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Time To Cash

Author : Hans van der Hoek
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The Survival Mindset

Author : Arnold Obomanu
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Nigeria faces endemic corruption and significant ethnic tension. Trouble is brewing, and author Arnold Obomanu knows something must be done. In The Survival Mindset he provides a simple and powerful explanation for many of the contradictions that perplex Nigerians and friends of Nigeria. Using examples from everyday Nigerian life, Obomanu illustrates how major problems such as corruption, ethnicity and loss of traditional values derive from the same core problem of a scarcity mentality. He then shows how a systematic strategy can be developed to tackle these issues on a national level. This study digs deep to unearth valuable insights, such as the ideas that ethnicity provides social security for the average Nigerian and that corruption is mainly propagated by poor public service delivery. The Survival Mindset tackles major issues in one of the most complex developing countries in the world, demonstrates the method in the madness, and outlines principles useful in understanding and tackling similar problems in other African and developing countries. It empowers readers to reengage in building Nigeria with renewed vigour, clarity and enthusiasm.

Stop the Rain Dance

Author : John F. Stagl
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Stop the Rain Dance presents a unique view of life to help anyone attain greater happiness and offers proven tools to end the cycles of chronic failure. A truly inspiring book for anyone seeking self-help in their relationships, their health, or their finances. It’s easy to become so involved in life’s drama that we lose sight of what’s really important to us. This is your chance to take a step back and renegotiate your position. Dr. John Stagl offers you another way to look at your life situation, outlines proven methods to help you resolve some of the challenges you face, and then helps you put it all together in an easy-to-understand, workable fashion for a consistently more joyful experience.

Naturalopy Precept 4 Health

Author : Trung Nguyen
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Disease enters through the mouth. Therefore, the foundation of health is a nutritious diet laden with organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, algae, legumes, grains, herbs, spices, essential oils, and moderate animal protein, particularly seafood. Many illnesses and diseases are associated with or are directly linked to malnutrition (nutritional deficiency.

Worthy Art Thou

Author : Hugh Harmon
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Have you ever thought of how much God was worth? Have you ever hazarded a guess of how much you are worth? The idea of calculating the worth of God is one that may be accounted as sacrilegious. Man attempting to assign a value to the person of God, think of it, what a travesty! But this is a sentiment that is ever before the eyes of a suffering saint. How much is your belief in God worth? Is it worth enough for you to face persecution, victimization, targeting for assault and affliction? Many who have died for God's sake and who may have endured the life of martyrdom would gladly answer that it is worth much more than life itself, more than life itself.

How May I Serve

Author : Karen Mathews
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How May I Serve is a guide to empower woman who are struggling to find a way out of their troubles. I have tortured and abused myself for many years trying to find love, happiness, and peace of mind--yet, the more I sought these things, the more they eluded me.Then, I realized that it was an "inside" job. I had to learn to love myself, forgive myself, and make peace with myself. So many women have been brought up with limiting beliefs about themselves from childhood. From the time I was conceived, I was an unwanted pregnancy. From the deep recesses of my subconscious mind, I programmed a tape of being unloved and unlovable. I acted and attracted circumstance after circumstance to validate this belief. I played the victim role very well. I did not know how to get out of my own way. The more I avoided looking at the cause of the problems, however, the worse they got. I hit my bottom upon finding out that my oldest daughter had a heroin addiction. This brought everything full circle. In order to save her, I had to change myself.

The Art of Deliberate Success

Author : David Keane
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An effective framework for professional and personal success Everyone wants to succeed in life, but not everyone knows how. Success isn't just a result of luck and hard work; you also need to know how to define success for yourself and put yourself in the right frame of mind to achieve it. Based on a powerful ten-part framework, The Art of Deliberate Success presents ten chapters that help you identify strengths and weaknesses so you can focus your attention and effort where it matters most. The book includes an online self-assessment tool that helps you pinpoint the areas you need to focus on, followed by chapters dedicated to helping you focus on what matters, using language more effectively, mastering your behaviour, getting things done, and ultimately reach your goals. Based on the author's 24 years of professional experience and research Presents a flexible and effective system that allows you to achieve goals that are professional or personal in nature Features a special online self-assessment tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses and personalising your self-development Informal, easy-to-read, and highly effective, The Art of Deliberate Success is the ideal guide for professionals who want to reach new heights and stay there.

Creating a Thriving Business

Author : George Horrigan
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A practical plan for entrepreneurs that “takes you by the hand and leads you to success as a business owner” (Jay Conrad Levinson, national-bestselling author of Guerrilla Marketing). Most business owners and leaders have expectations for today, hopes for tomorrow, and dreams for down the road. But how do they get from here to there? Using a systematic, structured methodology build upon George Horrigan’s experience with over 1,200 businesses over the past seventeen years, Creating a Thriving Business shows business owners, leaders, and managers how to solve real-world problems and get the kind of results they want. With a proven, practical, and comprehensive methodology that is simple to understand, straightforward, easy to implement, and extremely effective, readers can achieve their goals faster, thereby turning today’s problems into tomorrow’s promise. Creating a Thriving Business shows, step by step, how to create a successful business by reducing the guesswork, trial and error, and uncertainty associated with trying to beat the competition and increase profitability.

Can you imagine

Author : Johnson Benjamin
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"Can You Imagine" is a laconic volume written in the most uncomplicated and attractive language, daring you to look at the paradox of our time if you can imagine. It questions every ill thought, action and reaction; it drives you to look at who you think you are, who you really are, and more importantly who you are not. As such, every illustration in this book is supported by a true life chronicle of personal experience or that of a close acquaintance. The author's observation and depiction of our time sends a message and imagination to the world. The end product being an exceptional book presented to you in living colors.

