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Fabulous Phil

Author : Matt Watson
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An explosive biography about a footballer unlike any other. Phil Carman was capable of tearing a game apart. Despite his talent, he tore his own career apart. When Phil Carman was a kid in Edenhope, he thought he wasn't good enough to play VFL football. But when Carman's father died in a Melbourne hospital, friends noticed a change. While his mates were hanging out together, Carman, at 14, was running long distances around his home town. At 16, he kicked six goals in a half for Edenhope in a trial game against Collingwood. A few months later, Carman was training with Collingwood. The club and the vastness of Melbourne left him unimpressed. Carman returned to Edenhope. At 17, he kicked 89-goals for the senior team. His coach, John McBain, knew Carman was a future star. All he had to do was go to Collingwood. But Carman defied the VFL's zone system that tied him to Collingwood and went to Adelaide at Norwood's invitation. Carman and Norwood officials deliberately broke the rules, paying off a police officer to ensure they obtained a clearance. Incensed Collingwood officials launched the biggest interstate war ever seen in the VFL, forcing Carman out of football for two years. Carman returned to Norwood in 1973 but Collingwood refused to give up. A massive salary convinced him to move to Victoria in 1975. Carman's debut season is remembered as one of the best in VFL history. He was quickly dubbed Fabulous Phil. Despite missing eight games through injury, he won Collingwood's best and fairest, the Copeland Trophy and missed out on the Brownlow Medal by three votes. But the brilliance was punctuated by trouble. Carman clashed with teammates and coaches. He missed the 1977 drawn grand final and the replay after being suspended for striking Michael Tuck. Collingwood lost patience with their star and traded Carman to Melbourne in 1978. His four-year deal lasted one season because of an incident with Melbourne's coach Carl Ditterich. He crossed to Essendon for two years. In 1980, Carman became the first footballer to be suspended for head-butting a boundary umpire. At the end of 1981, Kevin Sheedy moved him on. Carman played one year with North Melbourne, again leaving in acrimonious circumstances when his coach, Barry Cable, wanted him to stay. Carman went back to Adelaide in the 90s and found football redemption, coaching Sturt into a grand final and helping save the club. Fabulous Phil is the story of a football nomad, a man craving success and determined to do it his own way. Carman amazed and frustrated teammates, coaches, officials and the fans. In Fabulous Phil, former players, coaches and umpires give insight into why success ultimately eluded Carman. And Carman tells his story, how it all happened.

Phil and His Fabulous Feathers

Author : Blazek, Frank
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Phil, a good duck who is admired by most of the others, is made fun of by a group of ducks who need time to realize that his beautiful crown of feathers is not just an expression of vanity.

How Not to Find a Boyfriend

Author : Allyson Valentine
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With the perfect plan to get the guy, what could possibly go wrong? Nora Fulbright is the most talented new cheerleader at Riverbend High. She may have been a friendless overachiever in the past but this year Nora is determined to transform from social larva to full blown butterfly. Even if it means dumbing herself down. But when Adam moves to town and steals Nora’s heart with his ultra-smarts she devises a plan to wow him with her intellect. Every move she makes getting closer to Adam is more complicated and she quickly loses control of her strategy. Can Nora to prove that she's not a complete airhead while keeping her image in check? Allyson Valentine's pitch-perfect humor and delightfully frustrating romance is perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins's Anna and the French Kiss, Susanne Colosanti and Sarah Dessen.

Tall Dark and Deadly

Author : Heather Graham
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New York Times Bestseller: The hunt is on for a missing woman in steamy Florida in this romantic thriller from an author who “knows what readers want” (Publishers Weekly). Few people in Florida worry when Marnie Newcastle disappears. A successful lawyer with a wild side, Marnie has been known to disappear during her passionate love affairs. But Samantha Miller, a college friend who is as sensible as Marnie is impulsive, knows better. When Marnie vanishes a few days after moving into her dream house, Samantha is the only one who doesn’t think her friend is off on another tryst. There are dark secrets in Marnie’s past, and Samantha thinks one of them may have gotten her killed. Investigating Marnie’s menagerie of ex-lovers, Samantha finds a crooked contractor, a rock star, and a homicide cop—all with something to hide. A killer is stalking the Florida swamps, and Samantha must find him before he finds her—or else she may be the next to die. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Heather Graham including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.

On The Edge Stepping Back From The Brink of Suicide

Author : James Gardner
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James was only five years old and travelling home to Devon after holiday with his family in Scotland in 1986, when tragedy struck. The car was involved in a serious accident just outside Bristol, leaving him fighting for survival on life support. When he emerged from his coma, doctors discovered that he was seriously brain damaged, leaving the left side paralysed. Within the blink of an eye James had been transformed from a gregarious, fun-loving little boy into a rag doll. But with a lot of loving support, he began the long and difficult road to recovery. His attitude was inspirational, and for years he threw himself into rehabilitation. As James grew up he began to feel misunderstood and not able to reach the level of normality he so yearned for. He felt that there was no longer any point to his life. When James asked his doctor for help, the reality of his situation suddenly struck. Suicide would be the ultimate failure. This is the story of James' life and how he fought tooth and nail to stay alive. It is both his autobiography and a guide to personal development. Since making the conscious decision not to give up hope, James has gone on to travel the world and teach English abroad. James is open and honest about the things in which he has found great solace during his darkest hours, and he credits the teachings of Kabbalah, an increasingly popular form of Jewish mysticism, for helping him refocus his life. The singer Madonna, a long term exponent of the spiritual teaching, has been an inspirational figure for James. James is now a picture of good health; despite continued weakness in his left side and a limp, he walks confidently and with a purpose.

