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Fear Is the Rider

Author : Kenneth Cook
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It was quite silent in the scrub. No breeze stirred the leaves and no bird moved, except for the kite hawks wheeling silently, eternally, high in the hot air. She smelt her attacker before she saw him. A heavy stench hit her with such force that she started with shock. It was a smell she’d never encountered before. Not man, not animal, something like carrion, but alive. It seemed to envelop and suffocate her, then became tangible as two arms wrapped around her body and began tearing at her clothing. A young man driving from Sydney to Adelaide for work decides to take a short detour into the desert. He turns his hatchback on to a notoriously dangerous track that bisects uninhabited stone-covered flats. Out there, under the baking sun, people can die within hours. He’s not far along the road when a distraught young woman stumbles from the scrub and flags him down. A journalist from Sydney, she has just escaped the clutches of an inexplicable, terrifying creature. Now this desert-dwelling creature has her jeep. Her axe. And her scent... From the author of the classic novel Wake In Fright comes a chillingly brilliant short novel that’s part Wolf Creek and part Duel. Fear Is the Rider is a nail-biting chase into the outback, towards the devil lurking at its centre. Wake In Fright was made into an internationally acclaimed film. Fear Is the Rider is a previously unpublished manuscript from the 1980s that was recently rediscovered among Kenneth Cook’s papers. Kenneth Cook was born in Sydney. Wake In Fright, which drew on his time as a journalist in Broken Hill, was first published in 1961 when Cook was 32. It was published in England and America, translated into several languages, and was a prescribed text in schools. Cook wrote twenty-two books in a variety of genres, and was well known in film circles as a scriptwriter and independent film-maker. He died in 1987. ‘Fantastic, breath-taking, edge of the seat stuff.’ Col’s Criminal Library ‘This lost Ozploitation gem is pure horror adrenaline, as characters and reader alike are hunted by a relentless golem—the nightmare outback monster we've always feared.’ Chris Flynn, author of A Tiger in Eden and The Glass Kingdom ‘The moment to moment effect of reading Fear Is the Rider is one of gasping attentiveness to the urgent needs of the present...There is special, pulpy kind of genius to the kind of book that almost swipes ahead for us, like a concert pianist’s assistant.’ Australian ‘Another great retro thriller. Treat it like going to a movie, because it will only take you a couple of hours to power through it...It’s just pure adrenaline and survival.’ Herald Sun ‘A suspense packed ride until the final page.’ QANTAS Magazine ‘Possibly the scariest, most spine-chilling and nerve-wracking book I’ve read. Ever...It’s incredibly filmic—think Wolf Creek meets Mad Max—and so visceral I could feel my heart rising up in my throat as I turned the pages.’ Reading Matters ‘A schlocky, old-school thriller in the best possible way...A kind of literary Mad Max, a master class in Ozploitation, or simply as a short, sharp burst of literary adrenaline, Fear is the Rider is a hell of a lot of fun.’ Readings ‘[A] short but powerful novel, Cook takes the reader on an action-packed, tension-filled ride...Definitely a page-turner.’ BookMooch

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider

Author : Alois Podhajsky
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For over a quarter of a century, Colonel Alois Podhajsky was the Director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, home of the famous white Lipizzaner stallions whose remarkable performances have thrilled audiences throughout the world. Now for the first time, Col. Podhajsky has set forth explicitly and in practical, instructive fashion the step-by-step methods of training both horse and rider that are used at the School and that are the applicable foundations of all good horsemanship, for their purpose is to develop the natural abilities of the horse and to make riding a graceful, pleasurable experience.

The Gentle Art of Horseback Riding

Author : Gincy Self Bucklin
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Step-by-step lessons teach riders of all ages basics, including developing a good relationship with the horse, mounting and riding, and progresses to more advanced skills, including jumps.

