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Family Patterns Gender Relations

Author : Bonnie Fox
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Family Patterns, Gender Relations is a reader featuring a mix of classic and contemporary readings from Canada, the US, and the UK, designed to introduce second- and third-year sociology students to the key issues in family studies today.

The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Family Studies 4 Volume Set

Author : Constance L. Shehan
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The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Family Studies presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of the key concepts, trends, and processes relating to the study of families and family patterns throughout the world. Offers more than 550 entries arranged A-Z Includes contributions from hundreds of family scholars in various academic disciplines from around the world Covers issues ranging from changing birth rates, fertility, and an aging world population to human trafficking, homelessness, famine, and genocide Features entries that approach families, households, and kin networks from a macro-level and micro-level perspective Covers basic demographic concepts and long-term trends across various nations, the impact of globalization on families, global family problems, and many more Features in-depth examinations of families in numerous nations in several world regions 4 Volumes

Roadblocks to Equality

Author : Jeffery Klaehn
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Explores women's experiences within contemporary society in a domestic and global context.

Gender and Family in East Asia

Author : Siumi Maria Tam
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The on-going reconfiguration of geo-political and economic forces across the globe has created a new institutional and moral environment for East Asian family life and gender dynamics. Indeed, modernisation in East Asia has brought about increases in women’s education levels and participation in the labour force, a delay in marriage age, lower birth rates, and smaller family size. And yet, despite the process of modernization, traditional systems such as Confucianism and patriarchal rules, continue to shape gender politics and family relationships in East Asia. This book examines gender politics and family culture in East Asia in light of both the overwhelming changes that modernization and globalization have brought to the region, and the structural restrictions that women in East Asian societies continue to face in their daily lives. Across three sections, the contributors to this volume focus on marriage and motherhood, religion and family, and migration. In doing so, they reveal how actions and decisions implemented by the state trigger changes in gender and family at the local level, the impact of increasing internal and transnational migration on East Asian culture, and how religion interweaves with the state in shaping gender dynamics and daily life within the family. With case studies from across the region, including South Korea, Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of Asian studies, gender studies, anthropology, sociology and social policy.

When Couples Become Parents

Author : Bonnie Fox
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When couples make the journey through their first year of parenthood they confront the challenges of their new responsibilities with varying degrees of support and a range of personal resources. When Couples Become Parents examines the ways in which divisions based on gender both evolve and are challenged by heterosexual couples from late pregnancy through early parenthood. Following the experiences of forty heterosexual couples in various socio-economic positions, Bonnie Fox traces the intricate interplay of social and material resources in the negotiations that occur between partners, the resulting divisions of paid and unpaid work in their families, and the dynamics in their relationships. Exploring the diverse reactions of these women and men, When Couples Become Parents provides significant insights into the early stages of parenthood, the limitations of nuclear families, and the gender inequalities that often develop with parenthood.

Immigration Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada

Author :
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Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada: Retrospects and Prospects provides a wide-ranging overview of immigration and contested racial and ethnic relations in Canada since confederation with a core theme being one of enduring racial and ethnic conflict.

Integrated Policies on Gender Relations Ageing and Migration in Europe

Author : Dragana Avramov
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Against the Grain

Author : Gillian Ranson
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Drawing on findings from interviews done with 32 families living in cities across Canada, Ranson challenges dominant understandings of mothering and fathering by looking closely at how couples who have opted for less traditional divisions of labour negotiate their parental and household responsibilities. Included are interviews with breadwinner mothers and caregiver fathers, and with dual-earner couples, both heterosexual and same-sex, who struggle to share equally in the nurture and support of their families. A central claim of the book is that, to the extent that both parents are equally involved in hands-on caregiving, they tend to become, over time, functionally interchangeable and move away from "mothering" and "fathering," and toward parenting. Against the Grain offers us an excellent opportunity to examine how social change happens at the forefront of family life.

Changing Gender Relations Changing Families

Author : Oriel Sullivan
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Sullivan shows that marriage is in the process of being fundamentally transformed by the changing roles, relations, and negotiations of husbands and wives. Even marriages organized according to the so-called 'traditional' male breadwinenr/female home-maker division are responding to changing values and expectations.

Gender Relations in Canada

Author : Janet Siltanen
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Series: a href=""Themes in Canadian Sociology/aToday it is widely recognized that the experience of inequality depends on the intersections of gender, race, and class in each individual life. In Gender Relations in Canada Janet Siltanen and Andrea Doucet trace the way the implications of gender play out for women and men throughout the lifecourse, from the formation of gender identity in childhood through the identity struggles of adolescence to adulthood, where gender continues to play a major role in the structure of work and family life alike. At the same time the authors underline the importance of moving beyond intersectionalityas a framework for research in this area.

The Mexican Americans

Author : Alma M. García
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Offers a brief look at Mexico's history, culture, and land; describes the reason for migrating to the United States; and analyzes the adjustment process of immigrants.

