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Ezekiel s Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context

Author : Tova Ganzel
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Ezekiel's Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context examines evidence from Babylonian sources to better understand Ezekiel's vision of the future temple as it appears in chapters 40–48. Tova Ganzel argues that Neo-Babylonian temples provide a meaningful backdrop against which many unique features of Ezekiel's vision can and should be interpreted. In pointing to the similarities between Neo-Babylonian temples and the description in the book of Ezekiel, Ganzel demonstrates how these temples served as a context for the prophet's visions and describes the extent to which these similarities provide a further basis for broader research of the connections between Babylonia and the Bible. Ultimately, she argues the extent to which the book of Ezekiel models its temple on those of the Babylonians. Thus, this book suggests a comprehensive picture of the book of Ezekiel’s worldview and to contextualize its visionary temple by comparing its vision to the actual temples surrounding the Judeans in exile.

Temple of Presence

Author : Andrea L. Robinson
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In Revelation 21-22, John offered a resplendent portrayal of a new Jerusalem without a temple, in which he seemed to reference the final chapters of Ezekiel. The puzzling issue for interpreters is why John chose to utilize Ezekiel's temple vision if he wanted to dispense with the temple. Andrea Robinson delves into the complex relationship between these two visions of heaven and earth, examining parallels between Revelation 21-22 and Ezekiel 40-48. In the process, Robinson also explores a variety of apocalyptic works from the Second Temple period to determine the tenor of thought in regard to the concepts of the temple and the messiah in John's day. Ultimately, she helps readers understand how John utilizes Ezekiel's imagery to portray Jesus Christ as the eschatological temple--the place where heaven and earth unite. By uncovering how original hearers would have understood John's visions, Robinson's insightful study helps modern readers appropriate the same hope of a glorious future with the Messiah.

YHWH Is There

Author : Drew N. Grumbles
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How do we make sense of Ezekiel 40-48? Ezekiel's temple vision has long mystified Bible readers and scholars. Is this a temple that is going to be built in the future? Or is this merely symbolic? Why so many details? Is there any relevance to this section of the Old Testament at all? This book addresses these important questions, showing how Ezekiel's temple is more than just symbolic. Yet its ultimate fulfillment is not in any physical building, but, according to the New Testament, in Jesus and the new heavens and new earth. Not only will this book illuminate Ezekiel 40-48 for you, it will also help you understand important issues of interpretation in our day, such as typology, the role of the temple in biblical theology, and the New Testament use of the Old Testament. You will learn that yes, in fact, Ezekiel 40-48 is very relevant to the Bible's storyline.

Ezekiel in Context

Author : Brian Neil Peterson
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One of the most perplexing and misunderstood books of the Bible, Ezekiel has left many scholars and exegetes scratching their heads regarding its message, coherency, and interpretation. Brian Peterson's look at the book of Ezekiel as a unified whole set within an exilic context helps explain some of the more difficult symbolic aspects in the book and makes Ezekiel as a whole more intelligible. Drawing on ancient Near Eastern concepts and motifs such as covenant and treaty curses, the various gods that made up the Babylonian pantheon, and the position that Israel held as the people of Yahweh, Peterson enlightens readers by showing that Ezekiel can only be understood in its original context. By placing the book first in its historical context, Peterson demonstrates how the original hearers of its message would have understood it, and how this message can be appreciated and applied by people today as well.

The Law of the Temple in Ezekiel 40 48

Author : Steven Shawn Tuell
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Beyond the Essene Hypothesis

Author : Gabriele Boccaccini
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Convincingly argued, this work will surely spark fresh debate in the discussion on the Qumran community and the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

Divine Substitution

Author : Stephen L. Herring, Ph.D.
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Divine Substitution is an investigation of ancient conceptualizations of divine presence. Specifically, this thesis investigates the possibility that the ancient Mesopotamian conceptualization of cultic and royal statues, thought to actually manifest the presence of gods and kings, can likewise be found in ancient Israel. Despite the overly pessimistic view of the later biblical authors, material objects were almost certainly believed to extend and manifest the presence of God in pre-exilic Israel (e.g., standing stones). Likewise, the later polemics against such cultic concepts demonstrate Israel’s familiarity with this type of conceptualization. These polemics engaged in the rhetoric of mutilation and destruction of cultic representations, the erasure and re-inscription of divine names, and the rhetorical deconstruction of the specific Mesopotamian rituals thought to transform the dead statue into a living god. Though the biblical reflection of these concepts is more often found in the negative commentary regarding “foreign” cultic practices, S. Herring demonstrates that these opinions were not universally held. At least three biblical texts (Gen 1:26f.; Ex 34:29-34; and Ezek 36-37) portray the conceptualization that material images could manifest the divine presence in positive terms. Yet, these positive attestations were limited to a certain type of material image – humans.

