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Extremely Loud Incredibly Close

Author : Jonathan Safran Foer
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Oskar Schell, the nine-year-old son of a man killed in the World Trade Center attacks, searches the five boroughs of New York City for a lock that fits a black key his father left behind.

Extremely Loud

Author : Juliette Volcler
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“Everything you ever suspected or feared about music as a weapon, sound as torture . . . Disturbingly illuminating in the possible ramifications” (Kirkus Reviews). In this troubling and wide-ranging account, acclaimed journalist Juliette Volcler looks at the long history of efforts by military and police forces to deploy sound against enemies, criminals, and law-abiding citizens. During the 2004 battle over the Iraqi city of Fallujah, US Marines bolted large speakers to the roofs of their Humvees, blasting AC/DC, Eminem, and Metallica songs through the city’s narrow streets as part of a targeted psychological operation against militants that has now become standard practice in American military operations in Afghanistan. In the historic center of Brussels, nausea-inducing sound waves are unleashed to prevent teenagers from lingering after hours. High-decibel, “nonlethal” sonic weapons have become the tools of choice for crowd control at major political demonstrations from Gaza to Wall Street and as a form of torture at Guantanamo and elsewhere. In an insidious merger of music, technology, and political repression, loud sound has emerged in the last decade as an unlikely mechanism for intimidating individuals as well as controlling large groups. “Thorough and well researched,” Extremely Loud documents and interrogates this little-known modern phenomenon, exposing it as a sinister threat to the peace and quiet that societies have traditionally craved (Publishers Weekly). “Extremely Loud makes you shiver, or cover your ears, at the technological buildup now at the service of the most sophisticated forms of repression.” —Libération

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Author : Jonathan Safran Foer
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Nine-year-old Oskar Schell is an inventor, amateur entomologist, Francophile, letter writer, pacifist, natural historian, percussionist, romantic, Great Explorer, jeweller, detective, vegan, and collector of butterflies. When his father is killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre, Oskar sets out to solve the mystery of a key he disovers in his father's closet. It is a search which leads him into the lives of strangers, through the five boroughs of New York, into history, to the bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima, and on an inward journey which brings him ever closer to some kind of peace.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Study Guide

Author : BookCaps Study Guides Staff
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The perfect companion to Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," this study guide contains a chapter by chapter analysis of the book, a summary of the plot, and a guide to major characters and themes. BookCap Study Guides do not contain text from the actual book, and are not meant to be purchased as alternatives to reading the book. We all need refreshers every now and then. Whether you are a student trying to cram for that big final, or someone just trying to understand a book more, BookCaps can help. We are a small, but growing company, and are adding titles every month.

A Study Guide for Jonathan Safran Foer s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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A Study Guide for Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

Penguin Readers Level 5 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close ELT Graded Reader

Author : Jonathan Safran Foer
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Penguin Readers is an ELT graded reader series. Please note that the eBook edition does NOT include access to the audio edition and digital book. Written for learners of English as a foreign language, each title includes carefully adapted text, new illustrations and language learning exercises. Titles include popular classics, exciting contemporary fiction, and thought-provoking non-fiction, introducing language learners to bestselling authors and compelling content. The eight levels of Penguin Readers follow the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning (CEFR). Exercises at the back of each Reader help language learners to practise grammar, vocabulary, and key exam skills. Before, during and after-reading questions test readers' story comprehension and develop vocabulary. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a Level 5 Reader, is B1 in the CEFR framework. The text is made up of sentences with up to four clauses, introducing present perfect continuous, past perfect, reported speech and second conditional. It is well supported by illustrations, which appear regularly. Oskar Schell's father is killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. Oskar wants to learn the secret about a key that he discovers in his father's closet. His search takes him on a journey through New York City, but will it bring him any closer to his lost father? Visit the Penguin Readers website Register to access online resources including tests, worksheets and answer keys. Exclusively with the print edition, readers can unlock a digital book and audio edition (not available with the eBook).

Extremely loud Incredibly close

Author : Джонатан Сафран Фоер
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Трогательная история рассказана от лица 9-летнего мальчика, отец которого погиб во время теракта 11 сентября 2001 года в одной из башен-близнецов. В ней есть и интрига, и почти что детективный сюжет, и неожиданная развязка. Атмосферная, оригинальная, по-детски непосредственная и по-взрослому глубокая книга найдет отклик в сердце каждого, кто её прочтёт.

Extremely Loud Incredibly Close

Author : Jonathan Safran Foer
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Nine-year-old Oskar Schell is on a mission to find the lock that matches a mysterious key belonging to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Literary Geography An Encyclopedia of Real and Imagined Settings

Author : Lynn M. Houston
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This reference investigates the role of landscape in popular works and in doing so explores the time in which they were written. • Discusses books and poems covered on the AP English Literature and Composition exam, the most-assigned pieces of literature on high school reading lists, and well-loved contemporary books • Examines specific pieces of literature in the geographical and historical context in which they were written, making this book especially relevant to core curriculum standards • Provides comprehensive content that is unique in the library market • Includes recommendations of complimentary works • Features organization alphabetical by work, making it easy to navigate • Maintains an accessible style useful for high school and general education college courses

March s Thesaurus Dictionary

Author : Francis Andrew March
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