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NanoBand Explorer Portable Water Analyzer

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My Life as an Explorer

Author : Sven Hedin
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FROM THE SILK ROAD AND TIBET, THE EPIC MEMOIR OF A BESTSELLING ADVENTUREOver the course of three decades, Sven Hedin traveled the ancient Silk Road, discovered long-lost cities, mapped previously uncharted rivers, and saw more of "the roof of the world" than any European before him. This epic memoir captures the splendor of now-vanished civilizations, the excitement ofunearthing ancient monuments, the chilling terrors of snow-clogged mountain passes, and the parching agony of the desert. A worldwide bestseller in the 1920s, it today introduces a new generation to a man of exceptional daring and accomplishment. The book is illustrated with 160 of Hedin's owndrawings.

The Lost Explorer

Author : Conrad Anker
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In 1999, Conrad Anker found the body of George Mallory on Mount Everest, casting an entirely new light on the mystery of the lost explorer. On 8 June 1924, George Leigh Mallory and Andrew 'Sandy' Irvine were last seen climbing towards the summit of Everest. The clouds closed around them and they were lost to history, leaving the world to wonder whether or not they actually reached the summit - some 29 years before Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay. On 1 May 1999, Conrad Anker, one of the world's foremost mountaineers, made the momentous discovery - Mallory's body, lying frozen into the scree at 27,000 feet on Everest's north face. Recounting this day, the authors go on to assess the clues provided by the body, its position, and the possibility that Mallory had successfully climbed the Second Step, a 90-foot sheer cliff that is the single hardest obstacle on the north face. A remarkable story of a charming and immensely able man, told by an equally talented modern climber.

Alaska Highway Explorer

Author : William C. Wonders
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Names along the Alaska Highway originate in native legends, funny anecdotes, pioneer life and characters who made the north their home. These true stories tell the stories behind the places along the Adventure Road.

Explorer Race and Beyond

Author : Robert Shapiro
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In our continuing exploration of how creation works, we talk to Creator of Pure Feelings and Thoughts, the Liquid Domain, the Double-Diamond Portal, and the other 93 percent of the Explorer Race. We revisit the Friends of the Creator to discuss their origin and how they see the beyond; we finally reach the roots of the Explorer Race (us!) and find we are from a different source than our Creator and have a different goal; and we end up talking to All That Is!

String Explorer Book 2

Author : Andrew H. Dabczynski
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Welcome back, String Explorers! Your adventure of a lifetime continues as we begin Book 2! Together, we will explore even more wonderful music from the past and present, and melodies from around the world. We’ve already set sail aboard our noble schooner Musicianship, so get ready to encounter many new exciting challenges as we journey across the vast Sea of knowledge to reach our goal: the Lands of Golden Harmony!

Internet Explorer 8 Illustrated Essentials

Author : Katherine T. Pinard
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Teaching your students Internet Explorer has never been easier than with INTERNET EXPLORER 8, ILLUSTRATED ESSENTIALS. The book presents each skill on two facing pages, providing detailed instructions on the left-hand page and large, full-color screenshots on the right page. This format helps students intuitively grasp the concepts in the book and apply them to the classroom and workplace environment. This book is a focused, user-friendly text that offers succinct lessons to readers. The book includes everything students will need to learn the nuts and bolts of Internet Explorer 8! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Leadership Metaphor Explorer

Author : Chuck J. Palus
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This publication is a comprehensive guide to complement a facilitator's use of the Leadership Metaphor Explorer tool - A dynamic, interactive tool designed to stimulate creative, insightful conversations in and among groups about leadership.


Author : Lisle A. Rose
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“Danger was all that thrilled him,” Dick Byrd’s mother once remarked, and from his first pioneering aviation adventures in Greenland in 1925, through his daring flights to the top and bottom of the world and across the Atlantic, Richard E. Byrd dominated the American consciousness during the tumultuous decades between the world wars. He was revered more than Charles Lindbergh, deliberately exploiting the public’s hunger for vicarious adventure. Yet some suspected him of being a poseur, and a handful reviled him as a charlatan who claimed great deeds he never really accomplished. Then he overreached himself, foolishly choosing to endure a blizzard-lashed six-month polar night alone at an advance weather observation post more than one hundred long miles down a massive Antarctic ice shelf. His ordeal proved soul-shattering, his rescue one of the great epics of polar history. As his star began to wane, enemies grew bolder, and he struggled to maintain his popularity and political influence, while polar exploration became progressively bureaucratized and militarized. Yet he chose to return again and again to the beautiful, hateful, haunted secret land at the bottom of the earth, claiming, not without justification, that he was “Mayor of this place.” Lisle A. Rose has delved into Byrd’s recently available papers together with those of his supporters and detractors to present the first complete, balanced biography of one of recent history’s most dynamic figures. Explorer covers the breadth of Byrd’s astonishing life, from the early days of naval aviation through his years of political activism to his final efforts to dominate Washington’s growing interest in Antarctica. Rose recounts with particular care Byrd’s two privately mounted South Polar expeditions, bringing to bear new research that adds considerable depth to what we already know. He offers views of Byrd’s adventures that challenge earlier criticism of him—including the controversy over his claim to being the first to have flown over the North Pole in 1926—and shows that the critics’ arguments do not always mesh with historical evidence. Throughout this compelling narrative, Rose offers a balanced view of an ambitious individual who was willing to exaggerate but always adhered to his principles—a man with a vision of himself and the world that inspired others, who cultivated the rich and famous, and who used his notoriety to espouse causes such as world peace. Explorer paints a vivid picture of a brilliant but flawed egoist, offering the definitive biography of the man and armchair adventure of the highest order.