Ascent to Heaven in Jewish and Christian Apocalypses

Author : Martha Himmelfarb
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This is a study of the ancient Jewish and Christian apocalypses involving ascent into heaven, which have received little scholarly attention in comparison to apocalypses concerned primarily with the end of the world. Recent developments like the publication of the Aramaic Enoch fragments from Qumran and interest in questions of genre in the study of the apocalypses make this a particularly appropriate time to undertake this study. Martha Himmelfarb places the apocalypses in relation to both their biblical antecedents and their context in the Greco-Roman world. Her analysis emphasizes the emergence of the understanding of heaven as temple in the Book of the Watchers, the earliest of these apocalypses, and the way in which this understanding affects the depiction of the culmination of ascent, the hero's achievement of a place among the angels, in the ascent apocalypses generally. It also considers the place of secrets of nature and primeval history in these works. Finally, it offers an interpretation of the pseudepigraphy of the apocalypses and their function.


Author : Iain M. Duguid
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Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from our world to the world of the Bible. But they leave us there, assuming we can somehow make the return journey on our own. In other words, they focus on the original meaning of the passage but don’t discuss its contemporary application. The information they offer is valuable -- but the job is only half done! The NIV Application Commentary Series helps us with both halves of the interpretive task. This new and unique series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into a modern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it can speak powerfully today.

Ezekiel Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

Author : Steven Tuell
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Ezekiel is a transitional character writing in times of dramatic change. A priest without a temple, called to the prophetic office; an exile without a country, writing to his fellow exiles; a public figure for a while without a voice, Ezekiel composes a magnum opus that touched the hearts and minds of his generation and a work that continues to speak of the power and love of God more than two thousand years later. Steven Tuell has captured the breadth and depth of the man and his profound recognition of the power and grace of God for a disenfranchised community. He has provided clear understanding of a complex book of the Bible that many in the past have found confusing and murky. He clarifies the theological underpinnings of the text and brings the brilliance of this book into the light. His explanation of the visionary closing chapters of the book that center on a new nation and a new center of worship is cogent and clear. The New International Biblical Commentary offers the best of contemporary scholarship in a format that both general readers and serious students can use with profit. Based on the widely used New International Version translation, the NIBC presents careful section-by-section exposition with key terms and phrases highlighted and all Hebrew transliterated. A separate section of notes at the close of each chapter provides additional textual and technical comments. Each commentary also includes a selected bibliography as well as Scripture and subject indexes.

The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible

Author : Gordon D. Fee
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An introduction to the Bible offers background material on the text, its history, and the Bible world, summaries of each section and book, and information on civilization in Biblical times and the historical context.

Exile and Return

Author : Jonathan Stökl
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Many books of the Hebrew Bible were either composed in some form or edited during the Exilic and post-Exilic periods among a community that was to identify itself as returning from Babylonian captivity. At the same time, a dearth of contemporary written evidence from Judah/Yehud and its environs renders any particular understanding of the process within its social, cultural and political context virtually impossible. This has led some to label the period a dark age or black box – as obscure as it is essential for understanding the history of Judaism. In recent years, however, archaeologists and historians have stepped up their effort to look for and study material remains from the period and integrate the local history of Yehud, the return from Exile, and the restoration of Jerusalem’s temple more firmly within the regional, and indeed global, developments of the time. At the same time, Assyriologists have also been introducing a wide range of cuneiform material that illuminates the economy, literary traditions, practices of literacy and the ideologies of the Babylonian host society – factors that affected those taken into Exile in variable, changing and multiple ways. This volume of essays seeks to exploit these various advances.

Seeing the Unseen

Author : Florian Förg
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Vision reports occupy large space in the Book of Ezekiel and the texts put special emphasis on the details of receiving a vision. In Thailand, Buddhist monks or Hindu priests also have seen visions. Mediums travel to distant places in visions and meet with spirits. Christian churches set goals for the future and call them visions. This study takes a closer look at visions both in the Book of Ezekiel and in the Thai context by focusing on the Thai translation of Hebrew terms for visions. Besides that, it compares the Hebrew concepts behind visions with the Thai understanding.

The Book of Ezekiel Chapters 25 48

Author : Daniel I. Block
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This work completes Daniel Block's two-volume commentary on the book of Ezekiel. The result of twelve years of studying this difficult section of Scripture, this volume, like the one on chapters 1-24, provides an excellent discussion of the background of Ezekiel and offers a verse-by-verse exposition that makes clear the message of this obscure and often misunderstood prophet. Block also shows that Ezekiel's ancient wisdom and vision are still very much needed as we enter the twenty-first century.

