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Feminist Encounters with Confucius

Author : Mathew Foust
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This collection contributes to current debates and explores new topics of engagement between Feminism and Confucius’s teachings, variously interpreted. Besides care ethics and role ethics, questions of gender oppression and education, it includes essays on epistemology and environmental ethics.

Confucianism and American Philosophy

Author : Mathew A. Foust
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A comparative analysis of Confucianism and the American Transcendentalist and Pragmatist traditions. In this highly original work, Mathew A. Foust breaks new ground in comparative studies through his exploration of the connections between Confucianism and the American Transcendentalist and Pragmatist movements. In his examination of a broad range of philosophers, including Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Charles Peirce, William James, and Josiah Royce, Foust traces direct lines of influence from early translations of Confucian texts and brings to light conceptual affinities that have been previously overlooked. Combining resources from both traditions, Confucianism and American Philosophy offers fresh insights into contemporary problems and exemplifies the potential of cross-cultural dialogue in an increasingly pluralistic world. “Authoritative and insightful, this book fills two lacunae in East-West comparative studies. First, it rounds out several general thematic connections by taking a broad view, rather than focusing narrowly on just one figure from each tradition. And, in so doing, it sheds much needed light on Confucian comparisons that have been previously understated or completely unnoticed.” — Christopher C. Kirby, editor of Dewey and the Ancients: Essays on Hellenic and Hellenistic Themes in the Philosophy of John Dewey

Transcultural Feminist Philosophy

Author : Yuanfang Dai
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The question of difference—how to accommodate the complexity and diversity of women’s experiences—remains a central point of reference in debates among feminist thinkers. In Transcultural Feminist Philosophy: Rethinking Difference and Solidarity Through Chinese-American Encounters, Yuanfang Dai addresses influential approaches to the feminist difference critique. Acknowledging that gender oppression assumes different forms in different social and cultural locations, Dai denies that this rules out generalizing about women’s experiences. She proposes a category of women that captures and respects differences and dynamics among women and that can inform possibilities for women in the future. Through a critical examination of multicultural and postcolonial feminisms, she argues that we need both to rethink the concept of culture and to rework multiculturalism as an analytical and political idea. Developing a notion of transculturalism, she draws on Chinese feminist scholarship as she explores how a transcultural approach can address tensions between cultural differences and feminist solidarity. Transcultural thought and action offers a new way to explore the conditions of women’s collective struggles.

Confucius Now

Author : David Edward Jones
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"A collection of essays on the teachings of the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius as collected in the Analects, focusing on the relevance of Confucius's project for contemporary life and scholarship"--Provided by publisher.

The Review of Korean Studies

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Confucian Christian Encounters in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Author : Peter K. H. Lee
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A re-examination of the respective roles of Confucianism and Christianity in the modern world, the challenges they face, and what they might contribute to the development of world civilization for the 21st century.

Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

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Confucian Studies

Author : Xinzhong Yao
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While having substantially declined in political and social influence, Confucianism was revived by leading intellectuals (so-called Modern New Confucians) in the twentieth century to deal with perennial problems facing modern people and society. It is against this background that Confucian Studies has become an increasingly important subject taught in universities and colleges in North America, Europe, East Asia, and Australia. With more and more universities and colleges offering courses on or relating to Confucian philosophy, ethics, religion, and politics, this new collection from Routledge answers the urgent need for a source book in contemporary Confucian Studies.

Confucian Political Ethics

Author : Daniel A. Bell
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Drawing upon in-depth, cross-cultural dialogues, the contributors delve into the relationship of Confucian political ethics to contemporary social issues, exploring Confucian perspectives on civil society, government, territorial boundaries and boundaries of the human body and body politic, and ethical pluralism. They examine how Confucianism, often dismissed as backwardly patriarchal, can in fact find common ground with a range of contemporary feminist values and need not hinder gender equality. And they show how Confucian theories about war and peace were formulated in a context not so different from today's international system, and how they can help us achieve a more peaceful global community. --From publisher's description.

Confucian Spirituality

Author : Weiming Tu
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The second and final volume of the most important work ever to appear in English on Confucian spiritual thought and practice.

Journal of Chinese Religions

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Japenese Encounters With Postmod

Author : Sugimoto,
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This is a systematic study of the sociological debate on postmodernity in the Japanese context. The volume consists of a collection of 12 papers that explore the idea of postmodernity primarily from sociological perspectives, covering a wide range of domains including work, feminism, communication, science and technology, social stratification, fine arts and literature. The contributors come from diverse disciplines ranging from sociology and history to political science and linguistics. They include advocates of postmodern theories and postmodernist analyses of Japanese society, as well as critics who argue that a suitable revised theory of modernity is still an adequate framework for comparing Japan and the West. Others take the view that an intermediate position might be more productive; that a qualified or provisional version of postmodern can throw new light on issues traditionally neglected by social theory. While the postmodernity debate has been carried out chiefly in the context of European and American experiences, this book aims to pave the way for the postmodernity question to be explored in the non-western but highly industrialized setting of Japan, and brings forward a series of open-ended questions about the bias in the debate. Written by academics based in universities in Japan and Australia, the volume itself is postmodern in its internal diversity and multi-cultural orientation.

The Sage and the Second Sex

Author : Chenyang Li
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This collection of essays by noted scholars in the fields of Asian studies & feminist thought sheds new light on the connections between Confucianism & feminist ethics.

Indiana University Bulletin

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Feminist Theologies for a Postmodern Church

Author : Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd
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Liberal, modern approaches to theology have tended to silence voices from the margins. This book offers an alternative, feminist theological approach that more adequately addresses issues of diversity and marginalization. It critically examines and combines aspects of four different feminist approaches: Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza's critical modern, Mary McClintock Fulkerson's poststructural, Kwok Pui-lan's postcolonial, and Kathryn Tanner's postliberal. This alternative, feminist theological approach is then used to examine how a liberal, mainstream Protestant denomination has dealt with issues of sexual orientation and gender. Particular attention is given to biblical interpretation as shaped by community, the role of traditional doctrine, assumptions of authority and revelation, and communities of accountability.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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Gender and Mission Encounters in Korea

Author : Hyaeweol Choi
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“Pathbreaking. Approaches the transcultural and religious encounters of Korean and American women with a remarkable degree of sensitivity and nuance, as well as with judicious use of feminist and postcolonial theory. Its rich and diverse historical examples and illustrations are both engaging to read and meticulously documented.”—Namhee Lee, UCLA

Transformative Encounters

Author : Ingrid R. Kitzberger
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This composite multi-dimensional and post-colonial volume offers a variety of challenging new approaches and interpretations to the ongoing discussion of the relation between Jesus and women and its unwavering importance 2000 years after its origin.


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Karl Barth s Reception in Korea

Author : Young-Gwan Kim
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This book describes the unique relationship between Christianity and Confucianism. Korean Confucianism played an important role in the explosive growth of the Christian community and provided a basic foundation for the reception of Barth's theology in Korea. The author analyses whether Barth's ecclesiology, especially his theology of mission, pays sufficient attention to different cultures and religions; and whether Barth's Christocentric theology is compatible with Korean Confucianism.