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Fethullah Gulen

Author : Jon Pahl
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In this first ever life story of Fethullah Gülen, Jon Pahl explores the story of one of the most controversial figures of our times both as the personal biography of the person from Turkey to the United States and the public biography of the social movement he has inspired.

Strategic Defamation of Fethullah G len

Author : Dogan Koc
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In recent years, a defamation campaign has been launched against Fethullah Gülen, a moderate Turkish Muslim scholar, and the Hizment Movement he inspired. Dogan Koç analyzes approximately 500 defamation articles, books, and other texts to show these defamations are not random and that they appear according to their respective audiences.

Dialog dank Mystik

Author : Klaus Otte
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No Return from Democracy

Author : Faruk Mercan
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It was rare, if not impossible, to find in ’80s and ’90s a Muslim cleric who spoke in favor of democracy, integration with the Western world, and universal human values. Fethullah Gülen was one of those. Many of his avant-garde ideas did not only earn him one of the largest and most influential faith-inspired social movements of recent history, but also many foes, especially from the Turkish ruling elite, placing him in the center of many social and political developments in Turkey. Despite the enormous defamation from some political groups in Turkey, Gülen is recognized in the world as a devout Muslim cleric, whose thoughts and life style are deeply rooted in the Islamic faith, but who also believes Islam is not in conflict with the progressive values of the modern world. This book collates Gülen’s ahead-of-his-time comments on some of the debated issues as he phrased in interviews in the past few decades.

Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement in 100 Questions

Author : Dogu Ergil
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Understanding both Fethullah Gulen, a moderate Turkish Muslim scholar, and the Gulen Movement, a global network of volunteers, teachers, students, intellectuals and business people who are inspired by Gulen's philosophy based on dialog and peaceful coexistence, is vital to making any sort of predictions about the direction that Turkey might be headed in the next years. Who is Fethullah Gulen? What is Gulen;s worldview and what are his fundamental ideas about society and the state. How does Gulen view history and what does he consider the most important events? What are the basic principles of the Gulen movement? These questions and more are posed ans answered in detail in this book.

The Spirituality of Responsibility

Author : Simon Robinson
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Turkish Islamic leader Fethullah Gülen offers a distinctive view of responsibility, which is explored here for the first time. Simon Robinson shows how Gülen's writings, influenced by both orthodox Islam and the Sufi tradition, contribute a dynamic, holistic and interactive view of responsibility which locates personal identity, agency and freedom in plural relationships. The Spirituality of Responsibility also explores the practice of responsibility in Gülen's life and in the Hizmet movement which he founded. Gülen has been at the centre of many controversies, including in his Movement's relationship with the Turkish government. Charting Gülen's response, from the Israeli Gaza blockade through to more recent crises, the book critiques aspects of both this practice and underlying ideas, and argues that responsibility, focused in dialogue and peace-building, is continuing to evolve in the leadership and practice of the movement, providing a challenge to conventional views of governance and responsibility. This book is an important contribution both to the theological and philosophical debate about responsibility but also to the practice of responsibility focused in creative action, debates in business and contemporary society about responsible governance and enterprise.

Reflections on Reason Religion and Tolerance

Author : Klass Grinell
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This is an attempt to reflect on Islam as it appears in the context of Fethullah Gulen's teachings, an influential Turkish-Muslim scholar who inspired a movement of education and interfaith dialogue. Grinell's extensive study of Islam and of Gulen allows him to pinpoint a unique expression of values and beliefs that could alter the typical understanding of Islam and Muslims in the West. He draws upon his previous studies of the Gulen Movement and comparatively places Gulen in a wider context of faith and society. What is the concept of knowledge in Islam as understood by Gulen? How is faith and service to people connected? Is Gulen after building a sultanate? Does the Gulen movement have a (hidden) political agenda? How traditional or modern is Gulen? These are some of the questions Grinell attempts to answer from his perspective. As a humanistic researcher on Islam, Grinell believes we definitely have something to learn from Islam.

The Return of the Cavaliers

Author : Farid Al Ansari
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Beginning with the environment in which Fethullah Gulen was raised and the dynamics that formed his character, this biographical novel captures the very essence of his exemplary life story by shedding light on the crucial events and memories that left their mark in the lives of Gulen and the dedicated philanthropic people inspired by him. The life of Fethullah Gulen, a prominent Turkish Muslim scholar and a source of inspiration for millions, is a life of epic struggle for the sublime cause he is devoted to. There was no change in his disposition and resolve although he was tested with the most severe hardships and persecutions throughout his life. It is an inspiring story of tears, painful displacements, migrations, perseverance, endurance, and triumph.

