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Fengshui in China

Author : Ole Bruun
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Focusing on fengshui's significance in China, this book depicts the history of its reinterpretation in the West. It includes a historical account of fengshui over the last 150 years with anthropological fieldwork on contemporary practices in two Chinese rural areas. It is suitable for academic researchers and post-graduate students.

Feng shui

Author : Ernest John Eitel
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Feng shui

Author : Ernest J. Eitel
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Call out "Feng-shui" at any lively cocktail party and you will immediately rustle up the attention of all the professional (and wannabe) decorators in the room. They will tell you about beautiful coffee table books featuring color prints of pricey organic furnishings and explain how a mirror placed here and a bamboo plant there can reroute the bad vibes in even a hovel and pave the way for the good ones to flow in. But if you really want to understand the fascinating subject of Feng-shui, you may want to read FENG-SHUI: THE SCIENCE OF SACRED LANDSCAPE IN OLD CHINA, a small gem which, though written well over one-hundred years ago (by a rather unlikely observer) remains the best classical treatise on the subject available. In fact, most of what we know about the history of feng-shui comes from Ernest J. Eitel, a nineteenth-century German Protestant missionary to China who studied and wrote about "Buddhism in China" as well. FENG-SHUI: THE SCIENCE OF SACRED LANDSCAPE IN OLD CHINA was first published in 1873. Because it offers a unique perspective on a subject that has since been seriously commercialized (and bastardized) in the west, we at Synergetic Press kicked off our publishing program with a reissue of this much-cherished title in 1984.

Topomancy Fengshui in China

Author : Xiaokun Song
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Taoist Feng Shui

Author : Susan Levitt
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Helps readers improve home, business, garden, property, neighborhoods, and much more.

The Culture of Fengshui in Korea

Author : Hong-key Yoon
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The term Fengshui, which literally means 'wind and water, ' is the ancient Chinese art of selecting an auspicious site to provide the most harmonious relationship between human and earth. The term is generally translated as "geomancy," and has had a deep and extensive impact on Korean, Chinese, and other East Asian cultures. Hong-key Yoon's book explores the nature of geomantic principles and the culture of practicing them in Korean cultural contexts. Yoon first examines the nature and historical background of geomancy, geomantic principles for auspicious sites (houses, graves, and cities) and provides an interpretation of geomantic principles as practiced in Korea. Yoon looks at geomancy's influence on cartography, religion and philosophy, and urban development in both Korea and China. Finally, Yoon debates the role of geomancy in the iconographical warfare between Japanese colonialism and Korean nationalism as it affected the cultural landscape of Kyongbok Palace in Seoul.

Feng Shui History

Author : Stephen Skinner
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The History of Feng Shui tracks the evolution of feng shui in detail from China in 221 BC until the present day, both in China, and later in the West. This has never been done before in English. The only information on the history of feng shui occurs as scattered chapters in a number of books which often repeats the same vague and sometimes erroneous generalisations. These books include many erroneous statements such as:1."feng shui is 6000 years old." In fact the characters 'feng shui' were not used in this context before 320 CE. Even the older names (ti li, kan yu) for this practice do not occur in any texts before 220 BCE.2."feng shui derives from the Yi Jing." In fact, apart from the 8 trigrams being used as basic directional indicators, no feng shui compass shows 60 hexagrams till 1600 CE, and not the full 64 hexagrams till 1827 CE.3."the feng shui compass derives from a revolving magnetised spoon revolving on a plate." This incorrect deduction made by Wen Cheng To in 1946 (and later reluctantly repeated by Needham) was completely discredited in the 1990s, but people keep repeating it.This book has been meticulously researched, from authoritative Chinese texts and the analysis of many antique lo p'ans. It contains the details of many masters, and tracks the changes in theory and practice over time. There are modern chapters on feng shui in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US and UK, bringing it totally up to date. Stephen Skinner introduced feng shui to the West with the first 20th century English book on feng shui in 1976. With the publication from 1998-2001 of the magazine "Feng Shui for Modern Living" in English and also in Chinese, Stephen has helped to spread interest in feng shui worldwide and outside of the Chinese speaking world. As interest has progressed further, there are now many more Westerners who not only know what traditional feng shui is, but also want to know how to use it practically.Feng shui is not a religion, but a discipline as precise in its practice as surveying, and more precise in its application and formulae than many Western sciences (such as psychology and sociology). Its history is therefore worthy of our attention. Stephen also documented the rings of the luopan in his comprehensive "Guide to the Feng Shui Compass: a Compendium of Classical Feng Shui." He has been a prime mover in both establishing feng shui as a precise discipline, and in bringing its benefits to the English speaking world.

Five Classics of Fengshui

Author : Michael Paton
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In Five Classics of Fengshui Michael Paton traces the theoretical development of this form of spiritual geography through full translations of major texts: the Burial Classic of Qing Wu, Book of Burial, Yellow Emperor’s Classic of House Siting, Twenty Four Difficult Problems, and Water Dragon Classic.

Body Feng Shui

Author : Chao-Hsiu Chen
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Generously illustrated with more than 100 drawings that explain the meaning of distinctive physical characteristics, "Body Feng Shui" teaches readers how to explore their own and others' destinies by reading the truths of the soul as they appear on the human body. 168 line drawings.

Feng Shui Or the Rudiments of Natural Science in China

Author : Ernest Eitel
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Ernest Eitel was a German missionary in China during the 19th century. He penned Feng Shui or the Rudiments of Natural Science in China in 1878. Feng Shui is a fascinating quick introduction, written from the perspective of a Protestant missionary.

Feng Shui

Author : Evelyn Lip
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An introduction to the history of Chinese architecture examines the metaphysical theories behind the planning and layout of Chinese temples, landscape gardens, and cities

China Review International

Author :
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Journal of Chinese Religions

Author :
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China Today

Author :
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Scientific Feng Shui for the Built Environment

Author : Michael Y. MAK
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This book is organized into three sections, from exploring the major theories of scientific research in ‘Feng Shui’ including from School Approach and Compass School Approach, to providing case studied in 'Feng Shui' applications for the built environment.

Feng shui

Author : Sang-hae Yi
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Wanderings in China

Author : Constance Frederica Gordon Cumming
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Teaching Learning Landscape

Author : Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture. Meeting
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The China Review Or Notes and Queries on the Far East

Author : Nicholas Belfield Dennys
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The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

Author : Thomas F Aylward
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Translated from classical Chinese texts for the first time comes this authoritative guide to two of China's most enduring ancient arts.