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Fake Bible Verses

Author : Scott Helm
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**"If you only read one entertainingly sacrilegious book this year, you are not welcome in our book club. Buy this book. Read it as an antidote to these dark times." ** --Erasmus Dalyrimple **By the magic of pricing shall he turn shit to gold.**--Coupons 10:20**Unto me I see thy wandering masses with bow'd heads and faces cast in white glow. Yea, for they hath succumbd to a false pocket idol.**--Jobs 1 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6-plus**Whicheth of my brothers heals thy skin and cureth thy cancer? Yes.**Vitamins 3:12 Be ye saint or sinner, believer or heretic, there's something for everyone to laugh at in this collection of sharp, insightful and utterly fake bible quotes.


Author : John Byer
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Lucianity, the Perverse Religion of Christians is a book about the hidden history of the New Testament -- where it not only reveals the scripture’s mysterious origin … but also its very unique and clandestine creation. In this book, the reader will learn that Christianity, the religion that people sincerely believe and practice today, is not the religion of Christ. Instead, it is the religion of an overzealous disciple who was able to gain possession of every gospel and almost every epistle, in addition to most of the other manuscripts related to early church affairs, and then after the death of the apostolic authors, edit and rewrite them to reflect his peculiar religious beliefs and philosophy. For instance, he conflated Jesus with God, and called him Lord. That disciple is identified as Lucius, the Bishop of Cyrene, who unfortunately, never understood the spiritual nature of man, the spiritual resurrection of Christ, or the purpose for why God sent Christ on a mission to Earth. As a consequence of ignorance, and the lack of understanding by Lucius, man has unknowingly accepted the false and unorthodox beliefs of Lucianity which have been incorporated into the creeds, gospels, epistles, and a host of other bible-related documents. This newly discovered information was deciphered by a seasoned detective when he deconstructed the 2000 year old biblical scripture line by line, and verse by verse. All Christians, who number in the billions today, will be stunned and perplexed by his findings, especially all the ministers who promote the Bible as the true word of God. Some of it is, and some of it isn’t; nevertheless, this book identifies God’s true word in Isaiah and Daniel, and it even illustrates the exactness and preciseness of His word (plus other prophetic scripture), by the use of numerous exhibits — since the detective believes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Christ flipped over the tables of the money changers signifying the coming end to the desolation that existed in the Jewish Temple. In like manner, the detective has upset an applecart full of false beliefs which will hopefully awaken people to the realization of Lucianity (or modern day desolation), and usher in the resurrection of true Christianity. “Christians” will learn the unvarnished truth about their ascribed beliefs for probably the first time in 2000 years, and more particularly, how they have been bamboozled and conned by a very clever disciple. The Bible is the most sold, and most read, book in the entire world, and yet, not a single person in the world has recognized the fact that at least 75% of the scripture in the New Testament is really the prodigious work of a secretive, behind the scenes, apostolic era Bishop. In his writings, Lucius used ancient manuscripts and even a book by Flavius Josephus to write various gospel chapters -- not the spoken words of Jesus. While looking over the Detective’s shoulder, the reader will see and learn exactly how he identified all the fraud implanted into the pages of the Bible via easy-to-understand scriptural analysis and a variety of exhibits. As such, reading the New Testament is generally a waste of time, unless one has the persistence, capability, and patience to do a thorough, time-consuming, focused, multi-year, forensic exam like the one contained inside the pages of the book “Lucianity.” No similar criminal investigation of the Bible has ever been completed, and no similar book exists. If a person is searching for “just the facts” regarding their Christian faith, then the Detective assures all seekers of truth that they will know more about the Bible, God, Moses, Isaiah, Daniel, and Christ (i.e. the Anointed One of God) after reading Lucianity than they ever will by reading Biblical scripture. And more importantly, if they truly understand the message of Jesus Christ as revealed within the pages of this book, they should also learn something about themselves … no matter their status, rank, position, race, or sex, their incarnation is not an accident of nature, but a self-chosen, deliberate, purposeful spiritual event. Just like Christ, every man, woman, and child has come to Earth in order to fulfill a spiritual mission, not to fulfill a short-sighted worldly aspiration for material goods and wealth.