Who Says Life Is Fair

Author : James C. Wilson
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This book is about the life of a loving and responsible father who has lost his relationships with his adult children. This circumstance provides the background for a captivating, human story which will ring true for a soberingly large number of loving parents to whom a loss of this nature has occurred. Such readers will have a strong frame of reference from which to relate to the story. For others who are simply students of the human condition, this well-crafted excursion into the life of another everyman is thoroughly worth the undertaking. The book takes us from one recollection to another, be they light- hearted and uplifting or stark and powerful, with deftness and brevity. The way in which the tragic loss of cherished children is transformed into a joyful life of purpose and love is an uplifting story which makes a worthwhile and gratifying read. A set of principles is offered as a recipe to help those for whom personal loss creates continuing pain. This provides a positive and effective means to help readers gain, even in the face of tragedy, the same kind of life success which has been experienced by the man about whom this story is written.

The Afternoon of Day Five

Author : Dayv James-French
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You will recognize these characters-the university student with an older, married friend; the middle-aged woman haunted by financial insecurity; a young couple, each with a terrible, secret past-and if you don't, you will meet them here and never forget them.

The Fabulous Victrola 45

Author : Phil Vourtsis
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Relive the history of 45 rpm records and the fabulous machines that played them -- now highly collectible. Showcases models produced by RCA Victor Corporation and other licensed manufacturers, including descriptions, model numbers and names, original selling prices, and current values. Also features magazine ads and dealer sheets, RCA memorabilia, repair and restoration tips.

Mongrel Punts and Hard Ball Gets

Author :
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Who s who in Hockey

Author : Stan Fischler
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Alphabetically arranged entries offer profiles of more than seven hundred hockey players and coaches, including biographical information, career highlights, and game statistics.

Phil of the Future Far Out Phil Book 4

Author : N. B. Grace
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When Phil gets invited to the party of the year, he must decide if he will stay at home and celebrate Unification Day, a holiday that celebrates world peace, with his family or go out with his friends.

False Positive

Author : William Cutrer, M.D.
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After a woman is rushed to the ER in shock from massive blood loss, second-year medical resident Julien “Red” Richison becomes suspicious about the procedures being practiced at the nearby “VIP” abortion clinic. Soon, with the help of Bethany Fabrazio, director of a pro-life women’s clinic, Red finds himself investigating what goes on behind closed doors at VIP. But what Bethany and Red don’t know is that some VIP doctors will stop at nothing to keep their secrets under wraps–even if it means taking Red’s life. Addressing with sensitivity and conviction some of the most crucial moral, ethical, medical and spiritual issues of our time–including sanctity of life, bio-ethics, RU-486, ectopic pregnancy, in vitro fertilization, abortion, fetal tissue research, post-abortion emotional and spiritual recovery–False Positive take readers on a fast-paced thrill-ride ride and bring them face-to-face with the inseparable miracles of God’s forgiveness and grace.

A Dictionary of Polite Literature Or Fabulous History of the Heathen Gods and Illustrious Heroes

Author :
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The Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Author : Colin Larkin
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This text presents a comprehensive and up-to-date reference work on popular music, from the early 20th century to the present day.

Snappy Shorts at Tarragon Theatre

Author : Tarragon Theatre
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"This is a volume of plays written by many of Canada's favourite and familiar playwrights, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tarragon Theatre's annual Spring Arts Fair. These plays are a stimulating and diverse selection of the almost 200 plays that premiered in the first 20 years of the Fair. All between 10 and 20 minutes, most are very easy to produce needing a maximum of three actors and a modest setting. These plays make an excellent introduction to theatre, and are short enough for quick and pleasant bedtime reading. There is a wide variety of themes to be studied, and theatre to appeal to all amateur, community and professional companies."--BOOK JACKET.

Widener Library Shelflist Philosophy and psychology

Author : Harvard University. Library
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Florida s Fabulous Waterbirds

Author : Winston Williams
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New Zealand Cycling Legends 01 Phil O Shea Wizard on wheels

Author : Jonathan Kennett
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Cycling Legends is a series of books detailing New Zealand's ten greatest cyclists. The first in the series tells the story of Phil O'Shea, the greatest of them all. Born in 1889, O'Shea's quiet, unassuming persona was juxtaposed by an extraordinary athletic ability. He won every track and road cycling title he set his mind to, during a time when competitive cycling was one of the world's most popular sports. He went to Australia and won their road championships three years straight. After 1923, he concentrated on track racing. Champions from around the world were imported for O'Shea to compete against in front of home crowds. After a long racing career he coached other champions, ran a cycle shop in Christchurch, and continued cycling until he was 90.

The Scrambled the Poached and the Fried

Author : Paul Root
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The Fabulous Sylvester

Author : Joshua Gamson
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A journey back through the music, madness, and unparalleled freedom of an era of change-the '70s-as told through the life of ultra-fabulous superstar Sylvester Imagine a pied piper singing in a dazzling falsetto, wearing glittering sequins, and leading the young people of the nation to San Francisco and on to liberation where nothing was straight-laced or old-fashioned. And everyone, finally, was welcome-to come as themselves. This is not a fairy tale. This was real, mighty real, and disco sensation Sylvester was the piper. Joshua Gamson-a Yale-trained pop culture expert-uses him, a boy who would be fabulous, to lead us through the story of the '70s when a new era of change liberated us from conformity and boredom. Gamson captures the exuberant life, feeling, energy, and fun of a generation's wonderful, magical waking up-from the parties to the dancing and music. The story begins with a little black boy who started with nothing but a really big voice. We follow him from the Gospel chorus to the glory days in the Castro where a generation shook off its shame as Sylvester sang and began his rise as part of a now-notorious theatrical troup called the Cockettes. Celebrity, sociology, and music history mingle and merge around this endlessly entertaining story of a singer who embodied the freedom, spirit, and flamboyance of a golden moment in American culture.