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Missing Being Mrs

Author : Jennifer Croly
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'I lost my husband and two of my four children on the same day. They left in the morning as usual, the girls happily following their Dad out of the door, and they didn't come back.' When her fine Christian husband walked out, after 22 years of marriage, Jen Croly was devastated. Painfully she tried to rebuild her life, stitch together her shattered confidence and discover who she was. She clung to her faith: 'Even when I could barely believe in God, God went on believing in me.' During the tough process of recovery she looked for a really candid, helpful book, but found most volumes horribly patronising. Here is what she sought: a book by someone who had survived the experience. She deals with practical questions: How do you tell other people? Whom can you trust? What is your name? What about the family? What about money, car maintenance? What about dating?

The family feud by Adam Hornbook

Author : Thomas Cooper
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Maximize Your Potential Through the Power of Your Subconscious Mind for a More Spiritual Life

Author : Joseph Murphy
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Dr. Joseph Murphy’s classic book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind was first published in 1963 and became an immediate bestseller; it was acclaimed as one of the best self-help guides ever written. Following the success of this work, Dr. Murphy lectured to thousands of people around the world, and millions tuned in to his daily radio program. In his lectures, he pointed out how real people have radically improved their lives by applying specific aspects of his concepts. Now, these lectures have been combined, edited, and updated in six books that bring Dr. Murphy’s teachings into the 21st century and provide readers with his proven tools on how to program their subconscious minds so that they can radically improve their lives. In Book 5 of the series, Dr. Murphy explains that Infinite Spirit is the presence of God within each human being. You’re capable of deepening your spirituality and obtaining tranquility, beauty, love, joy, and all of God’s blessings. He also describes how you can use prayer and meditation to program your subconscious mind and channel Divine power to bring peace and happiness into your life.

Just Behind the Door

Author : Mary Leiker
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The author explains how May 16th, 1999 changed her life forever. She experienced the loss of two high school seniors and that evening the call came through to tell her that her son, in Colorado, had also been killed. Her first born, with his bigger than life personality was gone. The words surreal and gut wrenching were her constant companions. Exactly six months later, her Mom had one heart pain, went into a coma and died. She had frequently told her, Mary when the last leaf is gone from that tree, I will be leaving. She gave her the gift of time to emotionally survive her son s death. Mary shares with you the recorded messages she has received for over a decade from her family, on the other side, to give you hope. Through her experiences, you will know that unconditional love and connection continue to exist when you believe in the possibility. Our loved ones do not disappear into the cosmos after their death. Their energy remains around us forever. You can reconnect with your loved ones, as she has, and achieve peace and assurance that, as her son has repeatedly told her, Mom, all is as it should be.

Stream of Consciousness

Author : Trasha Nicole Hickman
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Don t Believe It

Author : Charlie Donlea
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From acclaimed author Charlie Donlea comes a twisting, impossible-to-put-down novel of suspense in which a filmmaker helps clear a woman convicted of murder—only to find she may be a puppet in a sinister game. The Girl of Sugar Beach is the most watched documentary in television history—a riveting, true-life mystery that unfolds over twelve weeks and centers on a fascinating question: Did Grace Sebold murder her boyfriend, Julian, while on a Spring Break vacation, or is she a victim of circumstance and poor police work? Grace has spent the last ten years in a St. Lucian prison, and reaches out to filmmaker Sidney Ryan in a last, desperate attempt to prove her innocence. As Sidney begins researching, she uncovers startling evidence, additional suspects, and timeline issues that were all overlooked during the original investigation. Before the series even finishes filming, public outcry leads officials to reopen the case. But as the show surges towards its final episodes, Sidney receives a letter saying that she got it badly, terribly wrong. Sidney has just convinced the world that Grace is innocent. Now she wonders if she has helped to free a ruthless killer. Delving into Grace’s past, she peels away layer after layer of deception. But as Sidney edges closer to the real heart of the story, she must decide if finding the truth is worth risking her newfound fame, her career . . . even her life.

Organizing for National Security

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Operations
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The Works of the Rev Sydney Smith

Author : Sydney Smith
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The works of Sydney Smith including his contributions to the Edinburgh review

Author : Sydney Smith
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Author : Sydney Smith
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