Author : Maximillien De Lafayette
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Is The World s Oldest Bible A Fake

Author : David W. Daniels
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Modern research techniques have revealed a hidden scheme aimed at God's Holy Words... Modern Bibles have changed many verses because of the discovery of an "ancient" manuscript in a monastery on the Sinai Peninsula. The manuscript, called Sinaiticus, is claimed to be the earliest complete copy of the New Testament. Its discoverer, who was a world leading Bible scholar in his time, told the world Sinaiticus was from the 4th century and that it was the "oldest and best" Bible available. Publishers rushed to make new Bibles with many changes to match it. But not everyone agreed. When this famed 19th century Bible scholar, Constantine Von Tischendorf, claimed the ancient date, a well-known Greek calligrapher said, "No! I made that document!" But why did no one believe him? Maybe it's because pages of the manuscript were stored where no one could view them, archived in exclusive collections across several continents. Now, an international group has carefully photographed each page of Sinaiticus and is displaying it on the internet as high-quality digital images. For the first time, Bible scholars and students can see the entire manuscript together, as was never possible before. And what they are seeing with their own eyes is shocking. Some of the pages are white and look quite new, while others have been darkened to make them look very old. If they are all from the same "old" Bible, how can this be? Researcher David W. Daniels proves with easy-to-understand evidence that the Sinaiticus is not the oldest manuscript and certainly not the best, either. He is also convincing in showing it's not old after all and that the Greek calligrapher did make it, in the 19th century. The textual (and doctrinal) changes in modern Bibles are based upon a fake —a shadowy scheme worthy of Satan's hatred for the preserved words of God.

The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Leaders

Author : Thomas Nelson
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God has called men and women to leadership excellence, and He's given them the Source - His Word - for leadership success. In this latest volume of the 100 Most Important Bible Verses series, readers will be equipped for greatness as they discover how God wants them to reach their goals, manage challenging situations, overcome fear, work in harmony with their partners, teams and employees, and spur others on to be their best.

Understanding Dreams Visions and Prophecies

Author : Dr. Deborah Manoushka Paul Figaro
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This book is designed to improve people's ability to hear God. It will help them identify how God speaks, how to recognize His voice, and to develop greater intimacy with Him. This book provides exiting revealing truths in-depth examples about Dreams, Visions, and Prophecy. To those who don't hear the voice of God at all, this book will give them step by step instructions and practical tools to learn to hear His voice clearly and consistently. They will gain awareness of hearing Him and discover how or why they sometimes miss God's voice or even His presence. This book will equip them to not only hear Him speak, but also understand what He is saying. They will even learn some vocabulary God uses. This book answers such questions as: How does the spiritual world operate and function today? And more... By the time they finish reading this book, they will become an expert.

The Fake Good News

Author : William Fretwell
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Because all scripture is “God breathed,” Bill believes we have to take all of it into account when we decide where the balance is on any theological point. He provides powerful tools for the reader to arrive at a “rightly divided” position on any doctrine and to reject any position, by any preacher/teacher that doesn’t line up with that. He uses Content, Context, and Covenant, (the three Cs), to help the reader Recognize, Reject, and Replace, (the three Rs), false doctrine. He focuses this effort on three topics: the false prosperity message, bullies in the pulpit, and misinformation about tithing. He reveals a multitude of scripture that contradicts what the false prosperity preachers teach and shows how they really teach spiritual poverty. He reveals the over 90% of scripture on tithing that most preachers never mention and shows what the true teaching on tithing is. He exposes the weaknesses of “Bible bullies” and shows how to defeat them with the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.

Holy Horror

Author : Steve A. Wiggins
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What, exactly, makes us afraid? Is it monsters, gore, the unknown? Perhaps it’s a biblical sense of malice, lurking unnoticed in the corners of horror films. Holy Writ attempts to ward off aliens, ghosts, witches, psychopaths and demons, yet it often becomes a source of evil itself. Looking first at Psycho (1960) and continuing through 2017, this book analyzes the starring and supporting roles of the Good Book in horror films, monster movies and thrillers to discover why it incites such fear. In a culture with high biblical awareness and low biblical literacy, horrific portrayals can greatly influence an audience’s canonical beliefs.

Fake Christianity

Author : C.B. Matthews
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Author C.B. Matthews shares a passionate and clear vision for what is lacking in the majority of Christian people today. Fake Christianity is a challenging and inspiring book for any Christian. In the center of cultural decay, blurred ethics, and a church that lacks the knowledge of God, this book shines out like a beacon. If you want to learn how a genuine Christian should think, feel, act, and believe in the world today, this book is for you.