Cross cultural Dialogue on the Virtues

Author : Trudy D. Conway
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This book explores the development of the influential worldwide Hizmet movement inspired by the Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen, known for his moderate Islamic emphasis on peaceful relations among diverse people. It provides a detailed study of Gülen’s account of the virtues and argues that they provide the key to understanding this thinker and the movement he inspired, from its initial establishment of hospitality houses through the growth of worldwide schools, hospitals, media outlets, charitable associations and dialogue centers. The book analyzes the distinctive virtues that shaped the Hizmet movement’s ethos as well as continue to sustain its expansive energy, from the core virtues of tolerance, hospitality, compassion and charity to a host of related virtues, including wisdom, humility, mildness, patience, mercy, integrity and hope. It also examines the Islamic and Sufi roots of Gülen’s understanding of the virtues as well as presents a comparative study of Gülen’s account of the virtues in dialogue with prominent thinkers of the Western philosophical tradition and the religious traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. The Hizmet movement provides living witness to the power and efficacy of tolerance, dialogue and peaceful relations among diverse people. This book offers an insightful portrait of the core virtues of this movement and the scholar who fully explored them within his writing. It will appeal to readers interested in virtue ethics, character education, cross-cultural studies, interfaith dialogue and the role of moderate Islam today.

M Fethullah Gulen Essays Perspectives Opinions

Author : Tughra Books
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Using a selection of various articles, this collection presents the prolific writer M. Fethullah Gülen's ideas on modern education, as well as how he has been presented in the media.

Time to Talk

Author : Ekrem Dumanli
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Time to Talk , a detailed interview of Fethullah Gulen by Ekrem Dumanli, is a defense manifesto of the Hizmet Movement which has been engaged in educational activities around the world and in Turkey for five decades. The content of the talk once again confirms that the Movement, which has never been involved in any illegal activity whatsoever since its inception, expects nothing but the establishment of bridges of peace and brotherhood throughout the world. Gulen's responses to the questions on the association of the Hizmet Movement with the so-called "parallel state," the December 17 corruption investigation and many other critical inquiries eliminate the suspicions.

A radical consequence of modernity

Author : Thomas Volk
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Project Report from the year 2010 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Near East, Near Orient, grade: 1,3, Middle East Technical University, language: English, abstract: This work deals with the broad topic of “Politcal Power beyond the State” and shows with the particular example of the Fethullah Gülen movement in Turkey how a non-state actor takes political power beyond the nation-state and slowly but surely transforms the identity of the Turkish Republic. A motivation to work on Fethullah Gülen as a political power beyond the state is the fact that Gülen in a survey of the British magazine on Foreign Policy in 2008 surprisingly was voted to be the most public intellectual in the world This paper will try to evaluate how a single person could become that influential during the last decades that he is supposed to be one of the leading forces within the Turkish state at the beginning of the 21st century. What aims follows the person whose name is associated with a media empire, with business enterprises and especially a huge education network in Turkey and worldwide? While writing this paper the author assumes that the Fethullah Gülen movement of today is already a political power beyond the Turkish nation-state which influences the economy, media, politics and education sustainable in an immense radius according to its own interests. Therefore, the main focus of this work will be to take a brief look at the motivations, origins and goals of the movement in regard of its activity in the educational sphere. In summary, as a starting point for this paper and a general research question serves the demand: Is the Fethullah Gülen Movement just ́a ́ force beyond the Turkish state, or meanwhile through its strong educational network even ́THE ́ force beyond the Turkish Republic? As a matter of fact that this a term paper and not a thesis the author will concentrate especially on the movement’s educational engagement while claiming that it can be seen as the key for the community-transforming network. After a brief introduction into the life of Fethullah Gülen, his main point of views and convictions will be examined. In a further step the educational network of the movement and its major fields of activity will be highlighted. Afterwards, the characteristics of the movement as a power beyond the state will be explained to finally come to a conclusion in Chapter Five. Regarding the literature the author concentrates mainly on works from M. Hakan Yavuz, who is one of the main researches on political Islam in Turkey and Islamic inspired movements like Fethullah Gülen.

