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Experimental Painting

Author : Lisa Cyr
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With page after page of stimulating possibilities, this book guides you on an uncompromising journey to visually dynamic, conceptually provocative, utterly original art. Embrace the spirit of creative play, break out of your comfort zone, and take your art to a whole new level. In her follow-up to the popular Art Revolution, Lisa L. Cyr delves deeper into an inspiring range of two and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques. Discover fresh, alternative ways to apply and manipulate painting media, transform surfaces, and create distinctive, message-driven work. Inside you'll find: • A wide array of unconventional tools, materials and processes that help artists blaze their own unique and creative paths • 12 step-by-step demonstrations highlighting specific experimental techniques, including freeform painting, making custom tools, and building dimension into a surface with inlaid boxes • 3 feature demonstrations showing mixed-media processes at play in the creation of original artworks, from concept to completion • A chapter on creative self-promotion revealing the latest marketing and presentation strategies for the working artist

Making History

Author : Wu Hung
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This volume analyzes the cultural origins, precedents, influences and aspirations of the contemporary Chinese artists.

After Modernist Painting

Author : Craig Staff
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Painting has often been declared dead since the 1960s and yet it refuses to die. Even the status and continued legitimacy of the medium has been repeatedly placed in question. As such, painting has had to continually redefine its own parameters and re-negotiate for itself a critical position within a broader, more discursive set of discourses. Taking the American Clement Greenberg's 'Modernist Painting' as a point of departure, After Modernist Painting will be both a historical survey and a critical re-evaluation of the contested and contingent nature of the medium of painting over the last 50 years. Presenting the first critical account of painting, rather than art generally, this book provides a timely exploration of what has remained a persistent and protean medium. Craig Staff focuses on certain developments including the relationship of painting to Conceptual Art and Minimalism, the pronouncement of paintings alleged death, its response to Installation Art's foregrounding of site, how it was able to interpret ideas around appropriation, simulation and hybridity and how today painting can be understood as both imaging and imagining the digital. After Modernist Painting is an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the themes and issues that have pertained to painting within the context of postmodernism and contemporary artistic practice.

ARTPOOL The Experimental Art Archive of East Central Europe

Author : György Galántai
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This volume is a collection of texts and documents selected from and illustrating the history of Artpool, a non-profit artist run institution in Budapest, established in 1979 by György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay and operating since 1992 under the name of Artpool Art Research Center. The book focuses on Artpool’s direct antecedents (among them the events at György Galántai's Chapel Studio in Balatonboglár, 1970–1973), on the foundation, development, art projects and events, as well as the preferences and issues pertaining to art research (not independent of the historical and social environment they were conceived in) that had formed throughout the course of many years and decades. "The occasion of the publication of ARTPOOL The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe is a milestone in the history of art for its documentation of a remarkable period in the chronicles of conceptual, performance, installation, and video art, as well ephemeral mediums such as mail art and artists’ stamp sheets, postcards, rubber stamp imprints, artists’ writings and samizdat publications. The work represented in the Artpool archive is astonishing in its scope and quantity, quality of imagination, intellectual force, and the courage of the artists who created it. This volume presents an opportunity to reflect on the events that brought Artpool into being, to acknowledge that while originating in the context of East-Central Europe, Artpool’s community has always been international, and to evaluate its broad contributions to world culture and society." (Kristine Stiles)

The art of experimental natural history

Author : Dana Jalobeanu
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Performance Subjectivity and Experimentation

Author : Catherine Laws
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Music reflects subjectivity and identity: that idea is now deeply ingrained in both musicology and popular media commentary. The study of music across cultures and practices often addresses the enactment of subjectivity “in” music – how music expresses or represents “an” individual or “a” group. However, a sense of selfhood is also formed and continually reformed through musical practices, not least performance. How does this take place? How might the work of practitioners reveal aspects of this process? In what sense is subjectivity performed in and through musical practices? This book explores these questions in relation to a range of artistic research involving contemporary musical practices, drawing on perspectives from performance studies, phenomenology, embodied cognition, and theories of gendered and cultural identity.

Dutch Art

Author : Sheila D. Muller
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An illustrated feast for the eye and intellect Dutch Art explores developments in art, art history, art criticism, and cultural history of the Netherlands from the artists' workshops for the Utrecht Dom in 1475 to the latest movements of the 1990s. it is lavishly illustrated with 147 black-and-white photographs and 16 pages in full color. More than 100 internationally recognized scholars, museum professionals, artists, and art critics contributed signed essays to this monumental work, including historians, sociologists, and literary historians.

Architects of Art Therapy

Author : Maxine Borowsky Junge
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Part III, on "Expansion," is composed of AATA Honorary Life Members who began their art therapy careers in the 1970s. During this period, art therapy training programs proliferated, so that some benefited from newly-established formal art therapy education. Others had been working in related areas, such as art and psychology, and moved into art therapy in the early 1970s. In their various venues of influence, the authors presented here are highly accomplished visionaries whose dedication to the development of art therapy has been remarkable. Through their chapters, these "architects of art therapy" chart the development of an important mental health profession; they serve as an inspiration for those involved in art therapy today and for generations of art therapists to come."--BOOK JACKET.

Augmented Reality Art

Author : Vladimir Geroimenko
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This is the third edition of the first ever book to explore the exciting field of augmented reality art and its enabling technologies. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, with 9 new chapters included. As well as investigating augmented reality as a novel artistic medium, the book covers cultural, social, spatial and cognitive facets of augmented reality art. It has been written by a virtual team of 33 researchers and artists from 11 countries who are pioneering in the new form of art, and contains numerous colour illustrations showing both classic and recent augmented reality artworks. Intended as a starting point for exploring this new fascinating area of research and creative practice, it will be essential reading not only for artists, researchers and technology developers, but also for students (graduates and undergraduates) and all those interested in emerging augmented reality technology and its current and future applications in art.

Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture

Author :
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This volume emphasizes the economic aspects of art and culture, a relatively new field that poses inherent problems for economics, with its quantitative concepts and tools. Building bridges across disciplines such as management, art history, art philosophy, sociology, and law, editors Victor Ginsburgh and David Throsby assemble chapters that yield new perspectives on the supply and demand for artistic services, the contribution of the arts sector to the economy, and the roles that public policies play. With its focus on culture rather than the arts, Ginsburgh and Throsby bring new clarity and definition to this rapidly growing area. Presents coherent summaries of major research in art and culture, a field that is inherently difficult to characterize with finance tools and concepts Offers a rigorous description that avoids common problems associated with art and culture scholarship Makes details about the economics of art and culture accessible to scholars in fields outside economics