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The Extraterrestrial Answer Book

Author : Jim Moroney
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In 1987 Jim Moroney had an extraterrestrial encounter at a small truck stop just outside Manitoba, Canada. It changed his life forever. He spent the next twenty years studying the phenomenon of extraterrestrials. His book will provide answers to all your questions about visitors from other planets, including:Why are they here?When were the first recorded sightings of aliens?Where do most sightings occur?What kind of scientific evidence is there for the presence of aliens?How is the government responding?How will an alien abduction affect your personal relationship? Jim Moroney's The Extraterrestrial Answer Book is a valuable guide for everything extraterrestrial. In it, Moroney outlines steps the government needs to take to address the presence of extraterrestrials, as well as those average people can take. Full of practical advice to help you prepare for an encounter with an extraterrestrial, The Extraterrestrial Answer Book succeeds in answering the most important question in the debate over extraterrestrials and UFOs. We are not alone.


Author : Ingo Swann
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Ingo Swann -- renowned psi researcher -- reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a "deep black" agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon and worries about ET telepathic/mind control powers. The agency was so secret that it had no paper trail, and hence no written secrecy agreements. Only the verbal ones, which in Ingo's case expired several years ago. Now, in this era of burgeoning UFO "glasnost," he tells a story of meetings held in a secret underground facility not far from Washington DC, and of being taken to a remote location near the Arctic Circle to witness the expected arrival of a huge UFO over the surface of an Alaskan lake. This book discusses undeveloped human telepathy and contrasts it with the probable existence of fully developed alien telepathy, which may have many different forms. Ingo also explores the fact that we officially know far more than we're admitting about the Moon -- its origins, its atmosphere, its occupants and many other unusual features. Penetration is about one of the means by which we can learn more about those not of this earth (and vice-versa) -- telepathy. Do we have the means to answer some very important questions that many have been asking for quite a long time? Inside this book are the answers to some.

Aliens UFOs and Unexplained Encounters

Author : Dave Kelly
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Aliens, UFOs, paranormal abductions, these are all events that have captivated and entertained people for millennia. In recent times, people have turned to science to explain the unexplainable, but does that answer everything? This book examines the history of well-known, unexplained encounters while exploring the science behind fascinating alien events. Full of photographs, eyewitness accounts, hoaxes, and scientific evidence, this book allows readers to engage the age-old question: Are we alone in the universe?

Alien Intrusion

Author : Gary Bates
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This is one of the most unique books ever offered by Master Books. Are there UFOs? Do aliens exist? What happened at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? What is Area 51? What is the government hiding from us? Gary Bates masterfully beams up answers in the beguiling Alien Intrusion, probably the closest Master Books will ever come to the X-Files!

The Handy Astronomy Answer Book

Author : Charles Liu
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From planetary movements and the exploration of our solar system to black holes and dark matter, this comprehensive reference simplifies all aspects of astronomy with an approachable question-and-answer format. With chapters broken into various astronomical studies—including the universe, galaxies, planets, and space exploration—this fully updated resource is an ideal companion for students, teachers, and amateur astronomers, answering more than 1,00 questions, such as Is the universe infinite? What would happen to you if you fell onto a black hole? What are the basic concepts of Einstein's special theory of relativity? and Who was the first person in space?


Author : Andrew Coddington
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For as long as humans have been on Earth, they have wondered if other intelligent life exists in the universe. If so, what would these extraterrestrial beings look like? Today, there are true alien believers as well as skeptics. Some people have claimed aliens exist and have been responsible for creating great works of wonder, such as the pyramids and crop circles. Others are less sure. Regardless, human history has seen many stories of mysterious flashing lights, flying objects, and even alien abductions. This book discusses the history of alien lore and seeks to answer the question: Are humans alone, or are aliens among us?

The Aliens and the Scalpel

Author : Roger K. Leir
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The personal story of a professional physician's work involving one of the greatest breakthroughs of all time -- scientific proof that anomalous bio-electromagnetic implants of extraterrestrial origin have been removed from persons reporting alien abduction experiences. This revised and updated book includes and is supported by new scientific reports and a new photo gallery section. The evidence presented here provides enough evidence to believe that we have cosmic companions and they here with us now.


Author : Avi Loeb
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'An astronomical Sherlock Holmes' WASHINGTON POST 'Visionary' STEPHEN GREENBLATT 'Compelling . . . The book is not so much a claim for one object as an argument for a more open-minded approach to science - a combination of humility and wonder' NEW STATESMAN“/i>/font> Harvard's top astronomer takes us inside the mind-blowing story of the first interstellar visitor to our solar system In late 2017, scientists at a Hawaiian observatory glimpsed a strange object soaring through our inner solar system. Astrophysicist Avi Loeb conclusively showed it was not an asteroid; it was moving too fast along a strange orbit, and leaving no trail of gas or debris in its wake. There was only one conceivable explanation: the object was a piece of advanced technology created by a distant alien civilization. In Extraterrestrial, Loeb takes readers inside the thrilling story of the first interstellar visitor to be spotted in our solar system. He outlines his theory and its profound implications: for science, for religion, and for the future of our planet. A mind-bending journey through the furthest reaches of science, space-time, and the human imagination, Extraterrestrial challenges readers to aim for the stars-and to think critically about what's out there, no matter how strange it seems.

