F*ck Off, I'm Coloring! Swear Word Coloring Book

40 Cuss Words and Insults to Color & Relax: Adult Coloring Books (Midnight Edition)


Author: James Alexander

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781946449993


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AMAZON BEST SELLER - 2016 BEST GIFT IDEAS F★ck Off, I'm Coloring! features over 40 hilarious curse words and insults to color, printed on beautiful black paper. Each page is beautifully designed with doodles, underwater realms, mermaids, faraway galaxies, skyscrapers, and much more. What's Inside: Over 40 Swear Words and Insults to Color (see list below) Beautiful Doodle Designs with Mermaids, Foxes, Owls, and More! Each Sweary Insult Is Printed on Black Paper Includes Free PDF Bonus Inside! Sometimes, you just need to SWEAR at someone... List of Words Fuck Douche Bitch Asshole Zero Fucks Given For Fuck's Sake! (featuring a cute fox) Asswipe Clusterfuck Shit Happens! Motherfucker Bastard Fucknugget What the lemon-scented fuck is wrong with you? (featuring lemon slices) Dickhead Fucktastic Scoop My Shit, You Slut! (with cute kittens) Piss Flaps Jackass Asshat Fuck You, You Twat Waffle! Bye Felicia! Fuck You, I'm Coloring! Calm Your Tits! Suck It Up, Buttercup! Baggy Vag Saggy Balls Twat Waffle Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck! Bullshit Sugar Tits Piss Off! Dipshit Fuckface Shit-a-brick Fuck You, and the Horse You Rode In On Skank My, My, Aren't You a Bitch... Fuckwit Twunt You Sneaky Little Shitgibbon Shitballs Fuck it! When things go tits up, what do you do? You pick up a James Alexander coloring book, of course! Dive into 40 intricate designs with classic and wonderfully original insults, exclamations and swear words to help you relax and let go of the stressful situations in your life. Each single-sided page includes such agression-relieving words as 'Shitballs', 'Twat Waffle' and 'Asshat' laid over therapeutic, doodle-inspired patterns. The #1 Gag Gift for Friends with a Sense of Humor! Introducing a coloring book printed on black paper. You've never experienced anything like this before. Using this beautiful midnight edition will make your designs vibrant with color. Never again worry about coloring inside the lines... let the black paper take care of it! Unwind and relax with this beautiful coloring book... let your steam loose! Order now and get started! Your inner peace is waiting, and it has some choice words for you... Preview the book at swearybook.com For business enquiries, contact [email protected] TAGS: fuck off i'm coloring, fuck off im coloring, black coloring book, midnight coloring book, black adult coloring book, midnight adult coloring book, sweary coloring book, swear word coloring book, swear words adult coloring book, bullshit book, bullshit coloring book, james alexander, memos to shitty people, calm the fuck down, chill the fuck out, sasha o'hara, james alexander, donald trump, hillary clinton, alex fleming merry christmas asshole, happy fucking holidays, christmas swear word coloring book"

F*ck Off! I'm Coloring


Author: Swearing N' Coloring

Publisher: Blurb

ISBN: 9781367647602

Category: Photography

Page: 56

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F*ck Off! I'm Coloring! Everybody needs a time out, and one of the greatest ways to relax is coloring. Yes, coloring for adults is a wonderful and fulfilling pastime, but sometimes the world just won't give you a second to yourself. It just seems like you can't get the down time that you need. When that happens, it's time to flip everyone the bird and shout, F*ck Off! I'm Coloring! Leave me the F*ck alone! If you can relate, then this is the coloring book for you! Get F$%$ing started today!*25 Swearing designs to color.*No bleed through because every coloring page is on a separate piece of paper.*Anti-stress management.*Owls, Flowers, and many unique patterns.*Swear words or dirty phrases on every coloring page!*Use your own coloring tools. Colored pencils, crayons or markers. What's Inside! And Uncensored!-F*ck F*ck F*ck Motherf*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck--Wh**e--Good F*cking Morning!--Chuckle F*cks--Thunderc*nt--Tw*t Waffle--Rock Out with Your C*ck Out!--A**wipe--Dipsh*t Motherf*cker--F*cking B*tch--F*ck Stick--A**hole--Pi** Off--Bullsh*t--Kiss My A*s--Who Gives A F*ck?--Sugart*ts--Give me a F*cking hug!-Pu**y Licker--D**kweed--Tw*tlips--F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!--Wanker--Douche Canoe--Clusterf*ck--Bonus F*ck Off! I'm Coloring title page--Bonus Coloring Intro Page--Bonus Front Cover coloring page- This coloring book is meant for adults or teens only.

