos and promotional materials that sought to recapture, revise, and re-imagine the 1950s. Breaking from dominant wisdom that casts the trend as wholly defined by Ronald Reagan's politics or the rise of postmodernism, Back to the Fifties reveals how Fifties nostalgia from 1973 to 1988 was utilized by a range of audiences for diverse and often competing agendas. Films from American Graffiti to Hairspray and popular music from Sha Na Na to Michael Jackson shaped - and were shaped by - the complex social, political and cultural conditions of the Reagan Era. By closely examining the ways that "the Fifties" was remade and recalled, Back to the Fifties explores how cultural memories were fostered for a generation of teenagers trained by popular culture to rewind, record, recycle and replay.

Going Home to the Fifties

Author : Bill Yenne
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Going Home to the Fifties presents the ideals of suburban living as seen through the lens of magazine advertisements of the era. Full-colour ads accompany the text to guide the reader on a journey through an idealised neighbourhood of the times from the schools, roads and commuter trains to the homes, kitchens and backyards.

British Cinema in the Fifties

Author : Christine Geraghty
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This text explores some of the key debates about British cinema and film theory, and examines the curious mix of rebellion and conformity which marked British cinema in the post-war era.

House Garden Fifties House

Author : Catriona Gray
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The post-war consumer boom of the 1950s, coupled with a desire for new, innovative design resulted in one of the most exciting decades in the history of interiors - a visual revolution that was captured on the pages of British House & Garden. In Fifties House, mid-century modern enthusiast Catriona Gray has drawn on the magazine's peerless archive, curating the best illustrations and photographs to show how the use of colour, pattern, homewares and furniture evolved through the decade. The homes of key tastemakers are featured including Le Corbusier, Giò Ponti, Terence Conran and Hans and Florence Knoll. The first title in the new Decades of Design series, House & Garden Fifties House is required reading for mid-century modern enthusiasts, collectors and decorators in search of inspiration from the most influential homes of the past.

The Musical Herald and Tonic Sol fa Reporter

Author :
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Literature of the 1950s

Author : Alice Ferrebe
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This lively study challenges the myths about apathy and smugness surrounding British literature of the period. It rereads the decade and its literature as crucial in twentieth-century British history for its emergent and increasingly complicated politics

The 1950s Most Wanted

Author : Robert Rodriguez
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Journey back fifty years to explore the decade of baby boomers, the Red scare, and the birth of rock and roll with Robert RodriguezOCOs The 1950sOCO Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Rock & Roll Rebels, Cold War Crises, and All-American Oddities . America was revving its engines when the fifties came along, and its citizens more than ready for everything the historic decade had to offer. Rodriguez takes you on a spin down memory lane with dozens of top-ten lists filled with amazing, amusing, and even astonishing trivia from the 1950s. Television exploded into the mainstream in the 1950s, and in this book youOCOll find kidsOCO television, shows that were immensely popular then but forgotten now, and potential series that never got off the ground. Film and music history are also well represented, with lists highlighting the fathers of rock and roll and some unlikely recording artists, plus catchphrases from contemporary films and first roles of future stars. Relive the most notorious crimes of the decade, such as the one that inspired the TV show and film The Fugitive, and its big scandals, such as the quiz show debacle and the deportation of Charlie Chaplin. YouOCOll read about politicians, celebrities, fashion, toys, fads, and disasters. Relearn the hip slang of the time while finding out which tales from the fifties were really tall tales or urban legends that are now debunked. Rodriguez gives you a whole decadeOCOs worth of fun, facts, and all-important memories. It may have been half a century ago, but with The 1950sOCO Most WantedOao, itOCOll seem like just yesterday."

Life in 1950s London

Author : Mike Hutton
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From austerity to rock ‘n’ roll – the story of a fascinating decade for the world’s greatest city

1950s Rocketman TV Series and Their Fans

Author : C. Miller
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The fourteen essays featured here focus on series such as Space Patrol, Tom Corbett, and Captain Z-Ro, exploring their roles in the day-to-day lives of their fans through topics such as mentoring, promotion of the real-world space program, merchandising, gender issues, and ranger clubs - all the while promoting the fledgling medium of television.

