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Exploring the Perceptions of Academic Trainees

Author : Marelize Malan
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Accounting education at the Department is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). IFRS is seen as principle-based standards. Many educators of accounting will have to adapt their teaching strategies and approaches when they deal with principle-based standards. They need to move away from teaching the rules to facilitating the understanding of principles, so that it can be applied to various scenarios. The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of academic trainees on a new teaching and learning strategy in the Department. This is done through a review of pedagogical approaches and strategies as suggested in the literature and then by gaining insight from academic trainees, through in-depth interviews, of the detailed working of the new teaching and learning strategy and the impact that the new teaching and learning strategy had on their learning of IFRS.

Exploring the Perceptions of Academic Trainees on IFRS Learning Through a New Teaching and Learning Strategy

Author : Marelize Malan
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Collective Learning in Schools

Author : Yif'at Perelman
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Classroom Observation

Author : Matt O'Leary
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Classroom Observation explores the pivotal role of lesson observation in the training, assessment and development of new and experienced teachers. Offering practical guidance and detailed insight on an aspect of training that is a source of anxiety for many teachers, this thought-provoking book offers a critical analysis of the place, role and nature of lesson observation in the lives of education professionals. Illustrated throughout with practical examples from a range of education settings, it considers observation as a means of assessing teaching and learning and also as a way of developing teachers’ skills and knowledge. Key topics include: The purposes and uses of lesson observation The socio-political and historical context in which lesson observation has developed Practical guidance on a range of observation models and methods Teacher autonomy and professional identity Performance management, professional standards and accountability Peer observation, self-observation and critical reflection Using video in lesson observation. Written for all student and practising teachers as well teacher educators and those engaged in educational research, Classroom Observation is an essential introduction to how we observe, why we observe and how it can be best used to improve teaching and learning.

Exploring Police Integrity

Author : Sanja Kutnjak Ivković
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This work provides an innovative new look at police ethics, including results from an updated version of the classic Police Integrity Questionnaire, including new social and technological advances. It aims to push the study of police research further, expanding on and testing police integrity theory and methodology, the relationship between community and integrity, and the influence of multiculturalism and globalization on policing and community attitudes. This work brings together experienced scholars who have used the police integrity theory and the accompanying methodology to measure police integrity in eleven countries, and provide advance and sophisticated explorations of the topic. Organized into three thematic sections, it explores the testing methodology for international comparisons, insights into police-community relations, and explores police subcultures. This innovative book will be of interest to researchers in criminology & criminal justice, particularly with an interest in policing, as well as related fields such as sociology, public policy, and comparative law.

Children s Perceptions of Learning with Trainee Teachers

Author : Hilary Cooper
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This book is unique as it focuses on pupils' perceptions of their learning with trainee teachers in primary schools. It aims to raise trainee teachers' awareness of the importance of considering pupils' perceptions in evaluating their teaching and provides frameworks for doing so. It enables teachers to make links between theory, research and practice as part of their on-going development. The text includes: *interviews with primary pupils *examples of new teaching approaches *case studies offering pupil insights into curriculum subjects *chapter summaries giving suggestions for teaching strategies, discussions with mentors and tutors and further reading

Perceptions and Practices of Instructors Training A Case Study

Author : Shiba Bagale
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New Teacher Identity and Regulative Government

Author : Tony Brown
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This book seeks to address the question of how the task of teaching mathematics to young children might be better understood. But rather than starting out with a conception of mathematics derived from the many histories mathematics might claim as its own we centre the analysis instead within the social practices that surround the teaching of the subject to children aged four to eleven in English primary schools today. That is, we do not commence with an a priori conception of mathematics and see what people are saying about it. Rather, we start from what people are saying and see where this points. We probe how the desires of society have manifested themselves in a societal decision to teach mathematics and how this decision now shapes that which is called "mathematics". We focus on the operation of the noun "mathematics" and verb "mathematical" and consider how the meanings of these terms derive from the social domain in which they are being used. This extends and develops a conception of how language intervenes in the task of mathematics education presented elsewhere (Brown, 2001). In this present book however, we have a particular focus on trainee and newly qualified teachers, with a view to pinpointing how this conception of mathematics manifests itself in their evolving practices. We question how such teachers with many years of experience as a pupil in school might now re-orient themselves towards the demands of teaching mathematics in schools.

