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Festivals in the Southern Hemisphere

Author : Martin Samson
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Many of the Christian festivals traditionally draw imagery and symbolism from the northern hemisphere seasons. Christmas is often described as a light in the darkness of winter, and Easter reflects the new life emerging in spring. Rudolf Steiner also offered various descriptions of the relation of the festivals to seasons. This has led some to suggest that Christian festivals in the southern hemisphere should be celebrated at opposite times of the year: for example, celebrating Christmas in June, or Easter in September. Is that really what Steiner was suggesting? This insightful book thoroughly reviews all of Steiner's words on the subject, as well as the writings of other anthroposophical thinkers. Steiner shared cosmic, spiritual imaginations for the northern hemisphere, and in this book Martin Samson develops a useful equivalent guide for the southern hemisphere, as well as closely studying the liturgy of The Christian Community and its seasonal prayers. From his research, he concludes that the essence of Christian festivals works at the same time for the whole earth, but take on subtly different nuances through the opposite seasons.

Festival Places

Author : Chris Gibson
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Festivals have burgeoned in rural areas, revitalising old traditions and inventing new reasons to celebrate. How do festivals contribute to tourism, community and a rural sense of belonging? What are their cultural, environmental and economic dimensions? This book answers such questions - featuring contributions from leading geographers, historians, anthropologists, tourism scholars and cultural researchers. It draws on a range of case studies: from the rustic charm of agricultural shows and family circuses to the effervescent festival of Elvis Presley impersonators in Parkes; from wildflower collecting to the cosmopolitan beats of ChillOut, Australia's largest non-metropolitan gay and lesbian festival. Festivals as diverse as youth surfing carnivals, country music musters, Aboriginal gatherings in the remote Australian outback, Scottish highland games and German Christmas celebrations are united in their emphasis on community, conviviality and fun. Chris Gibson is Professor in Human Geography at the University of Wollongong. John Connell is Professor of Geography at the University of Sydney. For well over a decade they have been researching and writing about music, tourism and festivals in Australia and beyond. More recently they were part of a team undertaking Australia's largest ever study of rural festivals, with 480 festivals participating in the research. Insights from that research project feature throughout this book.

The Little Book of Nature Blessings

Author : Teresa Dellbridge
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Nature helps us still the mind, feel connected, find calm and allows us to be more consciously present - these are simple things that many of us are searching for. In this little book, Theresa Dellbridge provides practices based on the elements, seasons; sun and moon that will help you to release the stress of everyday life. Many people in today’s world feel ungrounded, adrift in an environment fraught with pressure but often devoid of meaning. Smart phones, social media and computers devour an increasing amount of our time, without offering true nourishment for the soul. Depression and a sensation of being lost are common, and people are turning in increasing numbers to nature for a sense of belonging, and to be calm. This book offers practices that if performed mindfully will help you to connect with nature. You will be introduced to the blessings of Sun, Moon, Animals and the Eight Seasonal festivals. Each chapter contains advice on how to draw close to nature with information, simple individual and group practices along with myth's and interesting facts to help you ground your practice. The Little Book of Nature Blessings encapsulates "everyday spirituality" requiring no set of beliefs, generating a feeling of self-awareness. Written in a user-friendly, entertaining and engaging manner with a simple message that will enable any reader to improve their life by connecting to the world around them.

The Taste of Blood

Author : James William Wafer
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"The Taste of Blood brilliantly explores both Condomble and the representations of ethnographic research."--Folklore Forum

Let s Talk about Pagan Festivals

Author : Siusaidh Ceanadach
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The first in a series of specially written pagan material for children.


Author : Stephen J. Page
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Tourism can be a challenging subject for students because it is both dynamic and susceptible to economic turbulence and shifts in trends. Tourism: A Modern Synthesis is an essential textbook for tourism students seeking a clear and comprehensive introduction to their studies that addresses these challenges. The authors apply a business approach to the subject, reflecting developments in the teaching and content of university courses, and the text covers both key principles and contemporary themes and issues at a global scale. Among the new features and topics included in this fifth edition are: New and fully updated case studies to reflect current trends and emerging markets including Africa and Asia. Up-to-date content on disruptive technologies such as Airbnb, low-cost airlines, the e-travel revolution and future developments. Current debates in sustainable tourism including the anti-tourism movement, plastic use and the Sustainable Development Goals. New content on evolving topics such as future employment, human resource management in tourism and generational marketing. Fully updated statistics and data. A brand-new Companion Website including an instructor’s manual, supplementary case studies, weblinks, multiple choice questions and PowerPoint slides. This is the ideal guide to tourism for students across all levels, serving as a point of reference throughout a programme of study.

The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation

Author : Sergei O. Prokofieff
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In ancient times humanity possessed an innate knowledge of the spiritual foundations of existence. Such knowledge could be acquired through inwardly accompanying the cycle of the year and its connected great seasonal festivals. But this instinctive knowledge had to be lost in order for human beings to discover individual freedom. In our time, as Sergei O. Prokofieff demonstrates in this comprehensive work, ‘... this knowledge must be found anew through the free, light-filled consciousness of the fully developed human personality’. Tracing the spiritual path of the yearly cycle, Prokofieff penetrates to the deeper esoteric realities of the seven Christian festivals of Michaelmas, Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Ascension, Whitsun and St John’s Tide. Basing his research on the work of the twentieth-century initiate Rudolf Steiner, he reveals how these festivals are spiritual facts that exist independently of religious traditions and cultural customs. Working with the festivals in an esoteric sense can provide a true path of initiation, ultimately enabling an experience of the Being of the Earth, Christ. The journey of study through this book can thus lead the reader to an experience of the modern Christian-Rosicrucian path, along which ‘... it is possible to take the first steps towards life in partnership with the course of cosmic existence’.

