Facing Violence

Preparing for the Unexpected


Author: Rory Miller

Publisher: YMAA Publication Center, Inc.

ISBN: 1594392374

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 242

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This book stands alone as an introduction to the context of self-defense. There are seven elements that must be addressed to bring self-defense training to something approaching ‘complete.’ Training that dismisses any of these areas leaves you vulnerable: Legal and ethical implications. To learn self-defense, you must learn force law. The consequence is prison. Side by side with the legal rules, everyone must explore his or her own ethical limitations. Most people don’t really know where this ethical line lies within them. Violence dynamics. Self-defense must teach how attacks happen. You must be able to recognize an attack before it happens and know what kind you are facing. Avoidance. You need to learn and practice not-fighting. Learning includes escape and evasion, verbal de-escalation, and also pure not-be-there avoidance. Counter-ambush. If you didn’t see the precursors or couldn’t successfully avoid the encounter, you will need a handful of actions, trained to reflex level, to deal with a sudden violent attack. Breaking the freeze. Freezing is almost universal in a sudden attack. You must learn to recognize a freeze and break out of one. The fight itself. Most martial arts and self-defense instructors concentrate their time on the fight. It just needs to be in line with how violence really happens in the world. The aftermath. There are potential legal, psychological, and medical effects of engaging in violence no matter how justified. Advanced preparation is critical.

Facing Violence

The Path of Restorative Justice and Dialogue


Author: Mark S. Umbreit

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781881798453

Category: Law

Page: 395

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Evaluates pioneering programs that employ mediation/dialogue techniques in homicide, rape, and other cases involving extreme violence. It documents the positive impact that these programs have had not only on the lives of victims and offenders, but also on restitution payments, recidivism, and costs.

Facing violence

discussion-starting skits for teenagers


Author: R. William Pike

Publisher: Resource Pubns


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 187

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Teens have many reasons for acting up. Trouble at home. Trouble with relationships. Trouble on the streets. You can get them to talk about their problems and explore solutions by using simple dramas. Facing Violence, provides you with 40 skits addressing violence in schools, violence in the home, violent language, violence and dating, violence and bias, violence in society, and solutions. Try them. They work!

Domestic Violence and Health Care in India

Policy and Practice


Author: Meerambika Mahapatro

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811061599

Category: Medical

Page: 226

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This book discusses health care issues related to domestic violence, using extensive case studies from India. By discussing the global literature, legal systems, methodological challenges of gathering information on domestic violence, and health systems issues, along with learnings from case studies, it fills a significant gap in the literature between health care policy and practice vis-à-vis victims of domestic violence. It therefore enables a systemic and systematic response to incidents of domestic violence. Policy instructions, court verdicts, government interventions, community-based direct interventions and related case discussions in the book help in the understanding and management of cases. Though the book uses case studies from India, it addresses globally relevant issues for health care professionals. In view of the paucity of application of systematic evidence-based knowledge, the holistic perspective presented in the book is important to prevent domestic violence, protect women’s rights, and promote healthcare and wellbeing of women and children facing domestic violence. Medical professionals are expected to intervene in instances of injuries related to domestic violence---a responsibility that they are currently unable to fulfil due to lack of training in recognizing abuse and lack of tools for intervention. This book improves hands-on-knowledge by providing information on where to refer victims for assistance and timely intervention. Comprehensive yet lucid, this book is useful for academics, policy makers, non-government organizations and women’s rights groups in helping victims during and after a violent episode and also in improving reporting and referral services.

Ending Violence Against Women

A Challenge for Development and Humanitarian Work


Author: Francine Pickup,Suzanne Williams,Caroline Sweetman

Publisher: Oxfam

ISBN: 9780855984380

Category: Social Science

Page: 366

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8. Challenging the state.

