Fashion Victims

The Dangers of Dress Past and Present


Author: Alison Matthews David

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472577744

Category: Design

Page: 256

View: 8189

From insidious murder weapons to blaze-igniting crinolines, clothing has been the cause of death, disease and madness throughout history, by accident and design. Clothing is designed to protect, shield and comfort us, yet lurking amongst seemingly innocuous garments we find hats laced with mercury, frocks laden with arsenic and literally 'drop-dead gorgeous' gowns. Fabulously gory and gruesome, Fashion Victims takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the lethal history of women's, men's and children's dress, in myth and reality. Drawing upon surviving fashion objects and numerous visual and textual sources, encompassing louse-ridden military uniforms, accounts of the fiery deaths of Oscar Wilde's half-sisters and dancer Isadora Duncan's accidental strangulation by entangled scarf; the book explores how garments have tormented those who made and wore them, and harmed animals and the environment in the process. Vividly chronicling evidence from Greek mythology to the present day, Matthews David puts everyday apparel under the microscope and unpicks the dark side of fashion. Fashion Victims is lavishly illustrated with over 125 images and is a remarkable resource for everyone from scholars and students to fashion enthusiasts.

Fashion Victims

The Catty Catalogue of Stylish Casualties, From A to Z


Author: Michael Roberts

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062042963

Category: Design

Page: 112

View: 9385

Pairing hilarious poetry with the stunning collage work for which he is famous, Michael Roberts takes on the fashion world letter by letter—and in the way only a true insider can—in Fashion Victims. This gorgeous, stylish book illustrated and written by the Vanity Fair fashion director, influential stylist, and artist is a witty send-up of the fashion world that will delight style lovers, popular culture aficionados, and art lovers alike with its wit, acute observations, truth, and poignancy. Impeccably designed by Roberts himself, Fashion Victims is a perfect tongue-in-chic gift and a timeless collectible.

Fashion Victims

Dress at the Court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette


Author: Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780300154382

Category: Design

Page: 352

View: 9810

A thoughtful, lavishly illustrated, and highly readable account of the fabulous French fashion world in the pre-Revolutionary period

Dawn of the Living Fashion Victims


Author: Todd Meister,Jennifer Feinberg

Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics

ISBN: 9781593620257

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 160

View: 5507

Scrowlie and company journey to the darkened depths of the underworld and a credit-enabled fashion zombie army is unleashed onto the unsuspecting world. Ripped from today's headlines in a parallel universe, Little Scrowlie Volume 2 exposes the inner life of cats and mall rats, all the while showing (not telling) the importance of keeping up with current fashions.

The Fashion Conspiracy


Author: Nicholas Coleridge

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448149878

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 9067

From the catwalks of Paris to the sweatshops of South Korea; from Seventh Avenue glitz to Tokyo new-wave... The sophisticated brokings of the fashion conspiracy have generated a powerful new force in the world economy; designer money. Nicholas Coleridge presents a fascinating portrait of the jet-setting matrons who are the gurus and tyrants of the fashion press; of fashion legends like Paloma Picasso and Tina Chow; of the top store buyers who command $700 million a season. He probes the incredible world of the designer billionaires like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Yves St Laurent whose fashion empires are richer than entire Third World countries. Here are the jealousies, the glamour, the buccaneering, the espionage and the razzmatazz in a witty and penetrating guide to an extraordinary world.

Fashion Victim

Our Love-hate Relationship with Dressing, Shopping, and the Cost of Style


Author: Michelle Lee

Publisher: Broadway


Category: Social Science

Page: 294

View: 3359

A journalist journeys inside the world of fashion to reveal the dark underbelly of the glamorous industry, exploring ways in which it has shaped ideas of beauty, culture, spending habits, and consumerism.

Fashion Victim


Author: Chloe Green

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 9781575667157

Category: Fiction

Page: 279

View: 5336

Texas fashion stylist Dallas O'Connor arrives in the Caribbean to shoot a music video with a hot new girl band, but when the girls are tormented by terrifying practical jokes, voodoo curses, and a brutal murder, Dallas tries to unmask a killer.

Consuming Innocence

Popular Culture and Our Children


Author: Karen Brooks

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 9780702236457

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 324

View: 5481

Thoroughly researched by an expert in the field of media studies, this examination explores the complex relationship that kids have with popular culture--including television, movies, the internet, books, magazines, celebrities, toys, and fashion. Fearlessly questioning the involvement of corporations that target kids and promote sexuality, this analysis evaluates the effects of media saturation on children and families. This timely guide is an essential resource that offers practical advice on how to engage in popular culture with children and how to understand their relationship with media and new technology.

Fashion - Philosophy for Everyone

Thinking with Style


Author: Jessica Wolfendale,Jeanette Kennett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405199903

Category: Philosophy

Page: 218

View: 9720

Most of us realize that fashion is more than just clothes. It's not just about wearing what's in. Fashion influences our judgments of people's taste, politics, sexuality, class, religion, and even their moral character. It can be a medium for technological and social change - changes in fashion may signal economic and political shifts. Yet fashion can also trap us. We can be slaves to fashion if we feel trapped by the roles dictated by the clothes we wear, and we can be slaves to fashion, literally, as in the case of sweatshop workers who make most of the clothes we wear today. This book explores the diverse and sometimes contradictory aspects of fashion in a series of lively, entertaining thoughtful essays from prominent philosophers and writers. Topics include: What is fashion? How do we know what is fashionable? Who decides what's cool and what's not? How is it that clothes shape people the way they do? Why does fashion have the power it does? You won't look at your wardrobe in the same light again!