The Forgotten Explorer

Author : Samuel Prescott Fay
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North of Jasper, in the Canadian Rockies, is a large, spectacular wilderness of alpine flower meadows, glaciated peaks, canyons, waterfalls and abundant wildlife. Compared to the millions each year who visit Banff and Jasper national parks immediately to the south, this northern area sees few visitors. Fewer still have ever attempted to travel through this wilderness in one continuous trip. The first to do so was Samuel Prescott Fay in 1914. To this day, his exact route has never been duplicated. During his expedition, Fay kept a detailed journal (currently held at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC), which he provided to the US Biological Survey (now known as the US Fish & Wildlife Service) and to various Canadian government authorities. However, the journal in its entirety has never been published. Brought together for the first time in book form, both maps and journal entries provide an early and dynamic record of an area that remains little known to this day.


Author : C. J. Cherryh
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The sixth novel in Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences… It has been nearly ten years since the starship Phoenix returned to Alpha, the station orbiting the world of the atevi, which had been abandoned following a rift between a faction of the station's inhabitants and the spacers' Pilot's Guild. The unexpected return of the Phoenix has forever changed the lives of both atevi and Mospheirans, for over the ensuing decade, the captains of the Phoenix have brought both species into space. Their motivation seemed simple: Reunion Station, a human station in another sector of space, had been destroyed by aliens. But on his deathbed, the senior captain of the Phoenix admits that he lied to the crew—that Reunion was merely damaged, not destroyed, and many people may have survived. At this disclosure, the crew rebels and forces the Phoenix to undertake a rescue mission to Reunion. Onboard the rescue mission are Bren Cameron, brilliant human paidhi representing the atevi ruler Tabini-aiji, and Tabini's grandmother Ilisidi, a fearsome and ambitious atevi leader with an agenda of her own. Trapped in a distant star system with little fuel left, facing a bellicose alien ship, how can Bren help to avoid interspecies war when the notoriously secretive Pilot's Guild aboard Reunion Station refuse to cooperate, and may have kept the inhabitants of their own station ignorant of their true situation? The long-running Foreigner series can also be enjoyed by more casual genre readers in sub-trilogy installments. Explorer is the 6th Foreigner novel, and the 3rd book in the second subtrilogy.


Author : W. Somerset Maugham
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This novel from the classic era of colonialist literature is sure to intrigue readers interested in nineteenth and early twentieth century fiction. Although some of the imperialist attitudes evinced by the protagonist are likely to clash with the sensibilities of modern audiences, the book accurately documents the spirit and foibles of the era.


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Author : Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat
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100's of Q's with answer Chapterwise Practice Q's Revision Q's Sample Paper New! updated questions Workbook must for schools student preparing for National Biotechnlogy Olympiad conducted by EHF Eduheal Foundation and other national/international olympiad/talent search exams. Based on CBSE,ICSE,GCSE, State Board Syllabus & NCF (NCERT)

Operation of the Vessel Pacific Explorer

Author : United States. Congress. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries
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Explorer Travellers and Adventure Tourism

Author : Dr. Jennifer Laing
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This book examines the nexus between exploring and tourism and argues that exploration travel – based heavily on explorer narratives and the promises of personal challenges and change – is a major trend in future tourism. In particular, it analyses how romanticised myths of explorers form a foundation for how modern day tourists view travel and themselves. Its scope ranges from the 'Golden Age' of imperial explorers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, through the growth of adventure and extreme tourism, to possible future trends including space travel. The volume should appeal to researchers and students across a variety of disciplines, including tourism studies, sociology, geography and history.

Experience Explorer Facilitator s Guide

Author : Meena S. Wilson
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This Facilitator's Guide provides a facilitator with the instruction to lead an Experience Explorer session using the Experience Explorer Tool. The Experience Explorer Tool includes a Facilitator's Guide, although, additional copies of the guide can be purchased here in print & eBook format if multiple facilitator's are involved or if an eBook format is desired.

Visual Explorer Facilitator s Guide

Author :
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"Grounded in research and practice this revised and updated facilitator's set consists of 3 -- 6x4, post card-sized image decks with #72 images per deck for a total of #216 images. The tool provides a method for supporting collaborative, creative conversations in a wide variety of situations to help develop ideas and insights into useful dialogue" -- publisher's website. The two portions together comprise Visual explorer.

Windows Internet Explorer 9 Introductory

Author : Gary B. Shelly
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In WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER 9: INTRODUCTORY, 2E you'll find features that are specifically designed to engage students, improve retention, and prepare them for future success. Our trademark step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach encourages students to expand their understanding of the Internet Explorer 9 software through hands-on projects. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Extend the CICS Explorer A Better Way to Manage Your CICS

Author : Chris Rayns
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CICS® ExplorerTM is the latest significant evolution in the management and analysis of your CICS environment. It is a statement of intent from the CICS Development organization, which is determined to ensure you can manage your CICS estate in a simple and easily extensible way, using a combination of the following approaches: Tried and trusted CICS expertise and technology The widely accepted user interfaces and integration power of the open source Eclipse platform Web 2.0 and RESTful programming (this technology underpins the CICS Explorer concept) This IBM® Redbooks® publication shows how you can use the extensible design of CICS Explorer to complement the functionality already provided, with added functionality tailored to the needs of your business. We show you how to perform the following tasks: Install the CICS plug-in SDK into your eclipse environment Develop a simple plug-in for the CICS Explorer Deploy the plug-in into CICS Explorer We provide several useful examples of plug-ins that we developed during the residency using the methodology we describe. The starting point for the book is that you already have CICS Explorer installed and configured with connectivity to your CICS region or CICSPlex®, and that you are looking for ways to customize CICS Explorer.