F*ck Off, I'm Coloring!

Swear Words to Color for Comfort


Author: Caitlin Peterson

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250183138

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 64

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Vocab vulgarities with a colorful f*cking kick The latest volume in our successful sweary coloring book series! F*CK OFF, I’M COLORING offers 30 all-new filthy words to color for relaxation and dirty mindfulness. Features: -Perforated pages for easy framing -One-side printing so colors don't bleed through -Instant stress relief and humor

F*ck Off! I'm Coloring: Bitchin' Blue Cover Edition

A Swear Word Adult Coloring Book with Owls, Flowers. and Other Relaxing Designs


Author: Swearing N Coloring

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781533512307


Page: 110

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F*ck Off! I'm Coloring! Bitchin' Blue Cover Edition This is a blue cover edition of the First Edition, Volume One: F*ck Off! I'm Coloring. If you own that edition, please be aware that this is the same coloring book. Everybody needs a time out, and one of the greatest ways to relax is coloring. Yes, coloring for adults is a wonderful and fulfilling pastime, but sometimes the world just won't give you a second to yourself. It just seems like you can't get the down time that you need. When that happens, it's time to flip everyone the bird and shout, F*ck Off! I'm Coloring! Leave me the F*ck alone! If you can relate, then this is the coloring book for you! Get F$%$ing started today! *25 unique designs to color. *Bonus Cover Image, Bonus Title Page and Bonus Intro Page! *Images are printed twice in case you mess up. *No bleed through because every coloring page is on a separate piece of paper. *Anti-stress management. *Owls, Flowers, and many unique patterns. *Swear words or dirty phrases on every coloring page. Uncensored! *Use your own coloring tools. Colored pencils, crayons or markers. This coloring book is meant for adults or teens only.

F*ck Off I'm Coloring Adult Coloring Book Stress Relieving Zentangle and Mandala Designs

With 40 Quotes and Patterns to Color In, Funny Swear Cuss Words, Zen Coloring Book for De-stress and Relaxation.


Author: Coloring by Hallows

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781073844678


Page: 82

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This just released Adult Coloring Book is perfect for those with a sassy sense of humor, with funny quips like "Don't fuck with me", "Fuck this" and "Do more of what makes you fucking happy" our F*ck off, I'm coloring book is great for relaxing and unwinding. Also includes Mandala and Zentangle patterns, perfect for those who love to de-stress with a good mandala. With 40 unique pictures to color in- from tea cups to sugar skulls, from swear word quotes to hearts, you will be relaxing for hours. Adult Coloring in Books are the ideal way to de-stress and relax for anyone looking to release tension and stress in a therapeutic way. Adult Coloring Book Details: Professional quality designsLarge 8" x 10" format making it easy to relax and color40 Single-sided Pages- Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through, making it suitable for markers, felt tip pins, gel pens and coloring pencils. Also allows you to remove the pages to frame if you choose.Perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to color. Make someone smile by gifting them this animal coloring book.CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN

Swearing N' Coloring

A Collection of Three Swear Word Adult Coloring Books


Author: Swearing Coloring,Don Cummings

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530791163


Page: 152

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Three Swearing N' Coloring Books In One! F*ck Off! I'm Coloring (F*ck Off! I'm Coloring Volume One) I Love to F*cking Color! (F*ck Off! I'm Coloring Volume Two) I May Go to Hell, But I'll be Coloring on the Way Down: A Swear Word Adult Coloring Book Coloring is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Combine this therapeutic hobby with swear words, and you will never look at coloring the same way again! Swearing N' Coloring books provide hours of entertainment and hysterical fun. They not only give you relief after a hectic day, they make you want to just sit back, take it easy, and say f*ck it, everything is going to be alright! Get this great collection of Swearing N' Coloring Books today! Get F%#king Started Today! 73 Swear Word Designs to color! No Bleed Through Because Every Coloring Page Is On a Separate Piece of Paper! Swear Words or Dirty Phrases on Every Coloring Page! Anti-Stress Management! Use Your Own Coloring Tools, Colored Pencils, Crayons, or Markers!

Fck You

Memo to Your Enemies: Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults: Naughty, Profanity and Swearing Rude Words: Perfect Gifts for Friends: Creative Cursing Sweary Colouring Pages for Dirty Grown Ups Relaxation


Author: Swearing Coloring Swearing Coloring Book

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539147701


Page: 52

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Stress-Relieving Sweary Coloring Book Get FREE BONUS pages at www.fckyeahcoloring.com and preview the book! Do you have an annoyingly loud neighbor? Coworkers who don't know theirshit? Or a boss you really want to stick your middle finger to? Let it all out with this wonderful sweary coloring book! Designed for your swearing relaxation, this coloring book is filledwith sassy swear quotes such as "I am not a bitch. I am a teller of unpopular truths." and "Suck my dick" These naughty words are surrounded by beautiful flowers, fairies, and cute animals forhilarious contrast. Grab Your Copy Now to Blow Off Steam and Restore Your Peace of MindImmediately! Here's what you're going to get from this unbelievable book: 25 swear words perfect for your boss...or someone else! Carefully prepared by 2 Professional Art Studios! Printed and Published by Amazon and its printing house! Special, one-time promotion price: ONLY $5.38 instead of$14.99! Includes Free Bonus Pages inside: www.fckyeahcoloring.com Here are the swearing quotes in this badass swearing book: Could You Fucking Stop? Holy Fuckballs is this day over yet? I know life is unfair, but this is fucking ridiculous You Sir, are the human version of period cramps What the FUCK I get road rage walking behind people Forecast for today: Unproductive with a chance of dicking around Shine on...You bat-shit crazy diamond I wonder if life smokes after it fucks me... My inner Bitch gets shit done Some penises are attached to dicks NO BAD THOUGHTS! Not today, motherfucker. You've got to be fucking kidding me. I am not a bitch. I am a teller of unpopular truths. I do what I fucking want Suck my dick I do not have enough middle fingers for today. Unleash the mother fucking fury! I'm worried that if I give up drinking I'll replace it with murder. God must have made you with his left hand. On a Monday. With a hangover. We're best friends because everyone else fucking sucks. The planet is fine. The people are fucked. Bitch trumps stupid motherfucker every time. Congratulations! You're an assmunch. Every page is designed to help you relax, contrasting disgusting swearsand sayings with a beautiful menagerie of sweet animals, fairies andflowers. Simply choose your favorite coloring tools and start with theillustration that moves you! Order Now to begin your sweary journey!

F*ck Cancer I'm a Warrior: Encouragement, Strength and Love Adult Coloring Book

A Inappropriate Self-Affirming Swear Words for Cancer Patients and Survivors


Author: Andy Moore

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781094916125


Page: 50

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*Let's Fuck Cancer Together! 10% of the price of this book will be donated to support research dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.* This coloring book is born for you. If you are fighting cancer, this is for you. If your brother, sister, mom, dad, son, daughter, relative, or friend is fighting cancer, this is for you. If you've lost someone to cancer like I have, this is for you. If cancer affects your life in any way, this is for you. Having cancer can feel crushing. But this book can help you get away from it all. It helps reduce your stress away and infusing your mind and body with some much-needed positivity. With 20 gorgeous and inspiring, single-sided printed in high quality, most include uplifting messages...good vibes for this hard time that you will get through. You can beat this monster. You've got this. I believe in you.