Fear in the Forest

Author : Bernard Knight
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Who would dare kill one of the king’s foresters? Coroner Sir John investigates in this characterful instalment in the Crowner John medieval mystery series, set in twelfth-century England. Devon, 1195. A tall, brown mare gallops into the sleepy village of Sigford, its rider dragged by the stirrup, the broken shaft of an arrow protruding from his back. The embroidered badge on the dead man’s tunic identifies him as a senior officer of the Royal Forest – a team of men tasked with upholding the harsh laws that prevent everyone but the king from hunting in England’s forests. The punishment for killing a deer on the king’s land is mutilation . . . or death. With plenty of money still in the victim’s purse, it’s clear that robbery isn’t the motive. But what is? When a second forest officer is violently attacked, county coroner Sir John de Wolfe begins to uncover evidence of a sinister conspiracy. And to his deep suspicion, his unscrupulous brother-in-law, the sheriff Sir Richard de Revelle, seems to be taking an unusual interest in the case . . .

The Rider

Author : Tim Krabbé
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The instant cult classic about biking, road racing, and the bicyclists who love their sport. Originally published in Holland in 1978, The Rider went on to sell more than 100,000 copies. Brilliantly conceived and written at a break-neck pace, it is a loving, imaginative, and, above all, passionate tribute to the art of bicycle road racing. Tim Krabbé begins this story at the very start of the Tour de Mont Aigoual, ready to race his rivals through the mountains of Central France. Over the course of the 150 pages that follows, Krabbé takes his bike 150 kilometers, and pulls his readers into the life of the sport he loves. The Rider is beloved as a bicycle odyssey, a literary masterpiece, and the ultimate book for bike lovers as well as the arm-chair sports enthusiast.

Llewellyn s Complete Book of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Author : Sasha Graham
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Discover the Fascinating History and Divinatory Power of the 20th Century's Most Popular Tarot Deck Originally published in 1909 to little fanfare, the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot went on to become the bestselling tarot deck of all time. This complete guide shares the compelling story of the deck's creation, a complete analysis of what each card means, and 78 spreads to help you integrate each card's unique spiritual energy. Discover how artist Pamela Colman Smith and occultist Arthur Waite combined their knowledge of astrology, Kabbalah, metaphysics, mythology, and theater to realize their profound vision. Llewellyn's Complete Book of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot delves deeply into the roots of these influential cards, exploring how Waite and Smith brought together an enchanting set of esoteric symbols and formed a magical deck that has guided, inspired, validated, and challenged the countless readers and seekers who have sought its wisdom.

Overcoming Fear of Riding Clarifying the Issues That the Rider Is Experiencing Internally

Author : Willene Salzer
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If you are fear of riding after the accident, you should read this book. This is a valuable reading for mental health professionals working with adults who have had a life-threatening experience. This is also an invaluable psychological tool for motorcyclists who have lost confidence in their ability to ride after a motorcycle crash. Highly recommended by riders and professionals.

The Rider of the White Horse The Dikegrave German Classics

Author : Theodor Storm
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The Rider of the White Horse (1888) is a classic German novella, in which the individual wrestles with the mass, the man with the most elementary forces of nature. It is Theodor Storm's (1817-1888) last complete work. --- The scene of the novella is characterized with vividness and grandeur in its setting of marsh and sea. Like the stories of Storm's youth, it glorifies love, the love of two beings who are faithful to each other unto death, and at the same time it touches themes which deeply occupied Storm, such as the problem of heredity or the relation between father and son. The charm of youth, to which Storm was always most susceptible, invests the chief characters, and they have that chaste reserve that holds all internal life sacred. Happiness is won, but it ends in tragedy. It is a man of sober intellect who tells the whole story - and yet, like human life itself, it stands out against a mystic background. Remembrance of long ago has clarified everything; loving comprehension fills everything with deepest sympathy. --- It was granted to Storm to stand on a pinnacle of art at the end of his life, a pinnacle which he had to leave, but from which he did not need to descend. (Ewald Eiserhardt)

The Rider of Waroona

Author : Firth Scott
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Reproduction of the original: The Rider of Waroona by Firth Scott

