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European Perceptions of China and Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative

Author : Stephen Rowley
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European Perceptions of China and Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative analyses current European approaches to China through studies of media, student cohorts, political and social elites, and cultural attitudes. As the BRI advances, these approaches become increasingly relevant.

The Belt and Road Initiative

Author : Francisco José B. S. Leandro
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This book is an analysis of the developments associated with the Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI) five years after Xi Jinping announced both the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) and the 21st Maritime Silk Road (21MSR). Together, these two dimensions constitute the B&RI, providing the so-called Chinese ‘project of the century’ with regional, inter-regional and global reach. This book aims at assessing the impact of the B&RI in all these dimensions and levels of influence. This is a current and promising theme, not only in the short and medium terms, but also within a broader timescale, reflecting Chinese strategic thinking itself, since Chinese philosophy and culture are oriented towards long-term and inter-generational perspectives. Likewise, both the title of this publication and the way it has been organized result from the empirical perception that China asserts a conservative attitude towards foreign affairs, redesigned in multiple dimensions, to create a perception of domestic unity and global prestige. In this vein of thought, the B&RI is already influencing and will continue to influence, directly or indirectly, the current economic and political order.

China s objectives with the Belt and Road Initiative

Author : Sandra Schorrer
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Essay from the year 2020 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Globalization, Political Economics, grade: 1,0, Dresden Technical University, language: English, abstract: What are the objectives behind China's promotion and development of the Belt and Road Initiative? Answering this question is the main purpose of this essay which is based on an international political economy (IPE) approach to bridge geoeconomic and geopolitical perspectives The ancient Silk Road served as vast trade network between China, other Asian countries, Europe and the Middle East for more than 2,000 years. By launching the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) - comprising the Silk Road Economic Belt, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and a Digital Silk Road - China has revived this concept in 2013. While some scholars and politicians welcome the BRI as China’s contribution to international public goods and international development, others reject it claiming that its objectives are not transparent or, that it is a tool for China to leverage its massive economic resources for geostrategic interests and to facilitate business for its state-owned enterprises. Thus, is the BRI ́s main objective to undermine the US-led world order? Is it driven by altruism aimed on facilitating economic growth in less developed countries? Is it the Chinese way to deal with domestic economy challenges? Or is it just an empty slogan?

Power Perception and Foreign Policymaking

Author : Scott Brown
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This book examines the changing dynamics of power in the international arena since the end of the Cold War. Brown engages in analysis of how the United States and the European Union have responded to the so-called rise of China through an examination of how policymakers’ perceptions of China have changed over time and influenced their policy choices. This study undertakes rigorous analysis of how these perceptions have evolved between 1989 and 20092016, offering a comparative perspective on the similarities and differences between the policy discourse and behaviour within these two Western powers. Brown argues that ‘China’s rise’ is a contested notion, with varied perceptions of how the implications of China’s ascendancy have shaped policy preferences in ways that are inconsistent with concerns over the threat of an impending power-transition. Combining concepts and methods derived from IR and FPA, the book examines the linkages between great power politics and policymakers’ competing interpretations of key international actors, and their influence upon foreign policies. The main objective of the study is to illuminate the different ways in which the US and the EU have responded to the rise of China through a close analysis of their decision-making processes and outcomes across a series of key encounters and events, including the transatlantic debate over the EU’s proposal to lift its China arms embargo (2003-2005). Undertaking qualitative analysis of the development of American and European policymakers’ perceptions of China, this book will be of interest to graduates and scholars of post-Cold War international politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, policymaking, US-China relations and EU-China relations.

The Belt Road Initiative in the Global Arena

Author : Yu Cheng
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This book is among the first to systematically analyze and discuss the Chinese government's“One Belt, One Road” initiative to promote infrastructure investment and economic development, bringing together a diverse range of scholars from China, Russia, and Eastern Europe. The book assembles a package of next generation ideas for the patterns of regional trade, investment, infrastructure development, or next steps for the promotion of enhanced policy coordination across the Eurasian continent and strategic implications for EU, Russia and other major powers, introducing innovative ideas about what these countries across belt and road can do together in the eyes of the young generation. This book will be of interest to scholars, economists, and interested observers of the international impact of Chinese development.

