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Extraordinary Knowing

Author : Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer
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In 1991, when her daughter’s rare, hand-carved harp was stolen, Lisby Mayer’s familiar world of science and rational thinking turned upside down. After the police failed to turn up any leads, a friend suggested she call a dowser—a man who specialized in finding lost objects. With nothing to lose—and almost as a joke—Dr. Mayer agreed. Within two days, and without leaving his Arkansas home, the dowser located the exact California street coordinates where the harp was found. Deeply shaken, yet driven to understand what had happened, Mayer began the fourteen-year journey of discovery that she recounts in this mind-opening, brilliantly readable book. Her first surprise: the dozens of colleagues who’d been keeping similar experiences secret for years, fearful of being labeled credulous or crazy. Extraordinary Knowing is an attempt to break through the silence imposed by fear and to explore what science has to say about these and countless other “inexplicable” phenomena. From Sigmund Freud’s writings on telepathy to secret CIA experiments on remote viewing, from leading-edge neuroscience to the strange world of quantum physics, Dr. Mayer reveals a wealth of credible and fascinating research into the realm where the mind seems to trump the laws of nature. She does not ask us to believe. Rather she brings us a book of profound intrigue and optimism, with far-reaching implications not just for scientific inquiry but also for the ways we go about living in the world.

Extraordinary Knowing

Author : Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer
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A leading psychoanalyst challenges the world of science and rational thinking as she explores the mysteries of intuition, mind and matter, and reality as she offers credible research into everything from cutting-edge neuroscience to suppressed military research and a Princeton lab experimenting with remote perception. 20,000 first printing.

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Knowing and Being Known

Author : Brent Willock
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The importance of knowing and being known is at the heart of the human experience and has always been the core of the psychoanalytic enterprise. Freud named his central Oedipal construct after Sophocles’ great play that dramatically encapsulated the desire, difficulty, and dangers involved in knowing and being known. Psychoanalysis’ founder developed a methodology to facilitate unconscious material becoming conscious, that is, making the unknown known to help us better understand ourselves and our relational lives, including psychic trauma, and multigenerational histories. This book will stimulate readers to contemplate knowing and being known from multiple perspectives. It bursts with thought-provoking ideas and intriguing cases illuminated by penetrating reflections from diverse theoretical perspectives. It will sensitize readers to this theme’s omnipresent, varied importance in the clinical setting and throughout life. Accomplished contributors discuss a wide variety of fascinating topics, illustrated by rich clinical material. Their contributions are grouped under these headings: Knowing through dreams; Knowing through appearances; Dreading and longing to be known; The analyst’s ways of knowing and communicating; Knowing in the contemporary sociocultural context; The known analyst; and No longer known. Readers will find each section deeply informative, stimulating thought, insights, and ideas for clinical practice. Psychoanalytic Explorations in Knowing and Being Known will appeal to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, counselors, students in these disciplines, and members of related scholarly communities.

Dream Yoga

Author : Andrew Holecek
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Lucid dreaming—becoming fully conscious in the dream state—has attracted legions of those seeking to explore their vast inner worlds. Yet our states of sleep offer much more than entertainment. Combining modern lucid dreaming principles with the time-tested insights of Tibetan dream yoga makes this astonishing yet elusive experience both easier to access and profoundly life-changing. With Dream Yoga, Andrew Holecek presents a practical guide for meditators, lucid dreamers ready to go deeper, and complete beginners. Topics include: meditations and techniques for dream induction and lucidity, enhancing dream recall, dream interpretation, working with nightmares, and more.

A Woman s Guide to Knowing What You Believe

Author : Patty Houser
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For All Women Who Want Faith that Engages Their Hearts and Minds God has given every woman the ability to have an extraordinary faith--one that involves both the heart and the mind. Yet many women's faith is grounded solely in their hearts, leaving them unable to defend their faith or susceptible to the latest spiritual fads. In this book, Patty includes real-life stories and examples, including her own experience coming to Christ after a ten-year search for truth. She reveals how beliefs are not just about the intellect--they play an active role in behavior, in relationships, and in families. Finally, she demonstrates how you can share and defend your faith to those you love in a persuasive yet relational way. Includes questions for personal study and large or small groups.

Opening Heaven s Door

Author : Patricia Pearson
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The first book by a respected journalist on Nearing Death Awareness—similar to Near-Death Experience—this “fascinating” (Kirkus Reviews) exploration brings “humor, sympathy, and keen critical intelligence to a topic that is all too often off-limits” (Ptolemy Tompkins, collaborator with Eben Alexander on Proof of Heaven). People everywhere carry with them extraordinary, deeply comforting experiences that arrived at the moment when they most needed relief: when they lost a loved one. These experiences can include clear messages from beyond, profound and vividly beautiful visions, mysterious connections and spiritual awareness, foreknowledge of a loved one’s passing—all of which evade explanation by science and logic. Most people keep these transcendent experiences secret for fear they will be discounted by hyperrational scrutiny. Yet these very common occurrences have the power to console, comfort, and even transform our understanding of life and death. Prompted by her family’s surprising, profound experiences around the death of her father and her sister, reporter Patricia Pearson sets out on an open-minded inquiry, a rare journalistic investigation of Nearing Death Awareness, which Anne Rice praises as “substantive, eloquent, and worthwhile.” Opening Heaven’s Door offers deeply affecting stories of messages from the dying and the dead in a fascinating work of investigative journalism, pointing to new scientific explanations that give these luminous moments the importance felt by those who experience them. Pearson also delves into out-of-body and near-death experiences, examining stories and research to make sense of these related but distinct categories. Challenging current assumptions about what we know and what we are still unable to explain, Opening Heaven’s Door will forever alter your perceptions of the nature of life and death.