Exploring Journalism Practice and Perception in Developing Countries

Author : Salawu, Abiodun
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Media outlets play a pivotal role in fostering the positive and beneficial development of countries in modern society. By properly informing citizens of critical national concerns, the media can help to transform society and promote active participation. Exploring Journalism Practice and Perception in Developing Countries is a crucial reference source for the latest scholarly material on the impacts of development journalism on contemporary nations and the media’s responsibility to inform citizens of government and non-government activities. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as media regulation, freedom of expression, and new media technology, this book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, professionals, policy makers, and students interested in the role of journalist endeavors in developing nations.

Issues in Educational Science and Technology 2013 Edition

Author :
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Issues in Educational Science and Technology: 2013 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ book that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Internet and Higher Education. The editors have built Issues in Educational Science and Technology: 2013 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Internet and Higher Education in this book to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Educational Science and Technology: 2013 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Academic and Research Literacy Practices of Final Year Teacher Trainees in Luanda Angola

Author : Celeste Sambeny
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Academic and Research Literacy Practices of Final Year Teacher Trainees in Luanda, Angola presents a detailed study of students and lecturers at higher teacher training institutions where English is taught as a medium of instruction and specialisation. As such, the book will help raise the awareness of educators, teachers and supervisors of the need to be more supportive to students, and will highlight the importance of increased responsibility on the part of the students regarding their studies, especially during the process of writing their research reports. Practical experience has shown that, in most classrooms, students are typically asked to produce texts for one single audience, namely the teacher or the lecturer, who already knows what constitutes an acceptable response. However, in many classrooms, teachers and lecturers tend to believe that literacy can be defined as the ability to encode and decode texts, the ability to decipher the ‘main idea’ of a reading passage or to write a text that obeys the general conventions of language usage such as syntax, organisation, and idea development. The central argument of this book, however, is that, at higher levels of the educational system in Angola, academic and research literacy practices are, at best, questionable and, at worst, harmful. An extensive re-evaluation of assumptions regarding student capability and what it means to be a literate in the twenty-first-century ‘information society’ is of critical importance. Such a re-examination allows for extensive reflection on current practices and a powerful critique of ‘traditional’ academic and research literacy methods, and suggests ways in which practices of quality teaching and learning may be implemented.

Translator and Interpreter Education Research

Author : Muhammad M. M. Abdel Latif
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Exploring University Teaching and Learning

Author : Keith Trigwell
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This book focuses on university teachers’ experience of teaching and learning. Following on from the 1999 volume Understanding Learning and Teaching, which focused on student experiences of teaching and learning, this book provides guidance on how teachers’ experiences can be understood in ways which can support the continued enhancement of student learning experiences and learning outcomes. Drawing on the outcomes of a 30-year research project, this comprehensive volume discusses the qualitative variation in approaches to university teaching, the factors associated with that variation, and how different ways of teaching are related to differences in student experiences of teaching and learning. The authors extend the discussions of teaching into new areas, including emotions in teaching, leadership of teaching, growth as a university teacher and the contentious field of relations between teaching and research. “This important book offers an accessible, research-informed guide to understanding student learning and university teaching. Written by two world-leading experts in the field, it provides rich insights and practical responses to the challenges faced by those who care deeply about teaching and learning in higher education.” —Professor Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University, UK "Enhancing discipline-specific evidence-based development of the quality of teaching and learning in higher education has been my strategy during my whole career. Therefore and with great pleasure I read the book by Trigwell and Prosser which distills their teaching and learning research into a guide for those seeking to better understand their teaching environment. Building on their discovery of relations between the ways of teaching and the ways of learning, they expand on what is known about variation in teaching and how it links to course design, to research and to academic development. This book will be a valuable resource for many academics."​ —Professor​ Sari Lindblom, University of Helsinki, Finland “In an international higher education context going through much change and uncertainty, Trigwell and Prosser have produced a scholarly, timely, evidence-based, view of teaching and learning suitable for universities world-wide. The experience, quality and satisfaction of university leaders, researchers, teachers and students will benefit enormously from the ideas in this addition to their first book.” —Professor Robert A. Ellis, Griffith University, Australia

