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Experimental Combustion

Author : D. P. Mishra
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Fulfilling the need for a classical approach, Experimental Combustion: An Introduction begins with an overview of the key aspects of combustion-including chemical kinetics, premixed flame, diffusion flame, and liquid droplet combustion-followed by a discussion of the general elements of measurement systems and data acquisition and analysis. In addi

Experimental Behavior of Combustion Products of HEF 2 and Air During Expansion in Exhaust Nozzles

Author : J. Robert Branstetter
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Experimental Measurements of Expanding Storable propellant Products Simulated by Combustion of Gaseous Reactants

Author : Robert Friedman
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Gaseous reactant combustion simulation of dimethylhydrazine and hydrazine fuel system for nonequilibrium expansion studies.

Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Diluted Spray Turbulent Combustion

Author : Bart Merci
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This book reflects the outcome of the 1st International Workshop on Turbulent Spray Combustion held in 2009 in Corsica (France). The focus is on reporting the progress of experimental and numerical techniques in two-phase flows, with emphasis on spray combustion. The motivation for studies in this area is that knowledge of the dominant phenomena and their interactions in such flow systems is essential for the development of predictive models and their use in combustor and gas turbine design. This necessitates the development of accurate experimental methods and numerical modelling techniques. The workshop aimed at providing an opportunity for experts and young researchers to present the state-of-the-art, discuss new developments or techniques and exchange ideas in the areas of experimentations, modelling and simulation of reactive multiphase flows. The first two papers reflect the contents of the invited lectures, given by experts in the field of turbulent spray combustion. The first concerns computational issues, while the second deals with experiments. These lectures initiated very interesting and interactive discussions among the researchers, further pursued in contributed poster presentations. Contributions 3 and 4 focus on some aspects of the impact of the interaction between fuel evaporation and combustion on spray combustion in the context of gas turbines, while the final article deals with the interaction between evaporation and turbulence.

Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion of Diluted Sprays

Author : Bart Merci
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This book reflects the results of the 2nd and 3rd International Workshops on Turbulent Spray Combustion. The focus is on progress in experiments and numerical simulations for two-phase flows, with emphasis on spray combustion. Knowledge of the dominant phenomena and their interactions allows development of predictive models and their use in combustor and gas turbine design. Experts and young researchers present the state-of-the-art results, report on the latest developments and exchange ideas in the areas of experiments, modelling and simulation of reactive multiphase flows. The first chapter reflects on flame structure, auto-ignition and atomization with reference to well-characterized burners, to be implemented by modellers with relative ease. The second chapter presents an overview of first simulation results on target test cases, developed at the occasion of the 1st International Workshop on Turbulent Spray Combustion. In the third chapter, evaporation rate modelling aspects are covered, while the fourth chapter deals with evaporation effects in the context of flamelet models. In chapter five, LES simulation results are discussed for variable fuel and mass loading. The final chapter discusses PDF modelling of turbulent spray combustion. In short, the contributions in this book are highly valuable for the research community in this field, providing in-depth insight into some of the many aspects of dilute turbulent spray combustion.

Experimental Investigation on Combustion Characteristics of Premixed Propane air in a Micro planar Heat Recirculation Combustor

Author :
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Highlights: A novel micro-planar heat recirculation combustor is fabricated and studied. Flame stability of combustors with and without heat recirculation is compared. The radiation efficiency of combustor with heat recirculation increases dramatically. Baffle length has critical influence on the external wall temperature. Of all the investigated baffle length cases, the radiation efficiency of 15 mm case is highest. Abstract: With respect to micro-thermophotovoltaic (MTPV) system, achieving a higher wall temperature and wider range of flame stability in micro-combustor is pivotal, which may be the most effective method to improve the work efficiency of the device. On this basis, an improved combustor with heat recirculation is designed and fabricated. Experimental investigation has been conducted to study the effects of equivalence ratio and volume flow rate on combustion characteristics of premixed propane/air. Results show that the radiation efficiencies of external wall in heat recirculation combustor are significantly higher than the corresponding value in straight-channel combustor under the same conditions. In the meanwhile, the maximum blowout limit in heat recirculation combustor can be more than three times as that of straight-channel combustor. Furthermore, the baffle length is a critical parameter of the micro-combustor, which can determine the residence time and reaction zone of the propane/air mixture. Accordingly, studies under different baffle length cases have been adopted to further explore the most suitable length in heat recirculation combustor. By contrast, the 15 mm baffle length is the most advantageous, in which case the radiation efficiency of the external wall is highest.

