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Expertise in Transition

Author : Yrjö Engeström
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This book challenges standard notions of expertise. In today's world, truly effective expertise is built on fluid collaboration between practitioners from multiple backgrounds. Such collaborative expertise must also be transformative, must be able to tackle emerging new problems and changes in its organizational framework. Engeström argues that the transition toward collaborative and transformative expertise is based on three pillars: expertise needs to be understood and cultivated as a collective activity; expertise needs to be built on flexible knot-working among diverse practitioners; and expertise needs to be fostered as the expansive learning of models and patterns of activity that are in progress. In this book, Engeström recasts expertise as fluid collaboration on complex tasks that requires envisioning the future and mastering change.

Writing in the Real World

Author : Anne Beaufort
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How can we prepare the work-force of tomorrow for the increasing writing demands of the Information Age? Anne Beaufort provides a multidimensional response to this critical question. Offering a vital view of the developmental process entailed in attaining writing fluency in school and beyond, and the conditions that contribute to acquiring such expertise, Beaufort illuminates what it takes to foster the versatility writers must possess in the workplace of the twenty-first century.

Handbook of Adolescent Transition Education for Youth with Disabilities

Author : Karrie A. Shogren
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Transition from secondary education to adulthood represents a period during which adolescents with disabilities face multiple responsibilities and changing roles that include establishing independence, attending postsecondary education or training, developing social networks, choosing a career, participating in their communities, and managing healthcare and financial affairs. Sponsored by the Division of Career Development and Transition (DCDT) of the Council of Exceptional Children, this handbook provides a comprehensive resource to the communities of educators, related service and agency personnel, families, caretakers, counselors, and other stakeholders who facilitate these complex transitions to adulthood for adolescents with disabilities. Comprehensive – This comprehensive volume includes coverage of historical foundations, policy, transition programming and planning, development of student skills, and program structure. It also recommends transition supports for students with specific disabilities. Organizing Taxonomy – The book is organized around a well recognized taxonomy for adolescent transition used by many states to design and reform their transition services. Expertise – The volume editors are past-presidents of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Career Development and are leaders in transition research and practice. Contributors are well-recognized for their expertise in transition. Chapter Structure – Each chapter includes a discussion of evidence-based research, recommended practices, suggestions for transition personnel and families, and additional resources. This book is appropriate for researchers and graduate-level instructors in special education and vocational education, inservice administrators and policy makers, and transition service providers.

Rehabilitation R D Progress Reports

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Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report

Author : United States. Columbia Accident Investigation Board
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The Status of the District of Columbia s Year 2000 Conversion Compliance and Technology Improvement Plan

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform. Subcommittee on the District of Columbia
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Transition to the Knowledge Society

Author : Canada. Human Resources Development Canada
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This text describes the implications of ICTs, their potential for increased productions, and their impact on jobs, skill development, wages, and income. The authors address issues of distribution and equity - particularly with respect to disparities involving class, gender, ethnicity, and age.

Report of the Expert Consultation on Catalysing the Transition Away from Overcapacity in Marine Capture Fisheries

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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The Expert Consultation was intended and designed to develop a set of general recommendations to assist in addressing the difficult subject of overcapacity in marine capture fisheries. The result is guidance about a general, flexible process for assisting the transition of fisheries that are characterized by overcapacity into fisheries that are characterized as fully utilized, economically efficient and that meet the management objectives and goals of the agency or group that has fisheries management responsibility.

Life Skills for Women in Transition

Author : Margaret Hunt
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AV Guide

Author :
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The Knowledge based Economy in Transition Countries

Author : Krzysztof Piech
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Beyond Transition

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Powerful Professionals Getting Your Expertise Used Inside Your Organization

Author : Murray Hiebert
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Education Computer News

Author :
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Expertise in Regulation and Law

Author : Gary Edmond
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This collection of essays examines the multi-faceted roles of experts and expertise in and around contemporary legal and regulatory cultures. The essays illustrate the complexity intrinsic to the production and use of expert knowledge, particularly during transition from specialist communities to other domains such as policy formulation, regulatory standard setting and litigation. Several themes pervade the collection. These include the need to recognize that: expert knowledge and opinion is often complex, controversial and contested; there are no simple criteria for resolving disagreements between experts; appeals to 'objectivity' and 'impartiality' tend to be rhetorical rather than analytical; contests in expertise are frequently episodes in larger campaigns; there are many different models of expertise and knowledge; processes designed to deal with expert knowledge are unavoidably political; questions around who is an expert and what should count as expertise are not always self-evident; and the evidence rarely 'speaks for itself'.

Languages for a Multicultural World in Transition

Author : Heidi Byrnes
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Expertise in Nursing Practice Second Edition

Author : Patricia Benner RN, PhD, FAAN
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Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title! Nursing practice is a complex and varied field that requires precision, dedication, care, and expertise. Clinicians must have both the skills and the tools to attend to changes in patients' responses, recognize trends, and understand the nature of their patients' conditions over time. This book clearly delineates the skills needed to become an expert nurse. In this new edition, the editors present a report of a six-year study of over 130 hospital nurses working in critical care. Expanding upon the study conducted in the previous edition, this new book documents and analyzes hundreds of new clinical narratives that track the development of clinical skill acquisition, including caring, clinical judgment, workplace ethics, and more. Highlights of this book: Includes transitional guidance for nurses new to the field Discusses the primacy of caring and the importance of good clinical judgment Includes new practice models, including the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition Provides guidelines for strengthening the nurse-patient relationship Presents implications for nursing education and patient safety Ultimately, this work defines expertise in nursing practice. The book serves as a valuable resource that will enable nurses to expand their knowledge base, cultivate their clinical skills, and become successful experts in nursing practice.

Political Transition in Economic Decentralization

Author : Shitao Huo
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The Role of Cognitive Science in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science

Author : Philip Brey
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