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Instruction and Pedagogy for Youth in Public Libraries

Author : Casey Rawson
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There seems to be little resistance to the idea that children and teens learn in public library spaces. However, many public librarians do not see themselves as teachers. This implies that much of the learning that happens in public libraries is incidentalÑtangential to the ÒrealÓ purpose and design of these spaces and programs. In this book, we make the case that public librarians should embrace an explicit instructional role as a core part of their professional practice. Inside, youÕll find both a comprehensive review of what is known so far about instruction for youth in public libraries and a primer on core educational concepts and frameworks for current and future public librarians. Each chapter includes real-world examples of libraries and librarians who are already practicing powerful teaching.

Navigating Copyright for Libraries

Author : Jessica Coates
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Information is a critical resource for personal, economic and social development. Libraries and archives are the primary access point to information for individuals and communities with much of the information protected by copyright or licence terms. In this complex legal environment, librarians and information professionals operate at the fulcrum of copyright’s balance, ensuring understanding of and compliance with copyright legislation and enabling access to knowledge in the pursuit of research, education and innovation. This book, produced on behalf of the IFLA Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) Advisory Committee, provides basic and advanced information about copyright, outlines limitations and exceptions, discusses communicating with users and highlights emerging copyright issues. The chapters note the significance of the topic; describe salient points of the law and legal concepts; present selected comparisons of approaches around the world; highlight opportunities for reform and advocacy; and help libraries and librarians find their way through the copyright maze.

Teens Libraries and Social Networking

Author : Denise E. Agosto
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Learn how teens use social networking technologies and how these same technologies can be used to engage them in library services. * The results of a national survey of YA librarians and technology managers in public libraries showing how librarians are using social networking in their work with teens and the specific types of technologies they use * A list of suggestions that can serve as a planning tool for the use of social networking tools in the delivery of library services to teens * A bibliography of professional resources and research related to teens, libraries, and social networking

Serving Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum A Guide for Libraries

Author : Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
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Understand the unique needs of teens and adults with autism and how to adapt existing library programs to be more inclusive. Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong condition, but programs and services are mostly for children. As this population ages and the number of adults receiving autism diagnoses grows, are public libraries serving this group? Serving Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum offers practical strategies for delivering better service to individuals with autism, from library programming to technology, collections, library volunteers, and the information desk. Relying on feedback and help from the autism community in her area, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead created programs for children, teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum. In this book, she shares advice on developing programs that focus on teamwork, transitions, and social skills. She explains best practices for reference interviews and teaches readers how their libraries can partner with nonprofit and government entities to develop workforce skills and connect adults with autism to jobs. Ready-made program activities for teens and adults with autism make it easy for libraries to better serve this often misunderstood group. Adapt existing library programs to be more inclusive of individuals with autism Learn tested program ideas specifically aimed at individuals with autism Understand the unique needs of adults with autism and how those needs present differently than they do in children Learn how to better mobilize these members of the community and help them find meaningful work and service opportunities Connect to resources to better understand and create library services for the autism community

Reading Still Matters What the Research Reveals about Reading Libraries and Community

Author : Catherine Sheldrick Ross
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Drawing on scholarly research findings, this book presents a cogent case that librarians can use to work towards prioritization of reading in libraries and in schools. • Provides proof of the library's vital role in readers' lives, information that may be used to justify services and collections • Compiles current research on reading from diverse sources and presents it intuitively, saving librarians time and energy when searching for research findings • Offers a clear rationale for making pleasure reading a priority in libraries and in schools

Tablet Computers in School Libraries and Classrooms

Author : Heather Moorefield-Lang
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According to Pew Research, nearly a quarter of teens already own a tablet computer, with younger children not far behind. With the use of these handheld devices continuing to grow by leaps and bounds each year, tablets are coming to your school district soon if they haven't already. This succinct e-book speaks directly to librarians and educators working with young people, pointing the way towards intelligent, constructive use of tablets to attain educational goals. Offering specific guidance for the K-12 setting, the authors Present case studies from a range of libraries, showing you how to create attention-grabbing programs for early learners, integrate tablets into classroom instruction, and serve special needs students Include eight adaptable, active-learning lessons that will help you get started quickly, ranging from using tablets to interact with the Caldecott awards to a QR codes scavenger hunt Detail the evaluation criteria used by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Best Apps for Teaching and Learning Committee, along with the list of selected apps If you’re a school librarian, a classroom teacher, or someone interested in how hand-held technologies can be used in education, this resource will both inspire and inform your use of tablet computers.

Graphic Novels and Comics in Libraries and Archives

Author : Robert G. Weiner
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To say that graphic novels, comics, and other forms of sequential art have become a major part of popular culture and academia would be a vast understatement. Now an established component of library and archive collections across the globe, graphic novels are proving to be one of the last kinds of print publications actually gaining in popularity. Full of practical advice and innovative ideas for librarians, educators, and archivists, this book provides a wide-reaching look at how graphic novels and comics can be used to their full advantage in educational settings. Topics include the historically tenuous relationship between comics and librarians; the aesthetic value of sequential art; the use of graphic novels in library outreach services; collection evaluations for both American and Canadian libraries; cataloging tips and tricks; and the swiftly growing realm of webcomics.

The School Librarian

Author :
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Teen Fandom and Geek Programming

Author : Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
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This concise volume covers major fandom and program themes, as well as real-world event, club, and program ideas to help librarians provide this type of programming to their communities. Use the tips and how-to knowledge in this practical guide to get more teens into your library!

Pop Goes the Library

Author : Sophie Brookover
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Discusses how pop culture can be used to connect with a wider audience at libraries through images, events, collection development, outreach, information technology, and programming.