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Fairy Tales and Feminism

Author : Donald Haase
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Responding to thirty years of feminist fairy-tale scholarship, this book breaks new ground by rethinking important questions, advocating innovative approaches, and introducing woman-centered texts and traditions that have been ignored for too long.

Why Fairy Tales Stick

Author : Jack Zipes
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In his latest book, fairy tales expert Jack Zipes explores the question of why some fairy tales "work" and others don't, why the fairy tale is uniquely capable of getting under the skin of culture and staying there. Why, in other words, fairy tales "stick." Long an advocate of the fairy tale as a serious genre with wide social and cultural ramifications, Jack Zipes here makes his strongest case for the idea of the fairy tale not just as a collection of stories for children but a profoundly important genre. Why Fairy Tales Stick contains two chapters on the history and theory of the genre, followed by case studies of famous tales (including Cinderella, Snow White, and Bluebeard), followed by a summary chapter on the problematic nature of traditional storytelling in the twenty-first century.

Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion

Author : Jack Zipes
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The fairy tale is arguably one of the most important cultural and social influences on children's lives. But until the first publication of Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion, little attention had been paid to the ways in which the writers and collectors of tales used traditional forms and genres in order to shape children's lives – their behavior, values, and relationship to society. As Jack Zipes convincingly shows in this classic work, fairy tales have always been a powerful discourse, capable of being used to shape or destabilize attitudes and behavior within culture. How and why did certain authors try to influence children or social images of children? How were fairy tales shaped by the changes in European society in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? Zipes examines famous writers of fairy tales such as Charles Perrault, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and L.Frank Baum and considers the extraordinary impact of Walt Disney on the genre as a fairy tale filmmaker.

Fairy Tales with a Black Consciousness

Author : Vivian Yenika-Agbaw,
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The all new essays in this book discuss Black cultural retellings of traditional, European fairy tales. The representation of Black protagonists in such tales helps to shape children's ideas about themselves and the world beyond their limited experiences. Allowing them to see themselves in traditional tales strengthens connections with the world and can ignite a will to read books representing diverse ethnic and cultural characters. Also discussed is the need for a multicultural text set which includes the multiplicity of cultures within the Black Diaspora.The tales referenced in the text are rich and diverse in perspective, illuminating stories such as Aesop's fables, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Ananse. Readers will see that stories from Black perspectives adhere to the dictates of traditional literary conventions while steeped in literary traditions that can be traced back to Africa or the diaspora.

Wishfulfillment and Symbolism in Fairy Tales

Author : Franz Ricklin
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"Wishfulfillment and Symbolism in Fairy Tales" by Franz Ricklin (translated by William A. White). Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Indian fairy tales selected and ed by J Jacobs

Author : Joseph Jacobs
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Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious

Author : Ravit Raufman
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The book combines two main perspectives: the study of the social unconscious and the study of fairy tales. Examining different versions of fairy tales told by different ethnic communities teaches us about the relations between universal and local/cultural aspects of the social unconscious. Exploring the unique status of fairy tales as located on the border line between concrete/somatic and abstract/linguistic realms sheds light on different levels of the human mind. The book focuses on a specific phenomenon common in fairy tales: a realization of idiomatic expressions - a phenomenon in which an abstract/mental idea is hidden behind a concrete event embedded in the plot. Deciphering the abstract idea out of the pictorial world of the fairy tale enables to understand the stories in a way which is not available otherwise. The book suggests interdisciplinary examination, reminding us the rich, deep messages hidden in fairy tales, and connecting us to early developments in the field of psychoanalysis, by suggesting new interpretation to old, ancient material.

The Singing Turtle and Other Folk and Fairy Tales

Author : Dianne Stewart
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Was the stranger, who knocked at the city gates during a storm, really a princess? What kind of friend could a frog be? Read ‘The Frog Prince’ to find out. If you want to know why the animals were afraid of the proud elephant, Karpuratilaka, read the Indian tale in this collection to find your answer. Could the turtle really fly? A West Indian folktale reveals how the turtle took to the skies. Read about the party for the long-tailed animals in author Dianne Stewart’s original African folktale, ‘A Dance in the Moonlight’. This collection of fairy and folktales from around the world, is beautifully illustrated by Heidi-Kate Greeff and will be enjoyed by adult and child alike.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Author : Kindergarten Class
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Fractured Fairy Tales is a collection of stories written by kindergarten students at Science & Arts Academy.

Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights 4

Author : Patrick Shand
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The high-octane conclusion to the greatest Grimm Fairy Tales team-up of all time! The lines are drawn as Cronus and his army of Hydra have taken control of Mount Olympus. The world’s only hope rests on the shoulders of the Realm Knights, who have been divided and conquered! Can these fairy tales and gods live up to their legend, or will they be snuffed out by the King of Titans? GODS VS. TITANS! DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUE!