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Fiber Bead Jewelry

Author : Helen Banes
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“Very original...Banes draws on her lifelong interest in found objects and ethnic ornaments... [There are] photos of many of her...necklaces, with diagrammed patterns...unique approach to jewelry design.”—Library Journal. “The results are spectacular...the necklaces become true works of art, not just macram� look-alikes.”—Booklist.

Bead Fiber Jewelry

Author : Jane Olson-Phillips
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Knot one, bead two, and what have you got? Bold jewelry made from an eclectic collection of beads--one-of-a-kind lampwork beads, silver ethnic beads, exotic stones--and a selection of luscious fibers. These 30 beautiful projects show what’s possible when a time-tested technique gets a fashionable update with contemporary materials and a modern aesthetic. The knots are simple and familiar to most crafters: basic overhand, square, and hitches. And once that’s mastered the rest is easy. Create a spiraled necklace out of linen cord and a single stunning enamel and gold-leaf focus bead. Work silky ribbon yarn in an open net to make an elegant lariat beaded scarf. How-to illustrations, beauty shots, and numerous construction tips help illuminate the process.

Beads and Threads

Author : Diane Fitzgerald
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This book opens with an illustrated gallery of work made by Helen Banes. Fitzgerald then explains how the neckpieces are made and presents readers with 19 projects they can make themselves. Information about ethnic origins and symbolic meanings are given as well as a color photo of each piece.

Elements of Style

Author : Rosemary Hill
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With a mix of convenient materials and an imaginative approach, this creative compendium will appeal to jewelry makers of all levels. Highlighting 25 modern wire, bead, and fiber jewelry designs, the projects include numerous knitting, crocheting, and felting techniques. Materials and tools are also outlined, encouraging the use of basic methods. From knitting copper wire and mixing it with contrasting beads to crocheting linen into fiber hoop earrings or an elegant scarf necklace, this collection will never fail to inspire. Felting techniques are also explored in detail for creating wire-caged beads, wide-cuff bracelets, and rope necklaces. Special sidebars and tip boxes throughout ensure success with every project.

Felt Fabric and Fiber Jewelry

Author : Sherri Haab
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Fabric, ribbon, cord, buttons, and more are combined with a variety of needlework techniques, including felting, tatting, and embroidery, to create a rich collection of keepsake jewelry, such as pendants, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Original. 30,000 first printing.

Jewelry Made With Wire Fiber

Author : Nealay Patel
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The new and exciting way to make jewelry with wire and fiber cord! Author and designer Nealay Patel demonstrates easy-to-learn techniques using colorful printed fiber cord and dazzling beads in an array of fabulous styles. Fiber cord is easy to find and especially fun to make jewelry with! Learn beginner-level projects with advanced styles for the bold and daring and make jewelry that incorporate decorative beads, leather, fiber cord and wire. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions with detailed step-by-step photos.

Fiber Cord Jewelry

Author : Ashley Bunting
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Fiber & Cord Jewelry teaches new and original techniques for using easily accessible cords and fibers. The objective is to showcase cord as the focal element, and then add beads, chain, crystals, and more for customization. The 25 projects are divided into groups by material: paracord, hemp & cotton, leather, and ribbon & lace. This is the one jewelry making book for beginning bead stringers that features stringing materials as a primary design element in each jewelry project. Ashley Bunting delights in finding new and unexpected ways to use everyday materials in her jewelry designs.

Fabulous Woven Jewelry

Author : Mary Hettmansperger
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Provides instructions for creating a variety of earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces using unusual techniques and diverse materials.

Making Beautiful Hemp and Bead Jewelry

Author : Mickey Baskett
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Demonstrates basic techniques of braiding, knotting, and weaving and offers patterns for over fifty projects

Ceramic Bead Jewelry

Author : Jennifer Heynen
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Full-color illustrations and photographs, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions, take crafters through the complete process of making ceramic beads from low-fire clay and an array of vivid glazes, introducing the fundamental techniques of jewelry-making that can be applied to thirty ingenious finished jewelry projects.

Art Bead Jewelry

Author : Karen Leonardo
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Perfect for the person who loves lampworked beads and wants to incorporate them into interesting and unique jewelry designs. jsudoma 11/21/08: Focuses on making jewelry from finished lampworked beads. Twenty-five pieces from various talented jewelry designers are included, with the projects ranging in difficulty from easy to intermediate/advanced.

