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Everyday Indian

Author : Martha Stone
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Indian food is growing in popularity and gaining the recognition of many people. This book is a compilation of 25 different slow cooker Indian meals that are easy to make and will cook all day in your home. These recipes smell delicious as they slow cook away. The spices will fill the air in your home and make the neighbors jealous. The best part about all of these recipes is that they are slow cooker recipes which means you can make them even if you are on a limited schedule. All of the recipes in this book are delicious and do not take a lot of prep or work time. You will enjoy many Indian favorites from Butter Chicken to Lamb Curry and everything in between.

Everyday Indian Cooking

Author : Dr. S.P. Nanda
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The variety in Indian cooking is almost beyond imagination. Hundreds of books have been written on Indian cooking, each claiming to be authentic. However, most of the recipes in these books are so complicated and time consuming that only professional chefs have the courage to even try them. Most of the Indian cooking is learned by watching others and experimenting. The recipes are transferred from one generation to the other. Each family is an expert in only a few dishes. These recipes are kept as family treasure. The royal families in the past gave considerable boost to these family chefs.

Cooking Secrets for Traditional Everyday Indian Foods

Author : Dr. Rima Bajaj Chhabra
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This book titled ‘Cooking Secrets for Traditional Everyday Indian Foods’ has been written by the author highlighting the best techniques and cooking secrets used to make the perfect Indian food. Good cooking utilizes the best combination of cooking time, utensils of cooking, the temperature of cooking, ingredients, proportions of the ingredients and sequence of adding them in. From cover to cover, it includes more than 25 traditional and exotic recipes, which can easily be cooked at home. The dishes covered are traditional dishes cooked every day in Indian kitchens like dals, gravy sabzis and dry sabzis. It covers frequently cooked recipes like Poha, Dhokla, Pakoras, and Sooji ka halwa. It also includes fun dishes like Pizza, Pasta and Noodles. This book is the best buy for people who wish to use it as a culinary textbook and learn the details provided in the book by heart.

Prashad At Home

Author : Kaushy Patel
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Since winning everyone over on Ramsay's Best Restaurant, Prashad has grown in size and reputation, and so too has the Patel family. In this, their second book, Kaushy returns the focus to the heart of Indian home cooking. Traditional recipes have been simplified using readily available ingredients. These are the quick dishes that can be prepared in the evenings when you're tired after work, meals to leave bubbling away while you relax at the weekend and feasts for special occasions - as well as everything you need to serve alongside: the breads, the rice and the chutneys. You'll also find many recipes drawing influence from British, Chinese and Italian cuisines - a perfect combining of cultures in the kitchen. And, because Gujaratis are well known for their sweet teeth, there are plenty of snacks and treats too. Life is all about balance after all. Times have changed and what we eat should suit our lifestyle, but whether you have 20 minutes or two hours, cooking should be enjoyed, bringing both you and those you are cooking for pleasure. From bhajis to feast biryanis to beans on toast, Gujarati-style, here are more than 100 recipes to bring warmth, taste and texture into your home, all made with the Patel's characteristic love and passion for vegetarian food.

Ragini Dey Everyday Indian

Author : Ragini Dey
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A collection of quick and easy Indian dishes for you to make at home that really work!

Everyday Life of the North American Indian

Author : Jon Manchip White
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Well-researched and highly readable study provides in-depth views of the daily life, times, and culture of the Native American athlete, warrior, spouse, and parent; witch doctor, worshipper, artist and craftsman. 107 black-and-white illustrations.

Everyday Healthy Indian Cookery

Author : Manju Malhi
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These recipes can be eaten every day for a healthy and balanced diet and feature classic and original curries, including those with an array of spices, vegetables and superfoods that are rich in anti-oxidants and cooked in a way that retains their specific nutrient value. Rooted in the streets, homes and markets of India, Everyday Healthy Indian Cookery reflects the delicious flavours and aromas of the curries and healing spices that characterise the very best of that country's varied cuisine. You'll find all-time favourites, such as traditional style Tandoori Chicken, Cardamom Lamb Karahi and Vegetable Samosas, as well as some more unusual dishes such as Mahi Ajwaini Fish Tikka, Bengali Style Chana Dal, Tamarind Rice, Lentil Pancakes and Hara Bhara Kebabs. Bring the taste of India to your kitchen with Malhi's straightforward and healthy meals that are quick to prepare and delicious to eat.

The Everyday Art of India

Author : Robert F. Bussabarger
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Author : Anu Canumalla
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Paakam (meaning cooking in Sanskrit) is an all-color cookbook with over 100 mouth-watering recipes. Anu gives step by step procedures that are easy to read and follow in the kitchen. You can also check our more details at her website . There is ample information about the fundamentals of Indian spices and ingredients for novices. An expansive menu list helps in planning balanced meals for lovers of vegetarian cuisine. It is the perfect companion for your everyday journey to a delectable yet nutritious and vegetarian diet. Relish the recipes for fresh breads, exotic rice dishes, richly spiced curries, and much more!

Indian Home Cooking Very Easy to Cook Everyday Recipes

Author : Anya Gulzar
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If you love to eat Indian food but were too afraid to attempt cooking it at home then you will love this simple, unpretentious cookery book. Full of very easy to cook home cooking recipes prepared with just a few basic spices; you will be surprised at how simple and quick it is to create delicious Indian food at home. All the recipes are tried and tested, tasty dishes that work. From everyone's favourites like butter chicken and cauliflower and potatoes (aloo gobi) to more unusual dishes such as lamb meatballs curry and lamb korma, snacks such as samosas, lamb kebabs and sweets such as halva and sweet rice; there’s plenty to choose from whether you are cooking for one, cooking for family or a dinner party. Enjoy cooking and enjoy eating!

