Family-Based Youth Ministry


Author: Mark DeVries

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830868054

Category: Religion

Page: 258

View: 6160

Have you tried all the new youth programs? Have you planned one too many wacky activities? Are you frustrated about the size of the youth group? Here's an approach to ministry that takes youth work seriously. Family-based youth ministry is about adults discipling teens one-on-one and in groups. It is about involving not just the nuclear family but the whole church family--from singles to older adults. More important, it's about incorporating youth into the life of your church. So stop worrying about the size of your youth group or your budget. Mark DeVries's refreshing approach to youth ministry will show you how your church can reach today's teens and how you can keep them involved in the life of the church. Whether you are a parent, a youth pastor or a church member who cares about teens, you will find in this book an entirely different approach to youth ministry that will build mature Christian believers.

Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry

The Practical Guide to Today's Family-Based Youth Ministry


Author: Jim Burns,Mike DeVries

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441266011

Category: Religion

Page: 152

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The most powerful force in a young person's life is his or her family. The importance of this is pointed out in the writing of the Torah in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, where believers are mandated to pass their family legacies to the next generations. The newest trend in youth ministry today is a very healthy move toward family-based ministry, a mind-set that helps the church act as a support system, while placing discipleship and training back into the hands of family. Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry will help youth workers understand their unique role in helping families succeed and will give an overview strategy of family-based youth ministry, as well as practical ideas on implementing this awesome ministry in your church.

Sustainable Youth Ministry

Why Most Youth Ministry Doesn't Last and What Your Church Can Do About It


Author: Mark DeVries

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830879052

Category: Religion

Page: 225

View: 3504

You're looking for a youth pastor. Again. What goes wrong? Why do youth ministries crumble? And what is the cost to students, parents, volunteers and church staff? Is a sustainable youth ministry possible, even after a youth pastor leaves? Youth ministry expert Mark DeVries knows the answer is yes, because he helps build sustainable youth ministries through his coaching service called Youth Ministry Architects. So take heart: No matter what state the youth ministry at your church is in--in need of a leader and volunteers, full of battles and stress, large or small in number--it can be built to survive and to last for the long haul. Based on his own experience and on his many conversations and interviews with churches in crisis, DeVries pinpoints problems that cause division and burnout and dispels strongly held myths. He then provides the practical tools and structures pastors and church leaders need to lay a strong foundation for your ministry so that it isn't built on a person or the latest, greatest student ministry trend. His accessible guidance helps senior pastors and search committees create a realistic job description for a youth pastor provides tips for making wise hiring decisions equips youth pastors to build a strong volunteer team offers creative solutions to help youth pastors set and keep boundaries gives a road map for navigating church politics and more Building a sustainable youth ministry is not easy, and it's not quick. But with commitment to the process, hard work and DeVries's guidance, you can put together a healthy youth ministry--one that fits your church and lasts for the long haul. Youth ministry can last. Here's how.

Josh McDowell's Youth Ministry Handbook

Making the Connection


Author: Thomas Nelson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418561835

Category: Religion

Page: 200

View: 2768

Drawing on the wisdom of insightful leaders around the country, Josh McDowell's Youth Ministry Handbook equips youth workers to help kids connect with God--and with their parents, their peers, and a world in need of Christ. Featuring articles from Dawson McAllister, Barry St. Clair, Jim Burns, Tony Campolo, Al Menconi, John Maxwell, George Barna, and others, this is an invaluable leadership resource with practical, useful ideas for today's youth workers.

Uncommon Youth Ministry

Your Onramp to Launching an Extraordinary Youth Ministry


Author: Jim Burns

Publisher: Gospel Light Publications

ISBN: 0830755101

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 4294

Your Onramp to Launching an Extraordinary Youth Ministry This comprehensive and practical resource about relational youth ministry is designed to help youth leaders build active, healthy youth groups that lead students to commitment to Christ through genuine relationships with their peers and youth workers. Theoretical enough to be used as a youth ministry text, yet practical enough for lay leaders to use effectively. Includes information on relational ministry, understanding youth culture, developing student leadership, building youth staff, discipling for lasting commitment, stimulating individual faith, effective counseling, promoting a sense of mission and evangelism, creative teaching of God's Word, interrelating with parents and the whole church, fundraising, emphasizing authentic worship and so much more!

