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Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language

Author : Julian Bamford
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This lively collection of over 100 classroom activities allows teachers to exploit fully the language learning potential of extensive reading. The activities, contributed by teachers who have used them successfully in classrooms all over the world, introduce extensive reading to students, and link it with the rest of the language curriculum. Here is a wealth of ideas for encouraging students to read, and for using students reading experiences for further language practice and learning. These creative and enjoyable speaking, listening, role play, reading, writing, and vocabulary activities are suitable for students of all ages and levels. Each activity is clearly explained, together with a personal note from its author. This is a handbook for teachers of general language courses, or grammar, listening, speaking, writing, or reading courses. It is written for teachers both non-native and native speaking, and for teachers both novice and experienced. It will also be of interest to teacher-educators.

Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom

Author : Richard R. Day
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This comprehensive examination of extensive reading shows how reading large quantities of books and other materials can provide students with essential practice in learning to read and help them develop a positive attitude towards reading, which is sometimes missed in second language classes. The authors first examine the cognitive and affective nature of reading and then offer a wealth of practical advice for implementing extensive reading with second language learners. Suggestions are provided for integrating extensive reading into the curriculum, establishing a library, selecting reading materials, and keeping records for purposes of evaluation. The text also describes a wide variety of classroom activities to supplement individualized silent reading. The information will be useful both for pre-service teachers and for teachers and administrators who want to improve the teaching of reading in their second language programs.

Teaching Extensive Reading in Another Language

Author : I.S.P. Nation
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This comprehensive book by renowned scholars Paul Nation and Rob Waring accessibly covers all aspects of extensive reading in second and foreign language contexts. The book serves as a major update to the field on the topic, with current research findings on extensive reading as they relate to motivation, reading fluency, and vocabulary learning, among other topics. Clear and straightforward, it includes case studies, strategies, and methods for implementing and assessing effective extensive reading in the classroom and provides resources and tools for preservice teachers of ESL/EFL and foreign languages. Suitable for programs in TESOL and Applied Linguistics with courses in L2 reading, reading instruction, TESOL methods, and foreign language reading or teaching, it will appeal to students and preservice teachers as well as English language teaching professionals and EFL/ESL teachers.

Teachers Sourcebook for Extensive Reading

Author : George Jacobs
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The best way for students to learn to read and to come to love reading is – surprise, surprise – by reading in quantity. Unfortunately, many of today’s students read far too little. This lack of time spent reading is particularly unfortunate, as reading constitutes a bedrock skill, essential in all subject areas. Thus, we teachers need to devote curriculum time to not only teaching students how to read but also to encouraging them to read extensively. This is what Extensive Reading is all about. Teachers Sourcebook for Extensive Reading provides hundreds of teacher tested ideas on how to do Extensive Reading. The book begins with an introduction to ‘the what’ and ‘the why’ of Extensive Reading. Thereafter, the book consists of three parts. Part 1 discusses finding materials for Extensive Reading. Part 2 offers ideas for motivating students to read and for activities that students might do after they read or while they are reading, including cooperative learning activities. Part 3 looks at how teachers can serve as advocates for Extensive Reading. Among the book’s distinctive features are breaks for reflection, first person accounts from teachers, and ideas for doing Action Research and other forms of teacher investigation and research on Extensive Reading. We hope that you will find the Teachers Sourcebook for Extensive Reading to be a practical book, but also informed by theory and researh. We also hope this book will make a difference for your students in their test scores and, even more, in their attitude toward reading, now and in the future.

English Teaching Forum

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Extensive Reading revised edition Into the Classroom

Author : Richard Day
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Extensive Reading - revised edition is the ideal companion for teachers who would like to add the substantial benefits of extensive reading to their language programmes. It explains the research that shows how reading for pleasure helps learners to improve their English, and guides teachers through the different approaches they can use, focusing on: The importance of extensive free reading How extensive reading materials are developed and how to choose the right graded readers for the class Introducing and exploiting class readers Developing class libraries Setting up and running reading circles In addition, five extensive reading case studies describe projects in a range of learning environments. Extra resources are available on the website:


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A Course in English Language Teaching

Author : Penny Ur
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A completely revised and updated edition of A Course in Language Teaching. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to English language teaching, and is suitable for teachers in a variety of educational settings, including compulsory education. It has been completely revised and updated to include essential new topics for the modern English language teacher, including English as an international language, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and using digital materials. It is ideal for initial teacher training and as a reference guide for practising teachers. The book combines theory and practice, with each unit containing tasks that encourage reflection and discussion, plus action tasks such as classroom observation and practice.

Teaching English A Practical Guide for Language Teachers

Author : Graeme Ching
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Designed as an all-in-one guide, this practical, concise, and easy-to-use text is meant for courses offering instruction to students who are training to become language teachers in North America and abroad. Using practical examples, integrated tasks, sample activities and lessons, and review questions, the text introduces readers to key topics including course design, lesson planning, and classroom management. It also identifies how to teach speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, with special attention to language acquisition and intercultural communication. This book was previously self-published as Teaching English: A Practical Guide, which won the 2017 TESL Canada Innovation Award for Teaching Training Resource Materials. This edition has been well updated and includes a new section on using technology in the classroom, expanded coverage of assessment, and new questions and suggested further readings in each chapter.

Extensive Reading

Author : Sue Leather
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Extensive Reading is an innovative resource bridging theory and practice for those seeking to learn about extensive reading (ER) for L2 students' language development, including ways to motivate students to read extensively and to assess learning. Grounded in contemporary theory and the latest research both on ER and motivation, experts Sue Leather and Jez Uden offer a rich array of original activities to help teachers in the classroom and beyond with this effective but difficult-to-implement pedagogical tool. Advanced students, researchers, teacher trainers, and pre- and in-service teachers – and ultimately their students themselves – will benefit from this book.