The Indian Municipality and Some Practical Hints on Its Everyday Work

Author : Henry Telford Stonor Forrest
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Chetna s Healthy Indian

Author : Chetna Makan
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We all know there is more to Indian food than just curries; it can also be really healthy, fresh and super delicious. Chetna's Healthy Indian contains home cooking at its best - straightforward methods, very few ingredients, crowd pleasing flavours, nourishment and comfort. It draws upon inspiration from Chetna's family and friends, creating realistic recipes for midweek, after work, busy weekends or when you simply want to look after yourself with wholesome food. You'll find 80 delicious recipes that require minimum time and effort, including Onion & whole spice chicken curry, Tandoori pan-fried sea bream, Paneer & cavalo nero saag and Baked cardamom & pistachio yogurt pots. Inspired by Indian cuisine, Chetna's Healthy Indian is proof that healthy food does not need to be health food, and convenient meals can be good for you, too.

Everyday Indian

Author : Linda Doeser
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Chetna s Healthy Indian Vegetarian

Author : Chetna Makan
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Over 80 delicious, Indian influenced, nutritious vegetarian recipes packed with flavor Chetna's Healthy Indian Vegetarian is a celebration of Indian food at its best; fresh, vibrant and supremely delicious. With over 80 delicious recipes that vegetarian and even the most dedicated of meateaters will enjoy, Chetna shows just how creative you can be with even the most humble vegetable. This book is packed with flavor and innovative ideas yet easy and accessible for home cooks. Recipes include: Samphire and carom seeds pakoras Red lentils and roasted cauliflower soup Whole green chilli curry in a gram flour yogurt sauce Zucchini kofta curry Coconut and chana dal stuffed parathas Cashew nut paneer rice Chocolate coconut laddos Cardamom and almond bake

Everyday Peace Politics Citizenship and Muslim Lives in India

Author : Philippa Williams
File Size : 43.81 MB
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Providing important insights into political geography, the politics of peace, and South Asian studies, this book explores everyday peace in northern India as it is experienced by the Hindu-Muslim community. Challenges normative understandings of Hindu-Muslim relations as relentlessly violent and the notion of peace as a romantic endpoint occurring only after violence and political maneuverings Examines the ways in which geographical concepts such as space, place, and scale can inform and problematize understandings of peace Redefines the politics of peace, as well as concepts of citizenship, agency, secular politics, and democracy Based on over 14 months of qualitative and archival research in the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India

The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian

Author :
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Niru Gupta s Everyday Indian

Author : Niru Gupta
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How to cook everyday Indian meal is what this book is all about. These are the recipes I, my friends and our cooks prepare daily.

Dark Tides

Author : Philippa Gregory
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Named a Best Book of the Month by CNN and MSNBC Named a Most Exciting New Book of Fall by PopSugar #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory’s new historical novel tracks the rise of the Tidelands family in London, Venice, and New England. Midsummer Eve 1670. Two unexpected visitors arrive at a shabby warehouse on the south side of the River Thames. The first is a wealthy man hoping to find the lover he deserted twenty-one years before. James Avery has everything to offer, including the favour of the newly restored King Charles II, and he believes that the warehouse's poor owner Alinor has the one thing his money cannot buy—his son and heir. The second visitor is a beautiful widow from Venice in deepest mourning. She claims Alinor as her mother-in-law and has come to tell Alinor that her son Rob has drowned in the dark tides of the Venice lagoon. Alinor writes to her brother Ned, newly arrived in faraway New England and trying to make a life between the worlds of the English newcomers and the American Indians as they move toward inevitable war. Alinor tells him that she knows—without doubt—that her son is alive and the widow is an imposter. Set in the poverty and glamour of Restoration London, in the golden streets of Venice, and on the tensely contested frontier of early America, this is a novel of greed and desire: for love, for wealth, for a child, and for home

Understanding India

Author : Rohitashya Chattopadhyay
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Understanding India: Cultural Influences on Indian Television Commercials is a book about Indian television commercial production. It focuses on how key production decisions shape a television commercial’s visual language. The larger goal of the book is to delineate the link between this visual language and India’s socio-cultural identity. The book is the outcome of an ethnographic study that attempted to capture the nuances of the cinematic or visual aspect of marketing communications strategy. It is, thus, situated at the intersection of interests in marketing and visual culture. In this book, many of the discussed television commercials have an embedded vision of India. Within the context of a new consumer culture emerging due to economic liberalization, the book discusses these sketches of India.

Chetna s 30 Minute Indian

Author : Chetna Makan
File Size : 29.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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80 brilliant, flavor-packed Indian recipes to make in 30 minutes or less Chetna Makan's bestselling cookbooks combine her creative flavor twists with a love of simple Indian home cooking. Taking inspiration from the eclectic tastes of Indian cuisine, these tempting recipes can all be on the table and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. Featuring fabulous salads, traditional fast snacks, imaginative toppings for toasts, delicious dals, comforting veggie, fish and meat curries, all-in-one rice dishes, surprising raitas and dips as well as indulgent desserts, there are speedy options for every occasion. With useful meal plans included, dishes can be enjoyed on their own or paired together and cooked quickly for an easy feast to enjoy with friends. No complicated methods, just delicious, vibrant and varied food that the whole family can enjoy every single night of the week and in little to no time at all.