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Even the Janitor is White

Author : M. Gail Hickey
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<I>Even the Janitor Is White addresses challenges faced by teacher educators who are committed to diversity education. The chapters in this volume invite readers to reflect on their own practice as teacher educators as well as consider ways in which that practice might be improved. <BR> More than forty percent of students in U.S. schools are of non-White ethnicity, yet the majority of teachers are White and middle class. Some teacher education students are resistant to conversations about race or ethnicity in the college classroom, while teacher educators may avoid initiating dialogues about race or ethnicity. U.S. teacher education programs, however, are charged with preparing culturally competent teachers. Educational experts agree teacher educators must direct special attention toward consciousness-raising activities and instructional strategies to increase White educators' awareness of diverse populations, challenge stereotypes, and facilitate interactions between and among ethnic groups. Teacher education programs, pre-service teachers, and others interested in issues of diversity will benefit from this collection of classroom-tested strategies for increasing educators' awareness about diversity.

Marriage and the Family

Author : Carolyn Cummings Perrucci
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White Metropolis

Author : Michael Phillips
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From the nineteenth century until today, the power brokers of Dallas have always portrayed their city as a progressive, pro-business, racially harmonious community that has avoided the racial, ethnic, and class strife that roiled other Southern cities. But does this image of Dallas match the historical reality? In this book, Michael Phillips delves deeply into Dallas's racial and religious past and uncovers a complicated history of resistance, collaboration, and assimilation between the city's African American, Mexican American, and Jewish communities and its white power elite. Exploring more than 150 years of Dallas history, Phillips reveals how white business leaders created both a white racial identity and a Southwestern regional identity that excluded African Americans from power and required Mexican Americans and Jews to adopt Anglo-Saxon norms to achieve what limited positions of power they held. He also demonstrates how the concept of whiteness kept these groups from allying with each other, and with working- and middle-class whites, to build a greater power base and end elite control of the city. Comparing the Dallas racial experience with that of Houston and Atlanta, Phillips identifies how Dallas fits into regional patterns of race relations and illuminates the unique forces that have kept its racial history hidden until the publication of this book.

White Male Janitor

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WHITE MALE JANITOR: The Whistlebroom File is a unique work of fiction. In it such controversial topics as the contribution of African blacks to slavery, suicidal survivalists, and un-Christlike Christians are tackled with honesty, insight, and irrepressible humor. Its uniqueness lies in the readiness of the main character, Pandolfo Whistlebroom, a philosopher-janitor from Flint, Michigan, to criticize extremists from all cultures and belief systems, including his own. As he himself admits, Im a bystander, yes, innocent, no. But WHITE MALE JANITOR is more than a commentary on society and its ills. It is an entertaining and satisfying story. Barbara, a black liberal journalism professor, is writing a book about Pandolfo and her partner, Alice, a black Republican business professor, often argues with her about the ideas in it. The two also quarrel about their relationship, which is sometimes hilariously tumultuous, but always real. After a misunderstanding on an airplane, Barbara, Pandolfo, and eventually Alice become terror suspects. There follows a mysterious disappearance, which changes the lives of the two women dramatically. As Volume I of WHITE MALE JANITOR closes, they are both in the clutches of an unknown, chilling force.

Employment Practices Decisions

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Black Workers in White Unions

Author : William B. Gould
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Gathers evidence showing that both unions and employers have vigorously evaded the provisions of the 1964 federal fair-employment practices statute in hiring, promotion, transfer, seniority, and leadership representation

Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation

Author : Michael Moore
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The social critic shares his views of the political, social, financial, and physical complexities of the twenty-first century, from the explosion of the tech-stock bubble to Bush's scorched-earth environmental policies.

Life in Society

Author : Thomas E. Lasswell
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The White Guard

Author : Mikhail Bulgakov
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This was the first major work of one of Russia's great 20th century writers, the author of "The Master and Margarita". It is set in the city of Kiev in the Ukraine during the Russian Revolution, a time of waiting and a place of suffocating uncertainty for everyone.

The American Socialist

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The Biography of G Wash Carter White

Author : Ira Lunan Ferguson
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Cameras and Courage Margaret Bourke White

Author : Iris Noble
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Biography of a woman renowned for her photographic interpretations of war, revolution, and poverty and for her personal battle against Parkinsonism.

Nursing World

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Blacks in White America Before 1865

Author : Robert V. Haynes
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The Negro American

Author :
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Studies in Education

Author : Rutgers University
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Author : Rusty Morrison
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Exploring the porous boundary between mainstream literary fiction and the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, this collection of short stories juxtaposes the conventional and the fabulist?with dazzling results. In Rikki Ducornet's ?Lettuce,” a petitioner in a futuristic totalitarian state pays with his life when he requests permission to grow lettuce; ?Birthday of the World,” by Ursula K. Le Guin, is narrated by a woman whose brother destroys their culture when he decides he wants to be God; and the disillusioned wife in Carol Schwalberg's ?The Midnight Lover” finds the perfect marriage partner in her dreams, only to be divorced by the dream lover. Containing 50 works by genre writers Kim Stanley Robinson and Michael Moorcock and noted literary authors Laird Hunt and Brian Evenson, this compilation expands the fiction subgenre that has been called ?speculative” and ?slipstream.”


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Individualism Reconsidered and Other Essays

Author : David Riesman
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Black and White Budget

Author :
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