Faces of Violence

Psychological Correlates, Concepts, and Intervention Strategies


Author: Daya Singh Sandhu

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 9781560728351

Category: Psychology

Page: 470

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Contents: Workplace Violence: Another Face of the Crisis; School Violence: Issues and Strategies For Prevention; School Violence: Risk Factors, Psychological Correlates, Prevention and Intervention Strategies; Ecological Violence: Impact of Environmental Degradation and Contamination on Psychological Health and Well-Being; Ethnoviolence in America; Anti-Gay Hate Crimes and Violence: Counselling Implications; Psychological Violence Against Gay Men and Lesbian Women: An Interpersonal Perspective; Substance Abuse and Violence: A Coexisting Issue; The Violence of Sexual Harassment: Physical, Emotional and Economic Victimisation; Violence and the Offender: Interrupting the Cycle of Violence; Faces of Sexual Harassment in Schools; Child Sexual Abuse and Programmed Distance Writing; Words that Wound, Words that Heal: Faces of Verbal Violence in Heterosexual Couples; Domestic Violence Perpetrators: Intervention and Prevention; Faces of Violence in Sport; Risk Assessment in Domestic Violence; Predictors of Domestic Violence: Power-and-Control Versus Imbalance-of-Power and Related Factors; Sudden Violent Loss: Clinical Guidelines for the Screening and Treatment of Survivors; Counsellor React

Civil Action and the Dynamics of Violence


Author: Deborah Avant,Marie Berry,Erica Chenoweth,Rachel Epstein,Cullen Hendrix,Oliver Kaplan,Timothy Sisk

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190056924

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

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Many view civil wars as violent contests between armed combatants. But history shows that community groups, businesses, NGOs, local governments, and even armed groups can respond to war by engaging in civil action. Characterized by a reluctance to resort to violence and a willingness to show enough respect to engage with others, civil action can slow, delay, or prevent violent escalations. This volume explores how people in conflict environments engage in civil action, and the ways such action has affected violence dynamics in Syria, Peru, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Spain, and Colombia. These cases highlight the critical and often neglected role that civil action plays in conflicts around the world.

Domestic Violence

Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice


Author: Lettie L Lockhart,Fran S Danis

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231521375

Category: Social Science

Page: 456

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In Domestic Violence: Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice, experts working with twelve unique groups of domestic abuse survivors provide the latest research on their populations and use a case study approach to demonstrate culturally sensitive intervention strategies. Chapters focus on African Americans, Native Americans, Latinas, Asian and Pacific Island communities, persons with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, women in later life, LGBT survivors, and military families. They address domestic violence in rural environments and among teens, as well as the role of religion in shaping attitudes and behavior. Lettie L. Lockhart and Fran S. Danis are editors of the Council of Social Work Education's popular teaching modules on domestic violence and founding co-chairs of the CSWE symposium on violence against women and children. In their introduction, they provide a thorough overview of intersectionality, culturally competent practice, and domestic violence and basic practice strategies, such as universal screening, risk assessment, and safety planning. They follow with collaborative chapters on specific populations demonstrating the value of generalist social work practice, including developing respectful relationships that define issues from the survivor's perspective; collecting and assessing data; setting goals and contracting; identifying culturally specific interventions; implementing culturally appropriate courses of action; participating in community-level strategies; and advocating for improved policies and funding at local, state, and federal levels. Featuring resources applicable to both practitioners and clients, Domestic Violence forms an effective tool for analysis and action.

Countering Gender Violence

Initiatives Towards Collective Action in Rajasthan


Author: Kanchan Mathur

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761932451

Category: Rural women

Page: 379

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Violence constitutes a major form of oppressing women. Rooted in the practical experiences of rural Indian women, Countering Gender Violence explores those facets of social, cultural and economic life that otherwise appear to have little bearing on gender violence and hence are rarely examined./-//-/This book studies the phenomenon of violence which, while being meted out to individual women, is systematically rooted in the social pattern of gender relations. Addressing gender violence requires challenging the means by which gender roles and power relations are defined and articulated in society. The book focuses on ways through which these relations can be altered in favour of women. /-//-/The author concludes that strategies for countering gender violence must emerge from women’s collective and shared experience of both subordination and empowerment.

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse

Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention


Author: Frank R. Ascione,Phil Arkow

Publisher: Purdue University Press



Page: 479

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Evidence is mounting that animal abuse, frequently embedded in families scarred by domestic violence and child abuse and neglect, often predicts the potential for other violent acts. As early intervention is critical in the prevention and reduction of agg