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Extraordinary Golf the Art of the Possible

Author : Fred Shoemaker
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Most golfers approach the tee with a complex mental package: worries and judgments about their swing, the other person's swing, the course, the weather, looking good, looking bad. They think about what's wrong instead of what's possible, and this is what Extraordinary Golf teaches: the art of the possible. Drawing on his experience teaching both amateurs and professionals for more than fifteen years, in his clinics around the country, in his Golf in the Kingdom seminars at the Esalen Institute, and at his own School for Extraordinary Golf in California, Shoemaker shows how extraordinary golf can be coached, learned, and practiced, with results not only in people's scores but in their sheer pleasure in the game. Combining a host of practical exercises with an entirely new point of view, he demonstrates how to focus not on the voices in your head but on the reality of golf: the club, the ball, your body, the course - the elements that actually make up your game. He shows how to approach shots creatively, instead of mechanically; how to read greens simply by staying awake; how to develop a powerful and consistent swing by rediscovering trust for your instincts; and how to improve yourself in competition by determining what you're competing for. He also gives simple guidelines on how to coach yourself, your spouse, and your children successfully.

Golf as Guru

Author : Dr. John Edwin DeVore
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Drawing on his background, experience, and interests, coupled with pertinent use of available literature, Dr. DeVore has created a simple, masterful work of art that can support the efforts of a golfer to practice mindfulness, awareness, and self-restraint; to accomplish golf goals; and to become his-her best coach, caddie, and partner. Dr. DeVore is convinced that awareness of the Self, life, and the game differentiates golfers, creates the “best of the best,” and is the most important ingredient on every shot. Golf, as life, requires juggling multitudes of environmental, technical, and human challenges; and demands we awaken and transcend the attachments and aversions that can keep us mired in the chaos of human evolution.

Extraordinary Putting

Author : Fred Shoemaker
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The co-author of the classic Extraordinary Golf offers an innovative approach to improving the overall game by focusing on putting, which accounts for more than one third of the strokes in a typical round. Not just a tips-and-techniques book, Extraordinary Putting features a series of illustrated exercises that will help golfers: - Develop the inner freedom to trust themselves and recognize self-imposed barriers - Find the peace of mind that comes from letting go of mental chatter and self-judgments - Increase awareness, allowing golfers to pay attention to their experiences - Understand the differences in those experiences from stroke to stroke - Master the art of self-coaching

New Horizons Golf Swing Basics

Author : Edward A Tischler
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Ed Tischler provides clear insights into how real breakthroughs are achieved, which is not by simply increasing time and effort, but by looking at, and altering, the fundamental way we approach the game. Fred Shoemaker (Extraordinary Golf The Art Of The Possible

International Journal of Religion and Sport V 1 2009

Author : Christopher J. Anderson
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Analyzes the interchanges between world religions, religious practice, spirituality, and global sport. This journal uses diverse methodological approaches to religion and sport from a variety of disciplines such as myth and ritual studies, historical studies, popular culture studies, and liturgical studies.

Golf as Meaningful Play

Author : Walter Thomas Schmid
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Golf as Meaningful Play is a philosophical introduction to golf as a sporting practice and source of personal meaning. It addresses topics of interest to both scholars and intellectually curious golfers, including mental aspects of play, the nature of sport, virtues of the game, and golf in film and literature.

Zen Golf

Author : Joseph Parent
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By combining classic insights and stories from Zen tradition, Zen Golf helps eliminate the mental distractions that routinely cause poor shots and loss of concentration, allowing golfers to feel in “the zone” that professionals have learned to master. “The lessons in Zen Golf make the mental game seem so simple. Dr. Parent has given me very effective methods for working with thoughts and emotions, and for taking the negatives out of the picture.” —Vijay Singh, Masters and PGA Champion The best players know that golf is a game of confidence, and most important, concentration–the ability to focus and block out distraction. The goal of achieving clear thought is also at the heart of Buddhist teachings. In his highly original and groundbreaking book, noted PGA coach and Buddhist instructor, Dr. Joseph Parent, draws on this natural connection and teaches golfers how to clear their minds, achieve ultimate focus, and play in the moment for each shot. Zen Golf presents a simple system for building “mental game mastery.” Dr Parent’s unique PAR Approach (focusing on Preparation, Action, and Response to Results) guides golfers with specific techniques for each aspect of their games. In chapters such as “How to Get From the Practice Tee to the First Tee”, “You Produce What You Fear”, and “How to Enjoy a Bad Round of Golf”, the author shares a personal teaching regimen that has helped improve the games of professionals and amateurs alike. Clear, concise, and enlightening, Zen Golf shows golfers how to prepare for, execute, and equally important, respond the results of any golf shot. A different approach to golf instruction, this book shapes ancient philosophies into new teachings.

