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Everything To Live For

Author : Steven Roberts
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Rick, a high school senior distraught over his parents' impending divorce, thinks that nobody cares if he lives or dies. The young man's lack of faith in both himself and a higher power leads him to suicide. Expecting death to be a meaningless void, Rick is surprised to meet John, a man claiming to be his guardian angel. John shows Rick the effect his suicide will have on his friends, loved ones, and even strangers. Armed with this second chance provided by heavenly insight, only Rick can decide if he has everything to live for. - - - This story is also available in the High School Writing Project 2.0 Anthology Short Story Collection.

Everything to Live for

Author : Susan White-Bowden
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A prize-winning TV reporter and mother of three recalls the circumstances of her seventeen-year-old son's suicide and her own attempts, and those of her family, to come to terms with this unexpected tragedy

The Everything Health Guide to Living with Breast Cancer

Author : Lucia Giuggio Carvalho
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The diagnosis of breast cancer challenges a woman’s sense of self, her body image, and ultimately her own mortality. In this health guide, breast cancer survivor and nurse Lucia Giuggio Carvalho provides a basic overview of breast cancer, its biology, psychology, and treatment options. This comprehensive approach to facing breast cancer covers: Physical changes that occur with treatment, such as hair loss, early menopause, fatigue, sexuality, and weight in/loss Treatment options, including surgery, chemotherapy, clinical trials, radiation, hormonal therapies, and reconstructive surgery Support systems, medical insurance coverage, and financial onsiderations Complimentary alternative medicine choices, and more The breast cancer journey is not about doing everything right for the right outcome. This book shows you the importance of living life to the fullest in each stage of breast cancer treatment and to find from within yourself the strength, courage, and spirit to survive it.

Everything We Need for Life and Godliness

Author : Sara E. Gulino
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Why do we read the Psalms? We read them because we find comfort in them. We identify ourselves with the ups and downs of the writer, his feelings and emotions. It shows his fears when he writes: "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death" and our fear becomes one with his. The theologian reads them because of their prophetic and Messianic teachings. But do we ever read them because they teach us how we relate to God? See how the Psalms teach us what a person in a right relationship with God does in his relationship with Him. Experience a thrilling, growing, and often convicting journey in God while being richly blessed as you learn what it means: "He establishes the work of our hands" and see the Apostle Paul's example. "We know that your times are in God's hands" and see how God created time for our salvation and why He determines our days. "We consider all precepts right" and see the problems of the pick-and-choose theology. "We are devoted to God" and see how we're little burning bushes walking the streets of this world. "We trust in God" and see how little we really do ... and much more.

Life and Everything in Between

Author : Jay Milestone
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I don’t know what to say, I just can’t believe my life went this way. Things fell apart at all corners and I stood directly in the middle of it all. I cried and screamed but no one cared. They could hear me, yet no one cared. The only things I remember was my solitude coming out. Going Into the world so confident then coming out this broken. A woman so strong, destroyed by her own creation. She tried to cling onto a love that wasn’t there. Over and over again, she got left behind until her heart gave out. She settled with someone more broken than herself. Her kids forced to watch her in her worse hours. She had a son that grew to hate her. Her own son, looked at her in shame. He grew to be a man so weak, that he got killed by his strengths. Things just happened, and he didn’t know how to stop it. This is the story of my life. Welcome to a story of falling apart. It started with a relationship, that led to kids. The relationship grew weak. They couldn’t get along, so they separated. Things happened along the way and other kids were born. Each inheriting a curse from their parent. One, got the worse out of the curses. Gifted with many things, still everything gets taken from him. I hope you enjoy the story of my mental destruction.

The Everything Guide to Living Gluten Free

Author : Jeanine Friesen
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All you need for a smooth transition to the gluten-free lifestyle! Contrary to popular belief, living gluten-free doesn't just mean eating gluten-free! With 1 in 20 people suffering from some degree of gluten intolerance and countless others interested in the health benefits of removing gluten from your diet, it's no wonder that the gluten-free lifestyle is on the rise. The Everything Guide to Living Gluten-Free is the perfect introduction to this lifestyle change. Inside, you'll find guidance on making a stress-free switch to a gluten-free life, with valuable information on: Setting up a pantry to avoid cross-contamination. Finding gluten-free options when traveling. Selecting gluten-free health and personal care products. Enjoying restaurant dinners and parties. Helping children acclimate to the gluten-free lifestyle. Plus, you'll find 100 recipes for superb gluten-free dishes, like Cornmeal-Crusted Chicken, Focaccia Bread, and Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with Fluffy Raspberry Frosting. Even including information for gluten-free vegans and vegetarians, this all-in-one guide is your indispensable resource for losing gluten for good!