Oxford Textbook of Medical Education

Author : Kieran Walsh
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Providing a comprehensive and evidence-based reference guide for those who have a strong and scholarly interest in medical education, the Oxford Textbook of Medical Education contains everything the medical educator needs to know in order to deliver the knowledge, skills, and behaviour that doctors need. The book explicitly states what constitutes best practice and gives an account of the evidence base that corroborates this. Describing the theoretical educational principles that lay the foundations of best practice in medical education, the book gives readers a through grounding in all aspects of this discipline. Contributors to this book come from a variety of different backgrounds, disciplines and locations, producing a book that is truly original and international.

Exploring Education at Postgraduate Level

Author : Anne O'Grady
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There is a growing demand for educational professionals to develop a more critical understanding of the key and emerging debates in education so that they can better meet the challenges and demands placed upon them. Exploring Education at Postgraduate Level represents a range of perspectives from educational experts to academic researchers, and highlights the key issues surrounding contemporary education. Organised into three parts and drawing on key issues in education theory, policy and practice, the book considers areas such as SEN, evaluating learning, ESOL and gender. Featuring reflective questions, case studies and summaries of core ideas, the chapters include: Troublesome learning journey; Applying educational thinkers to contemporary educational practice; Values production through social and emotional learning; Policy research: In defence ad hocery?; We are all critically reflective now: The politics of critical reflection in higher education and in the work place; Developing critical thought about SEN; The refuge of relativism. Aimed at supporting students on Masters-level courses, this acessible but critically provocative text is an essential resource for those wishing to develop a more critical understanding of the role, purpose and function of educational systems and practices.

Exploring Trainee Counselling Psychologists Perceptions of the Scientist practitioner Model in Relation to Their Training and Future Careers

Author : Charles Frost
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Exploring Gender at Work

Author : Joan Marques
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Exploring Context in Religious Education Research

Author : Geir Skeie
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The relevance of contextual perspectives in religious education has been growing for the last decade. It has been central to the European Network for Religious Education through Contextual Approaches (ENRECA) - the research network that has produced the present book. Several members of the network have contributed to the theoretical and empirical development of contextual approaches in different publications, but for the first time this has been the focus of an entire collectively produced volume. The history of the book dates back to research seminars in 2009 and 2010 and is based on the discussions in the seminar. The chapters have been developed through a process of critical examination. Through this process we believe to have produced a coherent and also comprehensively rich book, dealing with the issue of context as a challenge, and also a stimulus to religious education research and practice. The chapters are presenting both empirical research and scholarly investigation into methodological and theoretical dimensions. Taken together we hope that this book will contribute to the further development of contextual thinking in religious education research. Or aim has not been to answer all questions, but rather to pose questions and to complicate things in order to enrich the academic field of religion in education.

Exploring Culture

Author : Geert Hofstede
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Exploring Culture brings Geert Hofstede's five dimensions of national culture to life. Gert Jan Hofstede and his co-authors Paul Pedersen and Geert Hofstede introduce synthetic cultures, the ten "pure" cultural types derived from the extremes of the five dimensions. The result is a playful book of practice that is firmly rooted in theory. Part light, part serious, but always thought-provoking, this unique book approaches training through the three-part process of building awareness, knowledge, and skills. It leads the reader through the first two components with more than 75 activities, dialogues, stories, and incidents. The Synthetic Culture Laboratory and two full simulations fulfill the skill-building component. Exploring Culture is suitable for students, trainers, coaches and educators. It can be used for individual study or as a text, and it serves as an excellent partner to Geert Hofstede's popular Cultures and Organizations.

Exploring Narratives of Women Teacher Trade Union Activists

Author : Jean Laight
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Exploring Narratives of Women Teacher Trade Union Activists uses life history interviews and narrative analysis to explore women’s stories, showing trade unionism as a vehicle for transformational change and activism as a positive contribution to education.