The January I Saved the World

Author : Steve Moreby
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The January I Saved the World is a practical response to Gandhi’s challenge: “We must be the change we want to see in the world”. Written by Steve Moreby, environmental scientist and social justice activist, this book presents a day by day series of ideas and resources for making small improvements, both to your own life, and the world. The January I Saved the World takes 31 different ideas and finds the underlying rational basis for why they are likely to be effective in creating positive change. The first installment in a series, this ebook contains over a hundred links to a wide range of online resources.

A Prisoner s Wisdom

Author : Ian McTavish
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Follow Ian McTavish's journey, from the emotional state that caused him to commit the crime that sent him to prison, to the spiritual enlightenment and soul transformation he gained both in and out of prison. The true-life stories depicted in this book are written with simplicity and understanding that are applicable to everyday living. Learn and journey with author Ian Mctavish as he faces many challenges along the way in a prison environment that any reader can relate to. The tests he encounters unfold like a video game getting harder and harder as he ascends to different levels of spirituality, shedding many layers of his ego and proving that the circumstances of your life are purely manifestations of your inner thoughts.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Teachers Retirement System

Author : Teachers' Retirement System of the State of Illinois
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Business India

Author :
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Nothing is Lost Nothing is Created Everything is Transformed

Author : Josée Bélisle
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Publication of the most ambitious Quebec contemporary art exhibition of its kind ever presented. This sumptuously illustrated exhibition catalogue is the result of extensive field research by curators who combed numerous exhibitions and artists studios over the past year looking for the very best in contemporary art from a people known for its strong cultural roots. Three dozen Quebec artists from a wide range of media are presented and their work explored through six original essays. To signal the importance of this inaugural event the publication is entirely in English, a first for the musee.

Twice round the clock or The hours of the day and night in London

Author : George Augustus Sala
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Summary The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Stephen R. Covey’s book: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". This complete summary of the ideas from Stephen R. Covey’s book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" shows that it is possible for all of us to become more effective whilst expending less time and energy. Looking at each of the habits in turn, it explains why they are necessary and how to develop them. It also highlights that people succeed more in both their personal and professional life if they decide to effect change first within themselves, before projecting it out, thus making sure that circumstances do not control them. Added- value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the key lessons in personal change • Expand on your motivation To learn more, read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and begin with private victories, then move on to public ones and finally synergise all parts of your life to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Twice Dead

Author : Margaret M. Lock
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Medical knowledge and technology have been sufficiently advanced for surgeons to perform thousands of transplants each year. This text traces the discourse since 1970 that contributed to the locating of a new criterion of death in the brain.

Twice Born

Author : Premartha
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Svarup and Premartha are lovers, friends, and partners. They have been working together in the field of spiritual therapy for many years. This book is the outcome of their experience. In it, you will find a beautiful combination of therapy and meditation, of love and awareness. Twice Born offers a synthesis of the Western and Eastern approaches toward Childhood Deconditioning. It addresses the unresolved issues of our early childhood that play an important part in the way we feel, behave, and relate today. It also supports our rediscovery of the qualities of being, presence, and individuality which we were born with, so we can take them with us into a second birth, towards our Buddha nature. The book leads us through a fascinating journey through time, from before we entered school all the way back to the moment before conception. Each chapter addresses a different developmental stage of childhood. It describes the wounds that can happen at each stage, and the many ways in which they can be healed. It also reveals the natural essences that are part of that specific period. It is a book that receives its inspiration from the rich meditative energy field of a Master. It teaches us how to work on our issues joyfully, bringing compassion towards them. Each chapter is divided in three segments: .An explaining and understanding section, .An evoking section, in which the authors share their experience in healing their inner child .An experimenting section The golden thread throughout this healing journey is a meditative awareness, which will help us in healing the past and creating a new future."

Train Your Brain For Success

Author : Roger Seip
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Train your mind to achieve new levels of success! Professionals and entrepreneurs do a great job of keeping up appearances. But if they're honest with themselves, they're short on living the life they really want. Train Your Brain For Success provides the perspective to analyze how you got where you are and, more importantly, learn the skills to get where you truly desire to be. Train Your Brain For Success explains specific ways of thinking and acting that will get anyone where they want to go, fast. Learn to condition your mind to move towards success automatically, by discovering greater memory power and fundamental techniques for boosting reading speed and comprehension. Get a proven strategy for succeeding and becoming a record-breaking performer. Learn to live in the moment Become brilliant with the basics Aggressively take care of your mind Train your mind for new levels of success by boosting memory power, reading speed and comprehension.

A Call to Action

Author : Jimmy Carter
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In the highly acclaimed bestselling A Call to Action, President Jimmy Carter addresses the world’s most serious, pervasive, and ignored violation of basic human rights: the ongoing discrimination and violence against women and girls. President Carter was encouraged to write this book by a wide coalition of leaders of all faiths. His urgent report covers a system of discrimination that extends to every nation. Women are deprived of equal opportunity in wealthier nations and “owned” by men in others, forced to suffer servitude, child marriage, and genital cutting. The most vulnerable and their children are trapped in war and violence. A Call to Action addresses the suffering inflicted upon women by a false interpretation of carefully selected religious texts and a growing tolerance of violence and warfare. Key verses are often omitted or quoted out of context by male religious leaders to exalt the status of men and exclude women. And in nations that accept or even glorify violence, this perceived inequality becomes the basis for abuse. Carter draws upon his own experiences and the testimony of courageous women from all regions and all major religions to demonstrate that women around the world, more than half of all human beings, are being denied equal rights. This is an informed and passionate charge about a devastating effect on economic prosperity and unconscionable human suffering. It affects us all.