Scandinavian Review

Author :
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Word and work ed by C R Hurditch

Author : Charles Russell Hurditch
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Colonial Palimpsest

Author : Troy A. Storfjell
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"This dissertation is a colonial discourse analysis of the construction of Sápmi (Sámiland) as colonized territory and the Sámi as colonized subjects, and an exploration of some oppositional responses to that construction. Beginning with classical representations of the wilderness beyond the civilized space of the polis - and subsequently of the empire - and of the inhabitants with which the ancient Greek, Roman, and Hebrew imaginations populated this space, the analysis goes on to trace the incorporation of the Sámi into world views that constructed the uncivilized as mirrors to reflect the image of the civilized gazing subject back to himself. From Tacitus' Germania and later Roman and post-Roman Mediterranean texts, through the medieval and early modern periods, the examination follows the pre-colonial textual production of tropes of wildness, magic, and remoteness that form the basis of colonial discursive treatment of the Sámi. Colonial discourse emerges with the beginning of colonial expropriation of Sápmi and the Sámi in the sixteenth century. This dissertation follows the development of that discourse, and examines its transformations as it legitimizes and accommodates colonization into the twentieth century. Successively informed by and incorporated within various metropolitan European discourses, including those of the Enlightenment, the Noble Savage, and Social Darwinism, colonial discourse marginalizes and objectifies the Sámi while it inscribes them and their territory within the modern states of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The examination of colonial discourse culminates with the extreme marginalization of the Sámi in Knut Hamsun' s novel 'Markens grøde.' In its final section this dissertation examines the challenges facing oppositional texts, situated as they are within the traditions of colonial discourse's systems of representational containment and appropriation. One of the primary difficulties faced by both Sámi and non-Sámi authors in their counter-hegemonic endeavors is avoiding the essentialisms and binary oppositions posited by colonial discourse. This dissertation examines several different approaches to liberatory writing on the Sami, ending with Aagot Vinterbo-Hohr's 'Palimpsest' and Laila Stien's 'Vekselsang, ' two novels that undermine the essentialist constructions of colonial discourse and open a discursive space for multiple and diverse articulations of Sámi resistance and identity"--Leaves ix-x.

The Everything Parent s Guide To Raising Siblings

Author : Linda Sonna
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If you're one of the many parents desperate for peace in your household, look no further than 'The everything parent's guide to raising siblings'. With this handbook, you'll learn how sibling relationships develop over time, the factors that affect these relationships for better or for worse, and how to resolve the issues that provoke conflict. Linda Sonna offers you practical advice for bringing up trustworthy, dependable, cooperative children who view their siblings as equals, rather than competitors. Find out how to - Get to the bottom of disputes; Manage the teen years; Provide your children with a positive role model; Avoid playing favorites; Embrace step-children, adopted, and special needs siblings. A hands-on primer for any parent with two or more children, 'The everything parent's guide to raising siblings' helps you help your children build strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

Everything I Know I Learned from TV

Author : Mark Rowlands
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Argues that philosophy hasn't died in our modern cultureless culture; it has merely relocated. Looks at 8 American TV shows, all broadcast in Australia.

The Opposite of Everything is True

Author : William H. Crisman
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An expert in the field of recovery shares personal recollections and experiences involving substance abuse, codependency, and recovery and offers helpful advice for alcoholics and their families

In the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Author : Jacob Neusner
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Everyone and Everything in George Eliot The complete nonfiction the taxonomy and the topicon

Author : George Newlin
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In this book all the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry of popular Victorian author George Eliot is chronicled in one definitive reference. In addition to the seven Eliot novels, three novellas, and two short stories, all sixty-eight works of non-fiction are covered, and all poetry, long and short, is included. Using Eliot's own words, Newlin presents all the characters in the novels and other fiction, as well as useful plot and content summaries, and bibliographic data. All of Eliot's short poems are included complete, and her longer poetical pieces are extensively summarized and extracted. In addition, the set includes two short essays by Eliot which have been unknown to scholarship until now. There is also a chronology of the works set against a chronology of Eliot's life. This comprehensive reference includes a thematic concordance of every aspect of life written about by Eliot. Complete with more than 60 illustrations, many from the earliest editions of the Eliot works, it is the ultimate reference to the full body of George Eliot's literary output.

Everything You Know about Love and Sex is Wrong

Author : Pepper Schwartz
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Reveals common myths regarding dating, sex, marriage, cohabitation, and communication, and offers tips on acheiving fulfilling relationships.

Everything to Live for

Author : Stewart Ross
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A collection of fictional stories about young people caught up in real life conflicts and disasters.

A Rage to Live

Author : John O'Hara
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A momentous bestseller when it was first published in 1949, John O'Hara's sprawling novel A Rage to Live offers up a gorgeous pageant of idealists and libertines, tradesmen and crusaders, men of violence and goodwill, and women of fierce strength and tenderness. These memorable characters and their vital stories add up to a large-scale social chronicle of America, in what is perhaps the most ambitious work of O'Hara's career. "The range of O'Hara's knowledge of how Americans live was incomparably greater than that of any otherction writer of his time," judged "The New Yorker." "One would have to go back to Frank Norris, Stephen Crane, and Theodore Dreiser tond a novelist who had even the intention of acquiring knowledge on the scale that O'Hara acquired it."

Lists to Live by

Author :
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Presents a collection of two hundred lists that offer practical advice and wisdom on a number of topics such as home and family, marriage, love, friendship, and values.

The Minister s Manual

Author : James W. Cox
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For more than seventy-five years The Minister's Manual has been the single most comprehensive resource for preaching and worship available. Filled with completely new material for 2003, this nondenominational guide is the best source for sermons, prayers, insights, and inspiration for all-from pastors and lay leaders to Sunday school teachers and choir directors. The large format allows the book to lay flat, making it easy to use.

An Afternoon

Author : Elizabeth Parsons
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