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Experimental Futures and Impossible Professions Psychoanalysis Education and Politics in Interwar Vienna 1918 1938

Author : Phillip J. Henry
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"[W]e have never prided ourselves on the completeness and finality of our knowledge and capacity. We are just as ready now as we were learn new things and to alter our methods in any way that can improve them." With these words, delivered to a psychoanalytic congress in the last months of the Great War, Sigmund Freud inaugurated a period of far-reaching revision and open-ended experimentation for his science. Over the following two decades, Freudians in central Europe would push their thought in new directions, developing revised models of the mind, innovative theories of the relationship between individual and society, and experimental therapeutic techniques while simultaneously pioneering novel applications of analytic thought and practice to social problems.

The Digitalisation of Inter Subjectivity

Author : Jan De Vos
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This book explores the responsibility of psychological and neuropsychological perspectives in relation to the digitalisation of inter-subjectivity. It examines how integral their theories and models have been to the development of digital technologies, and by combining theoretical and critical work of leading thinkers, it is a new and highly original perspective on (inter)subjectivity in the digital era. The book engages with artificial intelligence and cybernetics and the work of Alan Turing, Norbert Wiener, Marvin Minsky, Gregory Bateson, and Warren McCulloch to demonstrate how their use of neuropsy-theories persists in contemporary digital culture. The author aims to trace a trajectory from psychologisation to neurologisation, and finally, to digitalisation, to make us question the digital future of humankind in relation to the idea of subjectivity, and the threat of the ‘death-drive’ inherent to digitality itself. This volume is fascinating reading for students and researchers in the fields of critical psychology, neuroscience, education studies, philosophy, media studies, and other related areas.

Ordnungen in der Krise

Author : Wolfgang Hardtwig
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Deutschland 1900 bis 1933 zwischen den Euphorien des machtpolitischen Aufstiegs und den militarischen, okonomischen und politischen Katastrophen waren diese Jahre durch vielgestaltige und intensive Krisenerfahrungen gepragt. Krieg, Niederlage, Revolution und Depression, aber auch der kulturelle Aufbruch in die Moderne schrieben sich in die Leben der Menschen ein. Es waren Durchbruchs- und Krisenjahre der Moderne, deren pragende Strukturen und Umwalzungen es fur eine politische Kulturgeschichte Deutschlands zu hinterfragen gilt."