Tuned and Under Tension

Author : Philip Raisor
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Now an emeritus professor of English at the University of Delaware, W. D. Snodgrass is the author of nine books of poetry. His volume Heart's Needle won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1960. Most of the previous critical work on W. D. Snodgrass concentrates on his early period. These new essays, by both established and emerging scholars, constitute a close reading of the later poetry, principally Midnight Carnival, The Death of Cock Robin, Each in His Season, and The Fuehrer Bunker. The collection also contains the first interview with Snodgrass conducted after the publication of the new Bunker in 1995. The essays provide insightful and often witty responses to Snodgrass's taut, musical, and carefully formed volumes.

The Jest Book

Author : Mark Lemon
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The Future of Privacy Private life and public policy

Author :
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Remarkable Women of Different Nations and Ages

Author :
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The History of the Antient Abbeys Monasteries Hospitals Cathedral and Collegiate Churches

Author : John Stevens
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The Parapsychology Revolution

Author : Robert M. Schoch
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Grounded in both scientific acumen and constructive inquiry, this anthology shines a rare, clarifying light on the controversial realms of psychical and paranormal research, surveying reports, essays, and arguments from more than a century of investigation into matters such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and past-life regression. In the past one hundred and twenty-five years-despite a relative paucity of funding and the troubling persistence of fraud-serious inquiry into the paranormal, particularly as it relates to clairvoyance and psychical perception, has successfully entered the scientific age. Studies in the modern laboratory, employing rigorous methodology and peer-reviewed oversight, have conclusively detected statistical anomalies that suggest the presence of some not yet understood faculty of the human mind. In The Parapsychology Revolution, Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.-a scholar widely known for his geological theories that question the conventional dating of the Great Sphinx-and researcher Logan Yonavjak introduce and anthologize core writings that underscore the range and continuing challenges of psychical research. The book's extensive introduction and the editors' commentary on individual essays and sections highlight milestones, feuds, and key players that mark the nascent history of this fascinating and important field of research. Finally, The Parapsychology Revolution addresses and clarifies the all-important question: Is there legitimate evidence for a world beyond the ordinary?

The Works of John Eachard 1

Author : John Eachard
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Author : E. P. Burke
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Jerry Killian is a mixed-up, seventeen-year-old prep student who believes he killed his senile grandmother. His low self-esteem produces many comical moments as he struggles with his fervent desire to experience sex with another human being. His Prom night seduction episode ends in a fiasco. He questions the mores of his strict Irish Catholic upbringing and what part fate plays in his existence. When Cathy, his first love, breaks up with him he suffers a complete breakdown.With the help of his nerdy friends, he becomes emotionally strong enough to challenge his sadistic basketball coach and ends up as the school hero. Then, just as it appears his life is in order, he learns the tragic truth about Cathy. His new friend, Carrie, tries to help, but only the extended hand of Bob, his mentor and therapist, can save him.Will Jerry take it?In The Hero of Barryton, Jerry's grandfather, Patrick O'Connor, had to face many obstacles. In this follow-up novel, O'Connor's grandson has his own demons to conquer. Unfortunately, young Jerry doesn't possess his grandfather's strength. He must rely on his family, friends, and his own sense of humor to win the final battle toward maturity.

Lawrie Todd

Author : John Galt
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The Travels of the Learned Father Montfaucon from Paris Thro Italy

Author : Bernard de Montfaucon
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Seeing Krishna in America

Author : E. Allen Richardson
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The Hindu sect the Vallabha Sampradaya was founded in India in the 15th century by a devotional saint, Vallabhacharya. Their bhakti tradition worships a variety of forms of Krishna as a seven-year-old child. Following U.S. immigration reforms in 1965, members of the sect established a spiritual headquarters for the faith in Pennsylvania and began to construct temples across the United States. Since then, the growth has continued as this 500-year-old faith becomes an American religion, as this work demonstrates.

Stanly a tale

Author : Stanly
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Managing Residential Care

Author : John Burton
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Managing Residential Care puts forward suggestions for improving the development of residential care through better management. Extended examples and realistic case studies throughout demonstrate how managers can succeed and how sometimes the powerful forces of mismanagement can obstruct them.

Waking Dreaming Being

Author : Evan Thompson
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A renowned philosopher of the mind, also known for his groundbreaking work on Buddhism and cognitive science, Evan Thompson combines the latest neuroscience research on sleep, dreaming, and meditation with Indian and Western philosophy of mind, casting new light on the self and its relation to the brain. Thompson shows how the self is a changing process, not a static thing. When we are awake we identify with our body, but if we let our mind wander or daydream, we project a mentally imagined self into the remembered past or anticipated future. As we fall asleep, the impression of being a bounded self distinct from the world dissolves, but the self reappears in the dream state. If we have a lucid dream, we no longer identify only with the self within the dream. Our sense of self now includes our dreaming self, the "I" as dreamer. Finally, as we meditate—either in the waking state or in a lucid dream—we can observe whatever images or thoughts arise and how we tend to identify with them as "me." We can also experience sheer awareness itself, distinct from the changing contents that make up our image of the self. Contemplative traditions say that we can learn to let go of the self, so that when we die we can witness its dissolution with equanimity. Thompson weaves together neuroscience, philosophy, and personal narrative to depict these transformations, adding uncommon depth to life's profound questions. Contemplative experience comes to illuminate scientific findings, and scientific evidence enriches the vast knowledge acquired by contemplatives.