Experimental Diagnostics in Gas Phase Combustion Systems

Author : Ben T. Zinn
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The Internal combustion Engine in Theory and Practice Combustion fuels materials design

Author : Charles Fayette Taylor
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Structurally Compliant Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber Experimental and Analytical Validation

Author : Robert S. Jankovsky
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Combustion Calorimetry

Author : Stig Sunner
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Combustion Calorimetry deals with expertise knowledge concerning the calorimetry of combustion reactions of an element or compound. After defining the use of units and physical constants, the book discusses the basic principles of combustion calorimetry and the various instruments and calorimeters used in the experiments to measure operations concerning temperatures and its time variations. One paper discusses the theory and design criteria of combustion calorimeter calibration. Another paper discusses the results obtained from a combustion calorimeter after it has measured the energy or enthalpy of combustion of an element or compound. The book then presents the need to define accurately the exact process in which a measured energy or enthalpy change is acknowledged. One paper then presents how to find an assessment of uncertainty for any experimentally determined value through analysis of random errors and the propagation of errors. Several papers discuss the combustion calorimetry of metals, of organometallic compounds, and of fluorine. One paper presents the technological applications of heat reaction especially in the design of a chemical production plant where a reactor volume should desirably be least expensive. The book then discusses the trends in combustion calorimetry such as the prevalence of a miniaturized bomb combustion calorimetry. This volume will be beneficial to researches, technicians, and scientists in the field of catalysis, biochemistry, synthetic chemistry, and medicine.

Report of the Dominion Experimental Farms

Author : Canada. Department of Agriculture. Experimental Farms
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Report of the Dominion Experimental Farms

Author : Canada. Experimental Farms Service
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Experimental Researches in Steam Engineering

Author : Benjamin Franklin Isherwood
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Experimental Researches in Pure Applied and Physical Chemistry

Author : Sir Edward Frankland
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Selected Topics of Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Author : Jaime Klapp
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This book contains invited lectures and selected contributions presented at the Enzo Levi and XIX Annual Meeting of the Fluid Dynamic Division of the Mexican Physical Society in 2013. It is aimed at fourth year undergraduate and graduate students, and scientists in the fields of physics, engineering and chemistry who are interested in fluid dynamics from an experimental and theoretical point of view. The invited lectures are introductory and avoid the use of complicated mathematics. The fluid dynamics applications include multiphase flow, convection, diffusion, heat transfer, rheology, granular material, viscous flow, porous media flow, geophysics and astrophysics. The material contained in the book includes recent advances in experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics and is suitable for both teaching and research.

Nonsteady Burning and Combustion Stability of Solid Propellants

Author : Luigi De Luca
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Elementary Treatise on Physics Experimental and Applied for the Use of Colleges and Schools

Author : Adolphe Ganot
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Applied Combustion Diagnostics

Author : KoHse-HoingHaus
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The editors have assembled a world-class group of contributors who address the questions the combustion diagnostic community faces. They are chemists who identify the species to be measured and the interfering substances that may be present; physicists, who push the limits of laser spectroscopy and laser devices and who conceive suitable measurement schemes; and engineers, who know combustion systems and processes. This book assists in providing guidance for the planning of combustion experiments, in judging research strategies and in conceiving new ideas for combustion research. It provides a snapshot of the available diagnostic methods and thier typical applications from the perspective of leading experts in the field.

Elementary Treatise on Physics Experimental and Applied

Author : Adolphe Ganot
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Elementary treatise on Physics experimental and applied Translated and edited from the ninth French edition by E Atkinson

Author : Adolphe GANOT
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