Family Policy Paradoxes

Author : Åsa Lundqvist
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This book looks at political attempts to create a 'modern family' and the aspiration to regulate the family and establish gender equality, examining the regulation of the family in Sweden between 1930 and today.

Patriarchy After Patriarchy

Author : Karl Kaser
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Since the second half of the 1980s social movements, which questioned the legitimacy of the hitherto seemingly stable systems of Kemalist Turkey and socialist Balkans, won ground. Political Islam struck Turkey; in the Balkan socialist countries the dams broke, and parliamentary democracies replaced monolithic socialist regimes. These processes have not been gender neutral. Therefore the central question is: after the abolition of patriarchy and the official installation of gender equality, are patriarchy and female discrimination returning in the region through the backdoor, although in a modernized version?

Family and Support Systems across the Life Span

Author : Suzanne K. Steinmetz
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The Costa Rica Reader

Author : Steven Paul Palmer
File Size : 39.51 MB
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DIVAn interdisciplinary anthology that includes many primary resources never before published in English./div

Women in Twentieth Century Europe

Author : Ann T. Allen
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Women's lives changed more in the Twentieth century than in any previous century. It was a period of transformation, not only of the political realm, but also the household, family and workplace. Ranging widely over Europe, this fascinating account is one of the first comprehensive surveys of its kind.

The Family in the Mediterranean Welfare States

Author : Manuela Naldini
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This work analyses in a historical and comparative perspective the relationship between the family and the welfare state in two Mediterranean countries: Italy and Spain. Two aims form the focus of the book. Firstly, to open the black box of the family in welfare state analysis, introducing a focus on inter-generational and kin relations. Secondly, to explain why the southern welfare states have offered very low support to families with children by taking into account several factors: the legacy of fascism, the role of the Church, and the specific role played by leftist parties in defining family policy as labour policy.

Gender Work and Space

Author : Susan Hanson
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Gender, Work and Space explores how social boundaries are constructed between women and men, and among women living in different places. Focusing on work, the segregation of men and women into different occupations, and variations in women's work experiences in different parts of the city, the authors argue that these differences are grounded, constituted in and through, space, place, and situated social networks. The sheer range and depth of this extraordinary study throws new light on the construction of social, geographic, economic, and symbolic boundaries in ordinary lives.

Global Perspectives on Gender and Work

Author : Jacqueline Goodman
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Central to all our lives, work affects our status in the state, the family, and the economy. This comprehensive reader examines the myriad ways in which work—whether it is well-paid, unpaid, or underpaid—profoundly influences our roles in both the public and private spheres. Jacqueline Goodman has selected a key set of essays that examine influential arguments on such central themes as (1) the origins of the gendered division of labor; (2) historical trends and economic transformations that affect and are affected by women's position in market and non-market work; (3) the effects of occupational and job segregation by sex on status, pay, and promotion; (4) the ways in which formal and informal organizational culture shape and in turn are shaped by gender in professional and managerial positions; (5) class consciousness among wage-earning men and women; (6) the different forms of gender discrimination that women and men face in the workplace; (7) the problems working parents face and the ways in which different societies, subcultures, and genders cope; and (8) alternative approaches to improving the lives of working women and their families in the global economy. With its rich interdisciplinary perspective, this text is ideal for courses in sociology, political science, anthropology, and women's and gender studies. Contributions by: Amel Adib, Kevin Bales, Dorothy Sue Cobble, Sharon M. Collins, Ruth Schwartz Cowan, Susan Eisenberg, Ashley English, Yen Le Espiritu, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Nancy Folbre, Carla Freeman, Michele Ruth Gamburd, Jacqueline Goodman, Janet C. Gornick, Yvonne Guerrier, Luigi Guiso, Shannon Harper, Heidi Hartmann, Ariane Hegewisch, Arlie Russell Hochschild, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Jacqueline Jones, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ivy Kennelly, Alice Kessler-Harris, Michael Kimmel, Eleanor Leacock, Judith Lorber, Susan E. Martin, Marcia K.Meyers, Ferdinando Monte, Martha C. Nussbaum, Jennifer Pierce, Pun Ngai, Barbara Reskin, Tracey Reynolds, Leslie Salzinger, Paola Sapienza, Joan W. Scott, Tyson Smith, Margaret Talbot, Louise A. Tilly, Christine L. Williams, Muhammad Yunus, and Luigi Zingales.

Canadian Families 1900 2000

Author : Benjamin Schlesinger
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This partially annotated bibliography of 943 articles relating to Canadian Families covers the period from 1900-2000. The concept is unique in its attempt to give the reader an overview of what has been published in English on the major issues relating to Canadian Families during a century. Items in the bibliography are organized into 50 topical headings and include articles, books, reports, surveys, and other entries from published sources. Also included is a selection of relevant websites. An introductory essay highlights some of the major events relating to Canadian Families during the 1964-2000 period. Historical entries let the reader examine what family life was like during the first 50 years of the 20th century. An author index of 968 names allows for quick reference to specific bibliographic items.