The Art of Coexistence

Author : Salih Yucel
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The global threat of war, terrorism, the increased gap between poor and rich, famine, malnutrition, global warming and pollution, and many other social and cultural problems, pose a real challenge for present citizens of the globe. Intellectuals and politicians take these challenges as their primary concerns. Despite the existence of some pessimists, there are a number of initiatives working for the common good and expending great effort to solve these problems. The Hizmet (Gulen) Movement is one of the most influential initiatives that should be taken into consideration in this context. Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Muslim scholar whose ideas have inspired and influenced many Turkish intellectuals, educators, students, businessmen, politicians and journalists inside and outside Turkey to establish schools, educational and intercultural centers, and humanitarian aid organizations in more than one hundred fifty countries. Yucel and Albayrak cover the Hizmet Movement under the leadership of Fethullah Gulen from various perspectives in order to shed lights on current discussions.

The Vision and Impact of Fethullah Gulen

Author : Maumul Khan
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Fethullah Gülen, who has been a household name in modern Turkey for several decades, has become something of a centre of gravity for millions of people from all walks of life throughout the world. Gülen's discourse is full of compassion for all with a deep concern for the whole of humankind as a prolific writer, public speaker and poet over a period of five decades. Aiming to expand the modern social space for selfless love and sacrifice for all humanity, Gülen has dedicated his entire life to developing a better, more humane society for all. This work illustrates the ways in which Gülen and the supporters of the movement inspired by him have presented a new kind of social activism coupled with a deeper sense of spirituality and altruism that has been missing from many contemporary civic movements.

A Life in Tears

Author : Salih Yucel
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Fethullah Gülen is a leading figure in the current Turkish socio-political context. Regardless of the impression different circles have about him, he is universally acknowledged as an accomplished scholar and independent thinker who has had a life in tears dreaming of a “golden generation,” but also a life spent in persecution and ongoing trials. This book goes beyond the current controversy around his name, and tries to explore Gülen as a scholar around his certain personal traits and some of the key concepts he has been emphasizing over the years to mobilize his audience. Based on a research that covers over seventy books, 564 sermons, over 500 talks by Gülen, more than fifty interviews of his close associates and friends aired on TV networks, and the author's personal observations, this book is a useful reference for those who study scholarly traditions of Islam in general and Fethullah Gülen in particular.

Contemporary Islamic Conversations

Author : Nevval Sevindi
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Discusses the ideas of the most important living Muslim thinker and leader in contemporary Turkey.

Embracing the World

Author : Ori Z. Soltes
File Size : 27.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is not a comprehensive study of Rumi and Gülen, but it seeks to explore the places where the thought of the one is echoed in the thinking of the other, either overtly or indirectly—and to note ways in which the opposite is true: that Gülen diverges from Rumi. The book is also seeking to suggest some of the larger contexts in which the thinking of both resides. Given the wide-ranging aspects of their respective writings, it should not be surprising if, minimally, we can find important foundation stones in both philosophy and theology in the edifices that they each construct.

Islam and Enlightenment

Author : Erik Borgman
File Size : 82.70 MB
Format : PDF
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An international journal of theology; a catholic journal in the widest sense: rooted in Roman Catholicism yet open to other Christian traditions and the worlds faiths. Promotes discussion in the spirit of Vatican II. Annual subscriptions available.

Conversations on Fethullah G len and the Hizmet Movement

Author : Peter Barnes
File Size : 79.88 MB
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The world needs vision to anticipate its potential for positive change, and that is what this book represents. While many equate faith positions with conflict, this book presents a more positive position—based in the philosophy of Fethullah Gülen—that emphasizes the potential for collaboration of faiths while acknowledging their diversity.

Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement in 100 Questions

Author : Dogu Ergil
File Size : 40.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Understanding both Fethullah Gulen, a moderate Turkish Muslim scholar, and the Gulen Movement, a global network of volunteers, teachers, students, intellectuals and business people who are inspired by Gulen's philosophy based on dialog and peaceful coexistence, is vital to making any sort of predictions about the direction that Turkey might be headed in the next years. Who is Fethullah Gulen? What is Gulen's world view and what are his fundamental ideas about society and the state? How does Gulen view history and what does he consider the most important events? What are the basic principles of the Gulen Movement? These questions and more are posed and answered in detail in this book. Ergil served as a professor of Political Sociology at Ankara University for long years; he is currently teaching at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Fatih University in Istanbul. Ergil has worked with various NGOs on developing more effective leadership, conflict management, and creative problem solving. He has won awards for his work in international organisations promoting peace and democracy.