Your Inner Golf Guru

Author : James Ragonnet
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Lower your handicap and revamp your swing as you become your own best golf instructor. Conventional methodologies, which emphasize ball-striking dictated mostly by bio-mechanics and kinesiology, have failed to enhance the competencies of worn, weary, and wishful golfers. To diagnose and correct your dysfunctional swing, you must understand how your mind, brain, muscles, and club function. Your Inner Golf Guru—a new way of solving a very old problem—applies the domains of cognitive neuroscience and systems thinking to teaching and learning the game. These unlikely and overlooked domains govern your development far more than you can ever imagine. Dr. James Ragonnet offers a crash course in the following: Sharpening your thinking Rewiring your brain Developing expert movement patterns Practicing deliberately Improving rapidly Individualizing your learning Competing under pressure And that’s just the tip of the iceberg Since there’s no prescribed or ready path for all golfers, you must become a Golf Academy of one. You must think and learn on your own terms. Before you sacrifice any more time, energy, and money on dated, conventional, and narrow golf methodologies, buy and read the innovative and scientific approach in Your Inner Golf Guru—a practical guide that will change your game.

Be the Pine Be the Ball

Author : Paul J. Zingg
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Focusing on the landscapes and memory of golf and examining the games nature and appeal, this collection of seventy-two haiku poems and essays aims to lead readers to a fuller appreciation of the culture and history of golf and a deeper awareness of a players place in the game. Be the Pine, Be the Ball also reveals the compelling beauty and power of haiku, the most popular poetic form in the world. Through the brevity of its style, precise language, and ability to reveal how ordinary moments and elements of our lives are pathways to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us, haiku can have both a meditative and consequential effect on the reader. A key to the connection between haiku and golf is that both foster powers of concentration and detailed observation with a related reduction of distractions. Both seek to cultivate a more tranquil and disciplined mind and to translate that condition into how a life is lived and a game is played.

Golfer s Palette

Author : Dr. John Edwin DeVore
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Drawing on his background, experience, and interests, coupled with using golf literature and playing golf for 67 plus years, Dr. DeVore has a created masterful work of art that can support the efforts of an average golfer to accomplish golf goals and to become his or her best coach and caddie. "Dr. DeVore combines personal experience, training, and education to make learning golf an experience for life. He brings a fresh perspective to the game of golf in Golfer's Palette." -Tim Eberlein, MBA, PGA Master Professional, Campus Director, The Golf Academy of America-Phoenix, "In my 20 plus years as a PGA instructor, Dr. DeVore was one of the most interesting and knowledgeable students that ever passed through the doors of The Golf Academy of America. It was always special to pick his brain regarding various journeys in life. When he had a story to tell, I listened until the story was complete because I knew he had lived the story. With his experience traveling around the world, working with corporate America, and his love of the game of golf, I know that Golfer's Palette is based purely on his experience and not on a fairytale." -Gary Balliet, PGA Quarter Century PGA Member, Certified Club Builder & Fitter, Instructor, The Golf Academy of America, "By design as humans, our thoughts dictate our actions-good or bad-voluntarily or involuntarily. Dr. DeVore has expertly outlined how the correct cohesive integration of our mind and body can deliver not only peak performance but total enjoyment. Golfer's Palette will show you how to control your thinking and allow yourself to have the most fun playing this wonderful game." -John Gunby, PGA, 2013 Southwest Section Golf Professional of the Year