The Rider

Author : "Big" John Wilson
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ONE CHALLENGE AFTER ANOTHER... Recently divorced and mourning the death of her marriage, Kay Morgan flees into the American Wilderness to find peace and spiritual harmony. What she stumbles into is an Indian rebellion, is rescued by a Native American shaman only to fall in love. She follows him straight into the future evolution of mankind. She is given the mission to protect those making the transition from this Earth plane to the next dimension. Easy reading but deeply thought provoking and spiritual, this book will appeal to all Native Americans, nature spirits, new age practitioners and devotees of Mother Earth. Questions just keep growing and adding more questions. Can mankind survive Mother Earth's planetary changes? Can Kay survive her divorce? Can John Red Eagle survive falling in love again? Can Old Two Owls make a stand for his people one last time? Will the world ever be the same again? Will the next dimension become home to the inhabitants of Mother Earth? This is book II of the Mother Earth Trilogy, Read all three: Gift of the Gods Eagle's Coup By Fire Next Time

Foucault and Animals

Author : Matthew Chrulew
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Foucault and Animals is the first collection to explore the relevance of Foucault’s thought for the animal question. Chrulew and Wadiwel bring together essays that open up his influential range of concepts and methods to new domains of human-animal relations.

Encyclop dia Britannica

Author :
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The Rider of the Ruby Hills

Author : Louis L'Amour
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A WORD FROM LOUIS L’AMOUR “Almost four decades ago, when my fiction was being published exclusively in ‘pulp’ western magazines, I wrote a number of novel-length stories, known back then as ‘magazine novels.’ In creating them, I lived with my characters so closely that their lives were still as much a part of me as I was of them long after the issues in which they appeared went out of print. Proud as I was of how I presented the characters and their adventures in the pages of the magazines, I wanted to tell the reader more about my people and why they did what they did. So, over the years, I revised and expanded these magazine works into novels that I published as full-length paperbacks under different titles. “These particular early magazine versions of my books have long been a source of considerable speculation and curiosity among many of my readers, so much so of late, that now I’ve decided to bring four of my ‘magazine novels’ back into print in this latest volume of my short fiction. “I hope you enjoy them.” FEATURING • Showdown Trail • A Man Called Trent • The Trail to Peach Meadow Canyon • The Rider of the Ruby Hills

Beliefs A Hidden Variable in Mathematics Education

Author : G.C. Leder
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The twenty chapters in this book all focus on aspects of mathematical beliefs, from a variety of different perspectives. Current knowledge of the field is synthesized and existing boundaries are extended. The book is divided into three, partly overlapping, sections. The first concentrates on conceptualizations and measurement of beliefs, the second on research about teachers' beliefs, and the third on facets of students' beliefs about mathematics. A diversity of instruments is used for data collection, including surveys, interviews, observations, and essay writing, as well as more innovative approaches. The volume is intended for researchers in the fleld, as well as for mathematics educators teaching the next generation of students. The book is also useful for those working in other subject disciplines, since many of the themes explored have relevance well beyond mathematics education.

The Welfare of Horses

Author : N. Waran
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This book is the first in a series on the Welfare of Animals, and it is appropriate that it addresses horses, whose welfare in modern management systems are a subject of major concern. Keeping horses is increasingly popular in the Western world and is of major importance in many developing countries. However, the conditions in which horses are kept are very different from the environment of wild horses, which leads to many adverse effects on their welfare and behaviour. This book describes the development of horse behaviour, and the way in which the management of horses today affects their welfare. Horses for sport, companionship and work are considered and ways of improving their welfare by better training and management is described. The authors include internationally-recognised scientists from Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia. The book will be of interest to all involved in the equine industry, animal welfare, academics, students and practical horsemen.


Author : David Gomadza
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A suspenseful romantic action-packed thriller. A gorgeous young lady turned Most Wanted. A romantic trip and a love to die for. A hidden secret. An evil brutal regime practicing a cult they believe existed even before God created the world. Until the regime is stopped life is on the line. A must read. ABOUT THE SERIES EVELINA A secret cult that existed even before this world was created is still at the center of murder a thousand years later. A ruthless regime is using this cult to run rampage and havoc. A corrupt and evil world where murder is the norm. A place so dark and scary where they all come out in numbers where they are slaughtered in thousands. A place where they are naked:-no rights, hopes, or anything to hang on to. A place where the only hope and courage is the heart-engraved-belief that someone will solve God's Dilemma and rise to save humanity. A pledge to fight to the death because the sole existence of the regime is to restore the lost kingdom of darkness at humanity's expense. Where restoring it means slaughtering two-thirds of the world's population in 48 hours known as the 48 Hours of Darkness. It's a story of great courage in the face of death. The rise of Tomorrow's World Order citing the system as the root of all evil setting a collision course with the regime. The suspenseful questions are when and of what magnitude will the collision be and the devastating outcome? Will the regime allow a system change? Where stakes are high and the regime will defend the system at any cost will they succeed and at what cost? How can mankind survive the most feared devil's ghosts? Are you to be the lucky few to be spared in the 48 hours of darkness? Is mankind doomed or there is hope? What is God's Dilemma and can it really be solved? Unless God's Dilemma is solved mankind is doomed. A race against time where it's a matter of life or death for the strongest men let alone for Evelina caught up in all this. Will she survive the greatest manhunt since the world was created with everyone after her with the most powerful man demanding her too? Only one way to find out. Get this book right now.

