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Evil and Many Worlds

Author : William Hunt
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Evil and Many Worlds is a free-will theodicy based upon Huw Everett III's 1957 many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. The theodicy argues for a balance of good and evil across an emergent multiverse where free will--a greater good valued by both persons and God-- flourishes.

Evil and Many Worlds

Author : William Hunt
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Evil and Many Worlds is a free-will theodicy based upon Huw Everett III's 1957 many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. The theodicy argues for a balance of good and evil across an emergent multiverse where free will—a greater good valued by both persons and God— flourishes.

Plantinga s Warranted Christian Belief

Author : Dieter Schönecker
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Alvin Plantinga’s Warranted Christian Belief has very quickly become one of the most influential books in philosophy of religion. In this collection of essays, German philosophers, theologians and a mathematician deal critically with several aspects of Plantinga’s seminal work. In a long essay, Plantinga answers to these critics.

Freedom God and Worlds

Author : Michael J. Almeida
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Michael J. Almeida presents a bold new defence of the existence of God. He argues that entrenched principles in philosophical theology which have served as basic assumptions in apriori, atheological arguments are in fact philosophical dogmas. Almeida argues that not only are such principles false: they are necessarily false.

Pascal s Fire

Author : Keith Ward
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Groundbreaking, ingenious and devastatingly clear, Keith Ward’s Pascal’s Fire is guaranteed to reignite the timeless dispute of whether scientific advancement threatens religious belief. Turning the conventional debate on its head, Ward suggests that the existence of God is actually the best starting-point for a number of the most famous scientific positions. From quantum physics to evolution, the suggestion of an ‘ultimate mind’ adds a new dimension to scientific thought, enhancing rather than detracting from its greatest achievements. Also responding to potential criticisms that his ultimate mind is unrecognisable as the God of Abraham, Ward examines our most fundamental beliefs in a new light. Emerging with a conception of God that is consistent with both science and the world’s major faiths, this ambitious project will fascinate believers and sceptics alike.

Many Worlds

Author : Steven Dick
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This text examines the possibility of a cosmic evolution process that encompasses our own planet and universe as well as other planets and universes. Focus is on how this concept fits in with our ideas of God and spirituality.

The Wizard of the Stove Pipe Mountains

Author : Ewart R N Jowett
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Riccard and Rowina are on a mission to find their missing father, Ivan. Eventually, they arrive in the town of Weirdsdale, near The Stove Pipe Mountains. One of these, Vulcan occasionally emits weird lights, during which men caught outside at night disappear. Suspecting that Ivan has been captured by The Lights they access Vulcan, finding it to be the home of Foxwald, who assures them that Ivan is not in Vulcan, but he allows them to stay and search. During Foxwald's absence, battling the forces of evil, they find their father, though he does not recognize them. Returning Foxwald is shocked to find that he himself is responsible for their missing father.

Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds

Author : Kevin Luckerson
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Research in cosmology, ancient philosophy, quantum theory, and mathematics, shows that the universe may exist as a computer program driven by sets and series(s) of numbers; and, where the larger part of the universe (as a light hologram) is considered to be a large infinite space of possibility or potential, driving the behavior of space; -- with space existing as light. This new view of the universe explains away much of the mystery surrounding Religion & Mythology and finally gives a scientific explanation for ancient stories, popular myth, and legends (including The Pyramids, UFOs, Space Portals, Astral Worlds, and Hidden Dimensions: for Magic & Illusion; *ALL keys to Religious Cosmology). This new view of the universe also opens the door for an understanding of previously unexplained phenomena; inside mental worlds ... including Dreams, ESP (and Clairvoyance) - where the observer is subconsciously driving a noticeable part of the universe that he or she sees. *Using 'the mind' and a 'second perception' (or second sight) the observer is always creating a 'potential' which can thought of, as a 'wave potential' or 'a field potential' for light ... contributing to many realities (and many worlds) - *addressed in quantum physics as "many worlds theory."

Encountering Evil

Author : Gwenn Davis
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Concerned with the serious intellectual and moral questions that evil presents to religious believers. Each essay is given a critique by the other contributors: John Roth, John Hick, David Griffen, Frederick Sontag, and Stephen Davis.

A Literary Cavalcade III

Author : Robert A. Parker
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Author Robert A. Parker has compiled here his critique of hundreds of novels he has read. This is the third of six volumes that cover authors alphabetically, in this case from George Gissing to Milan Kundera. More than 85 authors are represented, including Greene, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Hersey, Horgan, James, Joyce, Kazantzakis Kafka, Kennedy, and King. They reflect a broad range of writing styles, cultural influences, and moral philosophies. All works are rated on their literary achievement, the effectiveness of plot, character, and setting, plus their recognition of the moral, ethical and spiritual values of mankind. Here is a unique critical perspective that measures the meaning of literature against the meaning of life.