China s Belt And Road The Initiative And Its Financial Focus

Author : Yu Xugang
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This book aims at illustrating the OBOR Initiative (also known as "Belt and Road Initiative" or BRI), its many facets, including its background, and how the Chinese government intends to develop this ambitious project. It describes in detail the role and involvement of Institutions (lenders, in particular) in the OBOR Initiative. It offers guidance on how interested parties can participate in the different projects connected to the Initiative. The views of the authors, on the main aspects of this Initiative, serve as suggestions to parties interested in taking part in this Initiative. The book provides an exceptional amount of information about how projects connected to the BRI Initiative are financed and developed. The involvement of UBS clearly shows that financial institutions are interested in financing the Initiative. There is a special focus on the relationship between China and the EU, because the scope of this Initiative is not only to boost trade relationships between the two regions but also create new opportunities for all the countries along the new Silk Road. Contents: "Belt & Road Initiative" as a Continuation of China's Reform and Opening Up and as a Consequence of the Beijing Consensus (Xugang Yu) China and the "Belt and Road" Initiative: What Is It All About? (Xugang Yu and Cristiano Rizzi) The First Pillar of the B&R Initiative Funding: The Institutional Funding (Cristiano Rizzi and Mario Tettamanti) The Second Pillar of the OBOR Funding: The Private Sector (Mario Tettamanti) The Second Pillar of the B&R Initiative Funding: The Private Sector (Mario Tettamanti) Global Implications of the "B&R" Initiative and Its Impact on the EU Economy (Cristiano Rizzi and Mario Tettamanti) EU Infrastructure Priorities Connected to the B&R Initiative, and the Necessity for Coordinated Efforts with China in Developing the B&R Initiative (Cristiano Rizzi) Relations between China and Italy: The Development of Diplomatic Ties and the Impact of the B&R Initiative and a Brief Overview on the EU and Italian Rules Regulating Public Works (Cristiano Rizzi) The Impact of the B&R Initiative on the Development of International Law, Particularly of the Law of Carriage of Goods and of "International Business" (Fabio E Ziccardi) Readership: Policymakers, academics, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students interested in China's One Belt One Road Initiative, financial, China's outbound investment and China-EU relations. Keywords: One Belt One Road;Infrastructure;Transportation;Outbound Investment;Merger and Acquisition;Funding;China-EU RelationsReview:0

Changing Perceptions of the EU at Times of Brexit

Author : Natalia Chaban
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This volume brings together contributions that conceptualize and measure EU perceptions in the strategic regions around the world in the aftermath of the UK referendum. Contributors assess the evolution of EU perceptions in each location and discuss how their findings may contribute to crafting foreign policy options for the "new EU-27". Brexit is very likely to have a substantial bearing on EU external policy, not merely because of the loss of a major member state with a special relationship to the US and the Commonwealth, but also because it challenges the integrational success story that the EU strives to embody. This book thus serves a dual purpose: on the one hand it broadens the recent studies on Brexit by focusing on external partners’ reactions, and on the other it allows for an innovative evaluation of policy options for EU foreign policy. Based on a solid theoretical foundation and empirically rich data, it constitutes an innovative and timely addition to the evolving debate on Brexit and its consequences. This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of European politics, Brexit, British politics, EU politics, comparative politics and international relations.

China EU Relations in a New Era of Global Transformation

Author : Li Xing
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This book draws together leading experts to examine the key issues in China-EU relations. China-EU relations are increasingly complex and affected by a number of inter-related factors, such as China’s global rise, growing China-US strategic competition, US global withdrawal, the transatlantic split, the China-Russia comprehensive "alliance," and Brexit. The book highlights the struggles of both China and the EU to look for a dynamic and durable mode of engagement in an attempt to achieve the balance between opportunities and challenges, and between partnership and rivalry. International contributors explore how to conceptualise China-EU relations and identify their differences and commonalities such as the EU’s role in China’s foreign policy process and how the EU works with China as a strategic partner. Finally, it analyses China’s and the EU’s perceptions of their own present and future roles. Shedding light on the perspectives of understanding and change in China-EU relations and its impact on multilateralism, it will appeal to researchers and professionals working in International Relations, International Political Economy and area studies who are interested in the rise of emerging powers and the changing world order.

Securing the Belt and Road Initiative

Author : Alessandro Arduino
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This collection explores the expansion of Chinese outbound investments, aimed to sustain the increased need for natural resources, and how they have amplified the magnitude of a possible international crisis that the People’s Republic of China may face in the near future by bringing together the views of a wide range of scholars. President Xi’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI), aimed to promote economic development and exchanges with China for over 60 countries, necessitates a wide range of security procedures. While the threats to Chinese enterprises and Chinese workers based on foreign soil are poised to increase, there is an urgent need to develop new guidelines for risk assessment, special insurance and crisis management. While the Chinese State Owned Enterprises are expanding their international reach capabilities, they still do not have the capacity to assure adequate security. In such a climate, this collection will be of profound value to policy makers, those working in the financial sector, and academics.

China us Trade Frictions Shaping New Equilibriums With The Eu And The Us Towards A New Multilateralism Or Tripolarism

Author : Xugang Yu
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This book shows the impact of the recent trade tensions between China and the US on the world trade order, and how parties have reached a deal (so called 'phase one', January 2020), which could lead to a more comprehensive agreement, and the consequences of these 'adjustments' in shaping new equilibriums.After 40 years, China has transformed into an economic superpower, which could now rival the US. This has evoked some concerns, and put the US in an uncomfortable position, as the US views the rise of China as a threat to its predominance and interests. However, China's development and its increasing economic power, which is a direct consequence of the ongoing reform process, is unstoppable.The confrontation between China and the US will favor Chinese expansion into the EU not only because the EU offers a more receptive environment for Chinese Foreign Direct Investment, but also because the EU and China have more in common if we consider the Belt And Road Initiative and the new bilateral investment agreement which is under negotiation. The EU, not only represents the final destination of the BRI, but also a more logical and convenient trade partner for China.The shift of Chinese attention toward the EU will also change the equilibrium between China, the EU and the US, bring forth the negotiation of new trade agreements, and move the entire international community towards a new world trade order and a new multilateralism which might evolve into a tripolarism.