The Feminine Middlebrow Novel 1920s to 1950s

Author : Nicola Humble
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Humble presents a study of the novels by and for middle-class women that dominated the publishing market in the first half of the 20th century. She studies the work of authors such as Agatha Christie alongside cultural products such as cookery books.

Keep Watching the Skies

Author : Bill Warren
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Bill Warren’s Keep Watching the Skies! was originally published in two volumes, in 1982 and 1986. It was then greatly expanded in what we called the 21st Century Edition, with new entries on several films and revisions and expansions of the commentary on every film. In addition to a detailed plot synopsis, full cast and credit listings, and an overview of the critical reception of each film, Warren delivers richly informative assessments of the films and a wealth of insights and anecdotes about their making. The book contains 273 photographs (many rare, 35 in color), has seven useful appendices, and concludes with an enormous index. This book is also available in softcover format (ISBN 978-1-4766-6618-1).

French Costume Drama of the 1950s

Author : Susan Hayward
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When political and civil unrest threatened Frame's social order in the 1950's, French cinema provided audiences a seemingly unique form of escapism from such troubled times: a nostalgic look back to the France of the nineteenth and earlier centuries, with costume dramas set in the age of Napoleon, the Belle +poque, the Revolution and further back still to seventeenth-century swashbuckler adventures and tales of mystery and revenge. Film critics have routinely dismissed this period and this genre of French cinema, overlooking its importance in terms of political cultural history. French Costume Drama of the 1950's redresses this balance, exploring a diverse range of films including Guitry's NapolTon (1955). Vernay's Le comte de Monte Cristo (1953), and Le Chanois' Les MisTrables (1958) to expose the political cultural paradox between nostalgia for a lost past and the drive for modernization --Book Jacket.

The Little Book of the 1950s

Author : Stuart Hylton
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The Little Book of the 1950s is a fast-paced and entertaining account of life in Britain during an extraordinary decade, as we moved from post-war austerity to the swinging sixties. There are dramas, tragedies, scandals and characters galore, all packaged in an easily readable ‘dip-in’ format. We can see how major national and international events impacted on the population at home, the progress made by technology and the fads and fancies of fashion and novelty. We also see how different the world of the 1950s was to the one that we inhabit, though some things (like Cliff Richard) never change from one millennium to the next. Even those who lived through the decade (and are therefore experts on the subject) should find plenty to remind, surprise, amuse and inform them on these pages.

The Fifties

Author : Brett Harvey
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Many think of America in the 1950s as our last happy decade, with every family just like the one in "Leave it to Beaver" and every woman living just like Donna Reed. In fact, it was a time of great fear, especially for women, and especially the fear of not fitting in. As a woman, you were odd if you graduated from college without being married; if you were married you were odd if you didn't immediately have children; if you had children you were odd if you also wanted to work. Before the feminist movement, women were treated as second-class citizens whose roles were utterly restricted, and The Fifties: A Women's Oral History fully explores those roles, the women who lived them, and the women who broke the molds.

P O Orient Liners of the 1950s and 1960s

Author : William H. Miller
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Bill Miller looks back nostalgically at the P&O and Orient Line vessels of the 1950s and 1960s.

The Fifties Mystique

Author : Jessica Mann
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Many young women 'long to put the clock back to the post-war years when life seemed prettier and nicer.' In this book Jessica Mann demolishes such preconceptions about their mothers' or grandmothers' young days, showing that in reality life was uglier and nastier. Born just before WW2, she grew up in the post-war era of austerity, restrictions and hypocrisy, before anyone even dreamed of Women's Lib. The Fifties Mystique is both a personal memoir and a polemic. In explaining the lives of pre-feminists to the post-feminists of today, Mann discusses the period's very different attitudes to sex, childbirth, motherhood and work, describes how she and other young women lived in that distant world with its forgotten restrictions and warns against taking hard-won rights for granted.

The Fifties

Author : Douglas T. Miller
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