52 Bible Verses You Should Have in Your Heart

Author : B&H Editorial Staff
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Isaiah 55:11 reads, "So My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do." In a world where time is limited and people are running from one thing to another, this devotional gives the reader permission to pause and spend time considering and meditating on one verse each week. In 52 Bible Verses You Should Have In Your Heart, you'll find Scripture that teaches, encourages, challenges, and points you to Christ—the giver of all things in every season. This year, for a change, instead of bracing for quiet time at a read-through-the-Bible pace, bask inside this choice selection of verses, handpicked for marinating and memorizing.

101 Most Puzzling Bible Verses

Author : Timothy J. Demy
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Clarifies the cultural, historical, and doctrinal issues surrounding the Bible's words, addressing questions that come up repeatedly and can confuse people about Christianity or frustrate them in their spiritual growth. Original.

The Fake Commission 2017 Update

Author : John M. Strohman, J.D.
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THE FAKE COMMISSION is a serious examination of the Great Commission. We live in a day where felt-needs are elevated over Biblical theology among many Christians, ministries and churches. The purpose of this book is to challenge and encourage the serious Christian and the church. Without a correct focus on evangelism and missions, one risks a life of self-deception regarding what real Christian service is. This book does no belabor imprecise terms like "balance" or "moderation" when discussing evangelism and good works - it seeks to be Biblical. When our lives are done, it is the truly Spirit-led obedient believer who will hear: "Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master." (Matthew 25:21).

Mama s Got a Fake I D

Author : Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira
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No one begins life as a mom. Before you have children, you are an amazing combination of friend, daughter, confidant, visionary, encourager, and thinker. You start out in life using your gifts and abilities in a surprising variety of settings. Then you have children and the role of mom–as wonderful as it is–seems to consume you. It’s easy to lose your identity when others see you as a mom and little else. What happened to the artist, the team-builder, the organizer, the entrepreneur, the leader–the person you’ve lost touch with? In Mama’s Got a Fake I.D., Caryn Dahlstrand Rivedeneira helps moms like you reclaim the person God made you to be. God still wants to use you in ways that let your gifts, passions, and personality shine. This inspiring and practical guide will show you how to break free from false guilt, learn a new language to express your true identity, and follow God’s lead in sharing who you really are. God wants you to discover who he made you to be–in your family and beyond. It’s time to reveal the woman who got hidden behind all that mom.

They Never Said It A Book of Fake Quotes Misquotes and Misleading Attributions

Author : Paul F. Boller Jr. Emeritus Professor of History Texas Christian University
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Abraham Lincoln never said, "You cannot fool all the people all the time." Thomas Jefferson never said, "That government is best which governs least." And Horace Greeley never said, "Go west, young man." In They Never Said It, Paul Boller, Jr., and John George examine hundreds of misquotations, incorrect attributions, and blatant fabrications, outlining the origins of the quotes and revealing why they should be consigned to the historical trashcan. Many of the misquotes are quite harmless. Some are inadvertent misquotes that have become popular (Shakespeare actually said, "The best part of valor is discretion"), others, the inventions of reporters embellishing a story (Franklin Roosevelt never opened a speech to a DAR group with the salutation, "My fellow immigrants"). But some of the quotes, such as Charles Darwin's supposed deathbed recantation of evolution, are blatantly dishonest and falsify the historical record. And others are chillingly vicious, filled with virulent racial and religious prejudices that completely distort the views of the person supposedly quoted and spread distrust and hatred among the gullible. These include the forged remarks attributed to Benjamin Franklin that Jews should be excluded from America, and the fabricated condemnation of Catholics attributed to Lincoln. An entertaining and yet thought-provoking book, They Never Said It sorts out a great deal of history and sets it right, going beyond a mere catalog of popular misconceptions to reveal how conservatives and liberals, atheists and evangelists, all have at times twisted and even invented the words of eminent figures to promote their own ends. It is the ultimate debunking reference, a perfect complement to handbooks of quotations.

Fake History

Author : Otto English
File Size : 62.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'A brilliant and important book ... Five Stars!' Mark Dolan, talkRADIO 'An important new book' Daily Express An alternative history of the world that exposes some of the biggest lies ever told and how they've been used over time. Lincoln did not believe all men were created equal. The Aztecs were not slaughtered by the Spanish Conquistadors. And Churchill was not the man that people love to remember. In this fascinating new book, journalist and author Otto English takes ten great lies from history and shows how our present continues to be manipulated by the fabrications of the past. He looks at how so much of what we take to be historical fact is, in fact, fiction. From the myths of WW2 to the adventures of Columbus, and from the self-serving legends of 'great men' to the origins of curry – fake history is everywhere and used ever more to impact our modern world. Setting out to redress the balance, English tears apart the lies propagated by politicians and think tanks, the grand narratives spun by populists and the media, the stories on your friend's Facebook feed and the tales you were told in childhood. And, in doing so, reclaims the truth from those who have perverted it. Fake History exposes everything you weren't told in school and why you weren't taught it.

