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Female Fitness on Foot

Author : Robert O'Connor
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Whether it be walking, running, jogging, or orienteering, this book shows women how to get the most out of their fitness regimen. Photos.

Women s Fitness Program Development

Author : Ann F. Cowlin
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Meet the unique needs of all females, young and old, in health and fitness settings. Women's Fitness Program Developmentintroduces a groundbreaking model for women's health and fitness. - Build a solid theoretical basis for girls' and women's health and fitness programming. - Develop programs that take into account how females see the world. - Find touchstones that motivate clients to achieve a lifetime of fitness. - Design your classes around women's physical, psychological, social, and emotional needs. - Learn about appropriate exercises and positions for females at different life stages. Written by a fitness expert with more than 30 years' experience teaching dance and exercise to girls and women, this book is thoughtful, research-based, and packed with insight. It is a practical resource for instructors, trainers, health care providers--any professional working with girls and women in a health and fitness setting. Women's Fitness Program Developmentis divided into four sections: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Postpartum Period, and Menopause. Each section defines terminology; suggests how to set goals and priorities; and provides appropriate exercise components, prescriptions, modifications, and program evaluation strategies. The text includes the following special features: - 60 photos illustrating appropriate exercises and positions for different life stages - Instructions for female-focused exercises, such as strengthening the pelvic floor and centering the body - Sidebars with practical instructional tips - 30 forms for screening, assessment, participant worksheets, evaluation, and other program needs - Examples from current programs focused on girls and women Ann Cowlin provides information relevant to all stages of the female life cycle. She includes a 10-week creative physical activity curriculum for adolescent girls, detailed explanations of contraindications for exercise and conditions requiring assessment and warning signs in pregnancy, plus exercise guidelines for pregnant women. Cowlin also includes insightful ideas for working with pregnant and parenting adolescent girls. She addresses approaches for dealing with physical conditions resulting from pregnancy, birth, and the extended postpartum period; and she offers sample group fitness sessions for midlife women.

Female Fitness on Foot

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Presents a practical guide for personal fitness for women and provides advice on developing strength, nutrition, injury prevention and safety, running biomechanics, sprinting, and conditioning for competition.

Women s Fitness in 15 minutes

Author : Robert Duffy
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The Population of the United Kingdom has now reached 67 million. 40% (approximately 27 million) are not classed as ’physically active’. This is a shocking statistic and it is getting worse. The decline in physical activity starts at around 24 years and it is all downhill from there! The ’unique’ fifteen minute plan means that anyone from 18 - 80 can quickly reach their optimum fitness level in just 15 minutes a day. They can then maintain their level by exercising just 3 times a week. The plan is based on The Royal Canadian Air Force BX Plan and has been the core source of fitness in the Canadian Airforce for over 50years. No special equipment is needed: all of the exercises are ’free form’ and can be done at home, in the office or out and about if you travel in your work. There is no need to join a gym so there are no fees to pay. No group memberships although the plans are really good for families and groups of friends. The system is graded so to start with the exercises are quite simple and gentle. You move on to the second set of exercises at your own pace. All of the exercises are illustrated and there are charts to help you plot your progress. Easy steps to get you fit and keep you fit in less time than it probably takes to drive to the gym. Fully illustrated, and with integral progress charts, fitness can be fun. With a minimum amount of space and no costs the Need2Know Plan is ideal for anyone from 18 - 80.

What Women Want

Author : Paco Underhill
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The author of Why We Buy reports on the growing importance of women in everybody's marketplace--what makes a package, product, space, or service "female friendly." He offers a tour of the world's marketplace--with shrewd observations and practical applications to help everybody adapt to the new realities. Underhill examines how a woman's role as homemaker has evolved into homeowner; how the home gym and home office are linked to the women's health movement and home-based businesses; why the refrigerator has trumped the stove as the crucial appliance; why some malls are succeeding while others fail. "The point is," writes Underhill, "while men were busy doing other things, women were becoming a major social, cultural, and economic force." And, as he warns, no business can afford to ignore their power and presence--From publisher description.