UFO s and Aliens Fact and Fiction

Author :
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Human Origins and Extraterrestrials Play in Shaping Earth

Author : Koundinya Suripeddi
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People those who believe in conspiracy theories and those who are curious to know about the existence of Aliens, UFOS, etc., this book definitely answer to their questions like "Did Big Bang really occurred? How Planets are formed? How big is Our Universe? Are we alone? How many Extraterrestrial species out there? Did Aliens ever visit our planet? How come we disconnected from outside worlds? Who exactly are those Gods ruled earth? Why do we have so many Religions and different Cultures? Are we living in 3-Dimensional Hologram as shown in the movies called 'The Matrix Trilogy'? Do ETs working with our government secretly in exchange of technology and human abductions agreement? Are there multiverse instead of single Universe? Why we kept ignorant all these years about the knowledge on ETs? If we are Soul beings, Why can't we able to remember our previous Reincarnations?" I am not expecting every reader will accept the facts what has been revealed in this book. Each individual have their own perception in assimilating the information presented to them. But this book will be an eye opener for those who are on the Spiritual path and enlightenment to the truth-seeker.


Author : Lou Baldin
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The Handy Space Answer Book

Author : Phillis Engelbert
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Traces the development of space technology from primitive Mayan instruments to the X-ray telescopes of today.

Benevolent Extraterrestrial Guides

Author : H. Torrevillas, M.D.
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The author shares many encounters that made him lean towards the studies of intuitive feelings as well as the psychic phenomena that relate to the mystifying world of the unknown. He had been in the quandary in his early years regarding the paranormal happenings in his life. Rather than ignore them as skeptics do, Torrevillas regarded them with more significance in his life. Author: Did the voice that talked to me when I was 20 years old, the possession by a spirit when I was 30, the appearance of Jesus Christ in the cloud when I was 48, and a lot more, were done by an extraterrestrial beings? The two humanoid "angels" that saved me when I had undergone open heart surgery? The "being" that grabbed my hair and pulled my leg recently was the same guide that had watched me throughout my life? At 75 years of age, it was clear that benevolent extraterrestrials had guided me through the years. Now I am called to write this book. The famous American Sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, said the past, present and the future are one. In the future we will live and see the beauty of the Universe in this infinite cycle of time- space. But we are hindered in our quest for truth! From Who? You will find the answer in this Book.


Author : Susan A. Clancy
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They are tiny. They are tall. They are gray. They are green. They survey our world with enormous glowing eyes. To conduct their shocking experiments, they creep in at night to carry humans off to their spaceships. Yet there is no evidence that they exist at all. So how could anyone believe he or she was abducted by aliens? Or want to believe it? To answer these questions, psychologist Susan Clancy interviewed and evaluated "abductees"--old and young, male and female, religious and agnostic. She listened closely to their stories--how they struggled to explain something strange in their remembered experience, how abduction seemed plausible, and how, having suspected abduction, they began to recollect it, aided by suggestion and hypnosis. Clancy argues that abductees are sane and intelligent people who have unwittingly created vivid false memories from a toxic mix of nightmares, culturally available texts (abduction reports began only after stories of extraterrestrials appeared in films and on TV), and a powerful drive for meaning that science is unable to satisfy. For them, otherworldly terror can become a transforming, even inspiring experience. "Being abducted," writes Clancy, "may be a baptism in the new religion of this millennium." This book is not only a subtle exploration of the workings of memory, but a sensitive inquiry into the nature of belief.

Case MJ 12

Author : Kevin D. Randle
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Enoch and the Gods of Eden

Author : Rita V Kano
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Secrets are hidden best in plain sight. Call them sacred, blasphemous, absurd, visions, dreams, even the Word of God; the misfits of Earth's history are not going away. Eyewitnesses to truth still live and speak. The Genesis patriarch, Enoch, is one of these witnesses. He walked with God and transcribed astounding knowledge as directed by Angels. Time has brought new life to Enoch's divine, terrestrial and extraterrestrial adventures.

Of Jenny and the Aliens

Author : Ryan Gebhart
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When boy meets girl meets alien, the angst of first love gets an extraterrestrial intervention in a tale both outrageously funny and full of heart. Ten years after Earth sent messages out into deep space, there has been an answer. Music from distant planet Pud 5 has reached the world’s radios. Are aliens about to invade? No one knows, and almost-eighteen-year-old Derek doesn’t really care, because at a wild end-of-the-world party, Jennifer Novak invited him to play beer pong, and things, well, progressed from there. Derek is in love. Deeply, hopelessly in love. He wants it all — marriage, kids, growing old on a beach in Costa Rica. For him, Jenny is the One. But Jenny has other plans, which may or may not include Derek. So Derek will try anything to win her — even soliciting advice from an alien who shows up in his hometown. This alien may just be the answer to Derek’s problem, but is Derek prepared to risk starting an intergalactic war to get his girl? Just how far is he willing to travel to discover the mysteries of the universe — and the enigma of love?

My Teacher is an Alien

Author : Bruce Coville
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Susan can tell that her new substitute teacher is really weird. She doesn't know how weird until she catches him peeling off his face--and realizes Mr. Smith is really an alien! Now it's up to Susan and her friends to get rid of the extraterrestrial visitor. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

The Handy Geology Answer Book

Author : Patricia L. Barnes-Svarney
File Size : 36.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The award-winning science writers deliver captivating reading and easy understanding of the complexities that shape our planet as they answer nearly 1,000 of the most-often-asked questions. 125 photos, maps & charts.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Author : Kenneth I. Kellermann
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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