Exquisite Beaded Jewelry

Author : Lynda Musante
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Distinctive Designs Explore a wide range of jewelry-making techniques and build your skills to create beaded pieces that are nothing short of exquisite. Author Lynda Musante shares her wealth of experience to challenge you to develop your skills as a bead artist. She encourages you to stretch your imagination in your quest for distinctive jewelry to wear yourself or give as gifts. Featuring... • 30 projects and variations • Detailed step-by-step instructions • Helpful how-to photographs • Techniques for simple stringing, bead stitching and wirework • Gallery of inspirational jewelry by top bead artists

Making Handmade Lampwork Beads Glass Jewelry

Author :
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Making Beautiful Beads

Author : Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott
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Work wool magic by rolling it into hard balls, or adding metallic fiber. Coil polymer clay for a real impact. You’ll find that the simplest techniques yield incredibly lovely, one of a kind “jewels.” “Public libraries...will find this potpourri of projects a distinctive addition to crafts collections.”—Library Journal.

Jewelry with a Hook

Author : Terry Taylor
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Suitable for crocheters who want to go beyond hats and Afghans and for jewellery makers looking for new and adventurous crafting ideas, this title offers 40 projects from some of the finest contemporary crochet artists. It helps to create chunky rope bracelets out of large cord or a beaded tapestry pattern in a geometric cuff.

Painted Pages

Author : Sarah Ahearn Bellemare
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This book shows how to use an artist's sketchbook in a new way. Instead of the "classic" idea of an artist sketching in a sketchbook, the author shows how to use sketchbooks as a daily working tool. While they begin as a place to collect ideas and inspirations, readers learn how those collections, scraps, ideas, and doodles can lead directly to, and fuel ideas for future mixed media paintings. Specific how to's, techniques, creative prompts, and project ideas are introduced in each chapter to guide the reader through creating individual works of art which launch from a variety of themes. Each chapter includes an interview with well-known artists and bloggers who will share a peek into their sketchbooks and journals and readers will learn how they stay inspired and creative. This is an inspiring and fresh collection of photographs, ideas, and projects that the reader can use on their own to create their own sketchbooks and mixed media works of art whether they are a seasoned artist or someone just starting out on their creative journey.

Wired Micro macram Jewelry

Author : Joan R. Babcock
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discover the exciting design possibilities of fiber & wire! Intermediate level micro-macrame jewelry projects that take you beyond the basics and show you ways to use simple wirework components to shape, support and enhance your designs. Clear and comprehensive step by step pictures and instructions introduce you to new techniques while exploring a new dimension of micro-macrame jewelry design.

Felt Fiber and Stone

Author : Suzanne O'Brien
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Learn to make beaded and fiber jewelry with unique designs and techniques that will kindle the creative spirit. Beginning with materials and techniques used in crocheting, making felt flowers, and beading, go on to make chunky brooches, earrings, necklaces and funky cuff bracelets. Twelve projects are described in detail, with step-by-step, illustrated directions. 23 additional finished projects are shown in the gallery. Using the same techniques, they will provide a wealth of ideas. The techniques are simple and the projects can be completed with a relaxing afternoons work. Helpful color charts, a resource guide, and pages of inspiring photos, make this useful and exciting for the aspiring jewelry maker. The finished projects will enhance the wardrobe and be favorite gifts for friends.

Margaretenspitze Designs for Jewelry

Author : Joan R. Babcock
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Discover the lacy side of macrame with these beautiful jewelry projects. With designs inspired by nature, you can create leaves, flowers, swans, butterflies, and more! In her fourth book, macrame artist Joan Babcock will show you how to make lovely and unique jewelry inspired by the Margaretenspitze technique. With detailed instructions and over 450 step by step photos, Joan will introduce you to this delightful technique for creating knotted jewelry that's beautiful and fun to wear. Joan Babcock is an internationally recognized jewelry artist who has shared her knowledge and passion for creating fiber and bead jewelry for over 30 years.

Micro Macram Jewelry

Author : Joan R. Babcock
File Size : 77.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This informative guide teaches you the essential knots and techniques of Micro-Macrame and Cavandoli knotted jewelry. Clear step-by-step instructions along with useful tips will inspire the beginner as well as the more advanced knotter. Included are 10 great jewelry projects for earrings, bracelets, pins and necklaces. 80 pages with over 130 black and white detailed illustrations. Explore the possibilities of using fine-scale macrame in combination with beads to create jewelry that is both beautiful to look at and fun to make."