The Girl s Fitness Guide

Author : Gheorghe Muresan
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A guide for teenage girls on how to stay healthy and fit provides information on nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and self-esteem.

Ergonomics for All Celebrating PPCOE s 20 years of Excellence

Author : Dyi-Yih Michael Lin
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This book contains the selected papers presented at the 20th anniversary meeting of the Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics organized by the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan. PPCOE 2010 is an international forum aimed to bring together scholars and practitioners from around the world to exchange and disseminate the latest developments in erg

Running Walking For Women Over 40

Author : Kathrine Switzer
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A fun, easy, and economical route to fitness and health: “This book will give women everywhere the guidance they need” (Grete Waitz, nine-time winner of the New York City Marathon). Women’s fitness pioneer Kathrine Switzer has been on her feet for over fifty years. She knows how running or walking is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive road to fitness for women of any age. For women over forty in particular, it’s vital to fit an exercise regimen into their busy lives, and ensure they can stay active and healthy for many years to come. No matter how inexperienced or old you are, Switzer will guide and ease you into a new exercise schedule, making the time you give yourself the best part of your day—and your future life. Recommendations for shoes, clothing, injury prevention, nutrition, motivation, and finding the time in your life will keep you exercising safely and comfortably. For women over forty, Switzer’s expert running and walking programs are specifically designed for you, enabling you to keep healthy and enjoy life to the fullest for decades to come. “For many over-forty women, this book will be a passport to the best years of their lives.” —Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic gold medalist and US marathon record holder

Digital Human Modeling Applications in Health Safety Ergonomics and Risk Management Ergonomics and Design

Author : Vincent G. Duffy
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The two-volume set LNCS 10286 + 10287 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management, DHM 2017, held as part of HCI International 2017 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. HCII 2017 received a total of 4340 submissions, of which 1228 papers were accepted for publication after a careful reviewing process. The 75 papers presented in these volumes were organized in topical sections as follows: Part I: anthropometry, ergonomics, design and comfort; human body and motion modelling; smart human-centered service system design; and human-robot interaction. Part II: clinical and health information systems; health and aging; health data analytics and visualization; and design for safety.

Paradise Beneath Her Feet

Author : Isobel Coleman
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Now with a new Preface and Afterword by the author “Outstanding . . . [Isobel Coleman] takes us into remote villages and urban bureaucracies to find the brave men and women working to create change in the Middle East.”—Los Angeles Times In this timely and important book, Isobel Coleman shows how Muslim women and men across the Middle East are working within Islam to fight for women’s rights in a growing movement of Islamic feminism. Journeying through Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Coleman introduces the reader to influential Islamic feminist thinkers and successful grassroots activists working to create economic, political, and educational opportunities for women. Their advocacy for women’s rights based on more progressive interpretations of Islam are critical to bridging the conflict between those championing reform and those seeking to oppress women in the name of religious tradition. Socially, culturally, economically, and politically, the future of the region depends on finding ways to accommodate human rights, and in particular women’s rights, with Islamic law. These reformers—and thousands of others—are the people leading the way forward. Featuring new material that addresses how the Arab uprisings and other recent events have affected the social and political landscape of the region, Paradise Beneath Her Feet offers a message of hope: Change is coming to the Middle East—and more often than not, it is being led by women. Praise for Paradise Beneath Her Feet “Clearly written, deeply moving, and wonderfully enlightening.”—Reza Aslan, author of No god but God “[An] engrossing portrait of real Muslim women that reveals how Islamic feminists . . . are working with and within the culture, rather than against it . . . to forge ‘a legitimate Islamic alternative to the current repressive system.’ Coleman doesn’t diminish the enormity of the struggle, but she argues convincingly that it might yet rewrite Islam’s future.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “A nuanced view of Islam’s role in public life that is cautiously hopeful.”—The Economist “Eye-opening . . . Deeply religious, profoundly determined and modern in every way, these are twenty-first-century women bent on change. Hear them roar and see a future being born before our eyes.”—Booklist