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words

Author : Stephen D. Renn
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "Searchable hyperlinked version of [the text]; Scripturelink Bible Study software for PC and PDA, which integrates the text ... with the following Bible texts and reference works: Bibles: King James version (Webster) with Strong's numbering, Young's literal, The Modern language Bible; commentaries: Matthew Henry's concise commentary, Gray's concise commentary; dictionaries: Smith's Bible dictionary, International standard Bible dictionary; topical: Nave's topical Bible, Torrey's New topical textbook; background: Bible history Old Testament, The life and times of Jesus the Messiah, Sketches of Jewish social life, The temple, its ministry and services; maps: Lightning Bible atlas, map backgrounds and site data."--P. [1174].

Ezekiel the Priest

Author : Terry J. Betts
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As one of the most significant figures in ancient Israel, the priest had numerous responsibilities, the most important of which was the exposition of the Mosaic Tôrâ. The ministry of Ezekiel, a prophetic priest, offers a glimpse of how one priest carried out his duties as a custodian of Tôrâ. Ezekiel the Priest provides the possibility of a deeper understanding of the pastoral ministry of priests as teachers of God's word during Old Testament times through the example of one ancient Israelite priest.

Ezekiel s Vision Accounts as Interrelated Narratives

Author : Janina Maria Hiebel
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This study on the vision accounts in the book of Ezekiel combines redaction criticism with questions of rhetorical and narrative criticism. It offers a united redaction history that reflects the growing interrelationship of the vision accounts over time. A second, more theological part follows the development of selected themes in the visions’ discourse and theology throughout the stages of redaction.

Scribes Visionaries and the Politics of Second Temple Judea

Author : Richard A. Horsley
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Judaism and Christianity both arose in times of empire, with roots in Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods. In order to understand these religious movements, we must first understand the history and society of these imperial cultures. In these formative years, wisdom and apocalyptic traditions flourished as two significant religious forms. In Scribes, Visionaries, and the Politics of Second Temple Judea, distinguished New Testament scholar Richard A. Horsley analyzes the function and meaning of these religious movements within their social context, providing essential background for the development of early Judaism and early Christianity. It is an ideal textbook for classes on the rise of Judaism or the Second Temple period, as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls and Apocrypha.

Ezekiel s Hope

Author : Jacob Milgrom
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Jacob Milgrom was a man of deep faith and deep learning. As teacher and scholar he is best known for his work on ancient Israel's religion, especially its cultic expression in tabernacle and temple. His command of this subject is evident in his massive, three-volume commentary on Leviticus (Anchor Bible Commentary) and his commentary on Numbers (JPS Torah Commentary). This provides perfect background for one who seeks to instruct us on the final chapters of Ezekiel. In this volume Milgrom guides us engagingly through Ezekiel's oracle against Gog (chs. 38-39) and his final vision of Israel's physical and spiritual restoration (chs. 40-48). Regrettably Professor Milgrom did not live to see his work on Ezekiel appear in print. Given his influence on biblical scholarship far beyond his native Jewish world, it is fitting that this final form of this project be cast as an interfaith dialogue with Daniel Block, who has himself written a major two-volume commentary on Ezekiel (NICOT). This volume offers a window into how one Jewish scholar engaged with the work of a Christian scholar. It invites readers to listen in on their conversation, in the course of which they will also hear the voices of medieval Jewish rabbis, particularly R. Eliezer of Beaugency and R. Joseph Kara. While Block and Milgrom are free to disagree in their reading of particular texts, readers will find this dialogue illuminating for their own understanding of the last chapters of Ezekiel.

The People of Ancient Israel

Author : J. Kenneth Kuntz
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Intended primarily as a textbook for undergraduates, this volume has the following major divisions, each divided into chapters: I. "An introduction to the People" (including the "essential stance" of the biblical material, methods of analysis, and the geographical setting); II. "The Origins of the People" (including a brief history of Old Testament criticism, the patriarchal traditions, the exodus event, and the covenant at Sinai); III. "The Growth of the People" (from the wilderness period to the time of Elijah); IV. "The Demise of the People" (from the emergence of the literary prophets to the time of exile); V. "The Renewal of the People" (from Second Isaiah through the end of the Old Testament period). There is an extensive bibliography (arranged topically and by chapters), indexes of authors and subjects, and photos and maps scattered appropriately throughout the volume. Book jacket.