The hidden side of Christian festivals

Author : C. W. Leadbeater
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20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc Videobrasil Southern Panoramas

Author : Solange O. Farkas
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The desire to investigate different areas of knowledge and their limits resonates strongly in the works selected for the 20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil. The principle pervades the publication dedicated to the selection, produced as a catalog-encyclopedia with entries on concepts, fields of knowledge and countries alongside entries on works and artists. The graphic design recreates traditional elements of encyclopedias, while the book expands the audience's contact with the context of this production and its interacting concepts. This ebook contains images that are best viewed on tablets.

Living a Spiritual Year

Author : Adrian Anderson
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Living a Spiritual Year, first published in 1992, is a tour de force in the understanding of Rudolf Steiner's teachings about the spiritual energies and spirit beings in the seasonal cycle of the year, and the spiritual benefits for people, in either hemisphere, of being attuned to this. This can lead to a new cycle of festivals, for each hemisphere. Being attuned to the spiritual reality behind the yearly cycle is uplifting for communities, and inspiring for the individual. Anderson integrates ancient traditions with Steiner's teachings including his esoteric Christianity, and refers to scientific research where relevant. This new, expanded edition answers the objections from critics, and has coloured graphics that help the reader visualize more clearly the wonderful influences that make the seasonal cycle so spiritually significant. Topics include: - The four ether layers in the upper atmosphere. - The springtime descent into matter and the Passover festival and how there is an esoteric 'Easter' event - the Eostre festival of the Celts - in the spring equinox of both hemispheres. - The Yuletide or 13 Holy Nights festival occurs in June in the south, and December in the northern hemisphere. - The role of shooting stars in the autumn 'Michaelmas' festival. - The spiritual influences active in summertime. - How in each season, an Archangel is the regent of the nature sprites for that hemisphere. - How to use the Soul Calendar to meditate upon each week of the year, following the seasonal cycle, in either hemisphere. About the author: Adrian Anderson, Ph.D.(2005), is an Australian born best-selling author in the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. His Doctoral Thesis is a pioneering assessment of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual philosophy, for the academic reader. He has a knowledge of many languages including Attic and Hellenistic Greek, old Icelandic and modern and medieval German, and an extensive background of research into a wide variety of subjects.

Cities of Light

Author : Sandy Isenstadt
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Cities of Light is the first global overview of modern urban illumination, a development that allows human wakefulness to colonize the night, doubling the hours available for purposeful and industrious activities. Urban lighting is undergoing a revolution due to recent developments in lighting technology, and increased focus on sustainability and human-scaled environments. Cities of Light is expansive in coverage, spanning two centuries and touching on developments on six continents, without diluting its central focus on architectural and urban lighting. Covering history, geography, theory, and speculation in urban lighting, readers will have numerous points of entry into the book, finding it easy to navigate for a quick reference and or a coherent narrative if read straight through. With chapters written by respected scholars and highly-regarded contemporary practitioners, this book will delight students and practitioners of architectural and urban history, area and cultural studies, and lighting design professionals and the institutional and municipal authorities they serve. At a moment when the entire world is being reshaped by new lighting technologies and new design attitudes, the longer history of urban lighting remains fragmentary. Cities of Light aims to provide a global framework for historical studies of urban lighting and to offer a new perspective on the fast-moving developments of lighting today.

Under an Expanse of Oaks

Author : David P. Smith
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This edition highlights one Druid's path and the many lessons learned along that path. It contains various explanations and exercises to help the reader experience Druidry for themselves.

Festivals Tourism and Social Change

Author : David Picard
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This book explores the links between tourism and festivals and the various ways in which each mobilises the other to make social realities meaningful. Drawing upon a series of international cases, festivals are examined as ways of responding to various forms of crisis - social, political, economic - and as a way of re-making and re-animating spaces and social life. Importantly, this book locates festivals in the constantly changing, socio-economic and political contexts that they always operate in and respond to - contexts that are both historical and modern at the same time. Tourism is bound closely together with such contexts; feeding and challenging festivals with audiences that are increasingly transient and transnational. Tourism interrogates notions of ritual and tradition, shapes new spaces and creates, and renews, relationships between participants and observers. No longer can we dismiss tourists simply as value neutral and crass consumers of spectacle, nor tourism as some inevitable commercial force. Tourism is increasingly complicit in the festival processes of re-invention, and in forming new patterns of social existence.

Exhortations and sermons for all the Sundays and festivals in the year

Author : Joseph Morony
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South Africa s Top Sites

Author : Philip Harrison
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Spiritual travel is an area of growth as more and more people seek refuge from the materialism and superficiality of life in the post-modern world. Spiritual travel includes pilgrimage to sacred sites, religious retreats, or simply visits to places associated with the great religions of the world.

The Mysteries of Mithras

Author : Payam Nabarz
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The Mysteries of Mithras presents a revival of this ancient Roman mystery religion, popular from the late second century B.C. Payam Nabarz reveals the history and tenets of Mithraism, its connections to Christianity, Islam, and Freemasonry, and the modern neo-pagan practice of Mithraism today. Included are seven of its initiatory rituals.

The U S Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere During the Years 1849 50 51 52

Author : James Melville Gilliss
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The U S Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere During the Years 1849 50 51 52

Author : United States. Navy Dept
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The Century Its Fruits and Its Festival

Author : Edward C. Bruce
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The U S Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere During the Years 1849 50 51 52

Author : James M.. Gilliss
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