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Poverty and Power

Author : Edward Royce
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Poverty and Power asserts that American poverty is a structural problem resulting from failings in our social system rather than individual failings of the poor. Contrary to the popular belief that poverty results from individual deficiencies—that poor people lack intelligence, determination, or skills—author Edward Royce introduces students to the very real structural issues that stack the balance of power in the United States. The book introduces four systems that contribute to inequality in the U.S.—economic, political, cultural, and structural—then discusses ten institutional problems that make life difficult for the poor and contribute to the persistence of poverty. Throughout the book, the author compares individualistic and structural approaches to poverty to assess strengths and limitations of each view. The second edition of this provocative book has been revised throughout with new statistical information, as well as analysis of the recent recession, the Obama presidency, increasing political polarization, the rise of the Tea Party and appearance of the Occupy Movement, new anti-poverty movements, and more.

Worker Leadership

Author : Fred Stahl
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How can American manufacturing recapture its former dominance in the globalized industrial economy? In Worker Leadership, Fred Stahl proposes a strategy to boost enterprise productivity and restore America's industrial power. Stahl outlines a revolutionary transformation of industrial culture that offers workers real control of production operations and manufacturing processes (as well as a monetary share of the savings from productivity gains). Stahl develops this new Theory of Worker Productivity into a strategy of Worker Leadership, with concrete, real-world examples. Combining some of the methods of lean manufacturing made famous by Toyota with genuine worker empowerment unlike anything at Toyota, Worker Leadership creates highly productive jobs loaded with responsibility and authority. Workers, Stahl writes, love these jobs precisely because of the opportunities to be creative and productive. Worker Leadership also offers important benefits for organized labor. It promotes the vitality and growth of labor unions through a shared responsibility with management for growth and profitability. Stahl's approach was inspired by changes implemented at John Deere factories by a general manager named Dick Kleine. Stahl uses the story of Kleine's transformation of the Deere factories to construct a checklist of essential conditions for Worker Leadership. He also discusses competition with China and South Korea and tells the story of production that GE recently "reshored" from China to the United States. Stahl considers the potential for applying Worker Leadership beyond manufacturing, provides a brief history of manufacturing, and even reveals the dark side of Toyota's system that opens another competitive opportunity for America. Worker Leadership offers a blueprint for global competitive advantage that should be read by anyone concerned about America's current productivity paralysis.

Global Management Local Labour

Author : T. Nichols
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Little discussion about 'globalization' has concerned one of the truly global forces - the management of multi-national and large domestic corporations - and the significance of modern management practices for workers in the developing world. This book examines the nature of work in the modern corporate sector in Turkey with special reference to three industries, white goods, cars and textiles. Based on extensive interviews, it questions some common assumptions in the modern western social science literature, especially in North America and Britain.

Crossing the Great Divide

Author : Vicki Smith
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Vicki Smith analyzes this shift, asking how workers navigated their way across the divide between bad jobs and good jobs, between bad jobs organized hierarchically and jobs requiring greater worker involvement, and between temporary and stable work.".

International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology

Author : Jens Beckert
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Dealing with the multiple and complex relations between economy and society, this encyclopedia focuses on the impact of social, political, and cultural factors on economic behaviour. It is useful for students and researchers in sociology, economics, political science, and also business, organization, and management studies.

Farewell to the Factory

Author : Ruth Milkman
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"A profound exploration into the decline of factory labor in the U.S. . . . Hers is one of those rare books that brilliantly illuminates current transformations in the organization of work and work lives."—Fred Block, author of Postindustrial Possibilities "Part ethnography and part contemporary labor history, Milkman's wonderful book will be required reading for anyone concerned with the transformation American industry has undergone in the past twenty years and what this transformation has meant for American workers."—David Brody, author of Workers in Industrial America "Behind all of the statistics on downsizing, the shrinking of our industrial base, and the folly of short-sighted management is the human drama of working women and men and their unions, struggling for dignity, fairness, and security. In Farewell to the Factory, Ruth Milkman tells us the stories of workers in a New Jersey auto plant. Milkman's scholarship makes a valuable contribution to the national conversation on restoring the American Dream for working families."—John J. Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO "A fascinating case study of deindustrialization and restructuring by one of the leading social historians of the auto industry. The book is a great read and should be widely adopted in the classroom."—Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley "Milkman's impressive study probes the contemporary meaning of work, freedom and dignity in a fashion both sociologically rigorous and culturally evocative. Avoiding liberal nostalgia over the demise of industial America, Milkman deploys a magnificantly textured set of interviews to demonstrate that auto workers hated the chronic stress and humiliation of factory work even as they clung to its high pay and good benefits."—Nelson Lichtenstein, author of The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit: Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor

Engineering Communist China

Author : You-Li Sun
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Sun (director, Beijing Program of American U.) tells the story of one Chinese engineer from Mao's Great Leap Forward to the 1970s. Ling was arrested for his criticisms of Chinese policy, spending the next 20 years in detention camps. Eventually rehabilitated by the Deng Xiaoping regime, he went to w

The Lowell Offering

Author :
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Autobiography Poems and Songs

Author : Ellen Johnston
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Flexible Specialization and Skill in the Food Processing Industry

Author : Brad Manzolillo
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