This Way to Youth Ministry

An Introduction to the Adventure


Author: Duffy Robbins

Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties

ISBN: 0310835607

Category: Religion

Page: 608

View: 5339

A FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD LIFE OF YOUTH MINISTRY Youth Ministry. It’s quite an idea so much bigger than two words. One part odyssey, one part call, one part mission, and one part quest, youth ministry calls us into places of breathless exhilaration, stunning beauty, genuine peril, and unknown discovery. This is not terrain for the faint of heart. But it is a landscape of grace and wonder. This Way to Youth Ministry is the most complete academic text for those who might be called to such a journey. Thirty-year youth ministry veteran Duffy Robbins explores the theology, theory, and practice of youth ministry and helps you discover how to: Identify your calling to ministry Cultivate the traits and training that make a good youth pastor Set boundaries and maintain priorities Understand the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development on adolescents Navigate youth culture and postmodernism Understand youth ministry in relation to the rest of the Church Develop a team of volunteers who will walk the journey with you Develop and apply a personalized ministry philosophy With just the right mix of theory and application, this extensive academic text shows you both the big picture and the close-up details of making ministry work. Whether your journey is just beginning or well under way, This Way to Youth Ministry is the book that will help with everything that lies ahead.

The Youth Worker's Handbook to Family Ministry

Strategies and Practical Ideas for Reaching Your Students' Families


Author: Chap Clark

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780310220251

Category: Religion

Page: 127

View: 4081

Teens today are a product of families much different from those 30 years ago. Home life is shaped by dual wage-earning parents, skyrocketing educational costs, blended families, and other concerns. For youth workers who know the importance of factoring their teens' families into the youth ministry equation, here at last is a comprehensive guidebook. Chap Clark offers highly useful information for involving teens in the church family and for custom-designing a family ministry program. This hands-on book offers to-the-point explanations of every aspect of family ministry. Its wide margins encourage note-taking. It provides a wealth of specific tools and ideas. And it's replete with quotes and statistics that can be used in parent seminars, retreats, and other events described in the book.

Building Your Volunteer Team

A 30-Day Change Project for Youth Ministry


Author: Mark DeVries,Nate Stratman

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830897631

Category: Religion

Page: 153

View: 2312

Do you find yourself again and again wondering what it would take to get some new volunteers onboard for your ministry? And yet does it seem that you are never able to focus your energy on recruitment? Maybe you find yourself saying things like: "It s just easier for me to do it myself." At one level, of course, this is true. Almost always, it is easier to "do it ourselves." We avoid the hassle of having to coordinate and communicate. We avoid having to follow up with people who drop the ball. Youth leaders Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman have heard dozens of reasons why leaders choose not to build a solid volunteer team. But faithful ministry is not a do-it-yourself project. It s more than just recruiting—it involves changing the culture of your ministry so that volunteers want to become involved.That's why they have developed this 30-day change approach. In these pages you will find the step-by-step support you need to actually make one of the most important changes you want to see in your ministry. DeVries and Stratman are so commited to the ideas that they offer the following guarantee: If you work this 30-day process for one to two hours a day, six days a week, for 30 days, and it does not create significant change in your ministry, Ministry Architects will gladly refund the cost of this book and offer a credit of $20 toward any downloadable resource in their online store at You have so little to risk and everything to gain. It's time to put together that team you've been longing for!

Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts, Revised and Updated

Organizing, Leading, and Managing Your Youth Ministry


Author: Duffy Robbins

Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties

ISBN: 0310296579

Category: Religion

Page: 368

View: 7437

Youth ministry veteran and bestselling author, Duffy Robbins, offers an updated and revised edition of his book about the important, behind-the-scenes mechaincs of youth ministry. The tasks of budgeting, decision-making, time management, team ministry, staff relationships, conflict resolution, working with parents, and a range of other issues, are the things that keep a ministry together and functioning well. Nobody gets into youth ministry because they want to think about these things; but a lot of people get out of youth ministry because they didn’t think about them. All youth workers—whether paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time—will find Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts to be a thoughtful, fun, practical guide to youth ministry administration.

Youth Leader Training on the Go


Author: Mark DeVries,Jeff Dunn-Rankin

Publisher: Simply Youth Ministry

ISBN: 9781470723316

Category: Religion

Page: 72

View: 2536

Today's youth ministry volunteers are clamoring for training, yet many of them won't show up for tons of meetings. So how can youth workers equip their teams? Youth Leader Training on the Go is an easy, proven way to train leaders and multiply your ministry's effectiveness. This resource from Mark DeVries, Jeff Dunn-Rankin, and the Ministry Architects team will guide youth workers through a dynamic yearlong strategy that enhances their compelling "can't miss" training meetings. Each of the 52 learn-from-home lessons includes thought-provoking questions, an encouraging message for leaders, a story about someone living out a specific leadership truth, a relevant Scripture, questions for the volunteer to ponder, and an action idea. Each lesson is a double-sided handout--one book covers everything, so no participant books are required. And we've also included a CD-ROM with all the tools and files. Youth Leader Training on the Go will help your volunteers to: * Connect with Jesus and help teenagers center their lives on him * Understand youth culture for effective conversation and interaction * Discover practical, helpful ideas for ministering to teenagers * Work with parents to help students grow in faith * Find balance between ministry and personal life Effective ministry training isn't a one-time event. It's an ongoing investment in leaders who deeply care about teenagers, their families, and their church. Help your teenagers grow deeper in their faith by investing in your volunteers.