Fear of Falling 9

Author : Laurie Halse Anderson
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David is determined to learn to jump on horseback if it kills him. And sometimes he's afraid it might, like when Comet balks and won't go over the crossbar. Now that David's father is back in town, he's promised to teach David how to jump like a champion. But David can't let him know how scared he is. Because there's one thing that scares David more than falling off a horse, and that's disappointing his father. Can he overcome his fear, or even talk about it?

Riding Fear Free

Author : Laura Daley
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Are you a fearful rider? Have you been searching for help in overcoming your fear so that you can finally achieve your horseback riding dreams? Or are you a riding instructor who struggles to convince your students that they can ride with confidence? If so, Riding Fear Free can help. Riding Fear Free goes beyond the traditional equitation and horse training advice and goes straight to the heart of the matter by addressing the true problem: fear. Learn how the scientific principles of fear extinction and memory replacement can be applied at the barn and under saddle so that you will never have another fearful ride. You will learn to: * Rate your fear level * See the reality of your situation * Deal with emotions * Replace fear memories This book features full color images and illustrations to inspire readers as they take the journey to Riding Fear Free. Please Note: Riding Fear Free is available in two paperback editions to suit any budget. This is the full-color edition.

The Psychology of Horsemanship

Author : Claire Lilley
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Horses are fascinating and perceptive creatures. Developing a thorough understanding of how a horse interprets the world around them and deliberately being self-aware as a rider, are the essential skills to a successful and fulfilling partnership. In The Psychology of Horsemanship, well-known equestrian author and horse expert, Claire Lilley, shares her passion and knowledge about horses and riders developed from over forty years' experience in the equestrian world, and more recently several years in the mental health profession. Divided into three sections, the book covers: Equine psychology - the horses's senses, primary responses and emotion; Training psychology - the rider's communication, training and learning from past experiences; Relational psychology - the goals, the development and the challenges faced in successful horsemanship. With high-quality photographs, diagrams and extended real-life examples, this book explores the application of psychology to the world of horses and how the understanding and evolvement of the horse-rider relationship impacts on both mental and physical development.

Mobility without Mayhem

Author : Jeremy Packer
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While Americans prize the ability to get behind the wheel and hit the open road, they have not always agreed on what constitutes safe, decorous driving or who is capable of it. Mobility without Mayhem is a lively cultural history of America’s fear of and fascination with driving, from the mid-twentieth century to the present. Jeremy Packer analyzes how driving has been understood by experts, imagined by citizens, regulated by traffic laws, governed through education and propaganda, and represented in films, television, magazines, and newspapers. Whether considering motorcycles as symbols of rebellion and angst, or the role of CB radio in regulating driving and in truckers’ evasions of those regulations, Packer shows that ideas about safe versus risky driving often have had less to do with real dangers than with drivers’ identities. Packer focuses on cultural figures that have been singled out as particularly dangerous. Women drivers, hot-rodders, bikers, hitchhikers, truckers, those who “drive while black,” and road ragers have all been targets of fear. As Packer debunks claims about the dangers posed by each figure, he exposes biases against marginalized populations, anxieties about social change, and commercial and political desires to profit by fomenting fear. Certain populations have been labeled as dangerous or deviant, he argues, to legitimize monitoring and regulation and, ultimately, to curtail access to automotive mobility. Packer reveals how the boundary between personal freedom and social constraint is continually renegotiated in discussions about safe, proper driving.