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Feedback Amplifiers

Author : Gaetano Palumbo
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This comprehensive book deals with feedback and feedback amplifiers, presenting original material on the topic of feedback circuits. After describing the fundamental properties of feedback, the book illustrates techniques of analysis for greater insight into feedback amplifiers and design strategies to optimise their performance.

Bibliography on Feedback Amplifiers

Author : R. B. Hartman
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Special Purpose Oscillators and Amplifiers

Author : United States. Army
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Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators

Author : Robert E. Sentz
File Size : 37.50 MB
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Root Locus Design of Transistor Feedback Amplifiers

Author : William Richard McCullough
File Size : 68.27 MB
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Basics of Magnetic Amplifiers

Author : United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel
File Size : 39.38 MB
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A Synthesis Procedure for Transistor Feedback Amplifiers

Author : Edward August Starr
File Size : 61.13 MB
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Principles of Root Locus Design of Feedback Amplifiers

Author : Michael James Sheehan
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Computer aided Analysis of Transistor Feedback Amplifiers

Author : Robert Joseph Krueger
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New Analysis and Design Procedures for Feedback Amplifiers

Author : Mohammed Shuaib Ghausi
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A Study of the Characterisitcs of Feedback Amplifiers

Author : Joseph Knopow
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Feedback Amplifier Principles

Author : Sol Rosenstark
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Active Network and Feedback Amplifier Theory

Author : Wai-Kai Chen
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Network Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Design

Author : Hendrik Wade Bode
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Evaluation of Feedback Amplifier Design Techniques

Author : Edward Walter Pullen
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An investigation was performed to determine which of two basic feedback-amplifier design procedures, the Bode method or the root-locus technique, would result in the better amplifier in terms of the amplifier's gain, bandwidth and desensitivity. Five amplifiers were considered, two using the Bode procedure and three using the root-locus techniques. Each represented a prominent variation within the Bode or root-locus method. The modifications were performed to give a ''best-versus-best'' comparison of the design methods. To obtain an equitable comparison the same requirements of over-all gain and bandwidth were applied in each design, and the same transistors and transistor model were used for all calculations. In each case the amplifier was designed and constructed, and its performance was evaluated. The results of the experimental work show that the best amplifiers designed using the root-locus technique give a better performance than the best amplifier designed by the Bode method. Qualitatively as well as quantitatively, the root locus produced the better amplifier because of the versatility of the design procedure with respect to the various types of requirements it can accommodate. (Author).

Broadband Feedback Amplifiers

Author : D. J. H. Maclean
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This comprehensive and well-organized text discusses the fundamentals of electronic communication, such as devices and analog and digital circuits, which are so essential for an understanding of digital electronics. Professor Santiram Kal, with his wealth of knowledge and his years of teaching experience, compresses, within the covers of a single volume, all the aspects of electronics - both analog and digital - encompassing devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, fibre optics, and photonics. In so doing, he has struck a fine balance between analog and digital electronics. A distinguishing feature of the book is that it gives case studies in modern applications of electronics, including information technology, that is, DBMS, multimedia, computer networks, Internet, and optical communication. Worked-out examples, interspersed throughout the text, and the large number of diagrams should enable the student to have a better grasp of the subject. Besides, exercises, given at the end of each chapter, will sharpen the student's mind in self-study. These student-friendly features are intended to enhance the value of the text and make it both useful and interesting.

Feedback Amplifier Network Analysis

Author : John J. LaRue
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A wide band feedback amplifier for transmission on coaxial cabl

Author : A. Loutfy El Sayed
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Circuit Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Theory

Author : Wai-Kai Chen
File Size : 54.7 MB
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Culled from the pages of CRC's highly successful, best-selling The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Second Edition, Circuit Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Theory presents a sharply focused, comprehensive review of the fundamental theory behind professional applications of circuits and feedback amplifiers. It supplies a concise, convenient reference to the key concepts, models, and equations necessary to analyze, design, and predict the behavior of large-scale circuits and feedback amplifiers, illustrated by frequent examples. Edited by a distinguished authority, this book emphasizes the theoretical concepts underlying the processes, behavior, and operation of these devices. It includes guidance on the design of multiple-loop feedback amplifiers. More than 350 figures and tables illustrate the concepts, and where necessary, the theories, principles, and mathematics of some subjects are reviewed. Expert contributors discuss analysis in the time and frequency domains, symbolic analysis, state-variable techniques, feedback amplifier configurations, general feedback theory, and network functions and feedback, among many other topics. Circuit Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Theory builds a strong theoretical foundation for the design and analysis of advanced circuits and feedback amplifiers while serving as a handy reference for experienced engineers, making it a must-have for both beginners and seasoned experts.