The True Story of Fake News

Author : Mark Dice
File Size : 43.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Is fake news being spread through social media as part of an information war? Are political operatives publishing disinformation to smear the opposition and help their own agendas? Who creates fake news, how does it spread, and can it be stopped? What are the real world effects of fake news stories that go viral? Did it affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election? Or is ‘fake news’ a fake problem, designed to justify tighter control over the mechanisms of sharing information online to drive audiences back to brand name media outlets because their audiences and influence are dwindling? Media analyst Mark Dice takes a close look at the fake news phenomenon and the implications of mega-corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter becoming the ultimate gatekeepers and distributors of news and information. You will see the powerful and deceptive methods of manipulation that affect us all, as numerous organizations and political activists cunningly plot to have their stories seen, heard, and believed by as many people as possible. The depths of lies, distortions, and omissions from traditional mainstream media will shock you; and now they’re colluding with the top tech companies trying to maintain their information monopolies. This is The True Story of Fake News.

Wild Truth Bible Lessons Dares from Jesus 2

Author : Mark Oestreicher
File Size : 52.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Featuring 12 active Bible lessons, this curriculum sends students straight into the words of Jesus to discover the truth--then it dares them to live that truth today.

Inspiring Soul Lifting Bible Verse

Author : Gideon O. Ojo
File Size : 72.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Prayer and scripture intake are both essential for meditation and devotion in walking with God. And the most straightforward and best way to pray is using the scriptures as the source. This useful devotional will equip you with a daily dose to walk with God, to experience victory, joy, and blessing in all ramifications. Furnished with unpack lessons from the scriptures and anecdotes to apply to daily life Each devotion and prayer offer hope, strength, comfort, faith, and assurance of God's faithfulness. Provide daily focus and inspiration essential to your spiritual growth Soul nourishing and refreshing brief exhortation that Inspires you to continue to walk with God and keep you going when life is hard A nice way to start your day Enjoy! It will beckon you to higher ground. 120 days Profound and convenient devotionals to build your faith · Daily key verses, short applications with prayer · An excellent way to start your day · For active, busy lives · Good for brief meditations and quiet time · A great compassion · Inspirational & Motivational · Short sermons for active busy lives · Suitable gift for all ages

Fake Christianity

Author : C. B. Matthews
File Size : 87.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Author C.B. Matthews shares a passionate and clear vision for what is lacking in the majority of Christian people today. Fake Christianity is a challenging and inspiring book for any Christian. In the center of cultural decay, blurred ethics, and a church that lacks the knowledge of God, this book shines out like a beacon. If you want to learn how a genuine Christian should think, feel, act, and believe in the world today, this book is for you.

Fake News Theology

Author : Kenton L. Sparks
File Size : 51.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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No matter what side you’re on or how you look at it, we’re living in a world that’s filled with “fake news” and with lots of people who believe it. How do Christians fits into this world? In this book, Kenton Sparks argues that certain approaches to biblical authority, which assume that the Bible is a perfect book, make Christians especially susceptible to the deceptions of “fake news” and cause us to embrace false understandings of the Bible and, because of this, about natural science, social science, various academic disciplines, politics, morals, ethics, and loads of other things. The resulting damage to faith and Christian witness is significant. Is there a better way to understand and honor biblical authority? Yes. We must restore God as the final authority over our interpretations of Scripture. The path forward for this theological agenda was modeled by Jesus Christ in his interpretations of Scripture. Whereas his contemporaries often followed the “letter of the law” or something akin to it, Jesus taught that love for God and neighbor provided the proper foundation and destination for healthy readings and applications of the Bible. If love required more radical, internal commitments to the law, Jesus demanded this of his audience; where love required that we set aside the law’s violent judgments, he pointed his audience in the opposite direction. In modeling this approach to Scripture, Jesus taught “as one with authority” and thus showed us that, when we interpret Scripture through the lens of divine love, we give ourselves the best opportunity to read Scripture under the authority of God.