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Fatima Revisited

Author : W. M. Collins
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Fatima Revisited

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"Volume III of the Fatima trilogy"--Back cover.

Fatima revisited

Author : William N. Collins
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The Month

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Revelation Revisited

Author :
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Authors of the Impossible

Author : Jeffrey J. Kripal
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"This is a quietly earth-shattering project that constitutes a logical next step in the development of Jeffrey Kripal's thinking over the course of his career and grows directly out of Esalen. In Kripal we have a classic Romantic thinker/writer who is formulating---in a conscious meld of the subjective and objective that is the hallmark of Romantic writing---his own distinctive and highly original Biographia Spiritualis." Victoria Nelsoh, author of the Secret Life of Puppets --

Memories Revisited

Author : Vijay Joshi
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This Book is based on real life stories, almost all the protagonists in the articles that i have penned till date are every day common people, people whom we meet in our day to day life. These everyday common people have much much more to share, for they are the once who face all kind of hardships in their lives and survive, for people like me to tell their tales. All the tales in this book are real life stories that i’ve experienced. Each story gives you some moral, some thought to ponder over.

Intimate Alien

Author : David J. Halperin
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A voyage of exploration to the outer reaches of our inner lives. UFOs are a myth, says David J. Halperin—but myths are real. The power and fascination of the UFO has nothing to do with space travel or life on other planets. It's about us, our longings and terrors, and especially the greatest terror of all: the end of our existence. This is a book about UFOs that goes beyond believing in them or debunking them and to a fresh understanding of what they tell us about ourselves as individuals, as a culture, and as a species. In the 1960s, Halperin was a teenage UFOlogist, convinced that flying saucers were real and that it was his life's mission to solve their mystery. He would become a professor of religious studies, with traditions of heavenly journeys his specialty. With Intimate Alien, he looks back to explore what UFOs once meant to him as a boy growing up in a home haunted by death and what they still mean for millions, believers and deniers alike. From the prehistoric Balkans to the deserts of New Mexico, from the biblical visions of Ezekiel to modern abduction encounters, Intimate Alien traces the hidden story of the UFO. It's a human story from beginning to end, no less mysterious and fantastic for its earthliness. A collective cultural dream, UFOs transport us to the outer limits of that most alien yet intimate frontier, our own inner space.

Containing States of Mind

Author : Duncan Cartwright
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Wilfred Bion’s insights into the analytic process have had a profound influence on how psychoanalysts and psychotherapists understand emotional change and pathological mental states. One of his most influential ideas concerns the notion that we need the minds of others to develop our own emotional and cognitive capacities. In Containing States of Mind Duncan Cartwright explores and develops some of the implications that Bion’s container model has on clinical practice. He argues that the analyst or therapist best fulfils a containing function by negotiating irreconcilable internal tensions between his role as ‘dream object’ and ‘proper object’. The container model is also used to illustrate different ‘modes of interaction’ in the analytic field, the nature of particular pathological states and some of the key dilemmas faced in attempting to make unbearable mental states more bearable. As well as addressing key theoretical problems, Containing States of Mind is a clinical text that renders complex ideas accessible and useful for psychotherapeutic and analytic practice and as such will be essential reading for all those involved in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

The Meaning of Fatima

Author : Cyril Charlie Martindale
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Stemness Revisited

Author : Martina I. Koeva
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Ireland Revisited

Author : Charles Graves
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The Catholic Periodical and Literature Index

Author :
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Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

Author : Society for Psychical Research (Great Britain)
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Pakistan Resolution Revisited

Author : K. F. Yusuf
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Contains 22 Articles Which Narrate And Analyse The Political Atmosphere In The Sub-Continent Leading To Pakistan Resolution Being Adopted As The Final Solution To The India Communal Problem.

The Indonesian Town Revisited

Author : P. Nas
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"This book reflects the growing interest in new towns and the urban sprawl around Jakarta, the economic crisis and its effects on the construction sector. Furthermore, a new direction in research is related to the growing interest in middle range cities. Some well-established topics are also covered, such as kampung improvement, urban conservation and migration" -- BACK COVER.

Rat Muscle Spindle Immunocytochemistry Revisited

Author : Fatima Pedrosa-Domellof
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The Diwan Revisited

Author : Augustin Holl
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Discovered in the 1850s by the German explorer H. Barth, the "Diwan," or genealogy, is a remarkable collection of facts, deeds, and descriptions of the sultans of Kanem-Bornu, one of the most advanced civilizations in West Africa. In this book, Holl reevaluates almost 150 years of research on the subject.

Betraying the Event

Author : Fatima Festić
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This volume makes note of an attempt to sustain a conversation about changes in the ways the processes of victimization are written out and comprehended. The contributors aim to expose some recent instances and modalities of cultural and political constructions of victimhood in various parts of the world.